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How Does AsianDate Website Operate?

AsianDate, as we all know, is a one of the best dating resources. It provides thousands of profiles of women, men, transsexual personals and marriage introductions. AsianDate, which initially started as a Korean dating site, is now one of the largest international dating websites in the world with more than 10 million members. It provides services to more than 200 countries in around the world.

The biggest strength of AsianDate is that it provides access to more than 100,000 profiles of Asian singles and you can browse them according to your nationality, age, look, lifestyle, and location. They also offer easy to use tools to search for a good match, and if you find a good one you can let them know.

The website has been in business for more than 10 years. It’s probably the most reliable and safest place to meet quality women or men in Asia.

Because AsianDate is not specifically for Asian men or women, it has a great collection of different profiles that encompass a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities. This way, you can rest assured of finding people from all regions and cultures and you can have access to people all over the world.

Features of AsianDate:

Who You Can Meet on This Website

Asiadate is a place where Asian women and men meet each other, and as such, is an amazing place for you if you are Asian. AsianDate has more than 100,000 single women and 35,000 single men, so you will have to go through a lot of chatting, but the value of speaking with women and men, those that matter, is well worth it.

In addition, there is a money back guarantee, so you can finally give this a try. There are no expense and time wasted.

The best part of AsianDate dating is the ability to find your perfect date, who you can meet on this website.

Asiadate Dating has hundreds of well-qualified Asian women ready to find a match with you. This site offers support for its members no question asked. It will also encourage you to chat with women and men every day, as casual dating. It also brings together leading dating service companies in the industry, such as Matchmakers Meet, which have produced amazing Asian dates for men and women.

Fun Fact: More than a thousand beginners have already met online with Asian women and men, and more than 1.3 million singles are participating in a social network that includes all ethnicities. Also, the quantity of new member requests grows every month on the site Reach Asian Dating. This makes us very happy, and we feel that we are definitely fulfilling our purpose.

What Special Features Does It Provide?

Asian date phone allows you to search and find exactly the kind of the person you are looking for. This dating site provides you with plenty of options and different choices.

Features of AsianDate:

Consistent growth and development. The site has been active since 2001 which shows that it’s stable and working fine.

It’s available in 42 Asian Countries which means that you can easily find potential partners simultaneously from wherever you are.

Here are a few more special features of AsianDate:

  • Live chat: Even if you are not able to find anyone at the same time in your area, you can chat with the AsianDate site assistant.
  • Various communication platforms: This is one of the best aspects of the site. It allows you to communicate with people who speak your language using the instant messenger, voice communication, emails, and faxes
  • Safe and secure: As a member of this dating site, your profile will be kept confidential. Your personal information and financial details will be secure and confidential.
  • It’s easy for you to pay for the subscription: As a member of AsianDate, you can easily pay for the subscription and don’t have to worry about anything after it. You will start receiving a free trial of the site within 2 hours of subscribing.

Is AsianDate User-Friendly or Not?

With AsianDate, you can meet Asian girls from many different Asian countries.

AsianDate has a smartphone app which you can download for free on your iPhone or Android phone. You can log in to AsianDate, create an account, link your social media accounts and start browsing when you want. The only downside was that you couldn’t use your email address to log in, but they did provide an alternate email address to contact them with. I appreciated that they didn’t use my primary email address, but I did use my secondary email account.

AsianDate is also available as an app for your computer and there are also website desktop and mobile apps in case you want to avoid mobile apps entirely. The website is very user-friendly even if you’re not familiar with computer technology.

The website developed to be user-friendly, too.

I could log in, check out the profiles, chat and everything else without any issues. The interface was very simple and user-friendly, and very easy to get around, too.

The only thing that took away from AsianDate’ useability is the fact that I couldn’t see the user’s photos on the profiles, but I could see them when I was in chat.

What Is the Website Version Like?

Reviewing the AsianDate website will give you a brief overview on how the website works, how it looks and what features it offers.

You can expect the same features and layout on the app, so the review below is equally applicable for the iOS and Android app.

What Is the Purpose of the Site?

When you visit AsianDate, you will find a few relevant sections that you can visit if you are looking for love.

There is an issues section where you can read reviews from other men and women who used the service and a forum section that you can visit if you have any questions.

There is also a very thorough chat section that is available 24/7 for you to get in touch with other members and have a look at their profiles.

AsianDate also has a section where you can see a few dating events or promotions that the site is running for you to take advantage of.

Options for Mass Relationship Marketing

The most obvious option for companies is to send out a mass email to their customer base with an invitation for them to join AsianDate.

Audience Targeting & Group Email

With a membership base of over 350,000 online and offline customers, AsianDate has a highly targeted audience that can be split into groups.

Using a simple split email feature, AsianDate can send mass emails to its customers who have opted in that contain content related to their interests and preferences.

Is There an AsianDate Mobile Application?

As we discussed earlier, Asiandate is one of the most popular dating website in Asia.
To use Asiandate online dating app … Simply open your app and create a profile, you are not prompted to put in your mobile number, so no numbers will be shared.

Now that your profile is complete, receive and send personalized emails to flirt.

Then you receive an email confirmation with a link to Click on to verify your account and complete your profile.

You may want to complete your profile before sharing your personal details.

To use mobile dating app … simply download the Asiandate app, sign up and complete your profile, then start flirting!

The Asiandate mobile application has very few active users, you could be one of the few exploring the site on your phone.

Only sign up for an Asiandate mobile app if you want to share your mobile number with other members, because the mobile dating app will require it to sign up.

A factor to consider is that many Asian girls find American guys jerks, however, American guys are pretty much the same to Asian Girls. If you are cool and respectful in your profile and interaction towards Asian women, you can always get a date.

Can Customer Support Help?

Things You Should Know About Signup Process and User Profiles

AsianDate user profiles are very customizable. AsianDate filters out profiles of people under 18 years of age who are not eligible to participate on AsianDate. If you believe that someone has given false details, please contact us at [email protected]

In addition to a member’s name, p home, email and age, AsianDate also asks members to upload their headshots for a match. If AsianDate comes across photos that are under 18 years of age or that have been taken without permission, AsianDate will not accept those photos and will require that the photos are removed. AsianDate reserves the right to remove photos that personally we feel are offensive, degrading, or contain nudity.

AsianDate knows that it’s important to have a fun relationship with your online matches in addition to a serious relationship. Because of that, AsianDate will never send you messages asking you to verify or pick out your mate.

AsianDate is an online dating service that focuses on helping you find your perfect Asian date. The site uses photo screening, questionnaire matching and partnerships to help you in your search.

If you’re looking for that special someone who will make your heart skip a couple of beats, this is an opportunity to get serious about finding your dream date. Some AsianDate users have married their date and some have even gone on to have children. All thanks to AsianDate.

The Signing up Process

Registering on AsianDate really doesn’t take long at all. In fact, using our detailed AsianDate Review, we were able to meet my boyfriend in less than an hour!

Once you decide to sign up, you will be guided through a few simple steps. You will be asked about your age, location and profile. You can tell them that you’re only interested in women or men.

If you choose to go with one of their featured members, then you can choose their location and their gender.

After you decide on this, your profile will be created and you will have a chance to select pictures that will be used for your profile.

What Do Profiles Look Like?

Profiles range in quality and the quality of pictures on each profile depends on the premium membership a user has. The "be best to your date" motto is really good, and better quality is available to premium members.

Important: Also remember that there are free dating sites that have a lot more members than AsianDate. This may not be an issue for you, but it's important to know that many members of AsianDate really are serious about dating their perfect Asian partner.

Usually, members that have the normal site membership have access to the "search" section in the site and can see photos of all the profiles when it's free. Members who have a premium membership can see profiles instantly as long as they have a profile.

If you try the free membership for a few days and it's not working for you, then it's definitely worth upgrading to a paid membership.

AsianDate Search: What You Should Know

There are hundreds of online dating sites, but AsianDate is different from the rest. It uses the best features of matchmaking websites and combines them with the fun of social media to give you total control of your destiny when it comes to love and life.

Born to a former online dating site founder, AsianDate has set out to help people of all races find the right partner for their life-long happiness. Whether it be love, friendship, romance, or casual encounters, AsianDate's founder aims to give you the best service of finding a compatible partner that is right for you.

In this AsianDate overview, you will learn all about the Hong Kong-based Asian Dating site and what makes it so special. Join AsianDate now and meet your long-term partner today.

Founded in 2013, AsianDate is an extraordinary dating site that quickly became popular among many love seekers from all over the world. Thanks to its high-quality Asian dating system, the AsianDate platform has won the trust and respect of users from both men and women. For a starter, AsianDate is a Hong Kong-based website that lets you connect with beautiful Asian singles for a better life.

How Do I Contact Other Users

You can start a live chat conversation or send a personal message. You can also create your own ads if there’s something you’d like to sell.

Is It Expensive?

What Do Free Services Include?

AsianDate is a completely free service, so you can contact as many women as you like without any obligations.

The website’s AI matches your preference profile with your chosen location and then helps you to chat with the many attractive women you find through the site.

You can create your free profile and use the matching system feature to chat with a selected few women who have also chosen to use this feature.

The site offers many other features, including chat rooms and a search option.

It is a popular free dating site and has over 10 million profiles on the database.

For further information on AsianDate, visit the website’s homepage.

What Do Fee-Based Services Include?

AsianDate offers you the chance to find an Asian match. But in comparison to the various free Asian dating sites, it offers more services than just the opportunity to date.

With Asian Dating, you can’t expect to get anything for free. It doesn’t exist here. Therefore you need to pay for more services. But you can always choose to go with one of our FREE subscription services.

The paid services include:

Conventional dating services

I've been in this field for a long time, and I never expected the moment to come so soon. I mean, how long would it have taken? 10 years? 20 years?

But here I am, on the other side of the chicken fence. Becoming a full-fledged dating coach and helping other singles become more successful with their love lives.

I know – it's a little overwhelming. Been there, done that. I would say that between learning the ropes, and getting your own feet wet, we all had a moment where we felt discouraged.

But let me assure you: It gets better! For starters, you will learn very quickly the reason why you're not making the progress you want, the exact things that you're not doing right, along with how to fix or improve those.

How to Delete an Account

Unhappy with how your Asian Date company has performed?

You are not the only one.

While you can see examples of clear cases of Asian Dating Scam, people are also disputing the Asian Date scam most of the time.

However you feel about Asian Date, Asian Date reviews are very popular.

You can read all about Asian Date Reviews here: Asian Date Reviews & Testimonials

In the report, I will show you the steps for deleting your account and being able to remove your recommendations.

{1}. Sign in to any or all of the Asian Date companies.
{2}. Click on your name or profile picture,
{3}. Click on Settings.
{4}. On the Settings page, click Remove Account.
{5}. Follow the steps to remove your account and recommendations. Removing your account will not take too long.

You now have the option to delete your account permanently.

Is the Website Safe and Secure?

It’s a very good idea to check up on the safety and security of any online dating service you’re thinking about using. One thing you should do is make sure that it is secure.

Look at the background of the company that owns it and make sure that you don’t see any red flags. You may also want to check online reviews to see if there are any complaints.

This is another great comparison site that you should definitely check out.

AsianDate Alternatives You Should Look At

AsianDate is free for women to join and free for men to contact. It also gives you ongoing bonuses for women joining such as free international phone calls and free gifts.

You also get a free membership checker, so you won’t lose out on the great prizes.

Other than that, you get access to over 500,000 Asian women worldwide. On top of all that, you can earn points for every day you use it, and the more you use it, the more value you get back.

On top of all the great bonuses, you also get access to forums and live chat with a professional dating adviser.


AsianDate is a young company that has launched themselves into one of the largest dating industries in the world. AsianDate quickly became one of the top Asian dating sites worldwide with a huge selection of Asian women and couples seeking Asian men.

The setup process is quick and easy and the navigation is great and user-friendly. This site is a good quality site and the price seems to be low on top of that. Their international coverage is available in 25 different countries, and there are member profiles from 340,084 users.

AsianDate offers its members 30 million messages a day that are free. They have relationships with companies like IdeaLabs and Cupid Media, both of which are leading players in the online dating industry. With the vast array of members, AsianDate has many Asian singles interested in Asian dating. Overall, AsianDate is a good all-around dating site to try out.

Pros and Cons

● AsianDate is different from other dating sites thanks to the incredible selection of languages available. Helen recognizes the importance of preserving some meaningful Asian cultural traditions, so the site is developed in 5 Asian languages and English.

● AsianDate prides itself on being the most professional Asian dating site. Users are provided with extensive help platform, which includes in-depth help sections, numerous FAQs, and support team to take up questions in 24 hours or less.

● The site also offers an extensive sweep for men and women seeking their perfect Asian partner, so it is suitable for both young first time singles and more experienced users.

● Friendly yet business-like atmosphere, the site makes users feel welcome and secure.

● AsianDate is a mature platform for people looking for love, but mature people will love the amazing selection of profiles that it offers.

● AsianDate boasts of an extensive list of user-friend features including SMS, OurMail, Phone, Chat rooms, Members’ web portal, and Multilingual chat rooms.

● Since AsianDate is an international dating site, it provides a clean and serene environment for dating and socializing.

● The site’s high profile partnerships with top Asian corporations….

Which dating site is right for you?

Before I give you my AsianDate review, I need to point out that AsianDate, the leading dating site for Asian singles, is a fantastic way of meeting Asian women, something that you obviously need when dating Asian women. The site is easy to use and fully functional and is a good place to start your dating journey.

The only issue is that it isn’t very user-friendly for the average guy just starting his dating journey looking to meet Asian women.

You need to register with AsianDate and you’ll be entered into a pool of users. You need to fill in your profile and you must link your Facebook profile. You can take it one step further and add your Twitter account too.

A feature that AsianDate lacks is analytics. You’ll have to rely on your own intuition and figure out what kind of woman you should message, and whether or not you have the chemistry to meet up with her. This is not good for guys at the very beginning of their Asian dating journey. It takes time and experience to get the hang of this.

The good news is that you’ll only have to register once!