FarmersOnly Review – Is It a Reliable Place to Find Your Farmer Love?

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What Is the Basis of FarmersOnly Website’s Work?

FarmersOnly is an online community of farmers and anyone who wants to learn about farming from real farmers.

It’s a place where you can get the latest news from farmers, updates on crop, animal, and pest information, local farmer events, tips from farmers straight from the source, recipes, and more.

They have fed originally an online news and price finder system, but have since grown to become a much bigger, more comprehensive website that offers so much in the ways of helpful resources.

The website offers a lot of value for looking further into farming and the food you eat, and they also have a very helpful blog to help you understand the ins and outs of farming.

What Does FarmersOnly Offer?

FarmersOnly offers services that help you become acquainted with farming and more familiar with the food you eat.

It’s a resource for anyone interested in learning about agriculture. Their services are also helpful if you are just really interested in hearing from other farmers.

They offer free weekly market updates and news from farmers around the world. You can get updates on the following:

  • Crop prices
  • Crop conditions
  • Latest news for grape, rice, tomatoes, peppers, and more
  • What kinds of crops are in-season right now
  • Special offers you can use and get when you purchase a membership

Member Base Analysis

Peculiar Features of the Website

The user page of the website is what many farmers use to tell others about the profiles. Be one of the fearless and brave farmers to come on the site and make friends.

The profile page of the website is where farmers quickly post journals to inform others about why they are attracted to farming and how they plan to farm on the website.

The blog of the Farmersonly is the best place where all farmers and farm enthusiasts can share their ideas, insights as well as current contents related to farming and farming life.

The secondary page of the website is where Farmersonly can upload their photos and stories to share the happiness of their life with the farmers.

The farmall of the website is a farming community where farmers can share all kinds of information related to farming all in one place. On this page they can find the services of other farms in any aspect of farming.

The best advantage of this website is that it provides all the information at one place only. As you access any information it can be flexible according to your need sorted out in the different pages. So the Farmersonly is the best place for your sustainable farming journey.

Is FarmersOnly User-Friendly?

It’s not a particularly user-friendly platform by design since it’s a Farmers Only review, but at the same time, it certainly is. Most things about the design are placed out of reach.

It’s an online application that you access through your web browser. You log in with username and login. From there, you can use basic account management and pay services, but that’s about as far as you can get.

The layout is basic too, being made up of three main tabs. The main tab is for everything that’s happening on the website and what the rest of it looks like.

The main page contains a welcome message and keeps track of how much text you’ve read on the site.

There’s also a feedbacks menu. Finally, there’s an account menu that contains some information about your account and has tabs for managing your user profile and logging in and out from the site.

The second tab is for services. Most services have their own things that you can use on them. You can add a custom logo to your Twitter account, for example, or get a branded photo taken.

The third and final tab is for information.

Old-Fashioned Design but Straightforward Navigation

I’ve always been impressed with the design choices that FarmersOnly has made. This includes the mobile website, the year’s iPhone online shopping experience, and the clear information and resources found on their site.

One of the first things you’ll notice from FarmersOnly is the straightforward navigation that they’re known for.

The top menu is clean and easy to understand. It contains the site’s shopping system, article section, blog, and ordering section.

This is the style of navigation that I’ve come to know over the years that I’ve been using the website. It relies on the users to choose what they want to read or find, so it’s easy to navigate but also a lot to learn.

The site’s mobile site is a great place to start because you will be able to immediately checkout with their mobile ordering feature. It’s a very straightforward mobile site to navigate because it’s simplified for how you browse on your phone.

The mobile shopping experience is not as beautiful as it is on the desktop because the site’s mobile version relies on Internet Explorer version 7.

FarmersOnly Mobile Application for Android Devices Only

FarmersOnly is a mobile application for Android devices that connects people who are interested in buying fresh, local, and organic food from local farms.

While most farm meet-ups or local farmer’s markets are a great place to find great food and help out small farmers, FarmersOnly aims to really simplify the process.

The App is free, but it is supported by the ability to buy local produce straight from the farms themselves!

You can order directly from your home device, and when you receive the package, you can scan the QR code and see who packaged it.

This helps secure that your purchase has been shipped from the farmer and to make sure that you fully trust the farmer.

You can use the app even if you plan on picking up your order directly from your farmer. The app allows you to order food ahead of time so that you can take it home with you until you’re able to pick it up.

FarmersOnly definitely cuts out the middle man by connecting the farmers directly with buyers.

They even have the option to receive a weekly or monthly order of a variety of foods.

You should be able to find the FarmersOnly app in the Google Play Store. The app also supports iOs devices but is not yet available.

Quality Customer Assistance via Email

After not being happy with my local Farmer’s Market placed an order but was not able to talk to them.

Also had another local place email me the following day when I did not respond.

This market sends you beautiful pictures of the produce to help you build your order.

Knowledgeable Staff – Really Helped Me Put Together a Good Order

When I tried to reach FarmersOnly via phone, their phone line was busy. I had to call back the next business day.

Texting seemed to work much better and I received an immediate response from Jon.

That same day I ordered their Picnic Slicer and emailed them my order with the vegetables I wanted.

They were shipped to me free and quickly.

The next day they received an email with pictures of the items I wanted to make a double Induction top.

I was able to make an order in one day from one place that included a good variety of vegetables that work well mixed together. So I did all my assembling and washing that day.

They arrived in time for my gathering. I was able to make more food than I expected and had good company over.

Good prices –.

There were no problems with this order. The items arrived timely and they were as described.

Quick Registration vs Lengthy Profile Creation

On the front of this FarmerOnly registration signing up process is how quick it is. If you are the first person to register, you have the advantage of submitting a fairly short profile.

However, it is not uncommon for people to flee after the immediate rush of those first few minutes. The longer you are in a FarmerOnly profile, the more likely you are to have people visit your profile and begin a conversation.

Quick and Effortless Registration Process

When registering for FarmersOnly, you’re presented with a page of information.

You’ve got several categories of information, like your existing farm, your favorite activities, and how long you’ve been a farmer.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to see how long FarmersOnly has been around, and if people enjoy it. It’s made up of hundreds of farmers, and it is ranked as one of the most popular farms.

Once I checked over my information and made sure I liked it, I clicked on –get started– on the top left of the page to begin.

Profile Completion and Email Verification

One thing you’ll notice about this site when you first join is that it isn’t 100% free and open to all. In order to sign up, you’ll need to provide your real name and a valid e-mail address.

The site then sends a verification link to this e-mail address. You will then need to click on the link you receive. From there, you will need to enter your password.

After you’ve done that, the next step is to enter your profile information. This includes a profile photo, location, interests, and what kind of relationship you’re seeking.

While it is a quick process, you do have to enter the information correctly to proceed.

As long as you’ve sent the verification link, there is no way for FarmersOnly to retract your information. However, if you change your mind, you can simply remove your profile.

When doing an online search, it can be a lot easier to get started with someone with real photos and even a profile photo. At minimum, you will already know if you have any common interests or don’t have any reservations.

FarmersOnly Member Search Tool

FarmersOnly has created a very powerful member search tool that can help you find your Farmer Love to make your next Farmer Date easy and convenient.

The FarmersOnly member search tool produces real time results for each search, saving you time and effort.

The FarmersOnly member search tool can also help you find Members in your own area, giving you even more opportunity to find your Farmer Love.

The FarmersOnly member search tool pulls in Member information from all Farmer Dating and Farmers Only Dating sites you belong to.

If you do not find your Farmer Love through the FarmersOnly member search tool on FarmersOnly, you can post a profile on FarmersOnly and if you strike up a conversation with your Farmer Love, you can ask them to join FarmersOnly.

To confirm your Farmer Love’s Farmer Only membership, log on to FarmersOnly and check their Farmer Only Profile.

Meeting People and Sending Emails

Differences Between Standard and Premium Memberships

If you’re looking for days that you can forget about your farm chores for a bit, ensure that you know what to expect before you sign up.

Just like other dating sites, there are very small and large differences between the two membership plans.

Here are the differences:

  • Standard Plan
  • ‑ No spam
  • ‑ No pop-up and no video pop-ups
  • ‑ No text to show on new searches
  • ‑ 2 message limit
  • Premium Plan
  • ‑ No spam
  • ‑ 25MB data for you to upload your photos
  • ‑ 5 message limit
  • ‑ Comes with many attractive features (more options and a few fun games)

‑ Limited by the time you can dedicate to the premium membership.

If you are interested in the Premium Membership, you can start by quickly and easily chatting for free with many attractive FarmersOnly members.

Then, if you find you have developed a sincere rapport with a Premium Membership member, you can consider upgrading your subscription to save money. One thing that is worth mentioning is that once you upgrade the subscription, you cannot downgrade it.

Functions Available for Premium Membership Holders

Being a part of FarmersOnly, premium member do have a lot of benefits.

How to Stop the Auto-Renewal of Subscription

If you’re an expert farmer, you probably never try anything on the app unless you’re positive that the price of vegetables is going to increase.

Our Review of FarmersOnly App Leads Us to Believe that the Best Way to Get the Best Deals from FarmersOnly Is to Check

FarmersOnly deals and other big discounts regularly to save big money. To cancel registration so you can never be charged again on the FarmersOnly app, follow the instructions as follows:

  • Open the FarmersOnly app on your phone and tap on the profile icon
  • Tap on >> Account
  • Tap on Cancel Subscription

You’re done.

Unfortunately, canceling a FarmersOnly subscription does not delete your profile from FarmersOnly.

FarmersOnly App Security and Privacy

We have deducted a point on the Farmersonly score, taking them down to 2.5/5. There are few things which are concerning about FarmersOnly.

One thing that is very concerning is that you cannot delete your FarmersOnly profile. You are tied to them for life, if you subscribe.

Poor Security and High Percentage of Fake Profiles

On FarmerOnly BAD, do not waste your time, learn from my review.

I have given Farmeronly more than 7 hours of my time and many of them without the intention to purchase. The more I review a website, the more I will be aware of any red flags.

Just want to be clear, I am not paid to write this but just voluntarily sharing my real review.

My 7 hours on Farmer Only seemed very time consuming. Yes, I am probably only one of a handful of people who has spent as much time on a dating site as I did on Farmer Only.

I also noticed a high percentage of fake profiles, which can be very frustrating to deal with. I went on a date with a couple of women. The first date was so bad that I could not forget the girl for a long time.

This didn’t seem like a good place to meet local Farmer women. I felt like I wasted a lot of time.

Considering all the effort I had to make when buying and attending live webinars, I had to ask myself – What am I getting from this? When I cannot find the same quality of Farmer women on other Farmer lovescout sites?

The answer is NO. I am not getting what I want.

FarmersOnly Similar Sites and Competitors

FarmersOnly says it’s a Farmers Only dating site. It has been in the online dating business for a long time, so its reputation is high. In addition, it has a very clear mission. The main purpose of the site is to help farmers find a compatible partner.

It’s a fairly simple premise. It’s hard work to raise livestock, and farmers aren’t looking for a play date. Instead, they want to find a partner who can share the love.

FarmersOnly says that there are more than 550,000 farmers in the United States alone, about 330,000 of which are under the age of 55. This group of people are part of something that has been in decline.

Instead of lamenting the changes that have occurred, FarmersOnly wants to help farmers find the love they deserve.

FarmersOnly is a pretty straightforward site. It does the work that makes sense and doesn’t get too fancy for its own good.

For a site that’s focusing on a group of people who are disappearing, it is great to see the focus is on the details. It’s a simple and reliable site that will give people what they want.

There are few other FarmersOnly similar sites who offer something beyond a dating site.


This online dating website was started by a farmer’s daughter who wanted to help others in the farming world find one another.

That’s why she made it the first website to offer country specific matching. If you’re more interested in finding a farmer from the UK, for instance, or a chickenfarmer from Brazil. FarmersOnly is the place to find them.

Over 15,000 members represent over 200 countries and collectively have all kinds of interesting things to say, including what it’s like to be a farmer.

You’ll find plenty of pictures and a full list of country specific information. They also offer an advanced search that allows you to search for farmers using a plethora of different criteria.

Pros and Cons

With the increase in internet usage, modern agriculture is gradually moving towards computer-based practices (mainly using something called a Farm Management Software). It has been proven to increase farm yield with minimal loss in produce. These software are not 100% compatible with farmers and their logistics needs.

For this reason, FarmersOnly came into existence. They will help you find your FarmersLove for the most reliable partner and help you track the farm data and management.


Price: Free for tinder-like profile (farmers), subscription for premium members. Both have ads – Premium has more ads and to display the premium benefits, you need to pay.

{1}. There are too many FarmersOnly farmers. Mild discrimination is still there, but due to the platform, there is too much competition that makes it harder to find true love.
{2}. The thread moderation is not as tight as it could be. Its common for a farm to post in many "related forums" and find other farmers. However, they must be careful in the same sense that they should not post adverts or ask for money.
{3}. Sometimes the farmers reply to the adverts. However, it seems like they are just there to check if its a good farm.


Which dating site is right for you?

Here are some questions you should consider when choosing which dating website is right for you.

Are you looking for someone who can grow an apple tree with you, or one who may have a home garden and grow their own fruit to snack on?

From the general dating page to hobbies, FarmersOnly is different from other dating websites.

And as a whole, this app is just as much fun for the faint of heart. Farmers Only gets you flirty, horny, and ready for a good time.

If you are single and looking for a great way to meet single farmers, FarmersOnly is the place to be.

There you will have access to more than enough men and women who are single and looking for a good man or woman to share a great adventure with.

Anyone who loves farmwork will feel at home in the dating world of Farmers Only.

This site makes each person feel as though they are trusted individual. They are encouraged to fill any description in as much detail as possible, so that there will be less misunderstandings when two people try to connect.

With the lack of a visible profile picture, users are encouraged to write a bit about themselves.