BronyMate: Is This Dating Website A Legitimate Contender or Random Scam?

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How Does BronyMate Work?

This dating internet site for people in the Brony community is the brainchild of Michael "DiscoSparty" Piekarski.

Top-tier features include the ability to go through profile videos, and connecting users on a similar level and with similar friendship/amount of social interaction, based on activity of their social media profiles.

However, not enough attention is being placed on the fact that the website is only accessible through a third-party browser extension.

Therefore, people are left wondering if the code is in fact legitimate, or if it’s actually a scummy new way to rip people off.

Brief Audience Analysis Of BronyMate

BronyMate is a dating app for people who love popular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

BronyMate is not just a dating app. It is a social site where you can find your true friend. Friends who share similar interests to you and are in your social circle.

This makes BronyMate a completely different experience than conventional dating sites like OkCupid, Zoosk, or Tinder.

The Brony community is a unique and social group, and many Bronies use BronyMate to find the perfect relationship that matches their special needs and lifestyle.

But just like traditional online dating, there are bound to be some bad apples. Some people use these dating sites as a scam.

If you are in a social situation or job that requires you to get to know people first, the Brony community is an attractive target.

If you’re thinking this is a scam site, I want to show you why and how it works.

Notable Features Of BronyMate

In the past few months, we have seen a rise in alternative dating and relationship websites. BronyMate is one of those websites that took the online dating market by storm.

H3. BronyMate:BronyMate is a completely dedicated dating website for male fans of the hit cartoon series, My Little Pony. As an avid fan of the show, I wanted to look into the legitimacy of BronyMate for all things pony.

Quick Search for New Friends

BronyMate’s purpose is to help Bronies find new friends and potential partners through their social network.

Whether you’re looking for friendship or love, BronyMate has everything you need to search and find Brony friends.

H3. Adding Friends

BronyMate allows you to create new friends and also search for friends already on the website.

Whilst searching for other members, you have the option to include or exclude specific types of Bronies on your search. This means you can take charge of your own Brony search.

H3. My Brony Friend Finder

My Brony Friend Finder feature allows you to search for Bronies who are looking to make new friends and also to add people to your own friends list.

Is The Website User Friendly Or Not?

BronyMate Website: Usability And Design

The Design of this dating website is quite old school, and the website is quite bare bones in terms of content.

The navigation is easy enough and you can move through the pages through the left hand column.

You can see that while I have the tester account enabled, I can see my profile and browsing history on the main page. You can toggle to private mode to do some browsing under the covers.

BronyMate Login: The login page is pretty basic with a single field navigation bar at the top. As we have already mentioned, the design is old school, and the design of the login page is no different.

BronyMate Mobile App: With a desktop or laptop browser, the mobile app looks decent on both android and iOS.

BronyMate Chat: The chat window has a quite a few interesting features that I want to highlight. Being a dating website for those who love a cartoon horse, there is a little section for horse related discussion.

There is even a little pony icon on the bottom of the screen to give you instantaneous feedback on how you are doing in terms of talking to other people. Horse related stuff / memes should be fun!

Is There A Working Mobile App For BronyMate?

Tristan, the alleged mastermind behind the BronyMate dating website and app, is quite the character. He started the site in October of 2014 and after much hype about being one of the first dating websites for Bronies, he flipped out and cancelled all transactions citing his bank was over-drafting. The initial site was created using the open-source platform PHP and all the standard design elements of a dating website so he did impart a level of professionalism that came as a surprise to some.

A number of users were left ugly-faced after buying credits off of the site and finding that their credits never registered and of course the main lure of the site is that it allows people to browse profiles of other members from their mobile phone. Sadly, the site never got to the point of having a mobile app.

How Good Is BronyMate Customer Support Team?

What are the benefits of the BronyMate Online Dating Service?

BronyMate is a legitimate and trusted online dating service in the United Kingdom specializing in dating services for people with a special interest in the "My Little Pony" franchise. Find out more about the benefits of using BronyMate here.

Do you have any reports of positive outcomes by using this website?

Lots of folks over in the forums can provide anecdotes and stories on how the BronyMate dating service has helped connect them with their special other.

How much does this website cost?

BronyMate runs on a pay-as-you-go business model, so you'll just have to buy the amount of credits you need to send messages to members in the other stages of the site.

How do you enroll in the website?

All you need to do is enter your email address, country, and language to start browsing the online dating profiles of BronyMate members.

How often do you update members on your progress in finding mates?

BronyMate updates all its members once a month on the activity of their profiles.

Can people see the BronyMate username of members?

We ask our members to not include any personal information in their profiles, and therefore, we do not display any information on members' names and usernames.

How To Register On BronyMate As Well As Having A User Profile

BrMate is a good website for those in search for a relationship last and for those who just want to have fun at the same time.

BrMate is a good dating site because it not only allows you to send messages to other people that have similar interests as you, but it also lets you post surveys, brag about your favourite products, and there is also a cute little Equestria Girls winky in the corner of your profile that shows you have been active on the site for a while.

Along with this site being a dating site, it is very easy to use. You can even browse the site by location, and you can also search by gender, which is always a plus.

This site is free, and there are no hidden fees. The only thing that is charged is your credit card to buy some upgrades in case you need more storage space.

As you can tell from this review, this is a good website to learn more about bronies and find your significant other for a fun time.

How To Create A User Account On BronyMate?

To create a user account on BronyMate, you simply need to join and use your email address.

It does not cost anything to create an account, so you are free to start finding a mate.

How’s Profile Quality And Verification Process On BronyMate?

BronyMate is a totally straight up dating website for fans of the show “My Little Pony.” However, I’m an Internet entrepreneur and have spent a few hours researching, looking into the website and their offerings.

According to the website, the verification process requires you to upload a picture of yourself with your pony. They want you to upload a selfie, on a white background, looking as cute as you possibly can.

The website does not require that you use a professional photographer, though in my experience photos that are professionally done look a lot better. This is probably due to the fact that the photographer knows you are paying for the photo shoot as well.

The website also states that you will be sent a verification code via email shortly after you take the selfie, and were replied to 2 out of 3 times.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of person who owns a white background. How about that for some good customer service!

According to their website, you only need to fill in your gender, what your pony name is, and where you are from.

I looked into the system, and it seems to be one of the more difficult to master hookup sites out there.

How To Search For A Catch On BronyMate?

BronyMate’s match making system will automatically match you to chat with the other members of the group of people who may be looking for the same things you are looking for.

The algorithm takes into account the interests that each of you entered at registration and matches you randomly.

To have better chances of finding compatible members and to increase the chances of finding that special someone, you should engage in the search features on the website.

You can easily browse around and check out profiles. Building up your profile, including your gender, location and age and adding a couple of pictures will make you stand out and give you more chances of finding the pony of your dreams.

When you visit BronyMate’s website you will see a grid layout where you will be presented with different filters to look through.

For instance you can filter members by location and account activity. This will help you pick out the right people who have been using the service for a long time.

BronyMate is a social network just like any other dating website. This means that it’s a great idea to check out the other people who are already in the community, see if they are already friends with anybody on the site and then ask if you can add them as a friend.

The Matching and Chatting Procedure

The process of matching and chatting with matches is very simple. Once you become a BronyMate member you will be given matches based on the type of community you are interested in.

Your matches include: a monthly monogamous relationship, 2-year monogamous relationship, a one-year monogamous relationship, and a 3-month monogamous relationship.

You will be assigned to a particular type of community depending on what previously decided community you have chosen on the website.

According to the website, you should make all the necessary arrangements to get to know your matches.

Now, you are free to initiate communication.

The website has made its own chat system which they have named MSN Chatter. It’s free for use.

In the beginning MSN Chatter is also a bit laggy and slow. However, when enough users are accessing the chat, it becomes very fast and fluid.

Often webinars and lessons will be uploaded to the site, and they are quite helpful.

One thing that separates the website from others is that the separation between the matches and the chatters is a bit of a blur. That is because a search which has previously been made by the matches, will also be done by the chatters.

The results of this random search will be shared on the chat section at the end of the day.

Membership Options On BronyMate

BronyMate has a pretty extensive list of membership levels. You can choose from three different levels, all the way up to an elite level which you will save a lot of money. The elite level membership comes with a lot of benefits, and I haven’t seen other dating sites have a membership system like this before.

BronyMate is also probably one of the few dating sites that really focuses on the bronies and their relationships. It also even has a few specific forums for the members to join and interact from.

So, if you are a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or you like dating bronies, BronyMate is the perfect dating website for you. It might not be as easy as traditional dating websites, but you will find it a lot more fulfilling and rewarding.

Free Membership Option OnBronyMate

At first, it doesn’t look like the free membership option prevent credit card abuse or spam. After signing up, you have to pay attention to the checkout.

Step 1: Choose a payment method.

Step 2: Visit the link given at the end of the checkout page and enter your account details.

Step 3: Download instruction of Brony Mate for free and it will redirect you to desktop.

Step 4: Scan the QR code or enter the code provided and download the application.

Step 5: Remember o ignore the suspicious pop-up messages and keep it open until it berks you to try the premium subscription.

Step 6: Wait for the popup tab to appear on the app and click on the image to see the free subscription.

Step 7: Be patient while it loads and make a note of the information asked.

Step 8: Click on Next and Next option to complete payment.

Step 9: Profit!!

In case you have full access to your credit card details and are worried about misuse, you may choose the premium package. It comes with a no -question-asked 1 year subscription in order to stop any misinterpertations.

I have never had a penny, or anything else for that matter, on the line when reporting an online scam. That being said, I am always very skeptical by the first viewing of any website that is just asking for money, either for a one off fee, or a subscription fee.

Since I am constantly on the lookout for new sites to scour for any errors or potential scam actions, I decided to take a closer look at the details available to me for a free account option on the BronyMate dating website.

Their advertisement consists of a logo and a link to an about tab on the website. There was nothing in these two parts which disturbed me, and in some results, even demonstrated the type of legitimacy I was searching for. The logo was a cute drawing of Celestia and Luna, the seaponies.

They were presented to me in the avatar option page as a professional looking photo header, and no-one can say I wasn’t expecting the form to pay the company for the shirtless image of some guy in a pony costume, with his back arched in a pose that looks much more like a horse sex position.

The fields at the bottom of the page are in a format which appears to be designed with transparency, which while not being visually appealing, is not a crime, however when it comes to the one major key element of security, I have seen it before.

Pricing Options On BronyMate


BronyMate ranks high on our list of best dating sites when it comes to the overall pricing options. We think that this online dating service is quite competitive when it comes to pricing. They offer a one month discount for the first month, as well as a ten day trial period before you subscribe. Because this company is so focused on generating new members, there is a recycling program for users that purchase the full length subscription.

We think that there is another well-known and well-run dating site that costs more, but BronyMate is quite competitive when it comes to pricing. They even offer a discount if you pay for a month in advance. Overall we really like everything about this site, but we don’t think that it is worth the steep price tag.

BronyMate makes it possible to find someone that shares similar interests as you do. They offer a unique matchmaking service that will put you in contact with flexible and reliable singles that share similar interests. After you create an account, you get free access to messaging and browsing functions. As a free member, you can browse and check out all of the available users and their profiles.

How To Cancel A Subscription Plan On BronyMate

For those who can’t seem to stop dating another brony, the BronyMate dating website is the place to be.

This dating website is geared towards anyone who enjoys the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The website was launched quite recently and is currently just in its infancy.

According to BronyMate’s website, the BronyMate dating website has promising features that could make it the ultimate dating website for bronies. You can search for your brony friend in the Friendship is Magic database, make a profile and start searching for others online.

While those basic features might seem somewhat resemblant to other dating websites, BronyMate is currently the only dating website that caters to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom.

Currently, the website has roughly 27,000 registered users and an increase in the number of users is a possibility in the near future.

Everything on the BronyMate dating website seems fantastic. However, many of the users are skeptical of this website’s trustworthiness.

Some claim that the website has been able to collect their personal information, which can lead to identity theft. Other potential users are concerned about how secure and private their information will be.

How Safe and Secure Is BronyMate?

BronyMate promises great security and safety to its users. BronyMate is protected by a 128-bit SSL Cert with Geo-Location and Website Data Protection.

This means that your personal information is safe and secured with the BronyMate.

It’s not only the certificate alone, but also the complex verification process. It takes place whenever you enter and exit the site.

BronyMate also offers users the opportunity to receive verification. The verification allows for increased security on the website. Depending on the details you provide, you will receive a verification code. Your verification will be deleted after you use it.

The verification process shouldn’t be too difficult to undergo. BronyMate makes it seem to be. If you insist on a more secure verification, you may request it at the Members Area.

BronyMate’s Safety Policy will be reviewed and updated regularly.

BronyMate Alternatives In The Online Dating Industry

BronyMate, is a relatively new online dating site for lovers of the My Little Pony TV Show. It seemed legitimate at first, but after further exploration, you will discover that most of the people behind it are likely frauds. The site is intended to attract people who will register and then be suckered into giving up all of their personal information.

The BronyMate trick works by being very vague about how you actually meet members on the website and then giving you a list of pre-approved "Bronies". The person who you go on a date with is one of those pre-approved men, but after you meet, the website will try to sell you additional memberships.

The whole company concept is a strange one as well. There are a lot of missing details in the background operations of the website that you will never know about and it will never clearly state what their policy is for people who have asked them legitimate questions about the company structure.

Even on their personal pages, the men who are signing up don't really talk much about what they do for a job. There is no name for the company, but it is probably some sort of affiliate program where they get a percentage of sales if you buy something.

BronyMate Review Conclusion

This Dating App is a Legitimate Contender!

BronyMate Review is a legit dating website for the men in the fandom. If you are a true fan of My Little Pony and love your Bronies, then this is a great way to connect and form relationships.

As a gay app, it seems the intention is not to only help the fandom grow, but also help all fans meet their true loves. It does allow straight men to join, however.

The price of the app is super low. You can try for free to see if you enjoy the app, and then if you like it, you can pay the small cost to use it.

BronyMate Dating Site has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent years, so if you find yourself as a stand-alone Brony, or one of the minority, you really need to join this completely free dating site.

What’s better than having fun with other people’s appreciation of our beloved cartoons? Nothing.

So go check BronyMate out now and give yourself the opportunity to meet your man through the magic of friendship.

Pros and Cons

Some people are fans of the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, while others see it as a symbol of \"childhood ruined\". There are people out there who are fans of all three of these things, joining forces as Bronies.

If you are interested in meeting up with other Bronies, there’s a social network for that. Founded by a 31-year-old man named Evan , BronyMeet gives Bronies a chance to meet, chat, have group chats and even partake in some group webcam action.

So what do you need to open an account on BronyMate and start your search for a Pony?

A picture of yourself, the username you want to use and a password to keep you from getting hacked.

If you are going to post a picture of yourself, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Avoid Pictures of You Taking Photos with Friends

If someone is looking for a Brony, they want to actually meet you. Trying to trick them into coming to your doorstep for a meetup is the last thing you should do. If you feel that asking a person for a photo is too much for a meet-up, then just don’t offer it.

Men and Women, Do Not Look For Women or Men.

Which dating site is right for you?

As with many online dating services, you have to sign up for BronyMate with your phone number to verify the hookup.

Once you’ve registered, you will be asked to upload a profile photo.

The first thing that stands out about BronyMate is the sheer volume of information you have to fill out.

This i