Fitness Singles Review – Legit or Scam?

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How Does Fitness Singles Work?

Fitness Singles is described as a community and friendship website for solo or single people. To join the site and use its tools and features, you need to be 18 years of age or older and able to use a computer.

Some of the tools it offers include a gallery, a chat and a social bookmarking tool to share content with the community. This site aims to help its members to meet and socialize in a fun and safe environment.

It claims to feature attractive, fun and interesting people, in addition to has a gratis membership for registered members.

However, no matter the size of your social circle, most people are on some sort of dating site or app. From my perspective using a dating site is a way to test the market for anybody that is interested.

Often people are put off by using the same dating site as everybody else and end up missing out on more opportunities. In my opinion, this is why dating sites like fitness singles can be useful.

A large part of these types of sites are found to be scams or dodgy, but while they may not be the best for you, if you’re out and about, there is nothing to be lost in signing up.

Checking out the site and seeing if it indeed catches your attention can then lead to you looking elsewhere to see if you can bring it to life.

Audience Analysis

This is meant for those who want to go on a date and are looking for a way to stand out. The guys would rather cost money than look classy

Product features: Includes all the things you need from planning to jewelry, to massages, to baby sitting. They offer services for almost all occasions. They have a kind of range of events that are available for you depending on the occasion. They only provide a full service if you purchase their overall package.

Extra services: i.e. chocolates, flowers, massages, dinner.

Key Features

Of Fitness Singles:

  • Fitness Singles is a new online fitness dating service that aims to help singles find the best fitness partners to spend their time and energy with. If you are interested in meeting new people, this is a great place. It’s free to join and to use.
  • The site has over 10 million users and over 3 million fitness singles currently in the system. It’s a quick and easy way to meet people and to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • It’s one of the top sites in its industry so there is no question about the credibility of Fitness Singles.
  • In addition to the main Dating site, there are additional features that you can take advantage of as well. There are forums where you can connect with other singles, find out about products, events, or find support and make friends.
  • There are also four different women’s websites with a number of catering to different audiences. You can chose one that fits your needs.
  • This is a truly live, engaging and interactive site so you can connect with other potential fitness partners that are in your area.

Fitness Singles User-Friendliness

Upon my first impression with Fitness Singles, I was extremely impressed with the user friendliness greatly exceeded my expectations. The step by step instructional video really made it easy to do what was needed.

The step by step guide is a big hit for me, it helped to know how to do a product properly as well as give instructions on how to it properly. I used the images in the article to go more into depth into the supplements of it and how it works as a total package.


This website is easy to navigate, the content very user friendly, and the layout also very easy to read.

I really like the layout of the website and how the two main sections are separate is very useful, also liked that each of the body parts has a section on it as well. It’s also a nice touch that you have the more detailed regions like heart, muscle, etc. for each other section.

The information that is on the site is very clear as well, good for not worrying about anything confusing. The more detailed information on each on of the products which is also pretty in depth for me.

Fitness Singles ReviewLegit or Scam?

I would say that Fitness Singles is clearly far from a scam and is actually cheaper than most supplements out there.

Website Design & Usability

The website design and usability of the website should be optimized for ease of use and accessibility for the target audience and devices.

The likelihood of the website being visited and the number of sessions it generates are both important metrics to consider. The layout and design of the website should be easy for the target audience to navigate and understand.

Wider, site-wide usability issues need to be considered. For instance, a page’s loading speed and the number of pages that load in the same amount of time should be considered.

The color palette of the website needs to be thought out carefully. Below are examples of common website design mistakes.

A website layout that appears very busy and too complicated may cause people to give up and leave the website.

A navigation menu on a website that appears too cluttered and packed full may cause people to become annoyed and give up on the website.

A website color palette that is too colorful or busy may cause people to become distracted (looking at other websites or checking their phones).

A website color palette that is too dull and boring may encourage people to leave the website, and may also cause people to not even see the website because they are looking elsewhere on the internet.

A website homepage layout that looks boring will turn away your visitors and make them click away.

Fitness Singles Mobile Application

Customer Support

If you’re passionate about exercise, you’d love to feel that purpose every day. That’s why having a good fitness club online and having a full club around the corner is of paramount importance.

The accomplishment of your goal depends on the ease and convenience you can make of your environment.

Most people agree that a fitness site should have many members to really make it worth your while.

In case you are a first timer, I’m glad that the procedure is very easy and you can start right away. Simply sign up for the cardio plan and start working out.

My partner is a paid member at Fitness Singles club and lives in downtown where it’s sometimes difficult to find a place that offers a good and long workout session.

Even with the gym membership cost, it is still a cheaper option than joining several different gyms.

Fitness Singles doesn’t have any hidden charges or hidden charges. It is also safe to use since the company’s motto is affordable, safe and award winning.

The trainer rewards system is a good motivator to keep on getting better and better with each workout.

Sign-Up Process and User Profiles

The fitness singles process is very simple. After you click on the banner in the bottom of this page, you will then be on the their official website.

After you register, you can access your fitness singles account on the left-hand side of the page. In the upper right-hand corner, it shows the number of people who fit your criteria.

User Profiles

The next part of the website you will click on will be your profile. You will find the following aspects in this section of the site to help you get the most out of your account.

My advertisements: Below your user name is the section for your advertisements, including profile, photo, and other information to further brand your profile.

My searches: In this section, you can search for people who match your criteria in your town, country or who ever you like.

Looking for more than friends: You can make a profile as a fit person so other users can search for you who you want to go out on a date with. In this section, you can include other people that you are interested in, including single parents, seniors, sports enthusiasts, career oriented etc.

How to Sigh Up

A Morning When You’re in a Fitness Singles Rcok?

Eating and exercising are two things that just about everyone needs to do. If you enjoy doing the workouts in a fitness singles review, then you might find it equally difficult to wake up… or even be motivated to get out of bed.

The good news is that it’s possible to get great sleep without relying on any sleeping pills or supplement. You can actually find a great pair of shoes that can get you through the toughest ones.

Just as with any sports shoe, you should really get some that you can trust to provide support, a good fit and feel comfortable. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of sneakers, you can go with a pair of athletic shoes instead.

They are usually a lot more affordable, but it’s very important to keep up with the quality so that you always feel comfortable and in control.

Luckily, there are a number of great options available that can help you feel confident and prepared to face a big day when it comes to all that you need to do.

Profile Quality and Verification

Udemy has one of the best tracking systems in the business. The instructors and their lectures are tracked with time stamp, number of energy given, speaking time and many other useful metrics.

You can contact Udemy’s customer support team directly if you ever experience any problems with your subscription. Udemy’s customer support team does an excellent job in bridging the communication gap if the instructors are unreachable.

User Review – – Is Fitness Singles A Legit And Legitimate Workout Program?”

It’s Official! Fitness singles is a legitimate exercise system, and you can expect to see results. Furthermore, if you take part in the program, you will feel better in a variety of important facets within your life.

Fitness Singles is a workout program that is created by Jake the Science Guy, and can be downloaded from the official website.

The system covers all different aspects of your lifestyle, and will help you to live an overall healthier one.

The name of the program, Fitness Singles is quite self-explanatory in terms of what it does.

In a nutshell, it is a system that will single you out to the right workout for your goals.

Not only that, but an individual can follow multiple Fitness Singles classes at once. You can choose to do a mix of cardio and weight training, or choose one or the other.

This is the entire focus of the program.

In order to find a perfect workout that suits your personal needs, you will have to take some measurements.

These will depend on your height and weight. These two measurements are sure to help you reach your fitness goals.

Matches & Chatting

When you're just starting out with joining a fitness singles website, there's a high possibility that you will be joined by other people who are also just beginning.

Some websites give you the option of creating an account and receiving email notifications.

This can be awkward if you are on a dating site for the first time and you have to be the one to suggest meeting up with others.

I find it much easier booking fitness classes with other people who are also just starting out. It makes it easier for you to gather feedback on distance and what people particularly like and rate it highly on.

Along similar lines, I always suggest meeting up with people for a chat before deciding to work out alongside them. This helps you establish rapport with people who match with you and will also help build a sense of trust and rapport.

The idea is that if things go well, you will be encouraged to work out with them again in the future. You may decide to skip the classes or drop out because they're not to your liking.

At least you will be able to say you had the opportunity to have a chat with them at least.

By purchasing a subscription to a well-known fitness singles website, you should be able to find other people who are within similar fitness standards to you.

So what's the catch?

There are two sides to the coin.

Subscription Options

Legit or Scam?

The Legit and Scam options are really different deals in the same platform.

You can use Legit to find that someone to exercise with or put you in touch with a gym that you can add on your account. It has personal trainers that you can add discounts to to help you improve your health and fitness.

Scam is a desktop app that runs in the background on your computer and uses these exercises to track your workouts in order to improve your movement. You will hear a beat and see a graphic that takes you through your workout.

These are the main two things to consider before deciding if you want to subscribe to this program. And if not, you can spend the same amount of money on a different program that has the exact same features, most of the reviews and legitimate customers are the same for both programs.

If you get Scam, you can still hear the beats and see the graphics. So if you find Legit too limiting, you can get the desktop app and combine the two together.

Free Version

I’ve written an in-depth, honest review of ProFitnessSingles, FitnessSingles, FitsSingles, ProFitsSingles, FitnessGoalz & ProFitnessGoalz in which Fitness Singles is included.

You can find the full details about this ProFitsSingles review below.

On Wed, 6 Dec 2012, Andrei S. wrote:

This review is about Fitness Singles, reviewed by the blogger team at The Best Test.

We decided to review the Fitness Singles easy interview and 60 day workout routines to just see if it was a legit opportunity.

We also decided that, for this review, we would do our own workout routine for one week to see if the fitness singles trainers would be able to scale their program to meet all fitness levels.

Luckily for us, we already did these things with our existing workout programs before the test began.

Paid Subscription

Fitness Singles is an online dating service whose main focus is meeting people who actually enjoy exercising. Fitness Singles has been around for a few years now, but they are always expanding and trying to get their name out there.

Fitness Singles claims to be secure and safe and they want to see you succeed with meeting someone who will share your passion for exercise. Your heart and soul will be put through the ringer if you sign up for Fitness Singles.

In order to get a complete experience and try out their service, I wanted to try Fitness Singles free for one month. By signing up, I would be able to take advantage of their free trial offer.

Cancelling Subscription

"Human Empowerment Worldwide" is a company that provides "Life Coaching through Skype" and, of course, they claim they have these great "winning subscription systems that helps you to multiply your income and time to pursue the life you are meant to live".

They claim you can cancel your subscription for no reason and keep the prize money that you've earned.

They gave me a "7-day money back guarantee" so I decided to test it.

When the trial period was over, I sent an email to them to cancel my subscription.

I got no response and 30 days had passed.

I didn't get any money back, but I did get a FREE subscription to their service.

If you cancel your subscription, you'll get a FREE subscription to their service.

It's a good thing, but, I did cancel my subscription for no reason.

Safety & Security

A Fitness singles review is just like any other review online. You have to read the info before trying out a service or product. You are better off using pre and post internet searches to find the information you need about a product or service before making a purchase.

This is because you have to make sure that you are doing your research and finding out any information that you can since if you are spending money, it is important to do that research.

When you make a purchase online, you have to ensure that you are buying the RIGHT product and nothing else.

This is because once you have placed an order for a product, you need to make sure that you stay safe.

For example, there may be scammers on the internet who have heard about a Fitness singles review and decided to create a fake website to make money from your purchase.

These scams can be relatively easy to see through if you use the right information in your research.

The main thing is finding about the site’s contact information, whether it to a company, customer care, or perhaps a phone number to call question a question.

If you can’t find any information other than a phone number, then perhaps you should not trust the information you are reading.

But there is no guarantee that it is a scam.

Fitness Singles Alternatives and Competitors

Fitness singles is considered a scam by many people. And while it is saying that the company didn’t view it as a scam, Fitness Singles Review brings you a few sites, which try to provide the same and sometimes even better.

Click here to see the alternatives to Fitness Singles.

Here we go!

FitStarter Desk Side Workout

Fitness singles is seen by many as a scam but didn’t seem to hurt anyone. But if this is true there are few sites providing the same and some even better.

If you rather pay for a fitness system that includes a workout routine then visit the next review for FitStarter. It is a weight loss product that was launched by the popular TV presenter Mike Tindall, and it provides different circuit workouts.

Strile Floor Workout

If you prefer to do your workout on your floor then this is a great fit for you. Strile is a home fitness program with different bars, which you can use to follow routines. It is more flexible and can be also used for different workouts.

Instant Result Formula

Instant Result Formula is a great alternative if you want to do your workout at home. It is a workout system that comes with a single workout DVD, which you can watch anytime. It is set to operate 3 levels and you can change to the next level by following instructions.


Pros and Cons

There are many spam reviews for the Fitness Singles that are available online. After ordering a sample of one, I decided to report on my experience with this product so that I can help others make the right decision. Also by sharing my experience, I am helping other people avoid a Fitness Singles Scam. If you are interested in my review, please read the post next below.

Which dating site is right for you?

You don’t have to be single yourself to know who is a great candidate for online dating. Plenty of married people have a great time dating online as well.

When you are looking for a date (or hookup) or trying to meet new people, it is important to review the profile of anyone you are even remotely interested in meeting up with.

One of the best ways to do this is with a dating site. The Internet is crawling with them, and there are people who swear by some of them and others who wish they never heard the word “online” again.

Fitness Singles offers an approach that is more low-key and work-oriented than some of the others, so if that is what you are looking for, this could be the site for you.

Luckily for you, we are here to help. Whether you are a simple planner or you have been in the dating webosphere for quite a while, here is what works for all of us.