InterracialCupid Review – How Legit Is The Site?

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How Does InterracialCupid Function?

The lack of diversity in our dating pool is a serious problem. InterracialCupid is a great place to look for a native of some other country that compliments you as a partner. Of course, this can mean white locals ranging from Western Europe to South America, and everything in between.

You also can find nations from Iceland to Mongolia and everywhere in between.

Seeing as this is an international dating site above all else, it’s also pretty easy to find someone to shack up with for a little while.

Condiments like blondes, redheads, and brunettes are also easier to come by, which can make things a little easier for potential partners.

All in all, I’m a big fan of interracial dating sites that tend to be a little bit more social.

This has the pros of being a resource to bring you in all the different directions you could possibly go.

Quality & Quantity of Member Base

While the number of members is not necessarily indicative of the quality of a dating website, it’s worth mentioning that InterracialCupid has what is probably one of the largest member bases in the world.

This is true of any dating website, but I find InterracialCupid’s member listings to be akin to pagefuls of people your friends vaguely know.

It’s great if you live near a large city! The thing everyone likes about I.C. is the sheer amount of members in any given area with whom you could possibly double- or triple-date before you decide to resign your membership.

Unique Functions

InterracialCupid is one of the most feature rich and most socially active dating websites on the net today.

They have a huge pool of members from all corners of the world and their staff are all dedicated to matching you with your ideal partner.

In addition to all their great features, you will get the best and fastest responses from their fast and highly skilled customer support crew.

InterracialCupid Interface & Design

The design of InterracialCupid’s website is very clean, simple, and to the point. It’s well organized and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

InterracialCupid’s objective is to help interracial couples find true love and matches.

The website is designed to encourage users to upgrade to the paid membership and allow them to do so with ease. The site also offers you plenty of information in the form of news articles, blogs, and other content.

The Extensive New and Improved Genuine Profiles

All the profile photos are genuine and carefully selected by the moderators to ensure that users have enough good in-picture content.

The site also has a very large and diverse group of active users with a range of nationalities and backgrounds.

All users have been verified using a reputable photo-verification process.

InterracialCupid offers zero-tolerance profile verification; it is neither possible nor accepted for users to post photos that are not their own.

All users that have registered to the site are shown a profile photo and linked to the user’s Facebook page.

The site also offers extensive user-generated content and forum to ask questions, make requests, or talk about anything in the world of interracial dating and relationships.

Is The Website Convenient To Use?

The website is very easy to use and intuitive. This site is designed to get you in touch with other people who are interested in the same things you are interested in. It’s one of those types of sites that is very easy to use.

The information you need will come up very quickly for you. With easy navigation and simple up and down buttons, the buttons are big enough to keep track of this site, you have few to no problems when using the website.

If you need help using the site, there is a staff of customer support that is ready to help you at all times.

InterracialCupid really is an amazing site when it comes to helping you find someone that you can share yourself with. This site delivers what they promise and more. By using this site, you are able to find what you want and enjoy online dating with other people that are just like you.

InterracialCupid Mobile App And Its Peculiarities

The website provides amazing tools for users to meet their special people of their own. This is an online dating community that is completely dedicated to helping users find their special someone of the opposite race.

Not just racial preferences, but also into accepting people that have physical differences, sexual, religious and cultural preferences. This is a great site for interracial dating.

There are many great features of this site. They have a mobile app for a better and easier interaction between the users. They also have a tool that shows users what percentage of people looking at them, their specific profile, and the interests of people who viewed their profile.

The site doesn’t just help you to meet people to date, but also fill in your profile. They have many fun quizzes as well as training to help you make sure you handle things properly.

The site doesn’t just help the interracial couples, but also helps the minorities that are still underrepresented. It only takes a quick scroll to see how some of the minorities are still underrepresented and in lack of options, especially in white and Asian.

If you want to get involved with someone from that particular race, it’s easier for you to do so with this site.

Help Center & Support

While the most important thing for any online dating site is that it’s well promoted and has ample traffic, InereracialCupid also features a good amount of support and help for members.

For starters, there is a huge support team that you can reach and get any help you may need. Throughout the site, you can find a detailed button that will let you know what the options are that you have available to you to get help.

You can get a message sent to a particular team member, or direct contact with the owner of the site.

There is also a help center located on the –About” page where you can find all sorts of guides and articles from beginners to experts.

Once you click on a section of the help center, you will be able to get articles detailing the most commonly asked questions.

These are accompanied by answers, and every article also tells you which team member to contact if you have any further questions.

Similar to other BBW sites, InereracialCupid has a free –matching” service that gets your profile ready for viewing.


This is your first stage of registration, and it is the most important part. Here, you have to pick your profile. This is where you can set your relationship preference, your gender, your area of interest, your ideal ethnicity, and so on. All this can decide your chances of success on the site.

Here, you can also set your preferences for your ideal partner.

That includes the age, height, weight, eye color, skin color, hair color, body type, and so on.


Do you want to sign up for the whole site? Or just use it as an extra tool to see if you can really find your match on IAC? This is where you can sign up for IAC exclusives. Exclusive dating sites are the top pick of minorities.

They are the most popular online dating sites with an exceptionally high number of multiracial members signing up. Many budding interracial couples will use such sites in order to meet their share of half-Asian, half-Black, half-Latino, and so on.


Although they do have an option for paid memberships, IAC only lets you use this dating site free of charge. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to pay to go on dates in this massive niche.


Signing up for InterracialCupid is quick and easy. Once you have an email address, you are directed to their servers where you will find a sign up form to register. Upon registering, you will get a confirmation code to complete the registration procedure.

The process takes no more than a minute. You can even upgrade in the middle of the signup service if you are not sure if InterracialCupid could really be a good date service for you. If you have already joined an online dating service before, there are no hidden fees that you need to pay for.

As soon as you sign up, a serial number is available for use. There is no indication that this serial number is provided once you have provided your contact details and desired gender.


Back to InterracialCupid’s stat page, I can find out additional information about the site and its popularity. The stats are readily available after entering the “Stats” section. There I can learn that InterracialCupid has more than 600,000 members and has a user rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. This leaves out the paid version of the site, which also gives InterracialCupid a higher rating, 4.8 out of 5.0.

Setting Up & Verifying Profile

Sometimes Interracial Dating is not a top priority for single people who have to spend much time in work and others working like students, who have to attend classes in regular basis.

InterracialCupid is a great online dating site, which aims towards connecting singles all over the world.

From that perspective, InterracialCupid is safe (because of having verification process that prevents others to use fake identities) as well as easy from a user perspective that can help you quickly set up your profile and start looking for potential partners.

Setting up your profile is a one-click operation as well as uniting it into your Email account, which is a very convenient feature. You will have to fill out some basic information and provide verification.

Verification process helps you avoid some scammers who use fake identities. In order to start using the site, you will have to provide an email address that will be used for the authentication process.

If the email address you provided does not match the one you entered, InterracialCupid will send an Email to your primary email address with an attachment that needs to be opened in your browser.

In this way, we can start verifying your account.

Once you click on the attachment and access the website through your private browser, you will be asked to show a government-issued ID document and a selfie Photo.

You will also have to verify your birthday.

It is very easy.

InterracialCupid Search Options

One of the things you should consider when using an interracial dating site for the first time is the selection of search options made available to you.

It’s important to find a legitimate site which doesn’t limit your choices.

Sometimes free sites will have limited data which, if you’re not careful, can lead you to conclude that the site might not be as legitimate as you thought.

The Data You Should Be Looking At

When checking out any site’s search options, there are some things you should look for.

You should look for people everywhere, too. If the site’s main user base consists of 100% black or white people, that’s simply not acceptable.

Focus your searches on the following attributes.

Do they provide you a choice to search for muslim women?

Do the dating sites provide a choice to search in preferences such as age, height, education, attributes like being a nurse, and/or features like being catholic or jewish?

These are just some of the aspects to check out before assuming that an interracial dating site is worth your time.

A scandal involving the site would be very embarrassing for yourself and the many families you hope to introduce to your children.

The System of Matching & Messaging

Now I’m sure I’ve read many profiles online of people who have met the love of their life on the website but was it worth spending 8 hours swiping profiles and writing countless profiles? the drawback being, I could spend hours swiping profiles and messaging people with only a 4.1% chance of connecting?

So how did I eventually meet my wife?

The answer to that question is the system dating site InterracialCupid.

The system of matching and messaging that InterracialCupid uses is exactly the same as any other dating website which is also frustrating: there is no actual site to swipe each other’s profiles.

I was able to swipe, message, see our compatibility rating (C.R) and vote for matches after having reviewed enough profiles and voting thousands of times for the perfect C.R match to have a chance at sharing a mutual message.

InterracialCupid was fantastic! It is definitely worth it to spend the time looking through all the profiles.

If I am remembering correctly, I spent around 8 hours or more looking at profiles and writing messages for matches. I then went about downloading the app to be able to keep swiping through the profiles and sending mutual messages from there.

Types of Subscriptions

First of all, the site offers a free membership plan with credit card required registration and no limitations. If you want a paid subscription, then you can choose between a 14 day FREE trial to the Standard Membership or the Lifetime Membership plan which is pre-paid and not refundable. There are free to access bonus features for a certain period after signing up.

The website has so far received around 5.5 stars out of the maximum of 5 stars on Google. The site has great customer support and you can reach customer relations by email, live chat and email.

Free Membership

As easy as this is to get a hold of, we are immediately skeptical of the site’s legitimacy. It’s too good to be true.

Once you sign up, you are asked a few profile questions, after which you’re given your invitation code.

After sending that code to the service’s live chat and we registered, we were presented with the option to pay a small subscription fee.

This is where we wanted to interracial dating site started to find the real deal.

The customer service chat box stayed empty as the service representative claimed he couldn’t chat right then. We signed up and were told we’d get our code soon. 15 minutes later, we received a message that our account was active.

We spoke to customer service to check the code and were told it was active. Another ten minutes went by, and as we saw our Our Cupid profile, we told customer service we wanted to cancel. Once we did, we were presented with an email asking us to confirm we wanted to cancel.

Premium Membership

InterracialCupid is a site where you can find FREE Asian women. By paying a 9.95 monthly subscription – or getting an annual subscription for 25% more – you get unlimited access to their database of Asian women.

This covers all Asian women aged 18 to 35. So if you’re looking to meet Asian women who are 18 to 35 years old, then sign up for a membership.

The premium membership gets you free bonus features as well, like one – hour live chat, a chat – button on the women profiles, and an inbox where you can message the women.

There are also some standard perks too like chat stats, favourites, messages sent and recieved, as well as a number of criteria you can check the profiles against, like height, weight, and age range.

Is It Possible To Cancel The Subscription?

Lets be honest, InterracialCupid’s main function is to get people to sign up for their paid membership to see a lot of information about their profiles. This is rather straight forward, and if you don’t need it then you probably don’t sign up.

But you can still find a free dating site if you really want to do that, or I presume there are plenty of other websites with similar functions.

Let’s consider InterracialCupid as well as OkCupid the next time you are faced with the task of finding an appropriate match for you.

Although InterracialCupid is a whole lot more legible, the free dating sites are really what you should be looking into.

Safety&Security Measures

The safety of personal information is one of the biggest concerns of online dating. You are literally handing over your cards to a complete stranger. But thanks to a number of incentives built around a cash back model, InterracialCupid is one of the few sites that keeps their funds safe and secure.

There are a few safety measures on this site to protect your account and your personal information:

  • Used an HTTPS Secure connection for the entire website: Reduces the chance of being hacked
  • Frontend & backend SSL Expiry dates are set to 15 November 2016
  • Information on every profile is checked to ensure that they are up to date
  • All user information is stored encrypted on the server
  • Personal information is kept private and not sold to any third parties
  • Information cannot be shared with other dating sites
  • If you do get a virus on your PC, there is a toll-free number to turn to for help
  • Live support on the InterracialCupid forum:
  • All emails are private and confidential
  • Response time is very fast
  • While not likely, it is worth noting that if your account is hacked, it can be recovered once InterracialCupid has been alerted.

Interracialcupid Competitors and Similar Websites

Interracialcupid is one of the newest dating sites to pop up while the competition is being saturated by the multiple dating sites run by the largest companies there are.

A quick research of dating sites similar to Interracialcupid shows a couple of other popular dating sites including SupaDupaLove, WeDateBlackGirls, and WeDateAsianGirls.

Which of the dating sites similar to Interracialcupid are legitimate?

The first and the most striking difference between the sites similar to Interracialcupid and Interracialcupid can be found on the sign-up and sign-in pages.

All the sites similar to Interracialcupid use the same dating site layout template with a box for a picture, a box for a short bio and a section for optional pictures, and it seems that all dating sites are the same despite being different.

The sign-up page of Interracialcupid goes a step further and adds a section for members to upload a personal photo. The other sites similar to Interracialcupid have no such section to upload a picture.

Interracialcupid also uses a live chat feature on the sign-up page which allows members to ask a member of Interracialcupid questions before they sign-up.

The other dating sites similar to Interracialcupid do not have such live chat feature.


From the screenshots below, you can get a better understanding of the types of services that the site offers. I have provided as much information about each feature as possible to give you the information you need to make your choice about joining this site.

InterracialCupid is a 100% legit dating site backed by an industry leader. They have been in business since 2007 and have members all across the globe.

One of their primary goals is to connect blacks, whites and Asians together. Your dating profile is matched to other members based on your own preferences. As of November first, 2017, their matching process is based on scores, which is a deciding factor in how often you can contact other members.

There aren't any fees for joining, messaging members and creating a profile. They don't offer discount codes or coupons either, which means they are completely free for users to use.

If you have any issues with account creation, billing, or you just need some customer support, their friendly and helpful staff is always on standby to help you out.

For added security, they have a money back guarantee available for anyone who feels unsatisfied with their services after joining. It’s a great way to make sure you spend your time and money with the right dating site.

Pros and Cons

It’s not a secret that dating websites are detrimental to your love life. Nevertheless, an online dating site has a higher chance of success than going through a newspaper; secondly, it is free and you can meet interesting people on it.

You can browse profiles based on country, religious and ethnic background, education level, and more.

InterracialCupid is a better alternative to other online dating services because the dating site has its own site and it has a panel of user reviewers.

Now, for all the scams and cases of identity theft, this site is as safe as any other.

This is because the site doesn’t sell your information to outside sources. Since they are looking to meet singles from all over the world, it is just a matter of time before you find your true love.

Backing up all of their core principles are a team of moderators who make sure that all of your problems get solved. This team is great if you are looking to build your online network.

Another plus point is the chat feature. Chatting with people is great for reducing the chances of undesirable situations from arising. Moreover, with online dating services like this, you dramatically increase your chances of finding a mate.

And if you are already tired of waiting, there are plenty of other people who have already been matched to you.

Which dating site is right for you?

(For the purpose of this article, I’ll focus heavily on the dating sites offered by InterracialCupid.

However, many of the other dating sites in its network also host members of different races.)

The first question you should ask yourself when deciding which race-specific dating site to join is: do you want to date many races?

If you don’t, then you should join a mixed or multi-racial dating site.

However, if you do, you should join a site that caters specifically to someone of your race.

Usually, these sites are harder to join than mixed and multi-racial sites, and consequently require more effort and take more time to join.

Your second question should be: what is your personal preference of dating?

Are you interested in interracial dating but only outside of your race?

Trying to save yourself the time, effort and expense by dating outside of your race?

Are you in a predominantly white country and you want to reach out to as much of the world as possible?

Cosmopolitan and flirty?

Uninhibited and racy?

A little bit of everything?

You’re a man who wants to date a specific race of women?

Most sites will charge you a small membership fee to access members only content and they can also charge you high fees for subscription services that are not really necessary if you are looking to try dating someone outside of your race.

If you are looking for a legit dating site, we straight up can guarantee that Interracial Cuppy is one of the best. We have personally tried the service and we can vouch for it.

The dating site is a member-to-member service and the people who run the Interracial Cuppy website are actual people who understand how important race is to the community around the world.

They do have support staff who will guide you through the site and make sure you are on the right track. Once you join, they will give you a user guide that will make life much easier for you when you are dating.

The site has a wide range of people, but it performs its best when you fit in with the local community too. The site has a system called Cuppy Finder which works directly with your Facebook account to find men and women from your identified Facebook activity.

This means that you only have to worry about your profile, pictures, and maybe your age range, and the site will do the rest. The Cuppy Finder system is an automatic match making system that will help you connect with other potential singles in your area.