CatholicSingles Review 2022 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

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How Does CatholicSingles Function?

CatholicSingles is a Christian dating community. This means that all members who join have to be a practicing Christian, not just someone who is looking to date inside of the Catholic community.

With over 2,000,000 members, it’s a massive Catholic dating network with members from all over the world.

On the site, you can chat with other members, select your own personal preferences, and even upload images and write profiles and then browse the other members’ profiles.

The site is very strict about members not mentioning the Catholic Church or their religion in their profile.

Brief Audience Analysis

Many dating sites have emerged over the internet. Considerably, Catholic Singles is one such dating site.

While many sites struggle to draw attention, Catholic Singles is deemed to be a one-of-its-kind dating site.

It is heavily advertised by its founder and is mainly targeted towards Roman Catholics.

It is a very active site and is fairly popular among Roman Catholics, albeit it being focused primarily on faith.

The site is well-known for its large database of applicants. This database has the possibility to grow with decent popularity after years of activity.

Given the popularity of Catholic Singles, it is hard to miss the impressive amount of success it boasts in the world of online dating.

The website is heavily advertised primarily by its founder Paul Waley, who also took the lead in all the site’s creative works.

Paul has worked in the field of marketing and advertising for many years and launched many successful websites.

His numerous connections in the field has made him popular in meetings with religious groups, and this is how he was able to launch Catholic Singles.

Now let’s take a closer look at the site’s features you need to know before you join.

What Are The Essential Features?

CatholicSingles is one of many specialized online dating sites. Whereas other sites can be a little more broad, this site sells itself to people primarily interested in dating Catholics.

Yet, with that said, it’s not entirely based on this. There are just certain aspects that stay with Catholicism as its main selling point.

To make sure it gets you, the site uses a number of focused and commissioned assessments, and also looks at membership requirements.

These are based on user feedback and data shared in their surveys and reports. It’s a feature that’s taken a lot of time and effort to get right, and it’s hard to see it go missing here.

CatholicSingles – Is It Legit and Safe to Use?

The biggest fear when you use online dating is that you will be tricked, scammed, or have your identity stolen.

And honestly, it’s understandable. But that’s part of why having a safe and well-established site that is licensed and available to members makes a lot of sense. No need to worry.

It’s backed by a licensed and bonded company.

Is This Site User Friendly?

CatholicSingles offers a large user base with a wide variety of users. You can use the "search by age" feature to narrow down your search and find someone you have less of a chance of meeting. The site also allows users to search other users profiles without being a member. It is often one of the top three sites that are recommended for finding a Catholic match.

CatholicSingles has a wide variety of helpful tools such as creating a profile, matching with other users, and posting ads. In my experience, women tend to respond a bit quicker than men.

CatholicSingles offers some nice features such as being able to browse profiles, as well as having ads to easily reach out to other users. For those younger users who won t have access to Facebook, this is probably the best site for finding a Catholic match.

CatholicSingles Usability & Its Design

Catholic Singles has a wide range of compatibility options unlike other dating sites. The only downside is that they do not have any premium subscription membership packages.

The design of the site is pretty neat. It is comprehensive, easy to use, and eye-catching at the same time.

Does CatholicSingles Have A Mobile App?

This is not the case for Catholic Singles & Catholic Dating. You can access it on their mobile app though which is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

How Reliable Are The Customer Representatives?

I cannot personally vouch for the other user reviews, but from my own experience, the customer support representatives of this site are all very helpful, pleasant, experienced, patient and helpful.

They answered my queries very diligently over the months and helped me in fixing any issues I faced. I felt quite at ease talking to them and short of calling them from your number, it is really not a hassle to get them registered to answer your queries and answer your concerns.

Their call center features are great as they are offered for you to make speed dial for the customer support agents. This can come really handy while you are having a sincere chat with them.

Clean and fast chat sessions can always be a priority for me over all else. I really did not have any problems while getting in touch with their customer support team while working with them.

And their responses are straight to the point too. And I thought that while talking to them it would take me hours!

Couples can also be added to the members list of this particular site and use it to meet, chat, meet in person and even get married. That is another added advantage of CatholicSingles if you are planning to get married one day.

If you want to know more details about members list, then you can go to this link.

Registration Process & Profile Creation

As you start to fill out your online profile you’ll notice some of the fields are set as required. This is to let you know that you can’t submit your profile unless you fill out the whole form.

This can take some time to complete so to speed it up there is an online chat available if you want to discuss something with one of the staff.

The registration process is really a once off process so there is no need to send in documents to verify your age. Instead, you can register and reject the membership, then do it again without the rejection page being displayed.

It can only be rejected once, from the page where you join.

Once you have submitted your registration form, you will be asked to enter your email address. This is the address of the email account you are using to register.

Now – this is important!

When you are sent an email to confirm your details, this is your confirmation email to enter your date of birth. This means it is critical that you have your family history password written down somewhere safe and secure.

The Same Goes for Your Family Tree Password…

There are research options available and it’s at this stage you can select them. Once you have clicked the research button, you are taken straight to your family tree profile.

What’s The Sign-Up Process?

Usually when joining a community site, you will be required to create an account. One thing to check is how easily you can add as many photos as you want. You don’t have to fight for the attention of the site’s jackals, but you do want a fair chance to present yourself to the community.

Many Catholic dating sites have this option where you can fill out the necessary information and upload pictures to the site. When it comes to CatholicSingles, you have a choice of two options.

Option 1: You can create an account as a member of Catholic Singles for free. The purpose of this account is to provide you with the ability to browse the profiles of other members. When you’re done, you will be asked to pay a nominal fee. Or you can’t pay to start your profile, but you have to pay when you wish to upgrade the account. Then you will have the ability to search for matches and find the matches you want.

Option 2: You can become a premium member to have the ability to search for specific matches, message matches, and continue to browse other profiles for free. You have access to chat with the members and if you like someone, you can choose to take the next step and have "prospect to friendship" chats to see how you two like each other.

Any Profile Details That You Need to Know? Does It Have A Verification Process?

Yes, there is. When you sign up to Christian dating site, Know more about our archives, and compare it with other reputable websites, you will be able to decide that whether it is the best site or not. Our main goal is to connect singles and couples in the right place. Since it is a legit website, every member will be verified.

The only drawback I found was the sign-up process that requires you to call our customer care toll free number in order to verify your profile. We hope you understand.

Christian dating site has more than 6M registered members and was growing day after day. I would advise you not to go for free memberships for the sake of promotion. It does not mean that it is a scam, but we need to have some precious business practice. I think that our reviews have proven that it is not a scam.

Besides that, we have an attractive and clear interface. It is very easy to locate the profiles and messaging convenient. Our interface is very easy to navigate and you don’t need to get worried about the complicated setting.

Also, there is no other membership charge so that you do not need to know about the pricing.

The sign-up process should be taken seriously, since membership is full of pros and cons. The pros should be ranked higher than the cons, not vice versa, and I also value the importance of it given by our customers.

CatholicSingles Search Options

The web is full of Catholic dating sites but most of them don’t really work. Some of them are good but most of them don’t work at all. The main reason for that is the only people they have are Catholic and that’s it!

So if you are a Catholic and looking for a Catholic dating site to join, after doing a review of CatholicSingles, we can easily say this is the place to join right now.

This site has all the features you need for a successful Catholic dating experience. The main features that matter are free registration, compatibility tests, messaging, profile customization, a secure profile, verified photo, video chatting, email chat, unlimited search fields and so much more.

You are looking at a top site that is all you need.

The Chatting & Matching Process

If you are looking for a first date, the Catholic Singles Chat is perfect because you just have to simply click a button, and you are both put in a chat room with one another without