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How Does HER Dating App Work?

Haven is a dating app that allows its users to connect with other women. The idea behind the app and the premise is based on one simple idea.

The main purpose of the Haven app is to create women’s social circles in order to meet other like-minded women. The company has reported that Haven is designed for women to meet other women for friendship, fun, or even love.

Haven is an international dating app and has been available in the app store since 2015, while the similar service, Tinder, first started in 2012.

There are over 45 million registered users of Haven, and it is now one the most downloaded dating apps. Haven was launched in developing countries and quickly spread across the world. It currently operates in over 150 different countries.

Some of the Haven members have stated that they enjoy their new friendships with women they have met on the app. Other Haven users have never met another user in person, but they have enjoyed good and romantic relationships which developed from meeting on the app.

Users may include a fixed bio description, which may include details such as their age, occupation, education, physical description or other "hot-buttons".

There is an option to include a photo (sometimes including and/or profiles containing facial-recognition technology), which shows up in the profiles next to the bio description.

Who Are Registered on HER Dating App?

HER Dating App is a dating and matchmaking platform that connects like-minded people of all genders all over the world. It is an unusual mix of being a technology company and a dating app, as it works with psychology to help people find love. HER Dating App serves a wide range of people searching for short-term relationships, long-term relationships, matches for marriage, and cultural matches.

It is a platform that has been developed to give the pleasure of meeting people to those who couldn’t meet them in real life. It is a matchmaker in digital form. The entire process begins when a user registers on the app. The app design is slick and allows you to start a search for a partner right away.

Upon registration, you are asked to answer questions about yourself and your needs. Once you have filled in the information, a list of potential partners with their photographs appears. You should only have a look at the profile of a man you are attracted to. But that doesn’t mean just showing him a picture. This is a great opportunity to appear more attractive in his eyes by conveying interest in what he has to say.

Her Dating App helps you to get a clearer look at a potential partner with the tips on occasion part from the basic message features on the app. These include the Karma Points system, which is a way to improve your matchmaking experience and learn about other people.

What Makes HER Dating App Different?

Her dating app is like Tinder but specifically created for the lesbian community. It’s the biggest online lesbian community where women can chat with all other women. It has a very active and user-friendly interface where you can interact with thousands.

It has pretty much every category in the app store categorized.

For starters, you can find lesbians who are in a relationship, married and looking to hook up with other lesbians. You can browse lesbian woman profiles and also check out the lesbian section of the website.

The app is very easy to use and you can immediately search for friends who are in a relationship and have meet ups and have scheduled activities.

Your location can also be hidden so only the people nearest to you can see you online. You can also have a look at the top profile photos and look for women who share your interest.

In the lesbian section of the catalogue, you can browse lesbians who have been active on the app and also search for browse profiles of lesbian users.

You can request a meet up or chat with them online. You can see when they are online and how fast they are responding. You can also send them instant messages and interact with them in private chat.

All these features of the app ensure you can find lesbian friends easily.

Does HER Dating App Have a User-Friendly Interface?

HER dating app interface is easy to use and makes it a breeze to log into your account, browse through available women, and send messages to them.

Simply visit the main page of the app and log in using your Facebook or HER account, pick a username for yourself, and browse through the profiles that you like to message.

To message someone, just add them to your favourites and press the ”Start Chat” button, then type and send a message. Each message deserves a credit of 10 points, which you can redeem for a free kiss after a few credits.

Website Design and Usability of HER

The overall website design and usability of HER is very good. The site puts you at ease as you proceed with exploring the features and sign up to the app. The site has a very clean layout which is very par with the current trend in web designing.

The layout colors work in conjoint to bring out the content of each page.

The website navigation is pretty conventional and is very easy to understand.

There are other elements that make for an exceptional user experience like the very fast loading web pages and important search function.

If you ever come across any issue while navigating the website and also the mobile app, the customer care team works hard to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

The only drawback of the site though is the not so responsive user interface.

HER Mobile Application and Browser Compatibility

HER Application for Mobile – Compatible : iPhone, Android

What If You Need Help?

If you need help, then HER Dating App Review tells you exactly that too. It’s a very easy to use and straightforward app to get your head around.

At supported dating events or community gatherings, it’s always handy to have a quick and obvious way to offer gracious assistance or mutual support to women.

This is where our review comes in. We at Bored and Flirty really like the role that this sex and dating app can play in critical times.

How To Create Your Profile on HER?

HER is a dating app where all of its user details are completely female focused. The app is owned by HER, a company founded by female entrepreneurs and those who are directly affiliated with female entrepreneurs.

Each user gets to decide what they are looking for in a potential match. If you want a male buddy or a very specific type of sexual partner, then you can create your profile accordingly.

The vision for the app is to connect woman together and do away with all the haters around.

After all, don’t we all put up with the haters on Twitter and Instagram and avoid internalizing them because we know they are not true?

Similarly, HER is trying to connect women with similar interests.

The best part is that you dont have to pay a monthly subscription to use the app. To start with, all you need to do is create your profile and upload some pictures in order to get going.

The app is free only for the first few days, after which you are expected to pay for the premium version. The prices vary according to where you are in the world, as this would be directly proportional to your currency. However, the fees are very similar to most dating apps out there.

Signing Up for HER App

Whether you’re looking for a healthy dating service or a site to enjoy with friends, HER Dating is worth a glance. The app has recently become the number one lesbian dating app and it’s easy to see why.

How Does the Site Verify Its Users?

As long as you are 18 or over and can establish a connection with the opposite gender and are interested in dating, HER is for you. To join, you first need to verify your gender, identity, and age with a 3rd party who will issue you a verification code, which you will then use to create a HER profile and sign up.

How to Search for Dates on HER Dating App?

HER Dating App is a new online dating app that helps busy and confident women find and meet interesting women nearby.

The app is widely discussed on social media and many online communities.

As the foremost dating platform and available globally, the app allows users to easily set-up their profile, see who else is local, and respond to interested others.

The app is very easy to use, has easy sign-up process and allows users to alter their contact settings anytime.

Users can adjust options in the settings, change bio information, and control their inbox via the app.

The app allows the user to search for other users within 100 kilometers of their locations.

The app is also compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Take advantage now of our special HER Dating App discount and enjoy the new year and meet more amazing women for love.

Starting a Conversation

HER is a great dating app for single ladies to chat and date with other women. It is the only online dating app which lets you connect directly to the women on HER. It was launched in 2014, and since then it has been the best place to find something very special and exciting. The basic concept of the app is ensuring that dating never becomes dull again. It’s the safest place to start your dating journey.

No awkward first date conversations

Dating has become a nightmare in recent times, thanks to our parents, teachers, magazines, movies and advertisements. This is the reason why many people would rather avoid dating altogether.

The only way to avoid those problems is to avoid meeting people altogether and that leads to more problems. Like the famous saying goes, …avoid the problem at its roots.” The best solution for this problem is HER dating app.

We provide a secure private environment where you would be able to meet a lot of people … in the sense that they can only be seen by you and only you. The dates you set-up the app will be your dates, not the titles of …10 women you want to date”.

Membership Options on HER

What Do Standard Members Receive?

Depending on which plan you choose, you can either have access to unlimited messaging, or to a large range of new features on top of the messaging that are available to all members.

Here’s a breakdown of what all the different plans have, and what members will get in return:

The Premium Plan gets you:

  • Unlimited messages
  • A huge number of hot girls all around the world to choose from
  • A large list of the most beautiful women online
  • The Premium Plan Member will be able to message all of these models at any time
  • The Profile View And The Gallery View

The Premium Plan will give you the ability to have a profile that the girls will be able to see. In addition to being a profile picture, it is actually two profiles.

You can instantly pick a picture to use for one profile, and then pick a picture from a photograph album for a second profile.

Each profile has its own look and feel, and this is a great way to let the girls know that the particular women they are messaging is someone special.

The Gallery View

You can have a single picture to show up on most of the women’s profiles, or you can put a sequence of pictures with a different theme in the gallery of each profile.

What Else Do Premium UsersGet?

Additional Features:

Unique Profiles

Some users, who are deemed female in the app, can create their own unique profiles (for both iOS and Android). Once you get your account you are able to make a profile about who you really are/who you want to be.

Some users, who are deemed female in the app, can create their own unique profiles (for both iOS and Android). Once you get your account you are able to make a profile about who you really are/who you want to be. Group Chat

It's pretty obvious that you'll need to communicate with other members in order to make the best partner out of your search! So why not use a app that's already made for chatting!

It's pretty obvious that you'll need to communicate with other members in order to make the best partner out of your search! So why not use a app that's already made for chatting! Exchange Profile Pictures

You can choose who you get to view your profile pic by going to your profile pic. Once you choose your favorites, you can then see who you picked <3

You can choose who you get to view your profile pic by going to your profile pic. Once you choose your favorites, you can then see who you picked <3 Meetups

How to Stop the Auto-Renewal?

Safety and Security Measures Used by HER App

What Are Alternatives of HER?

Have you seen the facebook advertisements of a dating app called HER? And while the name may suggest otherwise, I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised with the app.

HER stands for Happn Etreric or Here For Everyone. So why is this app unique?

Firstly, it’s free to download which is great. And secondly, it is available to lesbians only.

If you are a girl who is looking for likeminded women, this app is perfect for you. But if you are a lesbian who doesn’t have the time to travel to gay bars to meet women, this app is perfect for you too because you can find a lesbian in your neighborhood by just logging in to your smart phone.

The app works on a geolocation based system. Being a lesbian myself, I know how difficult it is to set up dates from home or your office. With HER, you can meet a friendly lesbian in your area to go for an instant date.

Besides meeting the lesbians in your local area, you can also meet women from places, you want to go and explore. The app has a great option of searching women from the countries you want to go to. So you can meet women from different cities and countries when you are on your next vacation.

You can even meet women who live in your neighborhood.

Final Verdict: HER Dating App Review

This is definitely the best place to find other women. For being the best, you can also meet them on the dating apps. Before I tell you what their dating app is, I’d like to tell you what it provides.

Meet Single Women in Your Area

The app makes it easy for females to discover and connect with other singles nearby. In other words, you can meet women who live relatively close by and are interested in similar things.

The app is available in most countries, with more added every day.

For a free membership, you can easily chat, share pictures, message, and make plans for a hangout or even a date. You have the ability to look at other profiles and find out more about the women on the app, making it an incredible tool to use for women looking to meet other women nearby.

Share Happn Events

The app also lets women share the smaller social gatherings they have. This is meant to help women coordinate things like meet ups, with other members nearby.

For women that aren’t interested in meeting other singles any where, the app has offline dating. So if you are looking for a hookup or to spend some time just getting to know one another, you can do that.

Pros and Cons

I find it refreshing when it comes to online dating. This is especially true if the woman is feminine and wants to separate her true lioness traits from total submission.

A sincere relationship with other women is not limited to the confines of a male-dominated world. Thus, I am glad to say that HER Dating App has been up my alley since its launch.


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HER Dating App Review –A Haven Where Women Bond with Women

HER Dating App offers something new in the field of online dating. HER is basically one-of-a-kind app, and it is a great place to meet women. There are endless women online from potentially everywhere.

Even if you don’t have a picture of yourself, you can get a profile created, and the app will ask the person to upload a picture of themselves soon.

Meet all kinds of women, singles, married women, divorced women and older women from various countries. Use this app to meet young and beautiful women of all ages and from around the world.

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Singles Around the World is one of the biggest online dating sites in the world. It is also free of cost and you don’t have to pay to try out this app.