Chatrandom Review – Legit or Scam?

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How Does Chatrandom Work?

According to Chatrandom, their chat feature exists on site for you to speak to other members in a unique format. Chatrandom uses the power of collective intelligence to a create a safe, comfortable and fun place to hang out and converse with people around the world.

Is Chatrandom a scam?

There are many chatters on Chatrandom. When you open up your Chatrandom profile, you enter a name and also your email address. When you enter a username, the site will allow you to login using Facebook or a Twitter account.

Chatrandom requires users to create both a username and an email address.

Chatrandom's customer support is the same as below.

Chatrandom ‑Chat Random ReviewLegit or Scam?

Chatrandom is an internet site that allows you to talk online anonymously with other members around the globe. They have a phone number if you want to call them and make a complaint, this way they can go and find all of the chatters that have broken their rules in one list easily.

Creators of the site are hosted in the USA and the website traffic is in 2. com country code, which is United States.

The following is the website overview about Chatrandom:

Chatrandom Login Information:

Audience Analysis

Audience: Seniors

Key Features

Chatrandom’s User-Friendliness

Started as a web-chat product, Chatrandom has grown into a wonderful chatting platform.

It offers a variety of platforms to chat on such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, GroupMe, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, and many others.

The product service is amazing. The support and live chat is great, they reply almost immediately and their staff is very friendly and quick to help you.

The interface is well designed and easy to navigate. There are some advanced features and options that you can use to customize a chat experience.

You can choose to send a message to several random people at once or just hit the random chat option and start chatting with strangers.

Chatrandom offers a great chat experience that is easy to use. Maybe too easy?

The product is so so but will appeal to a younger audience because it is all fun and games.

Chatrandom Website Usability & Design

The chatrandom website is quite easy to navigate and I like the music that is played when you open the website.

The layout is clean and simple and the style is attractive.

I liked the design of the website which is one of the primary factors in determining a website’s scam potential. The color choices are also pretty cool.

The layout incorporates large images that are arranged to give you a clear look of what is available.

On the left hand side you will find a link to your chat history and the right hand side features a list of all the members that registered.

The colors are appealing and the images are of a high quality.

The layout of the website is really attractive and easy to navigate. The layout of the website is appealing to look at and to understand the products and services on the website.

Chatrandom Mobile Application

In the world of internet dating it as well be difficult to find someone who is looking to have a highly compatible relationship as well as spending a whole lot of money and time on the process of gaining new prospects for dating.

Out of all of these hurdles, one of the choices that are available for you to try is Chatrandom Android and iOS Application.

Chatrandom is a free application that is used to complete actions such as matching and statistics that allow the user to match with prospective people.

The application contains a point system that allows you to maximize your earnings in the process of dating and seeing the potential number of matches that you can receive.

Once you are able to connect with a match, you will receive a notification which allows you to chat and see the potential of your potential match.

You will also be able to browse profiles of others and review your favorites as well so that you can stay on top of your potential matches, while getting to meet new people as well.

This application is free as well, which allows for a lot of convenience for singles and those who are dating in the process.

Users can also earn points in amassing their social status as well as in terms of their dating status as well.

For more information on chatrandom read the following article.

Customer Support

Chatrandom is a unique online chat room where you can meet new chatters from all over the world for free, without joining any expensive and lengthy trial membership.

Chatrandom is far more than just another random chat room. Chatrandom is different from other chat rooms since you can now meet new people based on the random chat.

Unlike other random chat sites, your new friend at Chatrandom is guaranteed to be real, a living breathing person and from the start, unlike other random chat rooms, Chatrandom does not require you to join up with a lengthy and expensive trial membership.

Chatrandom is a unique free chat application that allows you to meet people from close by or different parts of the world. This feature within the chat application has been one of the reasons behind the success of the Chatrandom brand.

Chatrandom was founded by a team of experienced online conversation developers over the past few years. The Chatrandom developers originally began with a few different random chat rooms for various topics. The chat rooms were extremely successful with over 500,000 members within the first few months of launching the Chatrandom brand in January of 2012. The Chatrandom team quickly jumped into the online conversation development world leading up to launch.

Sign-Up Process & User Profile on Chatrandom

Signing up for Chatrandom comes with some small registration details that we’ll first need to cross check.

The registration form on the website comes with the following details:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • User-agent
  • Acceptance of terms

Username Create a username that’s easy to remember. It counts also as your profile name on Chatrandom. The next step is to select a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long with at least one alpha numeric character, one uppercase letter, and one special symbol in between. I highly recommend using at least one capital letter and symbol in your password. After signing up, you are shown a welcome message. It gives you the option of creating a new chat, which we’ll look at soon. There’s also an option to opt-in for more daily free chatter credits. The option is there though, so you can always choose to do it at any time. Just don’t forget about it, because these credits add up!

Ways to Sign-Up

Chatrandom isn’t easy to sign up or sign in for. The only way to sign up for Chatrandom is to download the Chatrandom app. From there, you can sign and verify yourself. The method I used was to download the app and goto step 2 on the website, which gave me a code that I entered in to a window. Once I entered the right code, I was able to sign in to the Chatrandom app. I have not tried to sign up from the Chatrandom website on a desktop computer or on-the-go.

User’s Profile Quality and Verification Processes?

Chatrandom is an instant chat and direct video chat website that is very easy to use and doesn’t require registration. You just need to open the default site dedicated to the country you are in and chat with anyone from there. Your contact details will be shown to the person you are chatting with and you can be sure that their details are true as they must have a verified email address. Below we have outlined some of its main features.

  • Randomly chats with others even if there are not any matches.
  • Create a profile that can be found easily, along with your name, location and pictures.
  • You can chat and video call anyone that is online.
  • Find new friends if you are looking for new friends to chat with.
  • Play games, chat and make new memories with strangers.
  • Chatrandom is very safe and secure.

Search Option on Chatrandom

If you are searching "chatrandom", then definitely, these two websites will come to your help. Both these online chatting services are completely different.

One of them is mobile optimized that means, anyone surfing from computer can't access that service. You can chat with strangers on the other side of the globe.

Whereas other one is more suitable for those who don't have much time to waste on surfing for strangers. If you are searching "chatroulette", then you will definitely get more free time without any need to wait for strangers to watch videos and chat with them. You can see videos from people who take video chat on one of these sites.

If you are looking for strangers to talk with, then go with "chatrandom" as it provides perfect strangers for you to chat with. You can easily choose "chatrandom" from computer and chat with strangers from all around the world.

You have to add your Facebook ID to add friends. It works only on Facebook and you can use your Facebook password to log in with your Facebook ID. So, if you want to chat with strangers, then try this app.

Download it from this link.

Chatrandom app.

Chatroulette app.

Matching with Others and Chatting on the Platform

Chatrandom is a geeky chat app that gives you a special code before you chat with anyone. The idea is that when you both enter the code, it matches you up and the two of you chat in a private environment. It’s simply a random chat app that pairs random people together for chatting.

Chatrandom has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars courtesy of over 2,000 reviews. However, it is currently banned in iOS App Store for promoting pornography. Though the chatting app is open for all age groups, Chatrandom seems to be more popular among younger aged people.

Random Chat

Secret Chat, random chatreview, random chat review or Chatrandom review.

As the name suggests, random chat is chat that is randomly picked out of many for you.

You may get kicked out of chat if the number of users in chat grows too big.

Because of this feature, it is easy to chat with people that you wouldn’t have thought to talk to such as new users, older users, or users that have been banned from other chat rooms.

The amount of randomness depends on the room you join.

When you join a room with lots of people in a short amount of time, you are likely to get kicked out of that chat.

Thus, the room you join may or may not already be full of users.

Creator Is Anonymous to the outside World

You are not identified for any reason to the chat room creator or the chat room community.

Safe Chatting

Chatrandom is a great place to meet new people and develop new friendships.

The chatrooms are a safe place for you to chat with many people at once.

Chatrandom offers many rooms to discuss just about anything, and it is a great place to show off your creativity.

Chatrandom Does Not Allow PIVX or Other Commonly Used Digital Currencies

The main purpose of ChatRandom is simply to have a random chat with different people.

Gay Chat

Random is a free site that allows you to meet new people at no cost. You can start chatting to strangers that express the same interest as you do.

Chatrandom is a site designed for people to chat and meet others for free. You have the opportunity to find new friends online, find love, or hear about new products.

Gay chat random, sometimes called gay chat random, has a very interesting history. It was launched in 2007, but has changed hands multiple times.

It was a small and fairly new site with a straight shooting approach to dating. It still gives you a unique experience with chatrandom.

Chatrandom is fully functional and sophisticated. It offers a new and interactive way of linking up with lots of gays without any charges.

The best thing about gay chat random is that you can set your preferences to make it even easier to find like-minded people.

You can set the preferences for gender preference, age range, sexual orientation, body shape, and appearance details.

These preferences function slightly differently for American gay chat random and British gay chat random.

Chatrandom also offers full encryption for your conversations, which means you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your conversations.

There are no nudity rules or anything like that. It’s all completely anonymous, as it should be.


Review – How does Chatrandom work?

Chatrandom is a website that allows you to privately text chat with strangers anonymously. You can do this by creating a free account and sending a message to that account.

Your message will then be sent on to the inbox of the member that you randomly selected.

This is not a dating website but more of a messaging platform that uses its own special algorithm to send the messages around. It will only send messages to members whose profile you have looked at.

The system is also designed to pair you with a random member of the opposite sex so this is a great way to screen potential matches before meeting face to face.

If you do receive a message from a member and you want to know more, you can contact them directly by sending them a private message. However, it’s important to note that you can only contact someone privately after they have sent you a message.

How to register: Registration is free and quick at chatrandom.

Cam4 Video Chat

Chatrandom Membership and Subscription Options

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They have their own website. It provides information on the current events and humanitarian programs they’re involved in the countries.

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Free Option


Chatrandom Plus Option

To Chatrandom trial is completely free to begin, no credit card needed. But there are ways to get an even better trial from the ChatRandom free website.

Talk to the support team online via Live Chat.

Watch the Video App Demonstration

What is the Chatrandom Plus feature?

When you make your account, Chatrandom has option to take you to chatrandom plus for free trial. Chatrandom number of rooms is more than ordinary Chatrouter. And it’s better than the usual Chatrouter websites. So I like the Chatrandom features. It’s a good thing that the Chatrandom customer support mentioned that the Chatrandom free trial is a beta testing.

> Chatrandom in Brief

Chatrandom is a unique anonymous online chat. That’s why it’s grow so fast. It’s good to use this Chatrandom to talk with your friends without the need of phone to talk. This is helpful and reliable when you are thinking to visit from another town or another country to US. Nowadays, we can easily chat with our friends to talk almost throughout the clock.

Canceling Chatrandom Plus

Read this article by Jeff Foxlin and obtain information about a free and legit Totally Free & Legitimate Chat Site.

Chatrandom Security and Safety for Users

Chatrandom is a member of the Chatwing family of websites. All of which are owned by the same company.

Chatwing is a very, very popular website for users who are looking to have anonymity to chat online. However, many are now starting to question their identity.

Based on the lack of information about the owners plus the suspicious legitimacy of the website and its operators, the Chatrandom domain has been recently classified as a scam by many domains.

Protect Yourself: Avoid Chatrandom

Avoiding this website is the way to ensure that you keep your account safe. Your safety should be your priority.

You can visit Chatrandom from your computer if you wish to. However, to stay anonymous while using the website you will not be required to login into your social media accounts.

What you will need to login to your social media account every time is your email address.

One thing you should know is that there is a possibility that your account will be found if you are using the browser Chrome. If this is the case, the best way to protect yourself is to use another browser.

A good alternative for Chrome is Firefox. As long as you use clear and unique usernames and you don’t share any private information, your account is protected.

Chatrandom Competitors

So let’s discuss the two popular forms of Internet Chatroom.

To start with, there is a lot of different Chatrandom Chatrooms to choose from. Chatrandom is a pretty decent Chatroom in itself and has over 8 different types of Chatrooms to choose from, including:

Chatrandom allows you to chat with other females or males who are looking for online people to talk to, messaging other live people.

An annoying type of Chatroom that has nothing to do with Chatrandom, but is always in the news is ‘RoomParty’.

RoomParty is the one chatroom at which people come to meet up in groups.

The other modus operandi is ‘Sites’ and ‘AIM’.

Sites are the large Chatrooms that allow a large number of people to access it at the same time, so if you build up a profile on a site, you are advertising yourself so others can contact you.

AIM is mostly used to chat with same sex users who are looking to make new friends and chat with different genders.

Overall, on Chatrandom, aside from being able to chat with others real time, you can also find friends and maybe even a date.

Final Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Chatrandom is a great alternative to online dating sites. With Chatrandom app you can indulge in one of the most entertaining rabbit holes you’ve ever experienced.

Letting your mind run the wild free, you will be capable of having a remarkable chat with random stranger and even learn a lot of new things.

It’s a great way to make friends and meet people that may become close.

One of the key benefits of using Chatrandom app is the option to view a profile before you begin chatting with it.

Talking to strangers is fun, but it’s even better when they have given you a chance to take a look at them and their profile before you even say a word.

If you're looking for a casual encounter and you want to meet a random stranger for the first time, then Chatrandom is a good place to spend those minutes in your life again.

One of my favorite features of any tool that comes handy to maximize time use is the option to send a message to a user that has scrolled past my profile.

This could be perfect if I want to get a little hot line of messages for a few minutes. This way I can scroll down and see if someone is interested in me.

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