Afrointroductions Review: Dating Site for Singles

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The Key Principles of Afrointroductions Work

Afrointroductions is considered not a typical online dating website. And why not? You can find every single race on the website, and you can also enjoy the website without spending a penny.

Afrointroductions is not a typical dating website because of its uniqueness and the fact that you can chat with hundreds of single women and single men in the United States with just one sign-up.

As mentioned before, you can make a free profile to look for someone interested in meeting you. The website provides you with a wide range of search options that you can use to find the suitable person for you.

The best thing about this dating site is the ability to send messages to people without spending any money. You can pay for premium membership. And if you need more dating advice, there are a few paid dating websites that will help you.

Questions Asked by Users of Afrointroductions Keep this in mind; the key principles of Afrointroductions are simply creating a great opportunity for black single people to meet and connect at a time that is convenient for them.

Their messaging features ensure that you do not have to pay anything to contact the people you want to meet.

The ability to choose your own connection time suits any schedule, making it a perfect replacement for traditional dating sites.

It is only a matter of time before other dating sites hear about their success. They have a huge number of users in just a year.

Analysing Type of Audience at Afrointroductions

OkCupid is a website and app that allows dating seekers to create a free profile. The website focuses on communities that live in certain areas or have a certain interest.

On the other hand, Afrointroductions, which is frequently abbreviated as AFI, is a dating website that focuses more on making it easy for black people to find one another.

Here’s what I think about these two websites.

OkCupid is a great place for casual dating, whereas AFI has a much higher emphasis on long-term relationships and marriage.

OkCupid is a place where you can meet new acquaintances, whereas AFI is a place where you can meet potential friends and life partners.

OkCupid is mainly focused on the Anglo/European groups, whereas AFI is available for every group and culture that exists.

OkCupid is good if you just have an itch to scratch, but is not required to find a person to spend your life with; whereas AFI is the only way to find the person you want to be with and would spend the rest of your life with.

What I like about OkCupid: It is free to sign up.

It has a large free dating membership.

The content of your dating profile is somewhat flexible.

It has a useful advanced search function.

What the Main Features Does AfroIntroductions Offer to Users?

Afro Introductions is a social networking site created to connect singles from diverse backgrounds and share their interests to meet someone special.

It brings together singles from different countries and cultures in search of matches and romance in their own languages.

This unique feature of the site means that those looking for other singles with similar cultural or racial backgrounds are able to find like-minded individuals already on the site. This is based on the matching principle of International Internet dating sites.

Afro Introductions offers a number of different levels of membership, each offering different levels of features and benefits.

For example, the Basic membership provides access to all of the site’s features and is cheaper than the Gold membership, however, it only offers limited chat capabilities.

The Gold membership offers the full multimedia communication features of the site, however, it is more expensive than the Basic membership and has more restrictions.

The best option for those looking for members with an interest in meeting others from their own cultural and racial background is the Silver membership.

This membership allows full chat communication and digital messaging, as well as more advanced search features.

The site also provides users with a forum board where they can network with other members and share their interests and experiences.

This allows people to share their views, wants, and needs, and introduces them to those also looking for a companion.

Can We Assume That AfroIntroductions Is User-Friendly?

The site is very easy to navigate. The front page has an overview of the site’s services, how to use them, and links to more in-depth information on each. You are also able to find other singles around you that are on the site.

It’s easy to see which services are available to you.

Chances are that you’re drawn to the site because you’re looking for love and romance. One of the most important features for me is a user rating system. This person could be single or in a committed relationship, so I don’t always know what they prefer.

It’s nice to see that the users and dating site are easy to use the site, and here at Afrointroductions we believe that the website design, including the sidebar for the dating site, is easy to navigate and attractive.

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2015.

This app aims to increase the engagement with users by tailoring contents as per customer’s demand.

One of the most popular aspects of the app is that it gives users a better chance to connect with each other and that they can begin to communicate and chat instantly, whenever they feel like it.

What About the Website Design and Usability?

When I first landed on the Afrointroductions website, I was greeted by a really nice design. There were loads of contact details to look through as well as the link to sign up for the service.

The website was easy to navigate and find what I wanted to find. It did have a lot of unwanted stuff laid out on the main page to distract and overcomplicate things.

Considering that there is a lot of detail everywhere when you are talking about a dating site, I think that they could leave more important details for the more important pages.

For instance, the page they have to sign up for the site is at the bottom of the page, so there is a need to scroll down to get to it.

The page also displays the rules of the service which is pretty much stuff you would expect from a dating website.

They even provide a disclaimer warning how safe the service really is.

Overall, the website design itself is beautiful to look at and the color scheme seems to keep the page lively and fresh. There is only one issue with the website’s design and that is the typeface size. It is a little too small which leads to difficulty reading the content.

Using Text Those with vision issues should be cautious of the text size on the main page of the site as it may be difficult to read the text.

Does AfroIntroductions Offer Its Users a Mobile Application?

Yes, AfroIntroductions provides a mobile application for its members on Android, iOS, and Blackberry, and it has a lot of useful features.

Have fun chatting through the app, sharing your interests and passions, underenduing photos with your match and vice versa, and chatting on live chat with your match anytime! It is completely secure and will never compromise your privacy.

AfricanSingles has its own secure server and simply updating you and your date, so make sure to have the newest version. Other app features include the ability to compare your detailed Profiles without having to log or register.

You can also access to Trending Search items and your favorite Member profiles.

When the information you have provided matches, you can chat, match against people, and when you're not online you can also set up your Profile to track your current online status.

The app is only available for Android devices, if you are an iOS user you can use the online mobile site or follow the instructions on the website link provided.

What Is Our Opinion About Customer Support?

Our afrointroductions review has definitely portrayed a positive image of this particular dating site.

They offer an extensive customer support system and have a team of dedicated employees who support their members in any way.

The whole afrointroductions review is dedicated to answering questions, giving advice, tips, and encouraging members.

The site supports a handful of languages for a worldwide member base. So, no matter where you are, you can be sure that your questions will be answered.

Their customer support team can also be contacted by live chat, phone, and email. It has it’s fair share of positive and negative reviews.

If you have any question about anything that you do not understand, you can always ask your afrointroductions review team.

This is one of the most important parts of any dating site that makes or breaks the whole experience. afrointroductions does very well in this category.

There is an option to use the free afrointroductions search tool, but it doesn’t deliver any results.

It is only good if you are looking for someone specific, but since you need to pay to persue that, you’re better off using a regular search engine.

Main Points Concerning Sign-Up Process and Profiles

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be taken to a profile quick start page. From here, you can access your email, edit your profile, and refine your search. The sections feature a brief personality profile, six interests, and six personality traits.

Out of ten interest categories, you are allowed to choose five of them as well as the one you don’t fall into. Once you skip through to the fun section, you will find a profile video. Up to twelve photos, facts, and answers – including relationship and educational details – are available in the profile bio section.

Everything is filled out simply and concisely. There is plenty of room to add information, but no more.

Narrowing your search is easy and you can choose from two different categories – single and looking for more – in your search section. This only allows you to select ten interest categories.

You can also choose fifteen categories of members you want to be matched with.

A free profile gives you a green header, picture, and a series of 10 pictures. You can upgrade to a paid account and add videos, add a personal bio, share a biodata, and give your account thumbs up or down.

How to Sign-Up the Account up on This Dating Website?

This is a popular dating website for singles of all races.

Once you open the Afrointroduction’s page on the website, the first thing you see will be the Sign-up button. Click it and fill up the form with your information.

And from there you need to click on the Black Singles box to begin browsing the black singles in your location.

You need to check the box that says, "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy."

And the form will ask for your name, email address, and ZIP code. Then you need to click the Continue button.

The next page will ask you to login with your Facebook account.

So you need to login to your account on your computer first and then enter the log in information there. You will need to put in your username and password.

After you’ve entered your Facebook credentials be patient.

This might take a considerable amount of time, so you might want to try again or try the Afro Movie App.

The Afro Movie App is currently the fastest and most convenient way to login. Just enter your email and password.

And from there you can choose if you want to automatically log-in with your Facebook credentials.

The App has a similar appearance as the standard website.

How Does Verification Process of Users’ Profiles Occur?

Verfication is the process of approval of someone’s personal profile. This is done to protect people from false profiles, profiles made by robots etc.

Every person going to register a profile has to create a profile using Afro Introductions. They cannot create a profile on the website and start swarming your area just to pretend to be genuine.

Creating a user profile is as simple as entering in your details like name, sex, province from where you live, photo, location and other personal details.

After you have filled in the form and added a photo, your profile gets sent to our system and then it is checked by the administrator over there. After a profile is verified, the person can start interacting with other members and regular search funtions can be accessed.

You can monitor the public information of an individual while they are online in the public profile section of the website. Your fellow singles can be seen in this section in case you would want to verify their profile to help them with their profile.

Like the stats section, there is also the option to search for other members in a specific area while they are online or what type of individuals they are looking for.

Share your own personal stats to help others; a simple click and make it public to other singles out there leads to a lot of success. The profile pictures of members are introduced to improve branding and to make the website attractive to subscribers and users.

How to Start a New Search Seccion?

I realize that many people are not sure how to start looking for a date online. Afrointroductions is a dating site for black singles and the feature I like best is that the site allows you to search the singles based on their photographs and their location.

How Does Match-Making and Chatting Functions Operate?

A lot of people have their doubts when it comes to online dating as they don’t know how dating sites actually work. This Afrointroductions review is a little more comprehensive as to how it all operates.

Afrointroductions Dating Site Features

There are several different features that a dating site such as Afrointroductions have to really make the experience worthwhile and they are summarised below.

Dating Site for Women or Dating Site for Men?

The website offers a platform for single women or single men. They are geared towards the female user base but have a male option for alternatives. The following is a list of the features that a dating site such as Afrointroductions have to offer.

A Smart Search Engine

One of the biggest frustrations that people experience when it comes to online dating is not being able to find the right person. This website aims to change that. The search functionality is excellent and will be able to find someone that suits your requirements straight off the bat.

The free membership allows for a maximum of five search profiles you are interested in. When you upgrade to a paid membership, you will be able to see more profiles at once.

What Subscription Options Does This Website Provide?

ÜAfro Introductions is a dating site with free basic membership that you can use to see who is on the site. They also have a premium subscription rate that allows you to communicate with more members on the site as well as watch videos and other dating related content.

There is also a safeword option that lets you know when you are getting to a point of no return and members have 24/7 customer support if you need help when setting up your profile or otherwise.

However, there are some flaws that may diminish the overall experience on this site. The site is rather easy to navigate and members are not required to include a photo of themselves upon registration.

However, it is important that you verify your email address via the verification code they send to ensure that all emails from the site have gone to your inbox.

ÜCan You Send Replies and Emails to Members and Afro Introductions?

Yes, you can receive email responses via the moderators if it is approved by them to do so. If you are over 21, this can be done with your email address at the end of your profile.

ÜAre There People with Similar Interests and Searches I Can Message in the Express Chat?

Yes, there are members who are on the site looking for many of the same things you are.

ÜHow Do Members Search For Other Members to Message?

What You Are Allowed to Do Using a Free Website Version?

What Are Your Opportunities After Purchasing a Paid Subscription?

After purchasing a subscription, you have the right to use the Afrointroductions website and local matchmaking services.

Here we are informing you about the matching system of Afrointroductions and the new features we have implemented to make the experience better.

Afrointroductions gives you the opportunity to find someone from across causeways that makes you curious, someone you can be comfortable with, and someone who can help you develop your own knowledge of the wider world.

New Features

Afrointroductions embeds cookies on the site for the better performance of the service; these cookies help us to handle user session and improve user experience. An example of how these cookies are embedded is the searching system.

The moment you start a search, you are automatically assigned to a profile of a user. The search engine saves your preferences, automatically populates your username if you don’t have it, and suggests people that match your location and profile in a way that adds to the experience.

Carrying out this procedure and adding new improvements for the Afrointroductions search feature will help in a better and faster service for users. The new features will also bring an extra space in the user’s profile that will help them to display their details in a better way.

How Can You Cancel a Subscription Plan?

Afrointroductions is an online dating site for African and African American singles. It’s a subscription-based site, which doesn’t cost a dime right now, but allows you to browse their member database to find other members worth contacting.

To help answer this question, Afrointroductions has a cancellation plan that states you can cancel with an automatic money-back guarantee.

Let’s go over the conditions: 1st. If you decide to cancel your subscription, the effective date of cancellation will be decided by you and is based on your discretion and the requirements of you. Second: You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time during the term, except for specific reasons or our discretion, which include, but are not limited to: billing disputes; the data possible damage that may bring to your computer or mobile device, and that the cancellation policy covers. Third: If you cancel your subscription, your refund period will depend on when you cancelled your membership and what date the refund policy allows (example: your cancellation date was 02/28/2016 and the refund policy allows up to 03/31/2016). If you decide to cancel your subscription, your refund period will depend on when you cancelled your membership and what date the refund policy allows (example: your cancellation date was 02/28/2016 and the refund policy allows up to 03/31/2016).

What Safety and Security Rules Does the Website Have?

I have heard horror stories about the wrong person abusing your trust online. I was very careful about this, and besides, I just like to take it one step at a time. The site recommends you use a secure feature and verify your identity.

I found it a bit cheesy at first, but while I understand that their business depends on it, I soon got over it.

When you sign up for the site, you will have to verify your phone number with a code sent to it. This ensures that your profile is only visible to the people who are looking for you.

In case you or someone close to you falls into a vulnerable position and they contact your profile, you can block them. But you can also block people you feel are not appropriate without any reason.

They also make sure you are who you say you are by doing a ID verification check.

The only thing I noticed was that I had to protect my privacy and find out who I am too.

Do you have any kind of account with other online dating sites? You need to stick together and look out for each other.

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Final Conclusion About AfroIntroductions Online Dating Website

Afro Introductions is a unique dating site that has something to offer all its members. From a dating friend site to the leader of the African community, what exactly should you expect from this dating site as members?

We have listed out the top characteristics of each reason you should give Afro Introductions a try today.

Positive and Helpful Reviews

Afro Introductions has a massive range of members having experienced success in their online dating efforts.

On top of that, the users have a reputation for being helpful, friendly and patient.

They love to write and share their experiences with the community. This creates an environment of trust and acceptance.

Afro Introductions is a Dating site which is looking to tackle the issues related to online dating on their platform.

They often host lifestyle quizzes and surveys on the site, which helps users to find out more about the other individual and share ideas or get introduced to more active members.

We have given Afro Introductions a 4.1 star rating. The reviews you will find are absolutely positive, which is a great sign to show that the users have had a great time so far.

Highly Reviewed by the Press

Afro Introductions have been reviewed positively by the press.

The Guardian Africa gave a positive review and reported their efforts in taking the community to Washington.

Pros and Cons

Before continuing with the pros and cons of Afrointroductions, I want to share my personal thoughts. I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Rachel and I am a 27 year old disabled veteran from the United States.

After I was disabled from my duties as part of the United States armed forces, I started looking for some type of activity to pursue. My background is in Web Design, so I decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors in Graphic Design.

Unfortunately, even though I earned a degree in the field, I eventually decided to take my career a different route. I decided to pursue dating services such as AfroIntroductions. As you read the following pros and cons, remember that I am only one person and like any other person, my own thoughts on the matter may change over time.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are huge numbers of dating sites, but we’ve narrowed it down to three that we think are the best when it comes to finding your perfect match. What do we look for in a dating site?

The first of these is what you’re looking for. Do you just want to meet a friend or a much more serious partner? Do you want to make contact with lots of people online for the sake of browsing the market or would you rather only contact a select few?

The next thing is your personality type.

Which are the qualities you look for in a potential partner? How do they describe themselves? Do they believe you would be attracted to them?

Our three favorite dating sites are Afrointroductions, UK Black and Asian Dating and Latin American Cupid. They all have their pros and cons but are still perfectly great for transgender search.

Even though all three dating sites will have transgender people as members, they are by no means a free for all. They all have rules and restrictions on who you can contact and to some extent how you can contact them. So make sure you read these before you register.

We will also encourage you to look at the members’ profiles before you contact them. Do they include pictures? Do they have a lot of information about themselves? Are they wearing their transgender status proudly or are they hiding it?