Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

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Short Summary

Biker Planet is a bike forum focused on motorcycle culture.

The website is free to use and the forum members are all independent contractors.

The main purpose of the website is to share knowledge related to motorcycles and bikes.

It Has a Very Active Community

It offers a lot of information and articles on how to fix your bike and what to do if you have bike problems.

You can also get a lot of valuable information on bike maintenance and repair.

It also has a wide variety of members from all parts of the world.

What I liked about this website is that they have a huge database of free guides and they are frequently updated as well.

What I don’t like about this site is that the moderators don’t let new members post in the forum without having to spend some time in the gym.

A lot of the members that post on the Biker Planet forum have lots of experience and knowledge of motorcycles and bikes.

They have a very popular forum and are known to have a very active community of members.

How Does Biker Planet Work?

Biker Planet is an online community site that believes that you are a bike enthusiast first, a member and a customer second. Therefore, they want you to be an active member of their community and be able to have discussions centered around different subjects.

They invite bike pros and local riders to offer you well-researched and quality information over individual articles or video tutorials. They also have an opportunity for you to participate in flash polls, as well as connect with other members of the site.

Basically, Biker Planet offers you the opportunity to share your passion for riding with other members, and to learn from them as well. It’s a community site for bike enthusiasts.

Let’s Talk About Audience Analysis

Biker Planet ReviewLegit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Biker Planet Review – Legit Or Scam? Let’s See!

Interesting Key Features Of Biker Planet

There are some good things about Biker Planet such as highest cash bonus, but there are some cons too like:

  • Long and drawn out filling of information, your credit card could be charged multiple times, up to 10 times before receiving your Biker Planet bonus. When logged in, your checking account information is continually drawn, which means that they will keep the credit card information. I’m astonished this hasn’t been reported to the bank yet. Seems like a decent way to illegally steal opt-in credit card information.
  • The next issue is that you will be billed immediately after signing up, and you have to wait for the charge to be processed before the bonus becomes available. The disconcerting thing is, you will be billed 6 times before it recycles. I’m not aware of any companies that would dare to do this.
  • Your relationship with bonus” Biker Planet is not good. Specifically in regards to bonuses, Biker Planet has the lowest percentage of users who have won any awards.
  • Bad customer service. They claim they have the best customer service. They do not. Two weeks in, no cash bonus and multiple messages submitted to customer service have gone unanswered.

Rapid Match

If you are a biker then you already know how difficult it can be to meet new people when you start riding. Biker Planet will finally help you meet new biker friends in your area.

With an easy to navigate website, plenty of diverse groups of people of all ages and from all walks of life, you won’t have to worry about meeting the right people for you.

You can also connect with riders you have previously interacted with through the private messaging system.

There is no need for even a native English speaker to use this website since it is designed with plenty of back translation.

From reviews of their site, you will know exactly if a site is real or scam right away.

‘Lifestyle-based matchmaking’ is the key feature of Biker Planet. You will have a lot of freedom to choose the events to attend, but you can also let them take the reins.

When you join Biker Planet, you can also check out their friends and users’ profiles for reviews. This is a great method that they use to verify user’s authenticity.

You will be able to join any number of events so you can choose whether you want to club hop, meet people or attend just one event.

The Take A Gamble

Opportunity Offers With Claiming 50% to 100% Commissions Daily!

The Biker Planet Review – Is it legit or a scam?

Your hunting for a legit opportunity so that you can subscribe to it in due course and start earning money for yourself? Biker Planet most likely might be the answer you were looking for.

Biker Planet by B.Labs is one of the most updated programs concerning the data in the affiliate marketing industry. At first glance, you might be thinking that it is a scam website or program, but you have to understand the uniqueness of this program before you make a judgment about it.

What makes Biker Planet a worthy financial opportunity? Let’s first run through the name of this program.

Biker Planet is classified as a niche or a specific program that intends to bring traffic into this website. It takes web traffic, sells it to advertisers, and then files through a complicated process and deposits the revenue in your merchant account.

The payment system based on the Streamline payment system, which offers no fees for the transactions.

If you are looking for a one-off payment; in Biker Planet, it helps your business to have subscriptions from different clients with guaranteed monthly paychecks. Most of the programs, websites, or portals do not offer a money-back guarantee once you are going through the obstacles to get into this odd program.

A Completeness Scale

BikerPlanetPro is a good tool combining the knowledge from a variety of different groups of people. It has a multitude of information within one convenient platform.

It’s also a good option to have above all the others because it doesn’t provide the information it gives without the order. Every tool needs to be paid for, and BikerPlanetPro is no exception.

It isn’t really the best option if you don’t have an Amazon account because you’ll have to go through the process of creating a new one.

If you would rather just get the information without having to pay for it, then you can purchase a PDF of the BikerPlanetPro eBook by clicking on the links in the description.

I believe this product is a good option for cyclists looking to improve their skill. It has a wide range of information contained within one package to help cyclists excelling at all levels.

BikerPlanetPro should be considered a valid tool in any cyclist’s toolbox, and I wouldn’t go any further than to say that it is a good tool to buy. It is much better than any other tool, and I would recommend it.

Is Biker Planet User Friendly?

Biker Planet’s reviews are mostly positive as they value customer’s feedback and ratings. There are several tools users can use to check out Burger Planet, including a testimonial section where they can share their experiences. This should add a lot of credibility to the program since these are customers ” not just anonymous users that did not get any results.

They also have a live chat support feature that enables users to easily get in touch with the customer support team.

Biker Planet offers a free trial and a money back guarantee. However, some affiliates make it a little difficult for a user to get their money back by requiring that the user does the following.

When you contact the customer support team initially for a refund, they will inform you that immediately. But will also ask you to submit a few forms.

That form is a simple refund request form with a pretty high submission fee. When you submit it, Burger Planet will ask you to confirm that they’ll refund what they charged.

Too many free trial users are wary because they know that Burger Planet is going to do the same thing. The form is designed to be a hassle as a way of discouraging users from requesting refunds.

This is why users should opt for the free trial first. If necessary, they can request that the customer support team send them a refund email right away.

Website Usability And Design: Key Points?

A first-time user will be able to download problems immediately as the site is easy to browse. It is also a very colorful interface with great visuals and hues that make it a pleasure to browse. I like the list of different types of coffee most especially the Brain Boost.

And overall, this website is not only user friendly but also appears to have been created by an expert when it comes to online marketing, etc.

Product Pricing: Key Points?

They offer some of the best prices online for a wide variety of coffees. The pricing is very competitive and in fact could be said to be one of the best overall deals when it comes to purchasing the product offered.

Another thing I really appreciate is that the company offers a ton of variety and offers great deals. This again is very key in getting people to purchase from you.

Product Selection: Key Points?

Biker Planet offers a wide range of coffee products online and their selection is often updated. They appear to be a more recently established online company and this makes them very progressive and the fact that they did not forget to include larger quantities of different types of coffee is also a good sign.

Pricing: Full Review?

Is There A Mobile App For Biker Planet?

Yes! Bikeralert has a full –app” and mobile interface on iOS and Android. iphone and Android users alike can use the app to send us any complaints or feedback that they have with the service, to help us guarantee comfort for our customers and to help us expand.

Premium Biker Rewards
From our website, we offer the most comprehensive rewards program for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our Points System allows our customers to accumulate points that can used to redeem various small prizes such as plaques, apparel, smoke detectors and CD’s.

Along with Our Price Match Guarantee…

What is Biker Planet?

Biker Planet was formed in 1999 with the off-road motorcycle community in mind. At the time, bikers had no resource on the internet that could answer all of their needs.

We provide information and resources for everyone from newbies to professionals! Our goal is trust-based content for everyone.

We strive to be the best motorcycle community on the web by providing practical advice and resources for everyone.

What About Biker Planet Customer Support?

Keep in mind that the price drops are only available for 30 days. That means that you must take action and Google the best deal before that time is up. If you are not ready, don’t use Biker Planet.

The company and the owner are focusing on new markets, which means that the C.E.O. put all of his attention to launch their product in Europe and The States. The price drops are just an added service from the owner to offer an extra incentive for the European users.

The price decreases are not the main qualities of Bikerplanet, so you should never worry about them. Our emphasis is to give you 100% of the truth and not to lie to you in order to get you to buy.

We only want you to know what you are getting into, and we appreciate your time.

Your Biker Planet Experience.

Our experience could only be described as great. We have ordered products from Biker Planet before and have had no troubles with anything, and that is why we decided to write this post for you!

All of the products that we have ordered from Biker Planet have been sent to their warehouses within the time frame estimated on their shipping page.

When we have ordered, we usually go to their contact page and fill out the form with the products we want to order.

Biker Planet Registration Process And User Profile

Biker Planet is a business startup that offers its members a wide range of services including advice and support on improving biking capabilities, programmable alerts, weather forecast and a whole lot more.

Biker Planet also features a handy tool where you can take a picture of the "flag" behind you bike and it will show on a map with the estimated distance you have traveled.<

Biker Planet is very easy to use and there is nothing to download, the website works as a stand alone so it doesn’t require any special software or hardware to use.

However, there are a lot of unwanted pop-ups on the website that some might find annoying and intrusive.

They will have you install a toolbar which will allow them to gather information from your computer.

Walking through the registration process is very clear and there is no question that the company is totally upfront about doing so.

Registered members will be provided with a cellular phone number and a PIN.

Every phone that the user has registered to their account can be used in conjunction with the PIN to allow the user to communicate with Biker Planet on the go.

For additional security, they have opted to not use your phone number to send information to you but instead create a customized alert that is sent to your cell phone as an SMS.

Here’s How To Create An Account On Biker Planet

Step 1: Go to the special page by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Choose a payment method that suits you best. Making payment with debit cards and credit cards are the most common methods of payment when it comes to signing up.

Step 3: Enter the requested information. Key in your email address and create a login password. If you’re using a credit card, enter your payment details.

Step 4: A great tip to remember would be for you to make sure that you don’t use any unusual passwords. For tips on picking the best password, just follow this link.

Step 5: Login to your account. You should now be able to access the Biker Planet website and begin subscribing to some of your favorite biker magazines and websites.

How’s Profile Quality and The Verification Process On Biker Planet?

What is Biker Planet “ Legit or Scam? Let’s See.

On their launch date, BikerPlanet was able to manage to attract over 500,000 dollars in month 1 with the help of their 15% Affiliate Program. This was due to the fact that BikerPlanet is backed by a strong, verifiable and reputable team.

The process of joining is straight forward and can be done instantly by signing up with email address and then confirming your mobile number via text.

This is because almost all members will have opted to use their mobiles for their remote access to the site.

Firstly, BikerPlanet had their Registrant’s Profile Verified by Zendesk on Oct 1, 2015. They started to work on 5,000 profiles every week. You need to get through the verification process just once and then you are all ip and ready for your mission inside the website.

The Verification Process:

A profile Verification on Bikerplanet must be done and approved by real people so that a member can have the privilege of trading in real time with other members. Consequently, after getting through the verification process, you will be able to go ahead into the website and apply for the available verified profiles.

If you want to be listed as a verified Biker on Biker Planet soon possible.

How To Search For A Catch On Biker Planet

The first thing to understand is that Biker Planet does not sell its products in stores but via its own website. That means you need to visit the site yourself and order the products you need for your bike.

The concept behind this company is that they offer a free trial offer by giving you a supply of their recommended products. What makes it different from the regular free trial products is that they actually offer a trial period of 48 hours or a month.

Most free trial products you will come across will provide you with 15 days of supply or less without requiring any kind of commitment. Even if you don’t think you will order anything from a free trial at the end of it, there is still the fact that you have opened up the door to the product.

Free trials are a very effective way of getting your foot in the door to the business. Another advantage is the fact that there is always a possibility of your free trial providing you with an extra supply that you did not expect.

Now the next step is to find some products that could help you with your bike. When you are looking for that, please remember to consider the following:

What will make your bike go faster?

When you have determined that, then you should move down to the accessories. These accessories are usually required by the bike to make the bike function properly.

The Matching and Chatting Process

In order to start the matching and chatting process, you need to register on the website.

Once registered, you will find your match. Then you simply need to fill up the questionnaire you’re given.

It contains a wide range of questions, some are casual, however some of them are serious.

After this, you can chat to your match. More often than not, the match will not be convenient for you.

Sometimes the website will go down and in this case you will not be able to communicate with anyone for a day or so.

But basically, it is very easy to register and getting matched with a suitable person.

Membership Options

The Biker Planet Membership comes with 7 different bonuses offered as a 60-day trial package. Membership options are: 2-Month (Startup Package + 10% on first purchase) | 3-Month (3-Month Startup Package + 10% on first purchase) | 12-Month (12-Month Membership Package + BA+)

The site allows you to start a new membership as soon as you pay for it. It can run for 1, 3, or 12 months at the same bargain price you paid for it.

Members can choose from a wide variety of discounts on products and services from both the United States and Canada.

The site features a variety of discounts and deals. They have a variety of objects (from dog show equipment to hunting supplies).

Apart from this, they offer a large choice of on-line services to their customers, such as a discounted health checkup.

The site feels easy to use, and they make it very easy to navigate. They also make it very easy to sign up for a membership, which is a good sign.

They have a legitimate website, with a contact and support email at the top right of their homepage.

If you were looking for cheap deals on all kinds of general items, Biker Planet is a good choice to check out.

Free Membership (Awesome!)

To the BikerPlanet Community!

BikerPlanet is offering its new readers a free one month subscription to the site’s premium member community. This site is all about bikers, and they are pulling out all the stops by providing you this deal. It’s a sweet one, and you’ll love it.

While the community has been around for awhile, they are new to the biker online space. They are not really pushing this hard in the biker community forums, and are certainly alluding to their lack of longer history in this space. That being said, you may like this community and their content.

Within the communities, they are putting out great information, but they tend to help you stay inside there and surfing by selling you things. I’d rather read about the Harley in the front yard of the house with the tomatoes growing out the deck than the house with the garbage full of dog shit on the street.

There appears to be a lot of “blah management” going on in this site. The bottom line is that they offer a lot of value, and I understand why they are pulling out everything in their bag. This could be worth checking out, but for now, I’m going to say NOPE!

The Biker Planet has a Paid Membership program and I’ve heard some issues from the Members on there.

The good thing is that there is a free version of the Biker Planet you can join to get the important information regarding the Biker Planet and if you decide to join the paid membership program in future, you can cancel your free subscription to the Biker Planet free of charge.


How To Cancel Subscriptions On Bikers Planet?

Still trying to decide whether to sign up for Bikers Planet?

They could be the last thing in the world you want. They could be 100% legit. They may be a fantastic choice for a new rider, or they could turn your world upside down with their crazy cancellation process.

I’m here to tell you which Bikers Planet is which, and hopefully you’ll be able to make an educated decision if you choose to sign up.

How Safe And Secure Is Biker Planet?

″ Check Latest Biker Planet Package Discount & Bonus by clicking this link:‡

Biker Planet is doing a fantastic job in its cause to help the economy and struggling common man. With so many sites promising so much in such a short time, it’s easier said than done for any lender to assert legitimacy.

This is their mission and is obviously in the investment company’s best interest to make sure that they deliver. They have a team of experts lined up to help support this venture.

What Makes Biker Planet Better Than Other Sites?

″ Check Latest Biker Planet Package Discount & Bonus by clicking this link:‡

Biker Planet’s members are more likely to be white collar professionals with an average income of around 3000 pounds per month per member.

This is a conservative figure, as some sources indicate that the average monthly income of a member of Biker Planet is closer to 5,000 pounds per month.

Biker Planet provides more information into the needs of each and every member in order to provide customized services.

When a customer gives a long list of wants, Biker Planet immediately follows up with the most needed option. This really helps the customer to satisfy their want in a short period without waiting too long.

Biker Planet Alternatives and Competitors In The Industry

What should you look for in an alternative to the Biker Planet Review?

A good alternative to the Biker Planet is a well established net-work marketing firm that usually employs several people with a rigorous approach to developing loyalty among its customers.

For example, there are several options like the QNA360 and eComPro as well as several other options.

If you are interested in the internet marketing industry and you have a strong internet marketing strategy already in place, it is a good idea to consider working with an experienced internet marketing firm.

We have reviewed a number of the internet marketing firms that are worth taking a look at and working with.

For example, we have reviewed a number of eComPro alternatives that will deliver all the results you have come to expect from a professional internet marketing.

We looked at a number of alternate options with solid reviews that are worth considering.

Another example of a legitimate alternative to the Biker Planet is the QNA360 Program. This internet marketing program is similar to the Biker Planet system and is also a great option for anyone looking for a legitimate internet marketing system.

There are a number of alternatives to the Biker Planet program you should be aware of. These are some of the best businesses that you can consider working with as a replacement.


What’s Biker Planet Really About?

If you are tired of going to the local bike shop to spend money on bike maintenance, then you might want to consider using a bike maintenance kit. It provides you everything you need to maintain your bike.

You just have to be disciplined and remember to use these tools to check your bike before every ride.

You don’t have to worry about buying extra bike parts or spending hours at a bike shop for bike repair.

You can even use these tools to do some bike customization and repairs.

Pros and Cons

Biker Planet has been around for a number of years now, but at one stage, there were a lot of complaints about whether or not it’s a legitimate service.

Currently, we can safely say that Biker Planet is a legitimate company with a blue & white diamond award seal of approval to that effect.

․ Cons

While there are many good things to say about Biker Planet, the one con we noticed is that it’s expensive.

If you have a good credit rating and are willing to pay for a good service, then Biker Planet is perfect for you. Their customer support is also great and you don’t have to worry about returning products to them.

․ Pros

Biker Planet seems to be a good company and has good customer reviews. You can choose between some of the most popular payment methods such as Credit Cards and Paypal to get your money in the bank faster.

Unlike some companies, Biker Planet offers excellent customer reviews and the shortest delivery time in the industry as well. According to Biker Planet’s website, they have an easy-to-use online shopping cart and once payment has been confirmed, they start preparing your order to be delivered as soon as possible.

Which dating site is right for you?

In the world of online dating, Biker Planet Review is one of the largest dating websites available. It’s designed for people with a similar interest to find love, friendship, and even a one night stand.

Unlike other dating websites which cater to specific segments of the population such as Christian Mingle, you don’t need to have any specific requirements to join Biker Planet. Anyone looking for love and romance is more than welcome to join this website.

However, before you rush off and sign up with Biker Planet, you should read the following factors which made Biker Planet a large dating website.