InternationalCupid Review — Legit Or Scam

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How Does InternationalCupid Dating Service work?

The InternationalCupid Dating Service is your one-stop destination for online foreign and interracial dating. It’s a unique dating site that specializes in helping people to connect and find their special people from other countries.

The user will enter their profile information for others to find and they can enter for free. The site does e all the work for you and can search and find people from over 195 countries. There are personal ads for singles who are seeking marriage as well as background check service and much more. It has a great system for checking criminal records and establishing trust.

There are no membership fees and it’s absolutely free to register. You do have to pay to participate in the random chat rooms, but you do not pay to go on a date.

It’s a smart system that uses the best search techniques and analytics to identify your perfect match. All you have to do is enter your details and in the process, you can trust that it will match you based on your preferences.

It has a group dating feature where you can meet different singles and in doing so, you can learn what you want and what you don’t want. It’s a shopping and learning experience all in one.

Audience Analysis

We are going to examine the latest dating site …. InternationalCupid. Which is an international dating site and the owner of this site are Sue Beardsley and Cemre Baskin? It was started in 2009 but was launched in established in May 2009. As you can see, InternationalCupid is a very new site but it is highly popular. It’s not just a dating site but it provides you the platform where you can meet the people living nearby. It was established by two female entrepreneurs Sue Beardsley and Cemre Baskin. They are both dating entrepreneurs who are from New York.

Key Features

InternationalCupid is a website that is designed to get you international (not just national) dating opportunities. It works by connecting you to other singles who are seriously looking to hook-up with someone from around the world.

The objective of InternationalCupid is to help men and women improve their chances of discovering the love of their lives online, by matching them with people who are searching for love in 200 countries around the world.

The site is advertising intensive, aimed at generating traffic and revenues. These days, you can also include paid advertisements in your affiliate linking strategy. InternationalCupid has a unique approach to online dating – by using its innovative matching system.

InternationalCupid User-friendliness

InternationalCupid has one of the easiest registration processes I’ve seen in recent times. It’s simple to create an account on the website, even from your mobile phone.

You can make a request for a female or male account and after you fill in the required information on the website, submitting the form is as simple as clicking your mouse button.

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InternationalCupid is a licensed matchmaker service and this is indicated on the website under their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

You will need to pay the registration fee to get access to the service but you are not only getting access to all the dating and relationships tools, you can also use the live chat to speak with a relationship consultant before deciding if you want to want to start your dating journey with them.

After you confirm your registration, InternationalCupid will start with the process of screening the people who reach out to you for a date and judging their compatibility by their photo and their email messages. InternationalCupid will match you with your desired date and send you a calendar month schedule of dates to meet up with that person.

Each dating date is carefully scheduled and agreed upon by both partners.

Site Design & Navigation

InternationalCupid is a very visually appealing website that uses a very straightforward and straightforward navigation.

When you visit the homepage, you are welcomed by an interactive map of all of the available InternationalCupid members. The blue dots are on the map.

Once you click the map, all of the member profiles that meet your chosen search criteria will be displayed on the left rail.

Further Ads Vs/Features

This site is focused strictly on the dating world making it its forte. But they are clearly in this business to make money.

They do have very high membership prices and the site is not really a user friendly one. But their guarantee to their members to make sure that the profiles are genuine is convincing. So they are getting you to download their software to make sure your profile is genuine.

The software scans the pictures and makes sure the profile matches that of the pictures. The software reports all of this to the dating site.

One thing they are very generous in is the free time they give to their members. Once you spend a month with them, they give you a month for free, so you can go out and see if you can use the site successfully.

InternationalCupid Mobile App

InternationalCupid is a little bit different in that it’s not just about date finding.

It’s about a whole global dating network.

It’s literally the love finding company.

That’s why you can find members from everywhere and can get to know people from anywhere in the world.

Simply put, it’s a dating platform where you can browse through members from all over the world and meet up with them.

The good news with InternationalCupid is the quality of people that they put in the dating network. People who have received a lot of attention online and are already well known to the public.

Of course this automatically increases your chances of finding someone who has similar interests and is interested in meeting you.

You can see the profiles of a large group of other members, and for each profile you decide who you want to interact with, you can just click on the messages button and send messages with an individual.

The way that the messages works is that you can either send them a personal message, or if they are more interested, you can ask them for a personal message.

As I mentioned before, you can either message them online or in real life when you meet.

Customer Support

InternationalCupid has some great customer service and is always accessible. They have a huge community of singles from all over the world who are trying to establish themselves.

The team at InternationalCupid is always available to answer your questions and they respond very quickly.

They have a calming and friendly chat system you can use whenever you want.

You are able to ask them all kinds of questions and they can help you out wherever you need the answers. In addition to that, they also help you find love in India.

If you ever want to talk to someone, you can either ask the specialists through their InternationalCupid service, or ask in the community at InternationalCupid.

You can use these chat lines for all the kind of chat questions you may have.

The best part is that you can call or instant message with any single on the InternationalCupid members list, and also there are more than 30 thousand members across the globe.

You can contact the Customer Service Teamthrough their email, which is currently on their Contact Us page.

Here is how to contact the customer service team:

You can contact them through their page where they have the help articles for you to read.

You can also message them through Facebook at their account.

And finally, you can go to the InternationalCupid website and contact the customer service team in an easy online chat.

Registration and Profile Creation

International Cupid is a paid mailing service. Yes, there are legit dating sites that bill you for their monthly membership. It is way better than joining sites that require you to pay to pay and then pay to get matches. The downside is that these fees do add up if you are in it for the long haul.

But International Cupid is cheap. For less than ‬50, you get a 24-month membership to this site. Upon registration, you will be required to give your mailing address.

Once your profile is created, a personal contact number will be added to it. This is the only contact number that will be displayed online. This is done to ensure that there is no possibility of any kind of scam.

Also note that you will not be able to see the contact number of other people. If you are very concerned about people seeing this number, you will now have a way of contacting them.

The site is quite simple to navigate. You can find all of your matches, the amount of matches you have, where they are from, a mailservice form to request a date, and information on popular features like match ratings, member profiles, and advanced search.

Though people can answer your basic questions correctly, they do get very annoying answering the same thing over and over again. This is the nature of chatters everywhere.

Sign-Up Process

Not sure if this is the real site or even a legit site. Some of the negative reviews don’t make sense. These complaints are about really just learning and understanding the site and other issues.

As a new user, I had to create an account and enter in all my information. The sign-up process can be slow. I had to enter in my date of birth, mine was pulled from a national ID database.

I then entered in a photo of my face and my height and weight. It wasn’t difficult to complete. Then I had to choose if I wanted male or female.

Keep in mind that the site is paid and it works by being paid. The staff at the site overlooks any profile that has no activity on it.

It is also supposed to be free to participate and to browse. Like it’s free to go to Wal-Mart and browse but you pay to enter the store.

I signed up late at night and received an email in the morning that my profile is no longer active because I signed up late at night.

I had no way to contact the company or even understand what is going on. So in the morning I go to check my profile and I cannot login to my account. At this point, I’m not sure what to do.

Profile Quality And User Authentication

What Does InternationalCupid Claim To Do?

InternationalCupid is an online dating site that claims to have made time and distance irrelevant for potential partners.

It also is known to match singles from different countries. The platform was launched in 2004 as an online mail order dating service where thousands of women from different countries were seeking partners.

The website has now combined its two networks iDate and iMeet beautiful people.

The single purpose of the site is to help people find a partner and build a long-term relationship regardless of gender, nationality, and distance.

Is InternationalCupid Real or Scam?

The platform has proven to be effective in building long-term relationships for its members. However, it is important to note that some of the singles who have used the website may have been scammers or have have cheated on their partners.

Members sign up as part of a group and according to the site’s website, there are over 1,000,000 members from over 150 countries in its database.

InternationalCupid works on a membership model that allows members to send messages without the use of money. S