E-Chat Review – Legit or Scam?

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How does E-Chat Work

Audience Analysis

E-Chat is the first most successful IM service on the very wide of the world. Chose to use E-Chat during thousands of hours.

E-Chat is created by E-mail Service Provider iGold Solutions (via) (NSDQ:IGG). The IM product is part of their E-mail Service.

The Core product, E-Mail, is offered in a variety of service levels, currently including Free (0% fee) Express (1.5% fee) and Pro (2.5% fee).

Email has always been a core product, but now the IM product is also available as a standalone service, to bring in more revenue.

Here you can see the IM Product by itself: E-Chat IM 3.0

The IM Service is just the IM side of E-Mail. It does not offer other IM Services. The IM Services of E-Mail are based on the GTek eBuddy Platform (NSDQ:GTK)

TekSavvy is the infrastructure provider.

Below is a list of stories in the past year touting the solid growth of E-Chat. Notice they are all about the IM side.

March 1, 2006: E-Chat Invades North America

March 2, 2006: E-Chat More Popular Than ICQ

April 2, 2006: E-Chat Impressive Growth

Key Features of E-Chat

Needless to say, everything we need today is in the palm of our hands. Even though there are a lot of apps available, choosing the right one for yourself is something that isn’t that easy.

If you’re curious to know which company has given the best app for Instant messaging, here’s a super quick review of one of the best Instant messengers in the market today … … … E-Chat.

E-chat basically allows you to connect with friends or family using different types of instant messaging and voice calling.

The team behind E-Chat is also extremely accepted in our industry.

They have a great reputation for providing a smooth and reliable platform for messaging. They offer a wide variety of features for you to use …

  • They are compatible with most of the instant messengers, your other social media, your phone contacts, Skype and tons of other services …
  • The app also has its own forum where you can message with other users and ask questions. This helps you in understanding your account and services as well.

E-Chat User Friendliness

E-Chat is highly user friendly and offers open and free chat. The interface is easy to navigate and designed with all information readily available to the user.

You can sign in with any social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other of your choice. You can also set up your contact list, and have an individual message preview for every person you have sent a message to.

The basic E-Chat is free, while premium features are included in the paid plans.

E-Chat Website Design and Usability

The website design of E-Chat is very good, helping you know what they sell and what they do for you.

Their website is very interactive and they make it easy to get in touch with you. They include a contact details form to make it easy for you to get a hold of them.

They have a video on their homepage which explains how the product works and how it will help you get in touch with your friends.

The contact feature is very easy to use and you can choose to call, text message, or email them when you need help.

E-Chat Mobile Application

If you’re already active on the internet, then chances are you’ve come across Omegle.

If not, then allow me to give you a brief introduction to it. Omegle is an anonymous talk based application that is used to connect strangers and have a conversation.

Some people find it terrifying that they are talking to a stranger, while other people find it to be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Thousands of conversations are had each day on Omegle, and there are always people looking for a decent chat partner.

But we have to tell you that not everyone is a friendly user.

Some of the user accounts are fake and used to gather phone numbers and information from unsuspecting users.

Others have sketchy intentions and use the application to find users to swindle and hassles.

If you are thinking of signing up for E-Chat, then you should take a look at the E-Chat Review. We will cover the social network like E-Chat so you’ll be able to have a general idea about what to expect from the service before signing up.

Here are some of the E-Chat Review that will help you make up your mind about whether signing up for the service is a good idea or not.

Customer Support

Potential or Scam?

When it comes to customer support, there are two types of programs:

Legitimate ones and kick-back ones.

For kick-back programs, you’ll either have a hard time getting in contact with a human through live chat or the given email, or you’ll be promised a certain money amount if you opt-in during your first week of membership.

For the legitimate programs you’ll usually get a person to answer your question immediately, and may even (for better companies) offer you an automatic phone call if you’re having a hard time adjusting to their system.

It’s a lot easier to be matched with a customer service agent that is happy to help rather than trouble you for the sake of money. This is why the idea of an automated chat program (with the help of joawy) seems to scare me.

I’m guessing the reason they don’t seem to have any live chat options is because they do have automated ones. Kind of makes sense. I’m not completely sure though, I’ll have to check it out for myself one day.

Sign-Up Process & User Profile

E-Chat allows you to sign up only after you have filled each box in the form with the corresponding information. Once you have made your profile, you can then add your friends. You can invite as many as you prefer, but it’s one friend per form (and you can do more than one form).


You can check if your friends are online on their profile.

The profile box also contains the options to send and receive messages.

You can also view the cart as well as those of your friends.

There are several languages that you can write in, and, if you’d like to, you can upload a picture and your contact information (like phone number and email address).

Friend requests cannot come from anyone you haven’t requested, and they’ll be accepted only after the requester has been approved.

Once you have reviewed the information and accepted, you’ll find the friend on your list. You can contact each other as frequently as you want using the E-Chat system.

How to Sign-Up

The best part about e-chat is that you can access it from any device.

To sign up, you will need to enter your valid email address. After you have done that, you will need to fill out the details of your profile.

You will also need to verify your phone number and your name. Once you have filled out this information, you will be asked to verify your Google Authenticator code.

All of this information will be used to link your account to your facebook and Instagram accounts.

Now, click on +tab and go to Top Users. You will see an option to add a friend and click on it. Use the search bar to see people who’re already on e-chat.

You can also add to your own group by clicking on the relevant tab on the right side of the screen.

Profile Quality and Verification


E-Chat helps you become a successful affiliate marketer by providing you with marketing systems and tools for managing your online business.

With the E-Chat software, anyone can plan their online marketing campaigns more effectively and use tools that help to increase their affiliate marketing sales generation.

E-Chat is a mobile phone application that allows its users to manage their online business with a single view. It is now being used by over 10,000 affiliate marketers to manage their online business.

The profile area on E-Chat is where you can add contact information, a photo, and links to your social media accounts.

Support and a fully compliant affiliate marketing system are two amazing features that come as part of E-Chat.

These features ensure the performance of E-Chat as an affiliate marketing tool and the making of money through its affiliate program.

The support team is there as a resource for you as an affiliate marketer. They provide answers to your concerns and help to make you stand out from the rest of the affiliate marketers.

The affiliate marketing system is 100% compliant and is set up without the need to deal with payment processors directly.

It allows your business to be organized and your actions to be programmed effectively.

Ing For? E-Chat Is the perfect tool for anyone that is looking for a more reliable and fast alternative to IM or group texting. It has all of the communication tools that are available in the normal messaging system that we already know and love. But it also has its alternative sets of tools that make it a bit different then the other messaging apps.

The most notable is the 1-on-1 messaging. This allows you to talk one on one to anyone. While this may not at first sound like a big deal. Having this as a tool in your arsenal is a much more effective way of interacting.. Then there is of course the chat features as one might have guessed already. Performs the same tasks. But of course takes the form of a chat box. Its features are powerful enough that any IM user can gain a lot of value by using it.

Matching and Chatting

E-chat is a free chat application for smartphones and computers (for both Android and IOS).

The main focus of the service is matchmaking.

E-chat can match people based on their location, common friends and taste in music and hobbies.

Averaging up to 500 million messages per day, the users make the service worth keeping around.

Subscription Options

Free Version


E-Chat is one of the best and most popular instant messenger tools available. Every one uses this incredible tool to communicate with their friends and colleague.

But buying extended membership is a total waste and a waste of money for users. Do not spend your hard earned money here. It is a scam.

Here are some reasons for this conclusion:

[*] Hot New Features : They do not have any functional changes in their latest version. No change for years.

[*] No any notifications : You can create unlimited number of free chatrooms and add unlimited users. How to invite new users? You require to send invites through your messages.

[*] Popular apps and services do not require monthly or yearly payment : Adium, Pidgin, TB Softwares' Own Chat are all free apps that have their own paid version and offer a lot more features.

[*] Chatroom retention/retention count : The whole point of making this app free is to generate more traffic and increase their retention count. Once the count starts reducing, they will need to start charging to increase it again. And they are already losing followers by the millions.

Paid Subscription

Review – Is It Safe?

E-Chat is a paid subscription chat service from Hong Kong which helps you to meet new people and facilitates online dating.

It was launched in the US and Canada in April 2013 and in the UK in February 2014.

At any given time, you could meet other singles who are looking to have a chat with you in the middle of a catch-up meeting at the local cafe.

I had never heard of let’s say E-Chat from the internet marketing world when I tried to find out more about it and its history.

However, as soon as I checked the About Us page on their official website, all those questions had been answered.

It’s an interesting fact that it was founded in Hong Kong, long before it launched in the United States and Canada. They are the first dating site to offer a real-life dating app.

E-Chat Subscription Cancellation

Is It Possible to Cancel My E-Chat subscription?

If you have bought your subscription through E-Chat, your subscription is tied to your email address and any change in that will cancel your subscription.

That’s why you should always pay through E-Chat.

But if you were looking for E-Chat coupon codes, they are not publicly available, so you will not be able to get the discount that you are looking for.

If you still want a discount, you can always sign up for the special discount offer that is sent to you once you pay for your subscription.

You have a 24 hour protection period before you are charged.

So if you have the E-Chat coupon and cancel immediately, you will not be charged.

If you are unsure if you can still be charged, you can check your email and see.

Safety & Security

The biggest scam of E-chat is the security and safety concerns. The main problem here is that E-chat does not have a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate like most legit chat programs do.

Basically, this means that E-chat is a malicious and dangerous program to use. It has a lot of virus stories which means it can easily spread malware and viruses to your computer.

Particularly, the scam is that it asks you to make a web-browser downloader such as an adhunter, a trojan horse, or a malicious virus.

This means that E-chat will control the web-browser to the E-chat servers and will expose the user to viruses and malware. E-chat is also a scam since you are not actually speaking to someone and are at a fake-chat website.

With the program is also impossible and the customer support is non-existent. Basically, E-Chat can be described as a pain in the neck.

On e-Chat however, your privacy is definitely taken into consideration as you are protected against spambots and even your IP address will no longer be collected.

Your information will only be stored for the purpose of promoting your profile.

You will also find that you have customized the chat functions in each and every chat that you take part in.

If you need real security for your information, this is IT.

E-Chat Alternatives and Competitors


Customer Support?

The Track Record of E-Chat

Some people have found it difficult to trust E-Chat reviews. But there is a lot of information out there about the completely legitimate and authentic virtual, anonymous chat rooms of E-Chat.

It is worth pointing out the stats on E-Chat customer service too.

E-Chat has an outstanding 99.9% customer support satisfaction rating. That is above the best, dating sites that are in the market todayή

That is 96.5% more than the current industry average.

E-Chat Customer Service:

E-Chat has an outstanding customer service rating.

E-Chat is able to respond to all customer complaints within a 24-hour time frame.

E-Chat chat rooms have an overall rating of 7.2/10 based on 1011 reviews.

The Bottom Line

E-Chat is the complete package. It has all the necessary elements to make the online dating experience a positive one.

Building up a solid foundation of high customer satisfaction is the key to any successful online dating company. With the customer satisfaction rating holding 83%.

E-Chat has a clear understanding of the value proposition, and can effectively adapt to changing times.

The customer service satisfaction rating is a staggering 99.9%.


E-Chat is one of the more popular matchmaking websites out there on the internet. It’s managed to break into a few Asian countries and it always has a presence in many countries worldwide.

But the question is, is E-Chat a scam or is it a legitimate and reliable online dating service?

It’s a bit of a tough question to answer because the site isn’t quite as straightforward as some of the ones out there. E-Chat takes a bit of getting used to and you can feel a little under-qualified at times.

E- Chat also comes with a lot of different features that can feel a bit overwhelming, so the company would like you to use one of their more simple services.

That definitely keeps things simple but it can feel a bit restrictive and like you’re not getting the same service you would get from other sites that are more open and welcoming.

The lack of clear information is another problem. It’s not so much a problem as a confusion at times because the site (nor the company) doesn’t seem to like to tell you exactly how things work.


Final Conclusion

As we have seen, there are many people suffering out there from the constant problems and bad situations. Many of these situations are caused by their problems in the other areas of their lives. If you’re a person that wants to make sure your success and happiness, you need to work on every single area of your life if you truly want to be successful. Becoming a person that has discipline, passion, and persistence is an amazing achievement that can help you achieve your goals.

Pros and Cons

E-Chat is a popular social platform that allows you to make free calls to mobile and landline numbers.

The service is based on webcams so anyone can use it.

It’s free but you need to add a credit to your account each time you call. You can also get paid for viewing ads.

The service has a lot of users and is very popular.

It still offers a very cheap alternative to regular phone calls.

It allows users to make free international calls.

Some accounts claim that their calls come from the special premium number.

FAQ are available to help you solve any issue that you may be having.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are many dating sites available out there with different qualities in them. You may have heard of e-chat dating before, and many people don’t know all that much about it.

So what is e-chat?

It’s a completely free online dating site where people can meet each other.

You won’t have to pay any money to meet someone, and there are millions of people using the site. Below we’ve reviewed e-chat to find out how it stacks up against the other dating sites.


The first thing you will notice is just how easy it is to use the website. It’s very simple and the options are easy to understand. From start to finish, it takes you through everything you need to do.

You can also search people by distance, age, gender, and even compatibility. Date compatible people based on a number of considerations. Blend your two accounts and review people to see how likely things will go well.

You can reply directly to someone, write a new message, or even chat on the website.

As i have done some research on E-chat, i can say this following websites are legit.