KoreanCupid Review: Explore All Features of This Niche-Based Dating Site

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Who Is Welcome to Join the KoreanCupid Website?

Once you create an account on the KoreanCupid website, you will be sending emails and messages to other members worldwide. The website is mostly popular as a dating site, but you will also find adventure dating sites and Korean chatting rooms to meet people there.

The only requirement to join this website is that you are 18 years or older. There is no upper age limit too.

Let Us Analyze the Audience on KoreanCupid

For You!

There are plenty of dating sites and apps for Korean people to choose from nowadays. KoreanCupid is one of them. With a niche for Korean individuals looking to date with other Korean people, KoreanCupid stands out with its features.

Whether you’re a Korean single searching for a Korean partner, or if you’re from outside Korea looking for a partner, this website is for you.

Check out all of the new features that later became available with this site. You might want to check out this website if you’re tired of all the international dating websites.

There are plenty of features that KoreanCupid has that other international dating sites don’t have, such as the ability to contact your matches.

With the new Find Friend feature, you’re able to conveniently find friends by placing your information in their profiles instead of having to search through their information like how you would on other sites.

You can either send them messages or use the chat system to see what their interest are or start a conversation with them. If you’re lucky, they might be interested in asking you out.

The “Like” section on KoreanCupid was updated with a unique feature.

What the Key Features Does KoreanCupid Offer to Clients?

The best part about KoreanCupid is that you can search through a huge number of profile options to find your perfect match. There are over 11 million members on the dating site with a total of 770,000 new members in a month! That’s almost 3,000 new members every day.

To make the process even easier, Koreans will have a better chance of matching with other Koreans.

But what sets KoreanCupid above the rest is the advanced search options that allow you to search through a variety of filters such as age, location, profile, education, working hours, passport and religion.

Another great feature of this Korean dating site is the way they tend to cater to their members’ needs.

Couples can register on KoreanCupid to find other Korean couples and groups of friends with the same preferences to ease the process of finding a match.

At the moment, you can use KoreanCupid to read the good reviews of other users to find out more about the dating site and what it has to offer.

One of the biggest appeals about KoreanCupid is the fact that it allows you to find other Asian singles.

People from the Asian continent are known for having their fair share of compatibly with other Asians.

Can We Consider KoreanCupid to Be User-Friendly?

Throughout the interactions with KoreanCupid, the website was easy to navigate and easy enough for any reasonably educated internet user to find their way around without any problems whatsoever.

The site’s website design was actually quite clean and when it comes to dating sites, a good, clean website design will keep the website user-friendly.

KoreanCupid’s Facebook page and Twitter account are also useful to follow for updates about special dating events and promotions.

The company regularly put out news about achieving some very significant milestones as well as a detailed summary about what did and did not happen on each of these events.

Then there’s a summary of all the news and updates about which is useful to see exactly what’s going on.

Thus, it’s a very user-friendly website.

Get Positive Impression of the Website Design and Usability

KoreanCupid is one of the many Asian dating websites available. It has a bit of a quirky characteristic to it that makes it stand out from the rest.

The design of the website is firmly in black and white, with bold and simple text used throughout the site. It is a great design for a niche-based website, but the green highlights for search results and your profile could be a bit more obvious.

Many of the site’s menus and options are broken down into sections, which makes navigating the website quite easy.

The site’s options for photo uploads are limited to an odd square preview and a smaller size that can’t be clicked on. The large photo preview is better than nothing, but for such a site, the best option is almost certainly to allow users to upload an attachment via the “new profile” button.

The site is well arranged to encourage users to explore all the various search filters available for assistance. The “insight diagrams” are a great design choice, to help users visually see the distinction between the male and female options.

The site also has quite a few options for ways to communicate with other members. It would not be a bad idea to add other additional outlets for chatting, such as instant messaging and email.

Does KoreanCupid Offer Its Clients a Mobile Application?

Yes, Asian Dating is one of the first sites to provide its users with a mobile site with text, voice and video messaging capabilities.

Users can now have all the favorite features on one platform instead of having to go to one site to find their hook up, flirt and more.

The site was built with mobile in mind to provide a wholly unique experience to users who live in a busy world.

What Is Our Impression of Customer Support?

The customer support of KoreaCupid is really good and nice.

When I opened a support ticket, a response was literally within 5 minutes.

Even if your English is not so strong, they will treat you with respect and try to understand the problem you are facing.

The team over there is really supportive and friendly.

Moreover, when I wrote a review, I added some links in my review, and they promptly fixed those links and suspended my account.

They have all the tools to communicate with you. It’s just great.

General Information About Signup Process and Profiles

The urge to connect and date is pretty much universal. The problem is, finding that special someone isn’t always easy. Using a niche dating site like KoreanCupid gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and connect with someone who might not be available to you otherwise.

As a niche dating site, KoreanCupid prides itself in its simple, straightforward approach. There are no complex registration processes to go through. Just a simple registration questions page that asks you simple questions like your age, gender, and whether or not you are interested in marriage.

Beyond this, you will be able to view member profiles without a registration. To browse profiles, you’ll need to create your own by registering an account and uploading photos. To sign up, you will need a mobile number and a valid email.

What makes KoreanCupid stand out from other niche dating sites is the quantity and quality of its members. It’s uncommon for a niche dating site to have over 33,000 members from around the world, but KoreanCupid is a standout in that regard.

Use these to filter out people who are not the best fit for you. There may be nothing wrong with them, but mostly because they are not a good fit for you, physical appearance, and personality.

How Register on This Popular Online Dating Website?

KoreanCupid is an international online dating website that has over 4 million members around the world. Check out the best features that the site offers:

The safety of the members is paramount on their list of priorities, so everything they do is intended to keep the members safe from harm. An account is required to utilize any of the dating features on the site, no matter if you are just browsing or i’m actually meeting someone special.

As they are an online dating site, they are not required to give the real name of the members when they register. This means you can be someone you are not, or someone you might want to be within the confines of the site, without being taken to court for any crimes.

KoreanCupid is an online dating website that reviews both men and women.

If you are seeking a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can easily use the search tools to find prospective members. This facility is free on the site, and you can search for members in your locality or country, or share your location search with friends and family.

You can choose to create a profile or browse the profiles of the members and get details of each individual including their photos and their contact details.

You can then contact them privately through email or on the site.

You can also view the list of members currently browsing the site.

What Is the Verification Process of Users’ Profiles?

How to Launch a New Search Session?

How Does Match-Making and Chatting Options Work?

You need to start off by creating a free profile. You can also manage your privacy settings and make it visible to certain people only if you want.

When you click on meeting new people in the interface, Match-Making features will pull up. Here, you will have various options set to meet different kinds of people.

Choosing a method for the photo search will be the first thing to do. For now, there are only two types – the first on is a free-form search where you can click on all of the options.

You can also choose to use a filter for better results.

The second option is the most interesting one. KoreanCupid puts more emphasis on the –category” search here. You pick what you are looking for and it will filter the members to choose from according to that criteria.

For example, you could choose to use keywords as a filter when you type in something like –Korean” and choose Results as KoreanCupid Women.

The results will show only women who are looking for the same and have used that exact text profile description to describe their searches.

What Subscription Options Are Available on This Website?

As you can see on the screenshot above the website offers soft (basic) and silver (premium) membership options.

I opted for the soft membership package. The cost is $ 19.95 per 30 days. There is no limit on the number of times you can spray your perfumes on the website.

Plus: I get additional members with my attractiveness (the level of my review).

What can you expect from KoreanCupid?

The website is kid friendly so it can be used by anyone. It is a niche website (for Asian dating) so especially men might be better off using this website.

The good thing is, that the registration process is simple and you can also search for women who speak French or French men.

If you check out the website statistics, on average, more than 4 000 users visit the website every day. Two out of three visits happen in the first 3 days.

This indicates the website virality and stability. People like to come back to the website to visit and use the features.

I was really impressed and satisfied with the online dating package. On top of that, the website also comes with a chat, event listings, and some tools to help you find your soulmate.

In closing, I used the KoreanCupid website and I was not disappointed.

What Can You Do Using a Free Website Version?

I learned a lot about online dating over the years. Through trial and error, I have tried out a lot of different type of sites. From the video clips you can find on chatroulette, camfrog and many other similar sites, to the basic presentation of exchange emails with a username and a password.

I have also tried some 3rd party apps which have been okay but not really that useful.

What I have never found however, is a decent website dating alternative to a real dating site.

Recently, I came across KoreanCupid. This site looks great, has fun features and I think lots of people would be happy to hear that I have downloaded a fully functional version of it and will use it as my main dating service.

KoreanCupid adds a lot more to the site than most free versions, including the ability to:

Search for other members manually and get additional information.

Modify your profile.

Upload a photo.

Create a blog.

Connect with other members.

So I have managed to:

Register for free.

View a list of millions of members and find some interesting people in color classified photos.

Chat and share through the site which offers its own messenger, contact form and the ability to post to a blog.

All these things I can do without paying anything, and more!

What Can You Do After Purchasing a Paid Subscription?

The main part of the KoreanCupid account is the quick search feature, which allows you to almost directly apply to a person if there’s a dating-matching algorithm that works accurately.

This is possible thanks to the extensive KoreanCupid database, because their dating experts already have a very idea of how the people who signed up to date on here look like.

You’ll be able to see profiles of users within a few seconds of signing up. They offer profiles of men and women that are at least 200×200 pixel size.

They also give you access to mobile apps, which you can also use to connect with others.

Once you’ve joined the site, their unlimited free membership gives you free access to a handful of premium features that are really entertaining for people who are serious about meeting someone (or anything).

One of these offers is the Premium Version 7.0 function, which scans profiles of all the members on the site automatically.

Another is the Premium Version 8.0 Archive function, which keeps everything related to your wishes and your account safe and up to date.

After you’ve paid for these extra features, you can get even more features as a paid subscription.

How Can a Member Cancel a Subscription Plan?

If you need to cancel your membership, you can simply visit your account page and click on the My Plan tab. It will then show you a list of all your free and paid plans. Alongside each plan, it will say whether or not you are able to cancel that plan.

If you see the word "No," you will not be able to cancel that plan. If you see a Yes in the "Is this plan cancellable?" field, you can cancel that plan if you no longer want it. You do not need to contact customer support for this.

However, if you need to cancel a paid plan, you will need to send a cancellation request to the customer support team. You will need to state that you wish to cancel your subscription. There are a couple of things the team will need to verify before it is accepted, so it can take a little while.

What Safety and Security Measures Does the Website Have?

KoreanCupid has a special name for their email confirmation, stating that you can’t use the email address to access your account. In order to check if someone has access to your account, you can also search a person’s email.

All payments are made via PayPal, which means that all payment details are kept private.

There is no real way to verify the identity of individuals on KoreanCupid. Things like their gender and location are unknown, as stated on their profile.

The website has a system in place that monitors activities on the site. These include address book access and email transfer.

If a membership is suspected of having been shared, email settings are changed for that user, along with their password.

KoreanCupid also has a no contact rule, meaning that members aren’t allowed to contact other members without prior approval from site administrators.

TOP-5 KoreanCupid Atlernatives to Find Asian Dates

Final Conclusion About Niche-Based Online Dating Website

KoreanCupid is a niche site mainly dedicated to Asian dating, but it’s developed and marketed for people outside of Korea too.

Pros and Cons

KoreanCupid is a great place to begin your search for your special Korean match; if you’re looking for a serious relationship, it most likely won’t meet your criteria, but if you’re seeking something casual, or your interests vary from traditional metropolitan lifestyles, this could be your best bet.

If the idea of dating a Korean woman appeals to you, The Korea Times guide to dating some of the most well-known Korean girls will be a huge help in determining the KoreanCupid option that’s right for you.

With a solid focus on maknae idol culture and becoming your own ideal girlfriend, KoreanCupid makes it so easy to create an account and get chatting to new people instantly.

While the site is very simple and streamlined, there are a few things it doesn’t offer that would make it better for those who desire more structure.

KoreanCupid lacks a robust search function, making it a bit harder to find someone who shares your tastes and who’s looking for the same.

It also doesn’t feature an advanced search that would allow you to search within the site by profession, body type, searching for someone of the same nationality or by degree of attractiveness.

Those features would be nice additions.

Which dating site is right for you?

While there are many sites out there, most Korean-based dating sites have some things in common:

  • They are focused primarily on bringing together Koreans for dating
  • They offer a variety of features, including email and real-time chat

They tend to be a bit expensive for the average user, in-particular if you prefer to pay for your dating experience.

But all of them will help you find a better match if that’s what you are interested in.

Some of the best dating sites in Korea are KoreanCupid, 4KrCon, and Interpark.

KoreanCupid has been around for a good couple of years and has the advantage of being free to use. They are also a part of KoreaCupid, a company primarily focused on business to business dating in Korea.

This site has a great reputation for matching you based on your interests and preferences, as well as helping you connect with others who share similar interests.

With 2.7 million users, it is the second most popular dating site in Korea.

As well as the usual email and chat features, you can also send gifts, help your matches to explore each other, and earn points for each successful date.

KoreanCupid is one of Korea’s most popular free dating sites for foreigners, but the feature which sets it apart the most from the rest of the industry is its ability to accept male and female members of all ethnicities. This is an incredible boon to Eurasian and international couples seeking Korean dating. This means that anyone with Korean origins can participate in this online dating service.

The site also allows individuals to register with an exact birthdate, which helps people find people who are within a specific time range. This is done in an effort to avoid confusing potential matches.

Another standout feature on the site is that it uses a very simple and convenient mobile website to access the site. Its smooth interface results in a superior user experience, which is ideal for those who are experiencing difficulty on desktop.

This is a very useful site for anyone seeking Korea-based Asian dating.