JapanCupid Review 2022: How Real Is This Dating Site?

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What Is the Mode of Operation of JapanCupid?

JapanCupid is an online dating application that provides customers with access to a selection of more than 200,000 members.

They try to keep the web interface simple to use and simple to navigate.

Once a member signs up, they automatically receive a list of potential matches based on their gender and the country they live in.

Users can then go through the list of profiles and does further screening and checking to see if their potential matches are compatible.

JapaneseCupid is a relatively new online dating website, but it’s starting to make some real waves. The company was founded in 2011 and was originally called Cupid.

It is based out of Tokyo, Japan and is privately held.

It has a fairly science based approach to what it does. The website gathers various data points about the customer, such as location, ethnicity, age and interest.

Using this data, JapaneseCupid calculates how close the person is to you on the social grid.

It also doesn’t just go by what you say about yourself, but also what the person says about themselves. This allows the website to achieve a level of accuracy that others simply can’t match.

JapaneseCupid provides the user with a service that allows for the search of dating sites and a means for random and more niche searching.

Who Does This Dating Site Serve?

JapanCupid is the premiere online dating website exclusively for people looking to meet locals in Japan. It’s like craigslist in terms of having to scroll through a variety of ads and profiles to find someone you can chat with.

The majority of its users come from Japan, but sometimes the site serves users from outside the country as well with profiles on Japanese women living abroad, dating agency or finding friends using the site.

Unlike other Japanese dating sites, it’s free to sign up with a username and full name. You can also use a nickname if you would like to.

What Interesting Features Does the Site Offer?

Those who want to expand their social circle of friends and meet people that share similar interests are well advised to try JapanCupid.

Most importantly, the site offers any registered user several free search tools for other users to browse through so you can find your ideal match.

A lot of the functionality offers different filters you can use to search user profiles from profiles that have previously been created.

They have a lot of site members who cater to different cultural groups. This is especially true for Japancupid members dating Japanese and other Asian singles.

There are also a lot of members that are focused on Latin and South American singles and also plenty to choose from.

On the site, you can search people according to the country they live in. You will also be able to read profiles and check out other people’s contact information if they are willing.

For a lot of people, it’s really about meeting someone who is compatible with them and they can build a special relationship and life with.

You can find someone interesting on JapanCupid.

What Approach Was Used to Make JapanCupid User-Friendly?

When building a website, there are two things to consider: how users become users and how users become actual conversion users. JapanCupid, like most other dating sites, approach both.

Studies have shown that 50% of people that attempt to sign up on a new dating site either never try again or give up before they even get to the sign-up page after the first failure.

To cut this number in half, JapanCupid has a cool system that allows users to opt into emails as many times as they like.

When you find someone that really clicks with you, you can use an online chat feature to go Skype or video-chat. The profiles found on JapanCupid are very social, so it is not uncommon for both people to know each other.

The next step in any online dating approach is to create an account and start searching for your match. After this point, things can get much more complicated.

Instead of just focusing on sending users to the dating site and letting them find their match, JapanCupid has some of the best conversion tactics I have ever seen.

They start by creating almost all invitations within a 3-month time span by cataloguing your online interactions from Facebook.

This means both social and online dating sites are merged and you can get every one of your friends to send you a few matches.

What Technique Was Used to Design the Site?

After a lot of research on internet I found that JapanCupid was developed after a research on American approach to dating in Japan. Instead of focussing on matching people up on their cultural and societal differences from different perspectives they focussed on how does things look from the perspective of Japanese.

The membership of Japanese dating is based on the language level, which could probably be slightly beneficial person just starting on the dating path.

Does JapanCupid Have a Mobile App?

JapanCupid does have a mobile app. In fact, there’re two different versions for Android and iPhone, each with its unique set of features. The apps come with a number of translations, a translator, and an advanced search function that will help you find someone when you get lost in the sea of profiles. All the activity will stay private as it will be on your personal profile only.

The Android app is compatible with phones running Android 4.1 or higher, and the iOS version needs a newer device.

How Effective Is the Customer Support?

JapanCupid uses email for customer support, so if you have a problem that you aren’t able to solve by visiting the website, your best bet is to contact them via email.

If you aren’t satisfied with your profile copy, you can contact them, but they will only be able to change the copy if there is room available on the website.

I contacted JapanCupid via email asking for a copy of my entire profile text and CV. They took a few days to respond, but when they did, they carefully answered all of my questions. They never disclosed how much their copywriting services cost, however.

The customer service representatives who responded to my email were very knowledgeable and polite…maybe too polite? They never actually answered any of my questions.

They did handily answer why I didn’t have a profile pic with the response: We do not require a profile picture.

Perhaps that is why I wasn’t required to upload one in the first place. Why have one at all, then say it’s optional? I wasn’t pleased with how the customer service person asked me to rate the quality of their service.

Registration Process and the Quality of User Profile

When consumers register for JapanCupid, they are asked questions regarding their gender, age, likes, and location.

Age is one of the major concerns for Japanese Pen Pals. JapanCupid has a minimum age requirement of 18 and a maximum age of 35. We’ll break down the profile creation process below.

First, the site allows users to upload a photo to the profile. The photo option is used for both the dating site registration process and to add a photo to an existing account.

The good news is that photos are displayed on the profile page, so consumers will have a good chance of viewing the person’s face.

The bad news is that photos are randomly rotated by the site without any messaging or image rotation that tells the consumer what is happening.

What we can see from the photo below of a user named Kurumi Takashi, is that the image of a baby or small child is probably the default photo that he uses for profile creation.

This is a common adult behavior in Japan as well. When you watch Japanese dramas or go on the street and ask random strangers or taxi drivers for directions, anyone you ask will always show you their phone’s camera.

Japanese consumers are not used to seeing a person’s face, and they probably want to avoid looking directly at someone in person after their first meeting.

Is It Easy to Sign up on the Site?

At first sight, signing up on JapanCupid seems very easy and straightforward. But is it really that easy, or just a shell game like eHarmony? Let’s find out.

First things first. You need to select your favorite country and city. You can choose either of Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kobe, Naha, or Kumamoto.

You obviously have to choose Tokyo or Yokohama for the obvious reason that women from those cities are going to be looking for foreign partners.

In the other cities, the general nationality breakdown is Japanese (78%), Korean (9.9%), Chinese (2.4%), and American (2.2%)

You are then asked to add your nationality. This choice is never shown to anyone you date and it only affects the matching odds.

I’ve listed my nationality as USA, because I figure that would have a good match abroad. The options are Chinese, Korean, French, African, English, Canadian, American, Australian, British, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese, and so on.

Nature of User Profile and How to Verify It

JapanCupid is different from most other dating sites.

The nature of the user base is not what you would think, at least at first glance.

It’s a niche dating site with a very specific niche, and that niche is not splashed everywhere in the pixelated imagery on the homepage.

JapanCupid is not almost entirely focused on offering its users a dating website with the world’s largest collection of Japanese women’ profiles on it.

Instead, the site is mainly built around the idea of introducing non-native singles to potential Japanese ladies, or more generally, introducing foreign men to Japanese women.

So if you want to find your ideal long-term or short-term partner, JapanCupid is certainly not the site you should be looking for.

However, if you want to broaden your knowledge about Japanese culture, customs, traditions, and so on, or even if you just want to meet women from Japan for the first time, JapanCupid is a great site for you.

The best way to experience the best of JapanCupid is to fully verify your account.

By doing so, you will be ensured of having a bump-free experience on the site and a fast and easy recognition of what makes JapanCupid so appealing.

Search Options Available on JapanCupid

JapanCupid is a free dating website where you can search for singles based on various filters.

It’s easy to select options, browse photos and finally meet up with other singles in real life. You can also use the chat function on the website to communicate with others.

The main goal of this website is to help people meet new people and enjoy their lives. Another important thing is that it’s affordable.

If you get a free account, you won’t be able to see credit card payment options. But if you get a paid account, you can pay through bank transfer or PayPal. And it’s just $ 9.95 / € 9.95 per month; a small price to pay for such a great website.

Since posting your profile is free, it’s no surprise that this website only allows single men and the single women in the same position to sign up.

Apart from that, you can view a person’s photos and contact them from the website. All communication happens on the website, and you can connect with other singles offline when you both have a mutual interest in each other.

You can chat with other singles through the website but you can also create a group meeting place for all members.

JapanCupid also has a photo sharing feature to its members.

Matching Tool and the Best Way to Contact Other Members

Match percentage shows how well catered the service is and whether users are getting their needs met.

Member profile takes more time for the paid membership. Instead of just listing the age, location and photos, it will show more details about the member and his/her interest, and stories about the members’ previous experience with other members will increase the trust level on the site.

Most of the stories are positive, but you'll also find some people writing about people who are very demanding, pushy, rude, selfish, bossy, etc… It's never a surprise when you find one negative story in a service. But, all in all, i prefer to trust the positive stories more, because they are more likely to be real.

The next secret to success is to keep the system clean. This is active members are the ones who help keep the system clean and sanitary. The people who join are the ones who will keep it clean forever.

Reviews are a big part of the rating on the site, a lot of members give their honest opinion on what they really think of it, so if you get a bad experience, it would be safe to assume you might not get another.

Types of Membership Available on JapanCupid

You are not a new member, right? If so, you probably know all the most popular dating sites reviewed on this blog and in this very article. Right?

Well, there is a highly underutilized dating site that offers an alternative. JapanCupid.

JapanCupid Review:

JapanCupid is a site with a peculiar model. While most dating sites require a paid subscription, JapanCupid is free. Of course, you can pay a monthly fee to instantly activate the magnetizing and social-proofing features of the site.

JapanCupid is also not like other dating sites. It doesn’t assume you have a long list of unique characteristics that require a matched profile. In fact, it doesn’t even have a gender filter.

What does it mean? It means that everyone is visible to everyone else’s search engine results. (And yes, that includes males looking for males and females looking for females).

So what’s the big deal?

Because it’s a free site, there is no gender parity. The disadvantage is that you have to put in more effort to meet someone. Your messages are automatically filtered by the available members. But the advantages can far outweigh the negatives.

Less time invested means more time for dating.

Free Membership Plan and the Feature It Offers

JapanCupid is a popular free dating site with a huge community of users spread across over 50 countries. The site is very shady and makes you pay to continue using it. You can sign up for free to check out the app, but then you’ll have to start paying to receive messages from other users. However, you can sign up for free before paying, but you can’t see if the fake users speak your language or not.

Premium Membership Plan and the Feature It Offers

Chances are that you will quickly lose what is left of your life while dating online. In case you are at the terminus of your search, you came to the right place where you will find a solution: Japanese dating service JapanCupid!

Japanese dating service JapanCupid offers a free membership and free trials to its premium members. It has lots of features that you wont be able to find anywhere else. This article will show you the real scoop on this service: Is It A Scam?

The Lowdown of JapanCupids Premium Membership Plan

The best thing about JapanCupid is that you get to see all the profiles of the women you like and all the men to whom you are attracted for free. As a free member you get to click on the profile of the person you like, browse their profile in advance, and send them an e-mail.

The e-mail will instantly send to their e-mail inbox; the members of the 2-day free trial version. If they like you they will be able to continue the 2-day free trial.

As a premium member you get to see not only all the profiles of the women you like but also theirs hobbies, pictures, interests and their answers to 35 questions.

How Can a User Cancel Their Subscription?

You can cancel your J-Cupid subscription at anytime and your subscription will renew for another month. You can cancel your subscription anytime before the renewal date by going to your account page. On the cancel subscription page you should see a check mark symbol:

If you can’t find it, then you can just cancel during the renewal with an email or phone call.

What Measures Have the Site Administrators Taken to Ensure Security?

JapanCupid takes their security very seriously. Apart from keeping their site fast and up to date, JapanCupid has a team of professional programmers and a big tech team to ensure that their system is watertight.

The strong security measures don’t just include the custom login system and ensuring that the site is safe, but also steps that they take to keep your personal data private:

Intelligent filter technology

Using an intelligent member screening system, JapanCupid is able to weed out any members that may be a potential problem. The system scans the profiles of people applying for membership, looking for certain words and actions that could be a sign of dangerous behavior. The members that are approved through this method are able to have a personalized chat room, additional discussion forums and instant messaging that is private and secure.

Password Protection

JapanCupid enables its members to login with their facebook account. The account on the site is password protected and only the user himself can access his profile.

The system uses photo verification to ensure that a member is the one in his profile picture.

Email Addresses Are Not Linked

There is no way to merge your JapanCupid profile with your email address. This ensures that you cannot be stalked through the service.

Dating Sites Which Compete JapanCupid for Users?

JapanCupid is a free dating site, which was established in 1999 in San Francisco, California. After a long period of time, JapanCupid was eventually launched to the public.

Till today, JapanCupid has over 1,000,000 users worldwide.

JapanCupid is like any other dating site in the sense that you can browse through other people’s profiles and see if you recognize them or not.

There is also a section of the site where you can upload pictures, where you can post details about yourself, and then other people can respond.

The name of the site might imply that it is exclusively for Japanese people, but it is not.

Both men and women can register on the site as well.

From there, it is also possible to contact other members directly inside the site.

There are no online backups for your information as far as I can see, so that would be of concern to you as a user and someone else would definitely want to know it ….

And it is also possible to see other users’ information, but there is a privacy setting that you can use that will hide your information from other users.

Except for the countries that are usually listed, you can see the complete list of countries here. Some seem to be Indian or other Asian countries, while others seem like European ones.

The Concluding Thoughts on JapanCupid Review

Pros and Cons

Expat dating is imaginable in many places, but only one place does it quite like Japan: While it’s not technically illegal to go out and ask strangers to date, there are many regulations that make it differ in the ways that it resemble normal social interaction, and that are intended to make sure that no one feels uncomfortable.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are hundreds of dating sites out there for singles who look for love in various ways. more >>

This review is all about JapanCupid.

Claims to help your look for a Japanese wife or wife in Japan.

Ads are solely for marketing purposes.

Regardless of claims of traffic, we do not benefit from it.

Numerous review sites will tell you that JapanCupid is the best dating site for dating Japanese.

If you are looking for serious long-term relationship, then there is no other site for you to join.

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