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Explaining the Concept Behind Chat Avenue

CHAT AVENUE— If you’re like most people, you’re probably bored of your social life and life in general. The internet is full of people to talk to, and there are some people who are ready and willing to talk with you.

That’s why we here at Chat Avenue are interested in people like you. We want to bring people together, leading to new friendships and opportunities.

We are a group of enthusiastic and friendly Chat Avenue enthusiasts who are ready to talk to you.

Are you ready to come on our journey today? If so, then join us and take your first step on the journey. Chat with someone today on Chat Avenue.

You will be amazed at how well it works.

How Does It Work? Chat Avenue is a completely new concept of connecting with strangers on the internet.

It is completely confidential and secure way to chat that is free of charge. It works on a revolutionary concept called Chat Coin. A Chat Coin is a real cryptocurrency that can be used on the site to make chat with other people, chat group chat or chat online for free.

You can also use it on our marketplace to buy items and even chat with real people for free. Chat Avenue has been developed and designed exclusively for intelligent and mature people.

Let us Discuss Audience

The audience of Chat Avenue is those people who are already on the path of making money in the crypto industry.

It is full of investors looking for ways to make money out of the crypto industry.

They want to earn profits from the crypto market without investing large sums of money, but still be able to make a decent amount out of it.

Most of the members on Chat Avenue are already earning huge amounts from Cryptocurrency Market.

They have sold their position, bought at low rates and are now earning profits from the investments.

Chat Avenue was created by one of them, who is also a top Crypto Trader and Ex-banker.

A Team of professionals brings the ability to its members to beat the market day by day, week by week.

A Unique System and Unique Lessons to Learn from Other Users

Chat Avenue has an open platform. There are thousands of traders posting their trades on the site.

Members can also see what the top traders already know and how they do it. This way, you can learn from the mistakes they made and try it again.

However, there are no quick-fix tactics like a lot of other sites.

They teach you how to build good strategies and proven methods that lead to profits.

What Are the Key Features of Chat Avenue?

Is The Site User-Friendly?

Chat Avenue is an online community that has been offering real free chat and classified ads to buy, sell and trade since 2001.

The site is divided into four sections. Continue reading for more information.

Free Chat: Chat Avenue offers a free chat for you to use, though it does take a subscription to keep your messages. It is broken down by gender of users you choose to include and users limited by time are given priority. It does not take a huge amount of time to set-up. You can see your chat room. You can look through their pricing plans

Chat Avenue offers a free chat for you to use, though it does take a subscription to keep your messages. It is broken down by gender of users you choose to include and users limited by time are given priority. It does not take a huge amount of time to set-up. You can see your chat room. You can look through their pricing plans Buy & Sell: The site lets you buy an ad to sell your items. The ads expire in 7 days. You can sell your items from people around the web that are using their website.

The site lets you buy an ad to sell your items. The ads expire in 7 days. You can sell your items from people around the web that are using their website. Buy Ads: There are a few different ad packages available. They are all based on first come, first served. free ads

Chat Avenue Website UI& Navigation

Chat Avenue Mobile App

Review – What is it all about?

A few months ago I started researching online businesses to help make some extra income. I dabbled with countless multi-level marketing schemes and other similar businesses like websites to make money on the side. But some businesses are just too shady and that is why I had stopped looking at them a few weeks ago until I came across an app called Chat Avenue.

”Chat Avenue allows you to run your own, completely private, and customizable chat room where you can chat on.

I was immediately intrigued by the idea, so I decided I wanted to do a thorough review in order for you to know whether or not this is a scam. I also tried to contact someone from this website to ask them questions about it as well, but I was never given a response.

So in order to give you all the information you need on this scam, I researched this business thoroughly and I did my best to make sure I wasn’t biased at all.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the features of this offering.

All The Features Available
This app features a variety of features that you can use below.

What About Customer Support?

To be fair, we always wondered why so many people recommended Chat Avenue to us, yet we were unable to reach out to them for assistance.

When we first called their customer support, there wasn’t any available.

But as the company grew, it became apparent that Chat Avenue had great customer support and a great software solution. There were just a few technical problems along the way.

Professional Features:…

Apart from adopting the chat format, Chat Avenue also has a feature whereby you are sent an automated email whenever you receive certain types of messages.

This option is perfect if you are using Chat Avenue for your business.

You’re not made to manually do any investigations and are instead given all the information you need by the system, so you can just focus on running your business.

Maintaining a Clean Database of Your Business’s Customers

Chat Avenue has a feature that allows you to mark your customers’ messages as junk. You can also delete junk messages at your discretion.

This feature prevents you from getting spam email and conversations that are obsolete.

The Spam Filter Too

Chat Avenue has the option of additional spam filers that any business can choose from.

Some of the filters that you can use include:

Spam from Intraplanet

Registration & User Profile

Registration required for you to create an account on chat avenue. Please complete the required information and submit your application. We will review and contact you if there is a problem. Please check the email for a verification link and follow the instructions.

For your account to be accepted, the email address must exist on the registration form submitted. A new email address can be added by clicking the create an account button.

Username * Enter your Profile Username.

WP Profile URL

E-mail * Enter your email address.

Password * Enter the password that you have set for your account. This password protects your wp profile as well as your email.

Password (again) * Enter the password that you have set for your account. This password protects your wp profile as well as your email.

Confirm Password * Confirm your password. It must match the password you've entered, otherwise your registration will be cancelled.

Spam * Spam filter – can you really trust anyone who knows you are here?


What are your reasons for wanting to join?

What is your real name?

How much time does it take per day?

Select the best answer 1. I need a space where I can talk to likeminded people.

{1}. I have a problem that needs solving.
{2}. Conversations are going nowhere where I live.

Signing Up

Chat Avenue is undoubtedly one of the best online chatting site.

It is featured in the top chat site list because of its high results of productivity for both established and new members.

The simplest way to overcome the bad impression of Chat Avenue is to consider what Chat Avenue offer.

The numbers of men and women in this site are almost double of the competition.

The common features of Chat Avenue are the feature to begin a chat, the room features, the space to indicate interest, and the ability to view a profile of the person.

The chat avenue rating system has its own range and users give their own assessment of the site based on their experience in this site.

The categorization of Chat Avenue is based on these 5 groups that include:

  • International Chat
  • Local Chat
  • Poke
  • Live Bite
  • Online Dating.

With Chat Avenue, the world has arranged a way for people that are searching for dating sites that has the best online dating on a single platform.

Members of this site have mixed view of the site because of the number of chatters and the number of wrong chatters that can be found in this site.

There are news reports of complaints from users claiming that Chat Avenue is a fraud.

What About Quality of Profiles and Verification Procedures?

There is a website called Chat Avenue but everything is not as it seems at first glance. As more and more people were getting interested in this site, I decided to conduct a thorough investigation to see if it was possible to get in touch with real people from that site.

Without having any doubt, I decided to join Chat Avenue and registered myself. Finally, with the hope that I will find someone who will be able to share his/her time with me, I decided to start the conversation.

However, I was devastated to find out that no one at that site is willing to communicate with me or, even more so, with each other. Not only that, but I also have to agree with the bigger suspicions of the site being a possible scam.

Not only do they ask for money but they also provide some free services to the new members. I will be researching the services that they offer on the website. Not only will we be reviewing the way they conduct business but we will also see if they are providing good quality for the money the subscribers pay.

Ing for new people to talk with on Chat Avenue is easy but finding a reputable chat site that isn’t a scam is difficult.

Chat Avenue is one of these just like many others that seem trustworthy but are actually scams, using it to extort money from you, dosing you and your children with viruses and more.

So let’s take a look at why Chat Avenue can be both harmful and deceitful or if it’s a legitimate chat site.

TheChat Avenue Messaging & Matching Algorithms

TheChat Avenue is a real-time chat system and dating platform specifically designed for singles who are looking for anonymous relationships.

TheChat Avenue is a relatively new service that allows users to create accounts, share photos, link their social media accounts, find like-minded people, chat, message, and build relationships.

The idea behind the service is to create a community of people who are interested in meeting new people. Generally, the members of the community are looking for anonymous relationships and quick hook-ups.

The chat system matches members by using a proprietary matching system and also by using personality profiles.

The chat system also uses the members’ social media accounts for additional match criteria. The match criteria include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Education (college and school)
  • Career (employer, profession, and education)
  • Social media account types (social media account types and how many you have)
  • References (at least three references)
  • Age (36 and older)

You can find plenty of information on TheChat Avenue website which will help you understand their system which has proven to be successful and reliable time and time again.

As you can see from the information above, TheChat Avenue is similar to most other real-time dating platforms. They also use algorithms to match you based on your dating preferences.

Membership Options Offered

Premium chat memberships let you participate in a Private Conversation Room (PCR) with any other Premium Room Member.

That's right-you can have up to 5 Private Conversation Rooms with their own unique ID that you can quickly jump into.

Simply go to the room name, click the link, then enter your 3-digit-member-ID to queue up right away!

Private Conversation Room memberships do not expire. With a 3-month membership, you can keep using that room as long as you want.

With 5-month, 10-month, or Yearly Lifetime memberships, you will have access to day & night with a new one automatically added on the 1st of each month.

Chat Avenue has different membership plans with varying features.

The most unique feature is the Private Conversation Rooms that let you meet and talk privately with different people in a set of rooms.

It makes it very easy for you to talk with different people in one room and keep a conversation flowing.

You can also get access to Private Chat with a premium membership that lets you receive private messages without the other for looking.

The unique pricing on these plans let you pick the perfect membership to suit your needs.

Free Member Advantages

How does Chat Avenue work?

Chat Avenue has a peer-to-peer (p2p) payment system in place. Facilitating the exchange of information and advertisements is the core of the network.

As a user, you interact directly with other users and facilitate a 1-to-1 conversation based on the content you are posting. In other words, you are facilitating one-to-one communication and not just exchanging pictures or links on any chat application.

How does the platform make money?

In essence, Chat Avenue has a three-tier-monetization platform. The company focuses on profit generation through:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • White Label marketing
  • Paid membership
  • How is their payment system processed?

As a promoter, you will be paid for every referral. For example, if I refer you to Chat Avenue then if you buy a paid membership, I will earn 10% of the total amount. Chat Avenue charges a nominal fee to promote a chat room and receives a referral fee from the signed up member.

How do they receive payments from users?

Payment is processed through the platform’s own website wallet. Only total deposits can exceed the platform’s minimum deposit offset.

Is Chat Avenue safe?

Chat Avenue is a secure, encrypted, and highly confidential platform. Every member is assigned a unique address.

Paid Membership Options

One to one chat, I mean one to one chat, one to many chat, round the world chat and live chat. In addition, there are even more products available which explains below:

Pricing of Memberships

Do you want to know how and why Chat Avenue’s pricing is set up the way it is? Well you’ll be glad to learn that there is a good reason.

Click the link below to find out the reason why they set their membership pricing as they do.

What About Safety & Security On theSite?

Chat Avenue is a site that sells and establishes chat rooms in various topics. Speak to professionals, learn from others.

It’s a sounding board, a library and a support system all in one. It is also a place to make friends, chat with good old friends who are miles away.

It is a place for everyone with someone to say hello to.

It’s a place for people to become the master of their own life.

Every online venue today has an almost identical layout, and Chat Avenue is no exception. There are major headings and subheadings and the ability to customize your homepage.

You can select from a number of templates to customize the appearance of your bulletin board with your own choice of colors, buttons and banners.

The layout of the screen is very modern. There are only four buttons at the top of the screen which are easy to access, follow the top menus.

The major menu is the big blue menu. There are four columns of topics, and as you move down the menu, the list of topics expands.

Every member has their own buzzer and a personalized greeting, which can be set as their status or self-summary.

As you make a selection from the subjects, you will see the categories are divided into folders – simply move on to the next folder and the next one.

What Are the Alternatives to Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue Review Conclusion

Ends Quote from

Chat Avenue is a website that have been popular over the past years, most people today would have heard of them. They have a great reputation, and they are clearly the leaders in 'online chat'. Chat Avenue have seem to have something that most companies struggle with, and that is consistency. That's something that is truly needed in the world of online chat.

What are the benefits offered by Amber?

From my reading of the site, they seem to do everything you could possibly want.

Amber Location

To be completely honest, this isn't very good at all.

Their website says their location is in USA but they are actually located in the Caribbean. With around 4,000 members in total, most of them will be from the UK and USA.

The truth of the matter is that this really isn't a big problem at all. They do aim their chat services at the UK and USA, but to be able to have a more diverse site, it would help.

Customer Support

One of the areas where Amber does really well on is customer support. Having a dedicated support staff means that they will always be available to help you out when you need them.

Pros and Cons

Product Name: Chat Avenue

Language: English

Product Type: Software

Author: Templates

Overview –

With help from third party templates, we have created Chat Avenue software. Templates have used a good amount of time to create this software because they know it will provide you with ease. From our side, we have constantly updated this software and is now a excellent helper for all the users.

Window System: Windows 95, Window 98, Window 2000, Window XP, Window Vista, Windows 7

Price: Free

Licensed: Free

Registrations Required? No

Free Trial? Yes

Which dating site is right for you?

WhatsChatAvenue vs Chat Avenue Review – Which one is better?

Dating services and local dating websites have become one of the most popular and preferred ways for millions of singles to find a companionship and for their hobby to find the people they want to be with.

It is the perfect platform for singles in a big city, or on the internet, to meet their perfect partner.

They are now the most popular way for singles to meet new people and have the confidence that their chances of being intimate with the opposite sex are much better.

They are also popular because they are free to join and free to use which is perfect for someone in a tight budget or someone that is stuck in a busy lifestyle where they can’t possibly go out and meet new people.

Chatvine and WhatsChatAvenue are the two most trusted dating websites nowadays. But which one is right for you? A chat avenue review can help you determine which is right for you.

WhatsChatAvenue is a limited free chat service from sites with verified real singles require you to verify your identity through email to join. The best thing about this service is that it actually has a mobile contact, which is one of the most common addictions of society today.