CharmDate Review – a Reputable Site or a Trap?

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How Does CharmDate Function Today?

After the initial registration, you can browse the site by using the available resources. There are tons of different online dating and social network community and destination discussion forums to join.

You can additionally find various social networks to join, such as Facebook or Twitter.

There are also online dating and social networking surfaces to meet up and exchange e-mails.

You can similarly provide an appraisal of your endeavors and private life, and by default join webpages to share your picture and bio.

You can likewise look for international dating encounters, in like-minded individuals, either by your area zone or area. You can likewise connect and make new acquaintances on the site.

You can likewise be part of various news sections on the site, and on the off chance that you have a site, you can exchange your site to the wider web, too.

If you have a telephone, you can likewise download mobile applications that will enable you to be better equipped to achieve your search.

If you have the capacity to use a PC, you can likewise download applications that will enable you to search for individuals on the www, just like you would on your mobile telephone.

What is the Purpose of This Site?

The site gives you the chance to capture all kinds of human beings, from the universal exchange structure. It permits you to be an intermediary between lovers and you can likewise draw in others to this extensive channel.

Audience Parameters, Gender Ratio and Activity

During the Week?

Average Audience: "The age range of the members is evenly spread from 18 to 34 years of age. They are mainly from the age group of 18-25 years. This particular dating site seems to attract a large audience of middle aged guys and young women.

They happen to be mainly younger than 25 years of age."

Male Members: "The majority of members on this dating site seem to be young at heart and do not think of themselves as middle-aged people. Out of the total number of users, the number of men that fall in the age group of 35-46 years of age is higher."

Female Members: "Most of the girls on this dating site are college students in the age group of 18-35 years. We found a low percentage of members in the age group of 36-48 years. Most of them have college education to high school level.

There a high percentage of university and graduate students in the age group of 18-25 years."

Unique Features, Tips and Exclusive Advantages

CharmDate is a reputable free dating site that is committed to making a difference in your love life or relationships. It is a perfectly legitimate and honest dating site that aims to help you find your soulmate.

Introductory Offer – that One Free Trial Run

That’s right, CharmDate have the perfect introductory offer that will get you started with their dating website for free.

With this impressive offer, you can join CharmDate with the promise of half a million real potential partners just waiting for you. They have carefully designed this so that it covers your costs for a month free of charge so you can get to know how it all works and see if it suits you (this can be cancelled at any stage).

CharmDate Guarantee

Are you thinking that this offer isn’t for you? Well, they honestly don’t want you to lose out, so they have a hassle free guarantee. If you feel that there is anything wrong with this service then you can contact the customer support team immediately to get a resolution according to their complaint policy.


CharmDate is not your normal dating site, and they believe that there is a better way to find your soulmate.

They believe in matching people based on their personality and suitability rather than simple must-have tick boxes on a dating form.

CharmDate User-friendliness, Design Features and Intuitivity

Finding a Girlfriend is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Long hours and a lot of money are wasted due to lack in time, and lack of knowledge about the people you are getting to know.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Romance Site which could aid you in this process? Would it not be better to create a profile on such a site without spending your time and money?

I had the same thought and so I contacted CharmDate as a result of all the promotional materials that were scattered around.

CharmDate is a Romance site that offers singles a chance to find mates and love.

The site is designed in such a way that it is very easy for anyone to start using it and find local singles. I took to my computer and started to use the design features immediately.

CharmDate has a detailed set of features involving search features, messaging and arranging dates.

What a revolutionary idea! Without wasting any financial means or time, you can find someone and start getting someone to love.

They have a user-friendly interface as the site is simple to understand and navigate through it. There are a lot of dating tips on their website to help you succeed at your search for love, but do you require them?

How do you feel about dating tips? Do you find them useful or do you rebel at them?

Interface Design, Coherence & Navigation Usability of the Platform

CharmDate‘s Promotional Tools, & Availability of Third-Party Additional Services like Chat, Real-time Texting, Webcam and Phone Call Dating.

As mentioned in the very beginning of the article, there is a great market opportunity for dating sites to be successful. Despite the fact that this market is saturated with other platforms, I decided to try out CharmDate as soon as I was introduced to it. As the parent company of this platform, Lavalife, already had interest in the enterprise dating market, it seemed like a natural fit.

Lavalife is the only corporation that I know of that has successfully managed to gain traffic, revenue, and market share share in this industry. But since Lavalife already had a presence in this space, I decided to take a look at CharmDate.

The main site of CharmDate is powered by WordPress. Now personally, I consider the WordPress platform to be an enterprise-level platform, and I am accustomed to working with its attendant massive amount of code, compared to the platform the company they also use, i.e., Squarespace.

CharmDate Mobile Version and Desktop Software

Growing number of singles is a big advantage as it offers them an opportunity to easily find a partner with differences, thus making their life even better.

Most of the people who know how to use the internet can make great use of its benefits and see the website as a great weapon in their search for love.

However, we have all heard the story of the fat-cats, home businesses and the con girls. Who can forget Victoria and the scams that came with it?

What many people seem not to think about is the issue of scamming singles. It's never a good idea to go out on a date with any stranger, however, online dating has led to more people looking for romance.

The trouble is, that most of the "singles" out there are — as you can probably tell by the term itself — scammers and con artists. So how do you avoid getting scammed by a fake online date?

Finding a date has never been easier with the existence of online dating sites. However, most of these sites are not great options for finding a real match. There are many reasons why they may not get you into a good relationship nor give you the chance of getting to know truly genuine singles.

Client Support and Help for Users

Charmdate was launched in May 2011. The staff reserves an original approach to their work and continue to develop and update the site regularly.

The site offers a large assortment of different approaches based on which you can find your match. In its trading area you will have an opportunity to compare the services of different dating websites that are available on the web at the same time.

They are confident in their work and even, in their product.

Even though their aim is to provide the best chance for finding a love match of all kinds, they always closely follow the wishes of their users and promise to keep the experience pleasant for everyone.

The website developers and admins of the site make sure that they meet the needs and expectations of all the website users who want to use their inventory of available partners in their own field.

They pay particular attention to the quality of service provided to their customers as well as they are still operating the site. They are satisfied with their selection and have looked for matches based on this.

Readers will be able to see all the offers in one place that fits their needs perfectly.

From the category of services available on charmdates, it is very easy to make sure that you have found what you are looking for.

They work in this way to show their readers what type of specific services are available and are ready to use in this selection.

Sign-Up Procedure and User Account Structure

Ease of use is an extremely important issue for any dating site. A light-weight reputation management system and a well-crafted introductory email will always prove to be very effective.

Charmdate is one of the most reputable online dating sites around. It goes by a post-date audit system where all members are required to submit a report.

The system is only in place to ensure that all members are fair in their ratings and reviews to avoid any bias.

A single person can enter a review and rating of other members after the match. As you can see, this system is built with trust in mind.

If the system is working efficiently, it would be hard to leave a bad review on a match. After your search, the site will present you those who are a good match for you.

However, one can rate the level of attractiveness of the other member if desired. This is where you have to be aware of the terms and conditions that you are signing up to.

One can only rate other members after a date, if the other person accepts your request to do so. Signing up for the site will give you two opportunities to make a review. These have to be done within 24 hours of the first date.

We found a few users who had not filled the review opening form. This cannot be taken as a sign that the rating system is not working.

How to Sign-Up on the Platform

And How to Use It?

In CharmDate, you find so many options that each day, they expand their offer to make more attractive to users.

Although the site has many of the right components, the lack of a sophisticated approach of many aspects of the application makes the overall experience of the platform quite unsatisfactory for many.

A good dating site should include everything that a user could think of including in his experience.

The Platform itself is not user friendly and requires quite a lot of time to get to know. This is not the type of dating site where it’s easy to get into because they focus only on the experience they want to give to clients. – Marco Reynoso

Successfully register on the platform, a user must first set up his profile. This process takes up to 30 min to complete, so it is not the most efficient process one can undergo. Although the site allows the user to log in to his account, the resume is not easily accessible by navigating to the profile.

The user must set up all the items manually and it is primarily set up on the same page that he chooses his area of interest. It is not the most logical idea to keep all the information in one place. Although the site provides a section for interests, it does not allow the user to modify his profile in that section.

Profile Quality and Verification of New Members

Started in January 2014, CharmDate is a member-based adult dating site for people of every age and background.

CharmDate has been reviewed by various top parenting blogs, but while it scores as "highly reviewed" on most sites, it is not as well-known and is even considered a "forbidden" site by some parents.

That is why we conducted an independent, comprehensive test in order to find out the authenticity of CharmDate in our experience.

Our findings are very interesting. We recommend you check them out for yourself to judge for yourself:


CharmDate is an international site offering single women and men a chance to find someone who shares their level of values and interests from around the world.

CharmDate's membership base is young gals and guys of all ages.

You can request new members to write to you as a "pre-screened first contact," but be aware that accepting this request will make your profile viewable to anyone who clicks on the link.

The site offers unlimited emailing to potential date members, but as with most dating sites, it is not as reliable as texting.


CharmDate cannot guarantee the information that its members provide is true.

The company adds a disclaimer at the bottom of the site stating that it does not exercise control over its members and what they say in their profiles.

CharmDate Search Tools and Matching Options

I have used the CharmDate online dating site to be able to find a potential partner while being on the road. However, it is not the best online dating site out there.

In my opinion, it works best for people who are looking for casual relationships. However, if you are hoping to find a serious relationship, it may not be the best choice.

Their matching tools are limited. The website does not offer a search by more than one basic feature including: age, location, and religion or race.

For some people, this may not be something that is a deal breaker, but for others it may be a limiting factor to hanging out and chatting with potential matches.

I come from a very liberal family, and I prefer the people and the cultures that allow more freedom for people to love who they want. But I’m not a homophobe by any means, so if you come from a more traditional background that does not allow for (or does not approve of) your lifestyle. Another con is their lack of a live chat. Some people like to be able to text or email while they are browsing new matches on the site.

Matching & Chatting on the Dating Platform

Have you ever tried to date someone online? If you are not the type of person that is adventurous with dating or love to step out of the box, it is best to trust your instincts to help you out. The charmdate review may prove to be a nest place which you can expand your dating horizon and have a great time with dating strangers online.

How to join charmdate?

The charmdate online dating agency is very popular among the singles and the independent people around the world. Every month millions of online members visit its website to find new romance and dating opportunities.

You can also join charmdate easily by first registering to the website and then filling up the online form. The registration process is quite simple and straightforward and you are done in no time.

What Stands out about Charmdate

Charmdate is a real site for real people. It is a community of virtual singles who are ready to meet with people and share their love. Dating with charmdate is a fun, safe and secure experience.

What sets charmdate apart from the other online dating sites is the fact that this dating platform is very easy to use. Furthermore, it has members from all walks of life.

You can create a profile with traits that are important to you. Charmdate has experts who will help you improve your profile with tips and advice. There are also plenty of sharing features such as blogs, chat rooms and group chats.

Regular and Advanced Subscription and Features

For more than 10 years, charmdate is the most popular Japanese dating site in the world and it operates more than 20 different countries with more than 60 languages.

It’s worth to say that the people behind Charm Date are a workaholic group who realize the necessity and opportunities of the modern world. Their goal is to offer the best online dating service and it’s getting better all the time.

The service can be a little bit intimidating to try out on, but once you understand the technology used, you’ll understand that it’s beneficial and worth it.

The site is mainly popular for its convenience, as it offers a form of dating service anywhere around the globe. You can choose any type of single you want and just drop a line to the one you’re interested in.

All you have to do is use their unique search technology to find a date that is a match for you.

There’s a subscription system in place to use the service. There are three options to choose from:

  • free;
  • basic;


The first option is the one you need to first try out. You can give the software your basic information and they will match you up with compatible singles around the world.

Basic Options and Conditions for Free

The online dating industry is a crowded place, full of professionals offering free dating services that do not require a fee in return.

Online dating sites give you a number of free dating options for meeting single people. Many people who use these sites find that they are more convenient and easier to use than paid dating sites. The personals found on these free dating websites, including CharmDate, are often filled with women and men who are looking for free dating services, so it is often possible to meet these people on the site.

People who would like to make sure that the site they are using is legitimate, and the profiles on the site are 100% genuine, should visit their chat room and to check for real people and to chat with them.

Apart from the obvious, online dating has become increasingly popular in the last few years. There are many people who use online dating for a whole variety of reasons, and CharmDate offers its free dating services to many of these people who have become a part of the online dating community.

Paid Version and Free Based Options

Free and paid membership options are available for both men and women.

The paid membership offers a plethora of additional options that are only available through the paid membership. A lot of people prefer the paid membership as it offers advanced features that are important for the success of their match.

Membership offers a platform to use to find love and connect with others. The site provides a structured way to go about gathering your data and organizing your potential matches.

Overall, the site provides the means of creating your own profile and finding love in your area. The site provides users with the opportunity to easily search for singles seeking love and dating.

The site covers a wide variety of features like in-depth information about their members, instant messaging, answers if you ever have any questions, and the ability to have discussions online.

If you do not mind the limitations, the free membership option can also be a good one to try out.

What is interesting is that there is no money transaction required until you’re ready to meet and have scheduled a date with a person.

From here, you can purchase a subscription to get unlimited messaging. Upon purchasing the subscription, you will get access to messaging as well as features that help you connect with compatible men and women. The subscription will also show you people who are currently online that may be of interest to you.

How to Cancel Subscription and Terminate the Profile


Something worth analyzing about CharmDate is that they do not provide a method to cancel a subscription. However, they do provide a cancellation address to which subscriptions can be sent and processed.

If you tried to terminate your profile using your e-mail, it would go unprocessed. This is because they do not share your e-mail address with their "clients" or members who sign up.

Even worse, they do not provide an option to cancel a profile on either the website or through e-mails.

If you have a profiles on multiple websites, you will find that they provide different addresses for subscriptions to be sent to. However, this is only to make the process more complicated and difficult for the subscribers.

CharmDate is a online dating site that is targeted exclusively towards rich men seeking to date single women of wealth or a large amount of income.

With its "CharmDate Review" this post is to help you find out if CharmDate is a scam or legit site.

What's the Logistics?

CharmDate Review · Navigation · TicketMaster: No E-transfer Fee · Vehicle Reservation · Pools For Rent · Hire A Maid · QuickBooks Payroll · Erasmus Exchange Program · British Council · Léman Bar · Alpina Property · EasyCar · Bodensee Airways

Safety Tips & Security Conditions of the Platform

Check it Right Away!

First things first: Safety tips.

CharmDate is a website that offers its users the chance to discover new partners from all over the world.

In order to find a partner for you, this site will help you create your profile. This profile consists of a personal bio, a photo, and a list of your interests.

Many people say this site is a great way to socialize with a lot of people quickly. But there are some other risks and precautions you need to take when using this site.

To put it simply, if you decide to use the site, you must take caution of some online security issues and stay in control of your information and profile at all times.

Be sure to read and understand these safety tips and security conditions before signing up for an account.

CharmDate Alternative Dating Platforms and Competitors

They have an in-house forum where you can get help from registered members or get to know other users better.

An Overview of CHARMDATE

The site first launched in 2002 and has more than 5 million users. It is among the world’s leading dating sites with international members. It has a great number of members, daily updates, and a support forum.

Those who join are happy with the membership packages they are offered and the cost.

You will get free credits every time you sign up. Then it depends on the level of package you’ve subscribed to for free.

The site offers you different packages according to your needs.

There are also deals that you can avail according to your length of subscription.

If you are just looking for dating, then you can opt for the basic 6 month membership plan.

If you are ready to settle down and spend a lifetime with someone, then you can avail a free lifetime membership.

Some people recommend this to people who are serious about finding a life partner.

And for those who are still trying to figure this out, this could help you out.

The site has a very good mobile app which works with all the popular platforms like android, iOS, and windows phone. You can access it from your browser on your desktop as well.


CharmDate is an Arrangement or Dating site where men can find love if they are seeking a life partner through a worthy and reliable matchmaking agency.

It’s an International Dating Service with over 40,000 female members from every corner of the earth.

In case you would like to hit the ground running you’d like to give this site a test run but if you are unsure or have any doubts or questions you might have while you try this various service that is a free trial then no worries because there are many reviews about this site and in many instances, peoples testimonies are the same.

Versus ladies who have been using it for a while now say that they have had some great results and meet some very charming people on their personal account and even the dates.

All in all, CharmDate is one of those sites where all mankind has made to find True Love.

There are no scams or fancy gimmicks, it is all genuine and simple. It’s a great way to meet new people, spend quality time with them and build a life with them.

If you are still not sure about whether CharmDate is worth your while or not, you can read the many reviews and get the complete experience by using trial version.

Pros and Cons

We all want to find the company that we can spent our life with. So depending on how you define that company, a site like CharmDate can be a great way of meeting potential partners.

On the one hand, CharmDate seems like a great way of finding nice women for friendship and maybe more.

But on the other hand, the bad reviews and scams that have been going on unfortunately tells a less neutral story.

Come for dating, stay for online fraud.

One of the features that CharmDate offers is the ability to message women on the site. The interface on this aspect is rather flashy, consistent with similar dating sites and much more suitable for chatting than a basic dating site.

But since one of the main points of CharmDate is dating, you may start to notice a number of women who seem to have magically turned from “online dating/charmdate” (they probably all said online dating in their homepage description) into “romantically interested, but weird, confusing, or pedantic” (they may just say weird or pedantic).

They may not be able to make the connection.

“It is as if she was responding to a completely different and unrelated message,” said Stephanie. “This happened to me about five times.”

Which dating site is right for you?

CharmDate Review – a trap?

I have been taking part in online dating before.

My last dating site has been a complete nightmare that had caused serious pain to me. I don’t know if it has brought me anywhere and I don’t think that I would ever recommend it to anyone.

When I tried to delete my account due to the huge loss of time and money it cost me, they somehow made it impossible for me to do so.

This created a huge conflict between me and them for the years that followed that I would find it extremely difficult to forget.

When I was looking into something with similar features, I thought by far that CharmDate was much better than what I was left with.

It felt a lot safer and I liked the dating tips, free articles, and other entertainment the site had to offer.

So, I signed up for a free trial and I knew that I wanted to know more and review the site properly.

However, everything was going great until….

To my surprise, the site went completely crazy.

Dating emails were flooding my inbox and I was bombarded with requests from their team to answer surveys to fill in the once missing information.

There are thousands of dating websites available in the market which are dedicated to helping single men to find romantic partners in their area.

The kind of men seeking for a single women can be categorized in different stream according to their preferences. Some men who are looking for a partner are more particular about the person they match with and care more about the person’s character, personality etc, while others are interested only in physical appearance.

This is one of the main reasons all dating websites exist, to make single men to find special women for their interest.

Charmdate is one of the most popular dating websites in the world, with about 40 million members and meeting them is an exciting opportunity.

It is a free dating site, with the main purpose of creating more romantic relationships. Charmdate exists to help real-life couples find each other.

With such a diversity of dates, finding the right match is a total success.

That’s why it’s better to do all the research first to find out the exact dating websites that are most reliable and is of high quality, everyone has the right to have their own preferences.

Charmdate membership give a lot of opportunities and advantages to its users. This is a legitimate site where single men can find their second half.