Feeld Review – Real Sexuality Explorer or a Bait?

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How Does Feeld Work and Deals with Users

There’s a lot of hype and buzz around Feeld, a smartphone app that allows you to meet other people who are into the same things that you are. Some financial services were started with precisely the idea that they would help people build community and reach out to those traditionally farther away.

For example, in the 1960’s, a small community group started their own credit union to help serve a population of Japanese and Italian workers.

When you need to do some banking and don’t want to go to the bank, you might go to a local branch of community-based financial services, like credit unions. You get a more personal feel, and your money is also backed by the local community who helped start the financial institution.

The idea of these institutions is to help serve the local population- by offering top-notch service and a better quality experience.

The rising popularity of online services and apps is disrupting how we use financial institutions. The big banks that offer traditional loans, and credit cards, are moving to the online world. But the smaller banks hoping to see an increase in revenue are also moving online.

Curiously, the idea of being more community-based and offering better customer service are some of the reasons why people want to use virtual banking.

Audience Structure, Quantity and Gender Ratio

Key Features and Tips for Users

Feeld is a sex toy for couples that simulates intercourse with a tight hole. It requires a very different set of techniques than most other sex toys. It utilizes what is called a “ultra tight squeeze” which is a new style of dildo for those who love hard orifices.

There are many things that are amazing about Feeld.

It is a very thin, flexible dildo that will allow two people to engage in a very complex, unique form of sex that is fun, interesting, and very stimulating.

It is very easy to sterilize.

The toy is also very affordable for a high quality product.

However, it isn’t an all-in-one solution for everyone.

There are many elements of it that can make it difficult for someone to use. Some people don’t care for the idea of a tighter orifice.

There can also be a learning curve that is difficult to overcome.

It won’t be as fun for couples with more experience. So, it is beneficial because is allows for many aspects of sex to be explored that may not have been explored before.

Anybody from the age of 16 and up should be able to enjoy Feeld.

The materials that the toy is made of are non-porous, latex-free, and phthalate-free.

Sign-Up Procedure and User Profile Structure on Feeld

Feeld is the world’s most connected social app for meeting new people. The app is described on its site as ”a social destination that lives inside your phone.”

It is popular especially among millennials because it has a payment system where they can use their credit cards to pay for experiences.

Users can sign up to introduce their sexual preferences and details so that they can jump through various ”dating” hoops.

Let’s have a look at how it works.

It’s easy to sign up and create your profile. Users can choose the gender they are looking for, as well as choose their own sexual orientation.

The first section of my profile, ”My Favorites,” is just the most recent sexual encounters I have had.

It has evolved over the years, and you can see the details of my preferences for sexual exploration and what I’m looking to explore, all set to my preferences. In my case, the most recent activity happened in May of this year.

Here are just the questions that pop up in the ”About Me” section:

Platform Design, Intuitivity & Coherence

A good platform is widely used by individuals to promote their products and services. Here, you will find a platform by Feeld that feature lots of features useful to sexual health matters.

·The platform features a lot of information including how to have safe sex, STD disease, how to have sex with your partner, different kinds of sexual techniques, and other information as well.

·The platform gathers all the information seamlessly. It does not require you to jump from place to place. If you are interested in the thought, you could simply browse on the main tab.

·There is also a separate tab where you could refer the most popular articles and news about the topic of sexual health.

·The interface of the platform is very clear and logical. It does not require you to read a large amount of information to understand the contents of the website.

·You will be able to discover a lot of information from the platform and you do not have to look for these details elsewhere.

″Modus Operandi–

The Feeld is basically an encyclopedia of sexual health and it is incorporated with some video content.

The moving images of the information are provided by professionals to clarifies the topic better. For example, there are photos provided about how to have safe sex.

Feeld Mobile Application or PC Version

The foremost question that one would ask is what is Feeld? It is an online dating platform, which is specifically for the gay community. If you are interested in meeting people at bars or clubs upon the basis of sexual orientation and gender, this is the perfect platform for you. There are so many people on there charting their journeys of sexual and emotional exploration in the virtual world. This is a great tool to have in the ecosystem of dating and relationships.

==> FEEELD ․ App Review

The Feeld App is not only a great dating platform but a great tool with which you can have access to all your social network on the go. Not only is this tool a great boost to your social network but also helps in knowing more about the people you are interested in meeting.

This application has an ample of rating system based on the experience of the Gay people who use it the most.

You can sign up as a premium member which gives you 12 usage per month, and free memberships which start off at 6 usages.

The feeld app gives you all the information you need in a convenient way! Whether you are looking for a relationship, hook-up or just a one-night stand, this app will help you to meet your perfect match in the most appropriate and entertaining way possible!

Customer Support and Policy of the Site

An introductory video of the site is a definite advantage.

All customers can access every part of the plan which is very helpful.

They give you a video that shows a demonstration of how you should take advantage of the training of the site, many bonuses and promises that they will help you to increase your business as a result of this training, with a lifetime of support.

Unfortunately, this means that, even if you are a customer ….

In the first week after you have completed these steps, you have completed the recommended actions by the site, you will not only have to help you within their discount package.

These examples, which are designed to make you pay more money to solve this or that.

To be clear, if you meet the requirements of the site as described, you will be kept informed when there is an order on the site.

You can enter your data and market on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Feeld is a site that has come on the market, claiming to teach men a sexual health, and how to keep and maintain it.

The idea is a bit vague in the way it is presented, but there is nothing wrong with it per se.

Similar to any other product offered to the users and for whom they make money.

How to Sign-Up on the Platform

Feeld is a sex product review website, that facilitates experiences and enables users to select the local experiences.

The platform is unique in the sense that it offers a peer-to-peer experience that is facilitated through the platform.

Users can select the services on which they wish to focus such as explicit online chat with real people.

The Feeld platform offers services that are unseen on other adult platforms such as live phone sex and sex-cam shows.

Profile Quality and Account Verification Procedure

Feeld is a new online dating app with a good mix of features currently attracting more than 10 million users worldwide.

The app relies solely on your profile to entice you to seek a match. Feeld is not only looking for serious dating matches but also people who are curious how something will pan out.

After competing the procedure of profile verification they wasted no time in getting a match making option to make users feel like they are being in the right hands.

This is a big claim they make when it comes to their profile creation process but their profile creation device is something that is reliable.

It is not like the traditional way of creating your profile because you can use their little game called mmmm to create a decent profile in minutes.

Ethical Dating Tech

Feeld’s profile creation device makes each user feel like they are part of a community that could help them out in connecting with that special one.

Feeld is still new, so you may have to rely on its site to navigate through their exclusive options for finding love.

All you have to do is just take your own time to see what user will be attracted to you through other profiles.

Personal Assistant

The app helps you create a legit profile that will make you the allure to wanters.

Feeld Mutual Search and Parameters for Users

Feeld is a wearable tracking device aimed at erotic experimentation.

After a few days of usage, I then used it to have a taste of the Feeld platform.

I shared my experiences with Feeld on the Feeld forum and got some constructive feedback.

I have drawn this feedback together along with all my resources and information about Feeld and I have prepared it underneath briefly as follows.

Feeld Triggering Setup:

Image of my application to begin with through Feeld.

Image of the Feeld app and how to set it up.

Matching & Chatting with Members on the Platform

Subscription Options for Paid and Free Usage

Feeld Review – Real Sexuality Explorer or a Bait?

With Feeld, you are given the power to explore the world of casual sex. The app works by allowing you to swipe through local singles and couples with whom you can connect for a sexually based encounter. This is done via a Tinder-like application that is sure to open up a whole new world of possibilities. With this service, you can find sex across the globe. All for a fee.


The app seems to install easy enough. Open the app and you will be asked to enter your email address. Having said this, you can bypass this input with the help of the next option: Twitter or Facebook. This is a definite good point, as you do not have to add your email to the app. From here, install feeld and create your profile.

Free Version: Basic Features and Limitations

It’s not easy to find good advice on sexuality online. There are many sites which promote promiscuity like ‘hookups’, but that is not the kind of advice that you should follow.

Sadly, most advice for sex is provided by people who just learned that they are gay or lesbian, probably late in life. But they don’t have enough experience to make proper and researched decisions.

The exploration of human sexuality is a huge part of our lives and we should all be able to enjoy ourselves without fear of social rejection or punishment. The Internet has made many things easier, but there are many more myths surrounding sexuality that need to be addressed.

By using Feeld you can quickly try out different feelings and sexual positions in a safe and secure environment.

Entering a secret password will enable you to share your own tales and experiences with the world. This is a good way to find out what you are missing and things that you may not be able to try out alone.

Some Feeld users have pointed out that where possible the free version is showing ads and in return offering more features and better tools.

It has its downsides like the limited amount of people who can be in your private chatroom. But all things considered, this is one of the better sites for discussing sex.

Paid Subscription: Enhanced Options and Upgrades

Feeld is a new app that seeks to help its users improve their relationships. Feeld is a newer version of Pure, which was founded by Miki Agrawal and a group of other co-founders.

The recent update to Feeld made this app more similar to meet-me. Feeld also has more overall features than just texting and sex positions but it also offers a free version of its premium service. Of course, this has its limitations, but it does give you a taste of what it's like to use Feeld.

How to Cancel Subscription on the Site

The fact of the matter is that infidelity is not an unknown truth but is really on the rise in the present generation. Many people have already been exposed to their affair with their partner or getting cheated in the past. This had resulted in it being a sort of a taboo for others to discuss it in public.

Getting a glimpse of someone’s sexual life is somehow considered as a punishable offense. Well, why is it that if you cheat on your partner, it becomes illegal but when it comes to having an affair, it becomes something normal in every family?

After almost a month of being part of this site I have been able to make conclusions some of which are as follows:

  • Almost everything on here is nothing but an illusion to take your time and money and that too it does not help you much in getting over your sexual problems only makes them worse.
  • It is not just a site that teaches you to make love but also helps you to improve your communication skills in the bedroom.
  • For the first time I had come across people who are not even bothered about sharing their details but when it comes to having an affair can share their details with anyone (including women).
  • Everything can be taught in books and there is nothing like wasting your time on something like this.

Safety Tips & Security Policy of the Site

Your Membership is also protected by the PayPal Family Protection Policy.

PayPal Polices will also apply to any goods you purchase.

You’re always protected on eBay, if there’s a problem with a transaction, this policy will apply.

To join Feeld, you will need to verify your age.

They will take necessary steps to create appropriate account policies for each member.

You could be entitled to our –No-Questions-Asked Policy.”

You should be aware that there’s no refund for the existing members. If you’re certain that you’re not interested in becoming a member, you should stop using the site or close your browser immediately.

Thankfully, no one is asking for your email address or phone number or addresses on the site.

If you do enter your email address, you’re entitled to get an email confirmation once you’ve joined the site. This will help you to complete the joining process easier and you wont forget to confirm the account.

You want to get a chance to get a refund or stop your subscription, you will not have to give your credit card details.

Feeld Competitors and Alternative Dating Sites

Feeld is a smart dating app that was built with the intention of creating a unique experience based on human connections over sex. But is that a reality? Or is this dating app just a gimmick to make money?

While Feeld is a premium Tinder alternative, they advertise themselves as a real sex dating app … they even have a mascot named Feeld Dog.

Here’re the questions you should ask any dating website or app:

  • Has your dating site ever broken down in traffic?
  • How do you deal with customer support?
  • Are your site’s terms and conditions clearly defined?
  • Are you accountable?

So we looked deeper into FeeldDog, and we’re not so sure that they will stand by their motto of –Real Sex Dating… Have Relationships, Not Just Sex.”

Feeld started as a dating app where you could only have sex with men. But after a while, they opened their doors to women. And they opened their doors wide for women. Which is great, except that it also means that a lot of their audience is male.

The entire dating platform is first run by men to cater to male needs and wants; it is not designed with women in mind at all.


A feeld is an app that helps you connect with real lovers online. They claim that you can have sex with anyone halfway around the world and can do so anonymously.

But after you read and analysis of the app, you understand why it fails as a true dating app.

You are matched up with a user that shown in your age range and based on your sexual interests. You can choose just one category among the following: Dominance, Fetish, Tenderness, Adventurousness, Masculinity, Femininity, Leisurely Sex, the taboo and nerdy.

Every section results in a new section where you will have to fill out some forms, choose your favorite sex positions and payments. All these are just a formality, you can skip them and proceed to the most interesting part, the part where you get to choose exactly who you can have sex with.

All you have to do is to choose whether you want your partner to be below or above your age, whether you’re willing to have man on man action or not, and in some cases, if you desire more or less kinkiness.

Pros and Cons

Ever since the day I received the invite to test out Feeld, I was very curious to get on.

It was quite a common question that kept coming up on all of my social media accounts concerning the app. To make things simple, it’s the Tinder of the gay community. It has all the same features as Tinder so I was only too happy to get my hands on it.

When I got my invite, I signed up and installed the Feeld app right away. I was too busy to go look for a hookup online on Grindr or Scruff, so Feeld sat in the back of my mind as a solution to my problem until the perfect opportunity presented itself.


  • Features are similar to Tinder
  • Ability to select from different results for different users
  • The ability to message
  • Catching the attention of different users
  • Accessing a sexuality inventory


It’s a hookup app

It’s still not very popular. Uber is a lot more popular than Feeld.

Although the app is simplistic and to the point, it still lacks its own unique features to take it from the competition.

The Verification Process Can Be Deemed as Excessive


Which dating site is right for you?

You may be surprised, but on the net there are more dating sites than there are on this planet. The results of choosing the right one can be really hard.

When it comes to finding a serious relationship online, different dating sites have different list of criteria as to which you’re allowed to browse through to find that special someone or the best match.

With all dating sites you’re looking for a real partner, but sometimes a surprising percentage of dating site users decide to be just casual sex freaks.

The growing popularity of such dating site memberships can be explained that people are looking to build a longer lasting and more satisfying sex experience.

To make sure that consensual sex does not become rape, the safest way to meet people is on a date with a set of clear, defined terms.

Along with safety in such a context, it’s very important to have mutual agreements that will ensure a successful, lasting sexual experience with no misunderstandings.

This is a very crucial aspect of your protection against blackmailers or others that may want to take advantage of you.

For feeld review:

With the best reviews that you can find for the recently released Feeld and the sex-tech that is changing the world, this app and related review tips are worth to make your time and view more fruitful.

At an instant, you can feel the emotions of this app via the app review. So, this can be considered as a digital communication, one of the recent modern technologies struggling to connect with the human souls. This review will give you tips on how to benefit from this paid application. If you are interested in using an app, learn from the Feeld review.