IndonesianCupid Review 2022: Is It Worth Trying?

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How to Get Started With Using IndonesianCupid

IndonesianCupid is a dating site with an Asian heart. It’s a unique feature that allows you to look for love in the continent of Asia.

I follow and like the trend by using the hashtags in the title. The hashtags are more effective than just the main title.

I have only used the site two times, but every time I felt that I was hitting the sweet spot. I am not sure if it is because I am Asian, or having good pictures, or the likes of a great population of Asian women that makes the dating experience the greatest.

I enjoy the Asian culture.

This site is worth trying in the off chance that you see a profile that matches you. If that is not enough, it may be worth it just for the pictures on the site.

What Kind of People to Expect on This Dating Platform

IndonesianCupid is a dating platform that is usually referred to as an alternative to other online methods. While the main purpose of this platform is to help you connect with nearby singles and set up a date, this is not akin to anything that is normally carried out online. Yet, due to the unique approach that IndonesianCupid takes, this has become a successful online dating platform in Indonesia.

There are many different people who use this platform, regardless of what you are after.

Some may find it interesting to connect with people in other countries. If you do, then you have found your happy place because this is where you can meet other singles from various parts of the world.

Others will simply be in search of their own love by connecting with other singles that come equipped with great qualities.

What the website offers is a very authentic way of setting up a date, by providing you with a very practical method of getting to know potential dates.

Within you will find a free access to a selection of profiles on this website. Within this list, you will find a large number of photos that are all of great quality.

This is great for sorting through those thousands of photos, but you need to be on the lookout for potential date matches.

IndonesianCupid is a platform that is designed for you to find your perfect match. Keep this in mind in your search for your perfect match.

Which Unique Features Does This Site Have?

There are a few features that this dating site is a bit extra efficient than most. Firstly, do you believe in the power of destiny? Have you ever told it to just happen and it has come true? You come to be a member of IndonesianCupid.

They are one of the open minded dating sites where destiny is the reason behind why people are brought together. In reality, it is not an easy task to find a soul mate if you are dating locally.

You have to cross your fingers and hope that the period that you live in is really conducive to finding new love.

The million dollar question is: Are you ready to find the love of your life?

Well, you can find them by joining the IndonesianCupid.

The site conditions are not an economical affair, but it is worth it because you will enjoy the journey.

The site started in 1996 and they have a network of over 400,000 members.

You can date people in over a hundred and fifty countries.

Those are just some of the features this site has to offer.

For free for starters, I would certainly recommend this website to start your introduction into the world of online dating.

What Makes IndonesianCupid Interface User-Friendly?

IndonesianCupid is that kind of online dating site that evaluates everything you think about and turns it into a ticket so that you can get in touch with matches with similar preferences.

They are user friendly because every single detail has been thought of, even the little ones so that you can find every single match that fulfills your requirements.

IndonesianCupid is a site that focuses on the most important aspects of a relationship while knowing that the rest can be adjusted later.

Which is why the site is not focused on any particular kind of personality. It gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with your desired match on a closer level before deciding to take things further.

Details and options are available to you to, if you so wish, but the site does not force you into completing any sort of questionnaire and neither is there a premium package that allots you a guaranteed match.

These aspects just show what is most important to them, which is the user experience.

Which makes the site user friendly. You get a help button at every corner to guide you through the site, no matter what you need.

This formula works since any company that is really trying to distinguish itself from the others in the same niche will try to respond to 50% of their users’ questions in the first 3 days only.

How Updated Is the Design and Functionality of the Website?

The website design is the same as it was in 2015. There is a company blog on each page, and a collection of articles in the research and news section.

How Convenient Is It to Use IndonesianCupid Mobile App?

I actually use an IndonesianCupid review source that is far more convenient and reliable. But IndonesianCupid for mobile usage does have a mobile app.

IndonesianCupid mobile app is a great way to quickly lay your eyes on the profiles and chat with one of them.

You can search using a vast number of filters to find your first, second or third Indonesian girl in no time.

IndonesianCupid mobile app is more convenient than the actual website, but it does have some limitations.

While IndonesianCupid mobile app allows you to browse through profiles, it does not display the photos. You cannot chat with the girls on the mobile app.

You should use the online version instead. If you are looking for a mobile app that allows you to chat with girls to find your perfect match, I recommend you check out the IndonesianCupid app matches feature.

How to Contact the Customer Support Team

IndonesianCupid offers a limited time free trial membership to anyone who wishes to test their services.

If you have any thoughts or questions about their website simply contact them by filling out the email form on their Contact Us page.

The Customer Support Team is open 7 days a week, you will be able to get in contact with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

IndonesianCupid also offers a chat feature so you can talk to a real person. If you are lucky you may even get your hands on a VIP member who can assist you further with your membership account.

If you are not able to use the free trial you can always try out thier offer.

How to Set up User Profile

Make a user profile before you log on IndonesianCupid. This means that whenever you log in, your preferences will be automatically set to the last settings you used. In this way, there will be no repetitive patterns that are a burden to repeat.

Make sure you type your profile continually as it provides you with momentum. Do not post your profile and be on that easily.

Add a few photos so that your profile looks like the first time. Add photos of you, what you like and what you do.

Enhance your profile by reading online articles on emotions and have sentences that match your profile.

LinkedIn, LikeRed, Hirevue and Glassdoor are good sites that give you general tips on approaching women.

Have you got a crush on the girl you like? Be it a work colleague, neighbour or friend, if you have a crunch for a girl, then you have to try out strategies for dating, online matchmaking and sending irresistible messages to girls. It is your way to reach her if you want that girl. It has been heard that 67% people found love because of the Internet; so if you want a relationship with any girl then you just need to find out some good and reliable dating sites.

How Quick Is the Registration Process?

I recently took the IndonesianCupid speed dating event review. It only took me about 1-2 minutes to complete the registration process.

It was a mobile-optimized site on a mobile-friendly platform.

It took me less than 30 seconds to verify my mobile number.

After around 10-15 min, my profile was active and ready for response.

You can join IndonesianCupid as their premium and light membership.

What Should a User Profile Contain?

Most online dating services have been in business for many years and therefore have accumulated a wealth of user data. It is often much easier for them to pick out the best matches than it is for a new service. And since many dating services receive tremendous revenue through advertising, membership in these services is free in order to keep people signing on.

Therefore, in order to see who will be good matches for you, you must do your share of research.

If you have been online dating for a while, you will likely have seen most of the same profiles, talked to most of the same people, and figured out what you like and dislike when it comes to the type of man you are looking for.

If you are starting from the ground up, it can take a while to find someone you connect with. During this time, you need to spend a good amount of time assessing the profiles of men you meet with.

This process can be tricky. Every man has a different goal with his profile, and every one of them wants to stand out.

What you are looking for, though, is that unique perspective of his. The things that set him apart from other men and make him special to you.

Is It Possible to Search for Other Users on IndonesianCupid

You can search for other users based on your preferences. Simply log in the IndonesianCupid and you can search for users based on photo, age, city or birthday.

For example, if you’re looking for dating site for married people, you can try searching for users based on city only.

How to Contact Your Matches and Other Users

IndonesianCupid is one of the best free dating websites for meeting online singles from Indonesia. Founder of the site is Rusman Hooijberg who launched the site in January 2011. The site aims to help single men and women from Indonesia find love and friendship online through their free dating site. The site is famous for its personal service system which is fundamentally different from what most of the other online dating websites are offering. It offers the best free dating service with its well established and optimized feature-rich platform and datingsites reviews with user-friendly interface. To contact your matches, the site provides an active messenger service where you can communicate with your IndonesianCupid matches, and they will come back to you once you have send your message. In addition to this, you can also enjoy other communication features such as instant messaging, and the site has a full-fledged social network which has been specially designed to help you get in touch with other users and to find potential matches.

Tips on Choosing a Membership Type

Being introduced to online dating was a revelation. I have had several relationships, and I have met amazing people there. But I have also been disappointed with what is in there and I never saw the people I had met, who were interested in me, to go on and to email me. IndonesianCupid is the answer I was looking for!

IndonesianCupid is a free dating app that allows you to look for singles in your own state. On the other hand, unlike other dating apps, it lets you post a profile for free. Deposit money only after someone wants to meet. It is free to look for matches, to contact them and to exchange messages.

Choose between a monthly membership and a one time only one payment payment system. If you meet someone you like, want to contact him and like to see him again, do not pay one time. Instead, go to the app where you can connect with an orbiter and a deal maker, who know how to arrange dates.

Depending on the level of this person you want to rank her, you can pay for a lower or higher position. You can start with a trial, for which you have to refer a friend. In the trial mode, you post a profile for free and look to see what happens. At this stage, you can also join an orbiter, who can help you get matches.

She will take some time every day to post your profile.

Which Features Does Free Membership Offer?

If you spend thousands of dollars on membership sites each year, you can understand how important it is for you to find a site that gives you the most bang for your buck. IndonesianCupid got you covered.

As the free membership site, IndonesianCupid gives access to over 180 million singles from all around the world, split into over 40 different ethnicities. It also gives you access to the IndonesianCupid chat rooms, IndonesianCupid forums, and IndonesianCupid video and picture dating.

After a third of a century since the site was first launched, IndonesianCupid has become one of the most well known dating sites around the world. In 2005, IndonesianCupid launched its paid membership, which was then backed by the IT giant, Yahoo!

Nowadays, IndonesianCupid remains a free dating site, but in its own unique way.

IndonesianCupid gives you everything you need with the free membership, but the paid membership offers a few extra perks. IndonesianCupid gives you better search functionality and a wider variety of user profiles and features.

If you want to to spend a little bit more time with IndonesianCupid and feel they have some of the best products around, the paid subscription has different options for you, depending on what you want.

IndonesianCupid Premium is a 3-month subscription with several different payment options.

Which Tools Are Accessible to Premium Members

There are 2 IndonesianCupid tools available to us only. The first is the photo search tool which gives a better chance to find your match. The second tool is the premium conversation tool which increases the numbers of IndonesianCupid members who will find you.

The correlation between the success rate in finding your match and the number of IndonesianCupid members who will find you is up to you and your built photograph. They have put in a lot of features to make sure that IndonesianCupid has the tools you need to find your match.

How Much Does IndonesianCupid Subscription Plans Cost

IndonesianCupid provides two subscription plans for poly betcha: Monthly subscription with no extra charges,

A yearly subscription without the big initial investment.

Usually there are two factors that arise when deciding which option to take: 20% discount for a year compared to the monthly subscription.

None of the subscription plans require any payments on the first day of use, allowing you to use a bonus or transfer an existing account to a plan without any extra fees.

How to Cancel Your Subscription Plan

If the service doesn't amplify traffic in your inbox, you have two options: first, read the terms of service and find the section that says you can cancel the subscription and you will get a refund.

The second option is that the service is not effective in helping you. If that is the case, you can cancel the service and get your refund within 30 days for a full refund.

IndonesianCupid is a paid service and won’t work for you if you want free trials.

But admittedly, paying for a service will require you to see results. This won't be the case for everyone.

To find out if the service is worth it for you, you need to try IndonesianCupid for at least seven days.

If the entire time you can't get a single date with the service, there is no reason for you to spend money.

Reviews of the service are nearly universally positive and claim that, unlike some services, IndonesianCupid works well on the first day you sign up.

How Reliable Is the Security of This Website

Indonesiancupid is free to use, and it’s also an official website, but it doesn’t mean that it has the highest security.

In fact, it has no protection at all. That’s probably why it has a lousy rating on the unique security for your data.

If you are asking yourself if this is a safe website to use, I have one answer for you. It has some really great features. For example, you can use the messenger, and it definitely saves you time from translation.

That being said, the reason why it has poor security is not because of what they have done, but because of what they haven’t done.

Unfortunately, there’s no protection on messages. Someone can read the message you send to another Indonesiancupid user, and if they ever want to take advantage of it, they will know exactly who you are.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Indonesiancupid company is located in maybe a place where company’s have no right to protect your personal data or personal information from hackers.

And that’s why the security is very poor.

Which Dating Sites Are IndonesianCupid’s Rivals

And How Far Does It Come Up When it Comes to Falling for Indonesia’s Population?

IndonesiaCupid is a dating and personals site that specializes in finding love in Indonesia. It is one of the largest dating sites in the Asian region with over a million members.

It delivers the ideal option for meeting other singles in an international environment through the use of its u-origin system. These options help members to easily see potential matches for the numerous popular areas in the site’s book.

As a dating and personals site, it also allows one to quickly share photos and details with other site members. This information is based on each member’s interests, history and preferences.

IndonesiaCupid works with one’s activity on the system to help find other qualified users for dating. It also shares the profiles of other users to help facilitate one’s comfort.

To date, there are over four hundred people on any given day. Most of these users are in their respective age groups. It used to be ranging from 18 to 70, however, it now has the gap shifted, and the age gap has also been reduced.

Final Thoughts on Our IndonesianCupid Review

After all the product research and on-site trial, we are now confident enough to come up with a spot-on IndonesianCupid review of the product. In fact, we can confidently say that given the facts, customer testimonials, and long-term research to date, that IndonesianCupid is your best bet.

One thing we especially like about IndonesianCupid is that it takes the time to help you understand the product and what it can do. This is done through all the videos and features.

They even provide a more than generous money back guarantee.

Also, we like that IndonesianCupid has been able to attract a significant number of positive testimonials from real users.

All of this information instantly helps you understand what IndonesianCupid can do for you in a way that no other product review can match.

Pros and Cons

IndonesianCupid helps Indonesian singles find a match. It is a paid site which has high-quality services. It claims to have a 95% success rate.

The cons of IndonesianCupid are listed below:

  • It takes time to get matches
  • It has a very limited database
  • The filtering options are basic
  • It can take more than a month to subscribe
  • It is a premium site

To use IndonesianCupid, you need a credit card to add money to your account.

The pros are listed below:

  • The site gives you an opportunity to meet real Indian girls
  • There is a free trial available
  • Once you join, you won't have to pay
  • It is a 100% free site
  • You can try dating services without paying
  • It is a free site
  • It offers you a chance to meet other singles
  • You can meet singles from other parts of the world
  • It gives you a chance to get acquainted with other singles

Which dating site is right for you?

We’re with you most of the way when it comes to picking the right dating site. Between the large number of dating sites, the sheer variety of options, and the overwhelming complexity, it’s a good thing that you don’t have to do it alone.

Fortunately, we are here to help.

Below we have ranked the dating sites by how suitable they are for you.

That is your best reference point to which IndonesianCupid dating site to choose. A good IndonesianCupid reviews will give you a more concrete explanation of each site’s features and will assist you in narrowing down your research.