Chats Friends Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

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How Does Chats Friends Work

Chat Friends is not a scam, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to get used to either. You can think of it as a video game that a group of people play together.

Chat Friends is a group chat platform where you play with other people. The best way to explain it would be like a mix between both Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Chat Friends is a game where you compete against other players. You have to figure out who among your friends are in the game and you have to plot against them. Pretty much like a game of strategy.

The objective of the game is for one player to rule the chat room by seeking a majority of votes from other members. You can try to attract more members to your side by talking to them and setting them up to join your bot army.

Chat Friends works pretty much like any other social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

However, Chat Friends is platform where you can get paid to play. It’s similar to Facebook games and you can find quite a few bot developers there.

Audience Analysis

Chats Friends is a global social community. This site is a platform for people to chat with others from around the world. Chat Rooms are a popular way to socialize.

Chats Friends claims to be the biggest social community chat rooms. It has over 6 million active users from 103 countries around the world. This site is used by users seeking friendship, to talk about issues and to make new friends.

All the people you meet on Chats Friends become your friends, no matter where you are from. You can access the site from every country using the same language as you. Chats Friends believes that befriending people around the world is easier and more enjoyable when you meet them from their homeland.

Chats Friends chose to take this approach to facilitate friendship across international borders. The average user is a college student between the ages of 13 and 27. Chats Friends was launched on 19th October as a Facebook alternative.

Chats Friends was originally founded by Tamao. The site stopped accepting reservations and switched to a consumer-driven business model. The user base of Chats Friends is very active.

The site has always had a Facebook-like community, but the user numbers have always been lacking. Chats Friends is a social networking website that allows you to make friends with people.

Chats Friends Key Features

I didn’t know there was so much to learn about social networking! I made this simple cheat sheet to show the 9 most important things to do with your chat friends. …

My Chats Friends Review

I have been using Chats Friends from a few days, but it’s been learning it for about five days. I really like the concept and am bringing to you this review.

This is a network where you get tokens or points which you can use to chat with your friends. It also contains other activities much like other social networks.

So far, I have been impressed by the features. It’s not the same as Facebook where you get just fun stuff.

This app has a lot of things which give you a sense of achievement and happiness.

Chats Friends User-Friendliness

Chat Friends is a web-based chat program. The software is quite comphrehensive and easy to use. It’s a good feature set that comes with regular updates.

The support is great, there were no complaints at all. Support is very quick to respond, they respond in a timely manner and give you the answers you need.

The user-friendliness is amazing, they have everything everything out in front of you, which is great. You don’t even need any computer knowledge to access the software, so it’s fully accessible to just about anyone.

All you do is make an account and then log in with your email and password.

You also won’t have to download any special software. All you do is download a browser extension, open up the website, and log in.

The buttons are very easy to use, and the software is very simple to figure out.

Chats Friends Usability And Design

Having a decent Facebook review Chat app can be very useful. It will allow you to connect like-minded people, make friends, and share ideas with people all over the world.

Chat friends makes use of the ChatSpace which is an application developed by Facebook which enables you to share your chat status on the news feed even when you are offline.

Adding the subscription also makes it easy for you to view all your messages and chat history on one central location.

It also allows you to broadcast your message to your live feed or your email or both. This makes Chat friends very convenient for you since you can console your friend online whenever they need it.

Share photos, videos, notes and even copy and paste links right from the Android or iOS app.

Chat friends app is easy to use and has an attractive layout making the process of text chatting very easy and convenient.

Chat Apps :

  • ☆Over 1 million downloaded that's why its so popular
  • ☆Easy to use like instant messaging
  • ☆Make friends like facebook
  • ☆Anyone can join big community of people around the world
  • ☆Add a list of friends just like in Facebook, to chat with them
  • ☆Add location to chat to find new friends and meet others
  • ☆Group chatting capability with your friends
  • ☆Send a private chat to a friend from your Contacts

Mobile Application

Chats Friends Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Looking for a good application to chat with your friends, well, Chats Friends is a little more than it seems at first glance.

This application is very popular in parts of Asia and is available in more than one hundred tiers in Google Play.

Although I am originally from the Philippines, but I have not heard the name before.

This application was also tested in the zone sensitive to sensitive locations in countries such as the US and other European countries.

The mobile application is available in the Android beta version in Google Play and is available for download for free.

Android application Chats Friends can be downloaded from Google Play via the link below.

It can also be used for free from the website of the developer, which can be accessed via the link below.

Although there is no information about Chats Friends on the official website, but there are some reviews found on the internet.

Reviews for Chats Friends are very positive saying that this application is the most fun and most reliable chat option for the community.

While tech support is available for Chats Friends, but it is a little annoying to provide.

In response to a technical problem, you can give a detailed explanation or you can fill in a form on the developer’s website.

Chats Friends’ Customer Support

After looking at all the Chats Friends’ customer reviews, I decided to read up on the customer support offered from this customer support team.

I came across the Chats Friends website FAQ page. It was pretty similar to the other FAQ pages that I have read. It answered most of the questions I had in the past already.

FAQs (from the Chats Friends website):

Q: Why does your chat software charge me for 30 days subscription plan when I only chat for a few hours a day?

A: Chatting is like a favor to all your friends. Try to pay back your favors with some membership tokens. These tokens allow you to send and receive messages from friends at no charge for first 7 days, and after that it is low cost of only one token for every 2 messages.

Q: How much time does it take to create a content from here in the system?

A: Asking time is only 1-5 minutes. You can receive 100% unique content for free and you can send your created content as a favor to some friends without wasting time and money.

Q: Is membership feature permanent after EOS does a snapshot?

A: We are working on it but it doesn’t seem so. If everything goes smooth then it should be, everything else give us a chance to make it work.

Chats Friends Sign-Up Process And User Profile

How To Sign Up

You can sign up for Chats Friends easily. You need to supply your email address and become a member. This will start by you receiving a welcome email from the team. You will then need to verify with your Email so that you can start. ‬

You will be able to see your estimated earnings per chat. You can chat away and receive money from the current top earners. This is updated on a daily basis.

There are no fees to join and you also get a 100% cash back on your referral fees.

‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡ Earnings

Once you’ve signed up you will need to start making part payments. This will depend on the level of Chats Friends that you choose. This can be one hour or three hours.

Chats Friends offer multiple payment methods.

Profile Quality And Verification

At this time, Chats Friends is not considered a scam; on the other hand, it does have some red flags that raise some flags during the profile quality and verification.

Like with all things online, you need to know your information as well as the platform and be careful.

Chats Friends currently does not have a free trial of their platform. You can, however, join for free through Get Paid To.

Most payment platforms require you to have a credit card, while Chats Friends is free to join through Get Paid To.

Get Paid To is a paid to click site, and while that sounds similar to Chats Friends, the company has some red flags that make me worried.

Chats Friends is a paid to text service, where you can earn 50 cents per message for a limited number of uses. You will also receive a minimum five messages for free that you can use as you wish.

The number of messages you receive is based on the number of friends you share your Chats Friends link with.

You can send unlimited messages as long as you are not sending spam and as long as you do not overuse your free tokens.

If you sign up to Chats Friends through Get Paid To, then you’ll be required to hand over your information and credit card.

The company will attempt to verify your information.

Chats Friends Search Functionality

Chats Friends search function makes it easy to find people you are friends with on Chats Friends. Click the Search button found in the top right corner of the screen. Enter the chat name, username or userid. The names and photos of people you are friends with will then appear. You can click on the name you would like to contact to make a chat or friend request.

To contact friends that are offline, click on the 'message' link below their photos.

Chatting And Matching At Chats Friends

It comes with a fully illustrated step by step guide to avoid scams and to make sure that you get the maximum out of it.

It works as a matchmaker. You just create your profile with the information you want to give a match. Your ethnicity, age, country, religion.

Now either people will automatically find you or you can manually search for a match.

After they get a match, you can chat with them through the chat and messaging feature.

You can also invite them for a date or to go out with you or even video chat with them.

You can arrange a date or just a coffee date. Or maybe you want to get to know someone. That is why it is a great dating site.

Chatting is one of the best features of this site.

All members get to access video calling for free.

You can search for a date or one-on-one friend or to chat with beautiful people from around the world.

Chats Friends – a Perfect Video Chat for Men and Women

The best part about this site is that you can easily meet new memebers with similar interests as you.

Chats Friends gives you unlimited chat with as many people as you want.

Anyone can enjoy the privilege of being a part of the global community of his/her choice.

Chats Friends Subscription Options

Chats Friends has two subscription options. Either 15+ chat and call minutes, 1000+ text messages, and 500MB of free internet data. There is also an additional option to sweeten the package, but Chatsfriends doesn’t disclose specific pricing.

Like we mentioned above, there may be an annual fee for using the service.


To join, free to get.

Chats Friends is a complete package of Social media platform combined together. Rather than one having to dig deep for all the features one might need, Chats Friends has got them all in one place.

So now you have access to Chats stories, Videos stories, Fan Pages, Chat growth plus a lot more.

To ease your process, Chattersintime has made it easy for everyone to get started, by giving you some free credits so you can get started with your journey to becoming a popular social networker.

These credits will let you access a limited set of features in the platform.


There are a lot of new people starting out with affiliate marketing and making a lot of money with it.

Are they real or fake? There are always people making money with schemes and programs that are not true.

With so many new people starting and making money, we wanted to find a way to see if any of them were being manipulative.

We researched through forums and other reviews to see if anyone had had any issues with the company.

Here’s what we learned.

The Company

The company is a genuine business that takes peoples’ money and sends them products to review. The company called Chats Friends is managed by Fabbio Cosa and his family.

They charge the customer a fee for having their name linked to the company and for the product to be sent to them. There are plenty of companies that do this, so it is nothing new.

People that work with Chats Review Friends have normal jobs and then create their Chats Friends Shop online.

Product Review Campaign

People work with Chats Friends to review a product. Before they are sent any products, they are told that the fees are for reviewing products.

Cancelling Chats Friends Subscription

Chats Friends Safety And Security

Has a 30-day guarantee in case you don’t like seeing how many people are scammed.

The Chat Friends website provides you with chat threads after the order has been paid.

The chat room is supposedly monitored 24/7 so you can get the customer support you need whenever you need it.

Doesn’t require any registration or other personal details.

Offers a 14-day free trial so you can check the chat room and see how it actually works.

Has a 100% refund policy to ensure you are not scammed.

Chats Friends Competitors And Alternatives

Chats Friends is one of the many virtual world platforms that has running for quite some time.

Even though there are numerous third-party chat clients for various platforms, there are not many that will allow you to chat to multiple friends.

Chats Friends is just one of the alternatives that we have found in our research.


There are quite a few online chat forums around. Most of them are simply repackaged clones of one another and are not really exceptional.

But we think that Chats Friends has finally found its place with growing user base all the more reason to be optimistic.

Is Chats Friends legit? We feel that they’re succeeding in a very competitive niche market, and they’re doing a good job at it.

Pros and Cons

First, ChatsFriends is a legitimate Facebook tool created by Lance Priester. This software is specifically designed to help users maximize their social presence.

Even though you’ll be able to gain Facebook likes and shares, you won’t be making leadings profits from this tool.

ChatsFriends is free, so there’s no obstacle to try out this product.

Just follow the instructions and create your Facebook account. There you will be guided step by step to join Facebook groups and submit your services to them.

When you submit a service, you’ll be getting paid via PayPal. The amount of money you’ll earn, though, does depend on a lot of things…

First, you need to register in order to receive these opportunities. This is a must for you if you want to make money through this tool.

Also, you need to make sure that you sell something that other people want.

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