Feabie Review: Online Dating Platform for Feederism Community

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The Main Points of Feabie Website Work

Feebie is an online dating platform for the community of people who are into control, servitude, and human pickpocketing. Feebies are not only into human pickpocketing but also cat paddling, bird plucking, and even so much as dog flaying.

Like anywhere else in the world, Feebies are passionate. While they mostly look for human pickpockets, Feebies who are into foot worship, dog training, and dog corporal punishment also join Feebies. Feebies are known to be masterful with the arts of bondage, Shibari, and they are known for being able to hit the spot during their fetish play.

Feebies are known as the paypigs of the community. While they primarily look for human pickpockets, Feebies are also known to have a kink for foot and shoe worship. Feebies are a rare breed of sissies who are into foot worship. They are known for their feet to have sweet smelling soft skin.

Detailed Audience Analysis: Reviewing The Majority of Members

Feabie is a website where you can meet and romance people, there is also an optional feature which is setting up and attending animal related meet-ups. You can meet people who may want to attend such events.

Feabie gathers data such as the gender, age, location, relationship status, religious/political affiliation and ideal weight of its users. The type of information it gathers helps it to show you who you may want to interact with.

As feeders, our community is a species-oriented one. Nearly 75.8% of Feabie’s users are either women or men, ages below 25.

The membership numbers do not match the number of feeders in the feederism community. There are about 20,000 women and only 2,500 men who have registered.

The majority of Feabie’s users are single.

The religious and political beliefs of its users are very diverse and include agnosticism, atheistic, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Islam, Roman Catholicism, and a number of other religions.

The average age of members is about 28 years old, with 35.6% members between the ages of 21 and 25, and 19.2% between 26 and 30.

The relationship status of its users are mostly single people.

Key Features Available for Feabie Users

With over 7,000+ members, you can take advantage of their detailed search options.

You can also include your feeding preferences as well as a description of yourself.

Some features also include:

  • Online search & profile browsing
  • Create profile
  • View profiles of other Feederists
  • Send & receive emails
  • Filter out profiles you do not care about
  • Benefits of Feabie for Feeders & Seekers

Feabie is an excellent way for seekers to connect with feeders. Whether you are searching or want to find someone to meet.

It is a very user friendly site and you can also find users’ information and reviews of other users.

If you want to find out more about meeting other users in your area.

Free registration is available to new users.

In-profile questions and answers system for confidence building.

Feabie also has a support system so you can connect with other users and ask questions or share tips.

Benefits of Feabie for Feeders

Feabie is also good for feeders because the site lets you keep track of your feeders.

Feabie has nice options for descriptions, stating what you like and what you don’t.

The Main Issues of Feabie User-Friendliness

Feabie is an online dating platform created especially for those interested in the lifestyle of feederism. As the platform that connects all the feedee and feeders all around the world, it is a good way to make your first public appearance known to like-minded feeders and feedees.

Initially, I was apprehensive when joining Feabie for the first time. It seemed that Feabie is very different from other online dating platforms and I was not sure if it was going to be usable for feeders and for my feeder.

A) Feeder

Feabie is especially designed for those who are on the bottom end of the feederism equation. As a feeder, you might be apprehensive about being with several similarly minded feeders.

First, choose the gender, the profile name and a suitable username. You are also required to set the age range and set new account preferences.

Then find someone who matches your preference on the feeder pages. Pick and date new feeder-feeding options progressively.

Feabie enters the foray as a fresh face in the dating app market.

It has received a few criticism because of its unusual and basic feature set. The user interface reflects this feature set.

Let Us Review the Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application Available for Feabie Members

Feabie is the best place to meet other people interested in feeders.

Feabie members come from all over the world and share truly unique interests.

Feabie Members Are Friendly and Helpful

So if you want to chat with other feeder enthusiasts and connect with others from all over the world, come join us on Feabie.

Does Customer Support Satisfy Users’ Demand?

Feabie is among the top online dating platforms for those who seek some form of fetish connection. What better way to connect with others who have the same interest as you.

I have been spending about three months in the feabie online community where I have met and interacted with hundreds of user profiles. From the start, I had no issues with the website, the profiles or even with the customer service team.

If there was any problem of any sort, I was able to easily and comfortably get a hold of customer service and they have very efficiently solved my problems.

If I had to list a few things that I truly valued from using the website I would say that I appreciated the detailed help documentation on how to use ancillary tools such as the smart profile as well as how to properly use the search function. I appreciated the fact that the site offers so many ways for searching profiles with different filters. For example, you can search for male users on your area, age range, specific professions etc. There are so many different fields to narrow down the profiles and the person you are seeking. I also appreciated that the site provided images for many attributes, such as relationship status, occupation, location, hobbies, interests etc. That makes it easier for me to learn more about a certain person, or perhaps to better understand more about themselves.

Detailed Overview of Sign-Up Process and Profiles

Feabie is a relatively new online dating platform developed specifically for the feederism and petscaping communities.

Founded in 2015, Feabie has a relatively small user base and relatively more open to female users than the male-dominated feederism community.

Not only that, but the platform is quite well-known online for the implementation of innovative features that set them apart from other online dating platforms.

While everyone is aware of the benefits of online dating, very few platforms have been designed specifically with the feederism community in mind.

And Feabie is one of those few.

The sign-up process when first starting out is relatively straightforward and easy. You need to set your age filter to 21+ to be able to use this platform, but that’s justifiable. As an online dating platform, it’s perfectly reasonable to use a minimum age for users.

Upon sign-up, you can fill out your basic profile information of name, age, gender, location, look (website-captured photo), interests, likes/dislikes, and education.

You can also create a personal profile video to upload to your profile. This can be a short introduction video which will serve as a key differentiator from your correspondence.

How to Sign Up? Step-By-Step Instruction

Profile Quality and Verification User’s Account

What Search Tools Are Available?

Feabie has a Search Box on the left side of the screen that allows you to submit words that must be included in searches. The words are saved for future use so you can save time by using a common word sequence. Once you submit a word or phrase, the site will automatically include it in your future searches.

Additionally, clicking the “Search” button and filling in the fields will allow you to compare your search to the last 256 searches. This feature allows you to compare results to see what kinds of terms are being searched. It may assist in your search by revealing phrases that a lot of users are searching on to make sure you are using a synonym when using a common phrase.

The site also has a few advanced search tools such as the ability to search by age, watersports, and body type.

Feabie also uses a rating system from one to five clicks to help you get an idea of the type of photography contained in a profile. You can click on the titles that have appeared in the last week and view all of the photos the user has uploaded.

Overall, Feabie is one of the best sites available for those looking to find fellow swimmers of an alternative persuasion.

Detailed Overview of Matching and Chatting Options

Feabie is a fantastic online dating app for feeding fetishists to search and chat with others in their community.

You can create your profile as simple or detailed as you need. Hit the community feed and start crafting your feeder profile that will stand out from the crowd.

Search through a big pool of women looking to meet real feeder males. Only registered Feabie members are allowed to initiate chats to members who also have a verified and filled out profile.

Some women will message directly or you can even just search for your perfect feeder match.

If you prefer to be a bit more selective, you will have to take the plunge and move into the community. You will get a feel for the community and the conversations that happen in the feed.

As you talk with women in Feabie, you can see who you are already mingling with. This allows you to see who interests you and who you would like to engage further with.

The Feabie chat system lets you easily have back and forth conversations as you both chat about your interests.

You can also use the chat system to initiate a live chat with a woman from the community.

The live chat lets you talk in real time while you both see each other and interact.

Feabie also has helpful tools such as a wishlist, a wishlist hiding option, and even a profile rating system.

What Subscription Options Are Possible on This Site?

Three Months Subscription $ 7.49/mo.

Fee Payed by in advance. The service will be available until the end of the subscription period.

Fee Payed by in advance. The service will be available until the end of the subscription period. PDF guide available for you to print.

PDF guide available for you to print. PDF guide available for you to print.

Member & Tips

Discreet discussion for members.

Discreet discussion for members.

VPN Anonymous Pay

The pay safely from your smartphone,.

The pay safely from your smartphone,.

The Tablet and PC

Receive your order in person,.

Receive your order in person,.

Main Possibilities of Free Website Version

Feabie is an online dating platform for feeders, where you can find other people with similar interests. Feeders are people who experience sexual stimulation from observing or being observed during feeding.

Feabie is for the whole feeder community, but if you prefer to only view other feeders, Feabie has another platform for just that: it’s called My Feeder.

One of the most attractive and common features of Feabie is the Photo Community where you can share photos and discuss your interests and experiences of being a feeder.

It’s a way to network with like-minded people and show your support for the community.

However, if you don’t like to share your "private life" on the website, there is no need to fill in your profile completely.

Your profile can be limited to descriptions of your interests, which can only be looked at by other feeders. This enables you to create a more private and secured profile, feel comfortable, and even hide your name or other personal data.

New Possibilities After Buying a Paid Subscription

Feabie has a large and growing community of users from all over the world, and users can interact with each other in several different ways. They are currently developing a lot of extra features in the service.

For instance, you can sign up for the premium service and get more inbox, message and profile views, a top-notch profile, and a few other special features.

For many users, the most important thing besides the actual dating with other feeders is to be able to browse the profiles of other feeders and determine which feeders would be a good match for you.

Browsing the profiles is not limited to the premium service, but is available as an option for all users. Feabie is expanding its database to include profiles from all types of feeder's magazines.

For mobile users, Feabie has a mobile app available in the app store.

During the development of the mobile app, it was discovered that it would be possible to include it in the premium service, instead of having it as a separate option. The app would also be expanded to include the service's own recommended feeders.

With the introduction of the premium subscription, users will be able to enjoy all of the features in the app. Additionally, users will be able to browse profiles from the other magazines Feabie currently subscribes to.

How Can a Member Cancel a Subscription Plan?

Members can cancel the subscription plan anytime but will be charged the remaining payments for the term of the service.

In case of the subscription plan of six months or more, if a member cancels prior to the first month, the member will only be charged the first month.

Subscription plans of three months or more, if a member cancels prior to the second month, the member will only be charged the second month.

Subscription plans of less than three months, the member will be charged the full term.

In the case of the automatic payment, all remaining payments of the subscription plan will be charged to a bank account.

Payment Failure

In case a member puts in a wrong payment information in his/her account settings, Feabie will charge all the payments automatically upon expiration. The member can withdraw his/her payments via the website in the same manner as the other members.

In the case of the withdrawals through the Internet Banking, the member will be charged for the bank fees.

In case of a bankcard payment failure, the member will be charged for the bank card fees.

Cancellation Policy

Fee-free members may cancel her/his subscription at any time without charge.

Safety and Security Measures the Website Offers

Feabie is a free online dating platform chock full of members looking for an enthusiastic Feeder/Furrower relationship.

It’s a safe and secure place for Feeders and Furrowers to connect without worrying about being catfished. And that’s the whole point of creating this website.

Feabie provides a secure and password-protected environment for their users. Names, the age of the people, the sexuality, and other personal information are strictly private.

Feabs takes privacy and security very seriously, and has partnered with the industry leaders to secure their website in every way possible.

No email addresses of other members are kept, and personal information is distributed to a number of secure databases only.

A very important feature is the ability to easily block and unblock members without any form of hassle.

If someone becomes aggressive towards you after a first match, or you want to completely banish them out of your personal life, blocking them is the way to go.

This is why it is important to read through the Feabie Terms of Use agreement first and follow the steps on how to properly block members.

The Main Feabie Alternatives and Competitors

Feabie is the most popular social network for feederism, for both feeders and feedees.

There are a few other social networks out there but as far as I know, no other social network has everybody in the feederism community and the number of feedees and feeders are as big as at Feabie.

There are also only a few major communities except Feabie who have a private chat that is completely dedicated to feederism and each community only has about 20-40 members.

So at the moment, Feabie has no serious alternatives for the feederism community.

If it is killed or closed, it will be very soon.

Ultimate Conclusion About Online Dating Platform

Feabie is here to help people in the feederism community with social contests and feeding challenges to build their feederism profile and showcase themselves in front of other feederists.

Online dating platform Feabie is striving to help thousands of people meet each other for feederism in the world. The criteria for people to join this platform is that they should be feederists or in the feederism community.

The registration and browsing process at the feederism seduction and dating platform Feabie is free of cost regardless of membership options.

The Feabie review has been conducted for those feederism users who are eager to know more about meeting new feederist for fun and dating in their own community and also to help them to make the right decision in choosing the proper feederism dating platform and app for them.

Feabie Review – Top Features

Feabie is an online dating platform features a number of useful to make finding a feeder, feederist or feederism lover a lot easier and more manageable.

It is the first online feederism dating platform that started its journey to provide the best features for the feederism.

The feederism social media and dating site is built with the concepts of user privacy and making it easy to use.

Pros and Cons

(+) Feabie caters to feeding fetish lovers and fetish partners by providing resources for connection.

(+) It gives the feeders the freedom to enjoy their fetish and the feedees in their feeders find happiness and joy.

(+) The primary aim of Feabie is to provide a safe and easy way of connecting bondage people and the community.

(+) Feabie caters to the all kinds of fetish lovers with a wide range of fetish categories.

(+) Feabie also provides a platform for communicating with professional fetish lovers and their feeders.

(+) Feabie supports international connection by enabling people to perform various acts of fetish on their feeders whenever and wherever they are.

(+) Feabie is a highly recommended online dating program for people involved in the way of Feabie.

(+) Tagged as a healthy relationship, Feabie helps you communicate, and is highly committed to creating a fun and caring community.


(-) Feabie has limited and restricted membership.

(-) The price of the membership can be a little high.

(-) Feabie might refuse to connect if a member has a low profile. (i.e. members who have only written a small number of messages will be removed)

Which dating site is right for you?

We have tested and reviewed the most popular online dating sites in the world and found that Feabie is an absolutely amazing system. It takes the opportunity to connect to geolocated feeder communities and provides a free dating experience for everyone.

Feabie have high intentions, great service, and an amazing reputation to uphold.

To find fetish video, pictures, stories, blogs, forums and more.

Feabie is a Fetish Community online dating platform. You can create a free profile, upload photos and videos of your favorite items, and browse thousands of other people that share your interests. Email, chat, and share your fetish interests, while you are still waiting on the traditional postal mail.