EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

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What Is EquestrianSingles All About: General Facts

Horse owners, trail riders, animal rights activists, and nature lovers alike; the majority of EquestrianSingles members are either active or have an interest in riding, and that’s why we think this dating site for people who enjoy horses (and those who like people who enjoy horses) is one of many online dating sites that could help you in your romantic search.

The highly experienced team at EquestrianSingles have launched a new horse dating site that is centred around people who love horses, horse owners, animal rights activists, and anyone who would like a more active lifestyle, short or long-term.

You can fill out your dating profile with some basic information like your name, email address, age, and gender.

The key at EquestrianSingles is learning how to get the most active from a site for horse-lovers.

You need to create an account and choose the type of riding you would like (or would like to try) and then join a group. EquestrianSingles has groups for: English riding, Western riding, dressage, flat racing, endurance, endurance eventing, high jumping, and jumping.

You can also get involved with the horse world by becoming an event rider, participating in a clinic or event, and even becoming a horse handler.

Who Does Prefer to Use This Popular Website?

We’re not sure if there are any hard and fast rules, but you can say that this dating site is perfect for equestrians of all levels, people who like horses, and probably anyone who wants to connect with passionate horseback riders.

Many horseback riders belong to organizations like barns and riding clubs, which are excellent places to meet people and make friends.

But if you don’t have a local club, you can find people with similar interests on an online site like EquestrianSingles.

Key Features to Have Pleasant Dating Experience

In a room full of horse lovers, chances are not everyone has their horse of choice. You might be in there with the friend of a friend who just happened to have a horse, or your date may have a farm with several horses that she just has no interest in riding, since she is mainly there for the owners and their other five horses.

If they don't have one of the horses you want to ride, that doesn't mean that it’s the end of the world.

There are still a lot of things you can do while at a horse event to have a pleasant and enjoyable time. With the right attitude and attitude, it is possible to find a lot of ways to connect with people who also love horses.

It is also possible to have fun, make someone feel comfortable, and perhaps even enjoy an experience that you both can talk about later.

What Kinds of Members Can Join EquestrianSingles?

Unlike many horse dating sites, EquestrianSingles comes with a lot of great features for horse lovers. It is a dating site for people who have love, knowledge and passion for horses.

In addition to the advanced search features, it also offers lots of online forums if you want to chat with other riders and listen to their stories and learn more from them.

But it also offers a private place for you to make new horse friends.

As a dating site, it features lots of great opportunities to link with horse riders around the world.

Our Opinion About the Website Design and Usability

The website is very clear and UI is very fluid. It was easy to sign up and get a feel for what they had to offer. If the website was redesigned, they could make it more appealing.

It’s a good overall site, just a little dated and outdated. They could improve that if they wanted to improve.

It’s a very nice site to join, if you have a love for horses and just want to ride.


They could improve their aesthetics and make them look more appealing to the eye. That would make it easier to join and make it more appealing.

As it is, it not attractive at all.


It’s a good website and they have good content.


The pros about the site is that it’s easy to join and good to search for things.

Additional Content

There is a lot of content on the website. It contains a lot of information about horses.

EquestrianSingles is focused on helping people find the right horse and the right person to ride it with. You won’t find the sort of personal profiles you’ll find at other sites.

Lack of the EquestrianSingles Mobile Application

Customer Support Team Will Help You

Beginners may have a tough time looking for the perfect horse lovers, so it’s important that EquestrianSingles has onboard customer support.

When you’re in a hurry to get connected with a horse lover, send an email to the EquestrianSingles support team.

You can also follow their Facebook and Twitter pages to get engaged with the EquestrianSingles community.

Through the growth in the EquestrianSingles social media accounts, you will be able to build a relationship outside of the website as well.

We are everywhere for you, when you’re in the mood to meet a horse loving, singles.

More than that, in case you want to engage in a safe and easy-going atmosphere, get familiar with the platform via Facebook or Twitter.

How Can New Users Create Their Profiles?

First you are asked to add your first name and last name. You can change your name whenever you want by updating your profile.

After you enter your name and are done, you are ready to add your picture.

Normally you can post your picture by taking a picture with your phone and uploading it to the site.

You will see a red button on the top left of the picture that says "Add profile picture."

A red arrow appears on the photo and you just have to tap it to add your picture to the site.

After you add your picture, you can edit it if you want to.

You can change your settings on each photo if you want to.

You can choose to upload and save your pictures.

You can also add more friends from EquestrianSingles.

You can send them a friend request by tapping on a green button next to their name.

You can even send them pictures and video messages.

Forced Image Resizing

This is a common problem with image hosting sites. You visit a page and they declare they are good for you to upload pictures. The smaller the picture; the smaller their bandwidth.

It sounds like a good deal for them, but not for you and your friends.

As a result, Equestrian Singles has many buttons that ensure better image quality on the site without cropping the picture.

How to Sign-Up on This Dating Platform?

The Importance of Creating a Detailed and Beautiful Profile

Creating a detailed profile is really important in horse dating. You do want to create a nice profile as it can be the difference between a quick interlude of fun and a long lasting relationship. It is very important that you detail your horse dating experience, but also that you be honest.

Being honest does not mean that you have to go into detail about riding if you would never consider owning a horse. Description and description alone will help your profile stand out, and if you make sure that your profile is pretty, it will help you attract responses.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Detailed Enough

Besides writing something interesting, you will need to be specific in your profile. Make sure that you go over the C’s in your horse dating profile.

The C’s are the things that you have a one in ten chance at finding in a horse. And if you have not specified, you do have a chance of meeting a horse person.

These things are: Understanding and Communication.

Understanding Horse Behavior

If you are not self-aware and do not know your habits then other people will come between you and your horse.

This will affect your riding negatively. In short, it messes with your flow, and this will make your horse skills suffer.

So, make sure you list all of your flaws and how understanding horse behavior will help.


EquestrianSingles Search Mechanism to Find Matches

The great thing about our website and especially about our dating website for equestrians is the fact that we use highly sophisticated software to match you with people you like and want to date.

We do not only use a search mechanism which can locate single people which live in your area, similar to sites such as OKCupid or PlentyOfFish, but we also search for other people living in the same area who like the equestrian activity as much as you do.

And we can do this guarantee because we have an extremely user-friendly interface for you to use to interact with other equestrians, as well as build and maintain your profile and upload pictures of you.

In many ways, you might even say, that it is our site, where you are the customer.

To guarantee our success as an effective equestrian dating website, we have our own search engine which searches for you in other equestrian sites, associations and websites in your area.

Equestrian Singles uses a sophisticated database and algorithm to match you with other equestrians, people who might well be interested in dating you or using our dating service.

These people usually prefer to date people who have the same interests, and they are likely to see it as an advantage.

As soon as you register for free, you can start using our fully-functional search system to meet other equestrians like yourself.

How Does Interaction Between Members Happen?

HorseBack Singles Equestrian is a dating site for people who love horses as much as they love people. The site's members are mostly in the US and Canada.

Horseback Singles Equstrian allows free member access, with upgrading memberships available. Members can provide contact information if they are interested in finding a horseback match.

Members can also provide information about their horses to help others get to know them better.

They can provide photos of their horses, horses that they are looking for to breed with, and information about their riding or past riding history.

How to Upgrade Your Online Dating Account?

While the free membership of EquestrianSingles grants many opportunities to connect with people, you can also upgrade your online dating account to allow you to chat and meet with online singles more freely.

Does It Make Sense to Use a Free Version of the Site?

Free and paid members equally have access to the friendship and opportunities arm. They do not have access to the singles’ profiles, so if you are not interested in dating, there is no need to pay.

The free version of the site is in full view and can be found at the top of the scroll on their site. As a membership option, EquestrianSingles is one of the easiest free online dating sites to use.

And I personally can recommend the premium version of this site to anyone who enjoys horses and has a good time communicating with people who share their love for long walks and fun.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Paid Subscription?

For all those searching for an equestrian subscription, the answer differs from one individual to the next.

For some individuals, a paid subscription is a wise use of their money, as they gain valuable advice from people with extensive knowledge in a particular subject.

For others, they use a paid subscription as a way to cut back on spending and save up their money for other important purchases.

If you fall into the latter category, you may not benefit as much as someone who is searching for a financial gain.

Here are just several examples of why you should purchase a paid subscription to an equestrian site.

Equestrian Singles is a premier website for someone who is passionate about all things equestrian.

This website has a wide variety of info.

For example, the equestrian singles site offers several articles on specific topics like how to care for a horse, horse riding equipment, horse riding tours, and horse riding vacations.

Equestrian singles also has plenty of dating-oriented content. This includes articles on how to start a relationship with an equestrian, tips on dating a horse trainer, and how to approach an equestrian.

If you want to know how to ride a horse, the equestrian singles site offers tips on how to be a better rider. The purpose of this article is to help you learn how to ride a horse correctly and safely.

Cancelling Subscription Plan: Easy Step-By-Step Guidance

To Cancel Your Subscription!

Almost every paid subscription plan like the EquestrianSingles Subscription Plan offers support for cancelling your Subscription Plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time by following the easy steps explained below.

Step 1: Identify the Subscription Plan you have

First thing's first. You will need to identify the Subscription Plan you're wanting to cancel to avoid the duplicate cancellation charges.

We have 2 ways of referring to the subscription:

I) Subscription Plan ID (e.g., E23M3D or E1330) or

Ii) Subscription Plan number (e.g., E23M3D1, E1330 or N23M3D1)

Then, please follow the cancellation process based on the Subscription Plan ID or Subscription Plan number you have. We have made it very easy to cancel your subscription.

For the Equestrian Singles Membership Plan

Subscription Plan ID for Cancelling the Equestrian Singles Membership Plan: E1330

Read More: How to Cancel the EM Membership and the E23M3D1 Membership Plan

For the Equestrian Singles Basic Membership Plan

Subscription Plan ID for Cancelling the Equestrian Singles Basic Membership Plan: E23M3D

How to Protect Yourself on the Dating Platform?

There are a lot of dating websites and apps out there, and though the most people are not interested in dating a horse enthusiast, some people are.

Actually, you don’t have to be a horse enthusiast to use the site. You can still enjoy a free membership on the site by answering a few basic questions about yourself.

The site offers you a lot of advantages that are beneficial for horse fans all over the world.

The website is aimed at all those who are looking for an alternative to normal online dating. You can choose any of their convenient tools to find your first match online.

You can browse through the list of your local horse lovers or see what is happening all around the world.

They can help you to get in touch with other people with similar interests near you, conduct one of their online horse dating events, and also make a search for someone who shares the same interests like yourself.

The site allows you to keep an open mind by trying something novel and different. They have a great reputation and are known for hosting unique and fun horse based events.

The excellent safety features available on their website ensure that you enjoy your time with the app without any scope of any damage. The website is fully virus protected which is another essential area as far as safety is concerned.

Find Out Additional Alternatives to EquestrianSingles

What if you like spending a lot of time in the saddle but are not able to find that special equestrian to ride with? What if you are simply not seeking a committed relationship to begin with?

If you love horses and you are interested in finding other horse riders then EquestarianSingles is exactly what you need. It is a social networking site designed for horse lovers and other equestrians.

Are you interested in increasing your horse riding skills? Maybe you are looking for some a riding partner or just want to get together and talk horse related matters. No matter what is in your heart all you need is not be locked up, find people who share your passion and offer you an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Stories, videos and more about horses and equestrian. You will also be able to contact and add new friends. It is free to join.

If you are on horse off the grid then you don’t need a social networking site. You can write your blogs offline and email copies of your journal entries to your friends or family. The good thing about the email feature is that it doesn’t take too much space. So you don’t need to carry an extra blackberry.

Our Positive Final Verdict About This Dating Community

This is a dating community that is suitable for people who love horses and spend a lot of time around them.

This community will help you meet people who will appreciate you for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is that there is a significantly higher chance that you will both love horse riding.

If you get along with a lot of people and have that extra connection, you can go to the next level and take the horse riding experience to the next level.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons of e-Happenings. A dating service that is based on the internet is much easier to find than one that is local. But in many cases, you share much more intimacy with the person that you connect with at an Equestrian Singles meeting.

However, not every person is comfortable using the internet to connect with people; therefore, E-Hopping may not be for everyone.

E-Happenings are becoming more popular as the trend for online dating continues to grow. However, people are more likely to date someone they have met in person. E-Happenings have been founded in hope that people will change their minds about online dating and want to meet their matches in person.

Online dating services are for people looking for either a one night stand or a long term relationship. While people are looking for casual sex, E-Happenings are primarily interested in finding a suitable mate. E-Happenings hope to find their people in person, just the way they are.

The pros of online dating is that you can converse with your match over the internet infinitely. You can also see how they look in their photo before you meet them. You can even talk in private with your date to see if you really want to meet them.

Which dating site is right for you?

EquestrianSingles is excellent resource for people who are too busy to seek out social events or meetups, who don’t have time for online dating websites, or for anyone just wanting to expand their dating pool.

You can search specifically for horse-lovers and equestrian singles and you can also browse through fitness singles or music singles and so much more!

Searching for love and success has never been easier. If you would like to meet someone who shares your passion for horses, this is the perfect dating site to find them.

You can even find that special someone to go camping with you, travel with you, or just spend time with you free from distraction.

This is also a great place to meet couples who love horses like you do. As long as you’re always on top of your health and fitness and have that stable and energetic mind, the sky is really the limit.

We’re all about the horses, from the people who work with them to the people who love them. We’re here to put you in touch with the power of the horse before you ever even had this thought.

The most popular online matchmaking system for horse-crazy singletons is Equine Online Dating. On this dating site, you can browse the profiles of horse-loving couples of all ages. You can be a lone rider, or a young couple, or an older couple, or a rider entering into a relationship for the first time.

Plus, there are plenty of singles just like you who are waiting to be matched with a partner who shares their passion.

There are also other horse-related dating sites, but the biggest disadvantage is that they have a very limited selection of dates, and the people you meet are often towing the line between those who just love their horses and those who are actually experts in the field.

So if you are looking for a more diversified, challenging selection of singles or couples with whom you share a common interest, then Equine Online Dating is a great place to start.