LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

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The Way LatinoMeetup Works Is Simple

LatinoMeetup is a great option for any English learner in their native language to make new friends and practice their English while getting to know people just like themselves.

Benefits of Latino Meetup

Switching to a language-learning website like LatinoMeetup is a great way to get inspired, come up with a creative plan and not waste any time.

Benefits of learning English include the following.

You Can Use Latino Meetup to Broaden Your Horizons in Any Subject

Latino Meetup is the perfect addition to the arsenal of tools to improve your language skills.

Many people in the world do not even speak English, but some people are blessed with a gift of the gab, which can be a disadvantage if their English skills are not up to par. With LatinoMeetup you can improve your English while meeting and communicating with people in your native tongue.

Analyzing The Audience

First of all, you should know that Latino Meetup is a dating site that matches you with Latinos who share similar views on some issues.

The website provides so many resources and means to help you find Latino singles in your area.

The members of Latino Meetup are concentrated mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. My researches showed that they had 345,070 members that lived in the U.S., 84,879 in the UK, and 53,968 members in various other countries, for a total of 377,972 unique members.

The number of members per country were as follows:

43,242 members in the UK

24,224 members in the U.S

16,277 members in Spain.

14,222 members in Mexico.

12,728 members in Brazil.

Counting from the amount of members in the U.S. alone, there’s a possibility that Latino Meetup is a scam website, because the website has promising resources like free online dating matches and a platform where you can relax and devote yourself to socializing.

In order to make the site more legitimate and to achieve the diversified users from different countries, Latino Meetup is promoting different events all over the world.

Interesting Key Features of LatinoMeetup

Rayel is a Brazilian businessman and he is also the founder of LatinoMeetup. The truth is that it is much easier to find Latino relationships online than offline.

Having said that, it doesn't necessarily mean you should think twice before trying LatinoMeetup.

Let's check in our in-depth LatinoMeetup review.

Main Features:

Latinos are all about celebrating their holidays and that's why there are specially created clubs for each of them.

There are Portuguese clubs, Mexican clubs, Cuban clubs, and many more. You will get several members at each club and figuring out exactly why they joined the club quickly becomes evident.

You can communicate with everyone from online video chat to instant messaging and if the members like each other or not is dependent on them as per the online dating review site.

You will also have loads of music to go with your datings.

Participating in salsa classes would also be great if done in a club.

Free Latino Dating:

There is more to it than just attending a single event.

Getting the most out of your Latin dating matches takes time and understanding.

This is because LatinoMeetup has a great community that is easy to use and always willing to help you. So if you are not a native speaker of the Spanish language, then you will learn to speak the language through the help of the LatinoMeetup community.

Is LatinoMeetup User Friendly?

LatinoMeetup is known to be a dating site that is popular with several Latino singles.

Unlike other leading dating sites, LatinoMeetup does not even come close to charging any money for signing up.

However, it does come with a premium feature that will allow you to really take advantage of the best features on this site.

Other additional benefits include immediate email contact with your matches in the site.

This premium membership also gives you the chance to talk in premium chat rooms, private videos and pictures, and premium select profiles.

Nonetheless, it is known to be one of the more user friendly online dating sites out there.

How LatinMeetup Works

LatinoMeetup has one of the largest databases out there with millions of members.

You can search by specific criteria or use the site’s fun search for total fun.

You can also narrow your search results by ethnicity, age, etc., although sometimes the categories can get a little confusing.

LatinoMeetup’s membership comes in all denominations, so you can easily sign up to interact with single Latinos anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re interested in dating Latino singles in America or Latin American singles around the world, you will easily be able to find them online on this site.

Let’s Discuss LatinoMeetup Website Usability and Design

The LatinoMeetup site seems very promising. They have a variety of services, and their site has a nice color scheme. However, they offer a wide selection of Latino dating services, all of which seem pretty good.

The options look so tempting that I’m a little afraid of how I’ll eventually choose which one suits me best.

As of late January 2019, LatinoMeetup has been in existence for over 3 years. They claim that they have held over 750,000 Latina singles events, and have joined forces with a couple of Latin dating sites to bring their services to a wider audience.

With so many members, this service definitely has something to offer to the community.

Filipina and Filipino Dating

While LatinoMeetup has a variety of services, the one that stands out the most is of course LatinoMeetup, the Philippines dating website with dating sites worldwide.

The website allows Filipina and Filipino women in the Philippines to meet men from the Philippines, across the world, and they have an automatic matchmaking software to help them meet more Filipino singles.

The best part of their online Manila dating website is that it’s 100% free for users to register, and pay-to-meet feature to pay for premium services is not yet available.

Is There A Mobile App For LatinoMeetup?

There is a mobile app for LatinoMeetup. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Features of LatinoMeetup App:

It is absolutely free to join LatinoMeetup and create a profile.

Clients of LatinoMeetup is a people of diverse backgrounds for hours of fun and cultural experience.

The mobile app allows users of LatinoMeetup to experience the power of LatinoMeetup with their mobile device at hand.

It's free to join LatinoMeetup and create a profile.

You get to connect with a lot of people in your ward.

There are features like profile, image, connections, events and friends.

App is available for both Android and iOS devices.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration process.

What About LatinoMeetup Customer Support?

It’s important to keep in mind that LatinoMeetup doesn’t provide customer support for their mobile apps. You will need to use the online version of LatinoMeetup to do chatting.

Your web browser will stay alive for the duration of your chat session. If a chat session looks like it is going to take longer than 60 seconds, the window will take you to a separate window that closes after the chat window is completely closed.

The email you will use to integrate LatinoMeetup services will also stay alive for the duration of your chat session. When you end your chat session, you will be prompted to save the chat transcript.

When you are done chatting, you may also manually save the transcript for each session you chat in. You can then access the transcripts within the LatinoMeetup app as well as on the Latino Meetup website.

This is also important as it ensures that all your chats are in the transcript format even if you end a chat session through an error message.

The following errors can kill your chat session:

If there was no message from LatinoMeetup. If you see that there was a message from LatinoMeetup, but you don’t see any of your chats. The system timeouts. If this happens, your session will automatically end after 10 minutes.

LatinoMeetup Registration Process and User Profile Details

As indicated by the name, Latino Meetup is a dating website that provides a platform for individuals to meet members of their own cultural group.

It is even more popular than the famed eHarmony.

It is true that dating can be challenging. It might be confusing to try to figure out the right approach to text a woman, or how to move things forward. If this is your situation, there are things that can help. Latino Meetup is one of these tools.

Latino Meetup starts with the free registration with your email address. Subsequently, you are available to browse through various member profiles and make a contact. There are numerous Chicana, Latino, south of the border females available and more.

The registration process highlights the Latino Meetup trading policies and materials which are in plentiful supply on the website. A few of these are especially worth focusing on.

Latino Meetup Trading Policies

The terms and conditions indicate that Latino Meetup is a marketing company as opposed to a dating site.

It is important to be made aware of this fact. Many men are participating in activities which have been strongly advised against because of the anonymity provided by the internet. They are also doing so at their own risk. Latino Meetup has gone to great lengths to protect its members and members of the community from any harm that might ensue.

How To Create An Account On LatinoMeetup

Profile Quality (and Verification Process) On LatinoMeetup

First of all, LatinoMeetup rates anyone who joins their site good enough to introduce an audience to Latin people, and as the site says, "You can’t be a good community if you aren’t meeting new people."

The community takes the high-end approach to other online dating sites, for example, OkCupid and Zoosk.

It’s supposed to offer better privacy and security, which are a huge plus for single people who are wanting to meet someone, and then using LatinoMeetup to connect with someone.

The monthly fee is also around the middle of the pack (for online dating sites), where all LatinoMeetup gives is a –date”, based on the sites policy, we should all know what it really is after a few months on the site.

How To Search On LatinoMeetup

There is no particular category you can choose while searching for Latino Meetups. They recently have changed the search feature itself to make it more practical.

Use the menu on the left side to search by different criteria. For example, while searching by location, the differences between US, rest of world and Worldwide are displayed in red, green, and grey colour respectively.

While searching by date, you can choose between ‘Past Months’ and ‘Today’. The month ‘Past Months’ are displayed in date format.

Another useful feature of Latino Meetup is that you can search it using the name of your city. e.g. ‘New York Latino Meetup’. This gives you the option to choose one which is closest to you.

If you feel that the Latino Meetup you are searching is not letting you see all the results, you can always link to another one in the results further down.

Google will always display the most up-to-date results and you should be able to see them provided you have connected with the Latino Meetup on Facebook or have re-subscribed to their email address.

Super Easy: The Matching and Chatting Process

To start with a Latino Meetup, you need to go on their site and fill out an application. From there, you will be directed to the waiting list.

Since the number of applicants is limited, you will need to check your application every few days until you are accepted.

Next, you will be directed to LatinoMeetup’s private website, where you will have to answer some match questions. Some questions are general and will give you an idea of where they would be looking to expand but other questions will narrow down your preferences to a specific state or even a city.

Once you have filled in your answers, you will be paired with someone that matches your place preferences.

After you have received a match, you will be sent a personal message on LinkedIn from the Latino in your match. You can start messaging back and forth right away as soon as your match has accepted your match request.

If the Latino you have been matched with has a LinkedIn profile with a high profile, this is an indication that they are legitimate. If they do not have a profile you can ask them for one.

When you start chatting with your match, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you have a good option for a date because you are communicating and arranging your first date with them.

Membership Types

When it comes to finding Latino dating sites, the most common one is LatinoMeetup. This is a very good sign since Latino matchmaking is something that is very popular.

So, do you have to pay for LatinoMeetup? When you sign up for it, you will be notified of payment options. In case you are choosing the table, it is free to do.

But if you want to upgrade your membership, you will be paying monthly or yearly. The good news is that membership is totally free and you will be able to access it whether you pay or not.

LatinoMeetup Free Membership

A lot of money can be made online, but not by any first-time entrepreneur with a dream and a minimum amount of money and time.

They’ve also been around for a while and these are their reviews on LatinoMeetup:

LatinoMeetup Review – Before We Begin

LatinoMeetup is an online dating service for Latin American singles. They offer a free membership, but there are some recommendations to be made for members to take before joining.

Review The Contract

Once you want to join, you’ll be asked to read and sign their membership contract. The contract has only a few terms of service, but it has the rules of the site. Make sure you read them carefully. You can always re-read it after signing it.

There are two important sections for you to review now:

Racial discrimination clauses, under which they claim they have the right to terminate any membership if there is any proof of racial discrimination. Please read about if there’s racial discrimination in the online dating industry.

LatinoMeetup Paid Membership

LatinoMeetup is conducted by Hi5, which is a popular social networking website used by over 100 million people across the globe.

It is free to join, and you can use it to communicate, create events (which is what Latino Meetup is based on) and make friends, just like Twitter or Facebook.

When you join Latino Meetup, you will automatically receive an email confirmation that you are now a member. You then understand you are not a member in the "real" sense of the word, because you get an email confirmation that you have joined LatinoMeetup.

However, you will not be able to to join Latino Meetup without making an account on Hi5.

Additionally, Latino Meetup is a free social networking site for meeting people on Latino Meetup. There is a premium form of Latino Meetup membership and there is a free membership form.

Free Latino Meetup to Latino Meetup Plan Full Premium Membership Plan Free Membership Plan

After joining LatinoMeetup, you will see a link in the left side to continue your Latino Meetup membership. Unfortunately, every time you click that "Continue" link, you will not be redirected to the web page, the site will not load.

Furthermore, if you check your spam folder, you will see an array of emails that resemble the Latino Meetup confirmation email that you have already received.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On LatinoMeetup

And Get Your Money Back?

You can cancel your Latino Meetup account once a year. This means that you have one year to cancel. If you cancel immediately after the 12 months of membership is over, your money will be refunded to you within 10 days.

If you first signed up to Latino Meetup on February 1st and you canceled on March 1st, you will need to wait until January 1st to receive your money back.

However, if you signed up for Latino Meetup on January 1st and you canceled on February 1st, you will receive your money back starting on January 1st.

”How To Cancel LatinoMeetup Subscriptions?

First, you need to log into your Latino Meetup account. Once you are in, click on ”My Account” on the left-hand navigation menu.

Under your profile, you will see an option for ”Monthly Subscription.” Click on that.

”Cancel Subscription” will now appear next to your name, click on it.

Here, you can cancel your Latino Meetup subscription at any time, as well as change the number of virtual bottles of wine, VIP level, or Payment methods.

How Safe and Secure Is LatinoMeetup?

There are many dating websites that claim to connect singles with others like them to strike up a new relationship. Some of these sites are no doubt legit, while others are fake or scams. More often than not, scams try to take advantage of vulnerable singles who are looking for a relationship.

A lot of single Latino men and women are hoping to find a love connection. It’s common for them to go to LatinoMeetup as a way to meet a new person. When you join LatinoMeetup, you need to be cautious about the safety and security of the website because people’s lives could be at risk.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using any online dating website like LatinoMeetup is that you keep your identity anonymous.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a casual or serious relationship, you should never reveal too much information.

This is the first line of defense in the event of a scam.

Scammers are always looking for ways to coerce a victim into sending them money or information. If they don’t have your identification, they can’t steal your money or use your credit cards in a scam.

Next, you should access LatinoMeetup only with a fully secure and a secure browser.

LatinoMeetup Alternatives and Competitors In The Online Dating Industry

The online dating industry is saturated with sites like AmericanCupid and Match. You would be surprised at the number of sites currently serving single Latinas that are being turned onto LatinoMeetup thus creating opportunities for new sites like LatinoMeetup to grow.

Most of the market space has already been claimed by the big players like Match and AmericanCupid. The new companies coming on have to prove themselves in the market and will have to work harder than the existing ones to get a foothold.

The biggest challenge for these companies trying to come to the market is that they will have to compete with some of the biggest players that already have a huge market share.

How to avoid scam?

So how to know if the site is scam or legitimate and why?

Here Are Some Things to Look For

A. Look at the number of members

The bigger the membership base the more credible it is.

B. The number of dates per month

A dating site cannot claim to be successful if it is not being used and the more dates it has the better.

C. Free Membership

Always make sure that the site is free before trying it. Any site that requires sign up or payment is more likely to be scam than legitimate.

D. Verified Profile


Watch out for Latinos who want to ask you personal questions and answer that will probably make an (Latino) couple and that they are okay. Are they already married?

If they ask for your phone number or send you a message, be wary.

Latinos like portraying themselves as attractive people even if their actions show them to be different.

It is okay to be selective and only go for guys that meet your criteria of attractiveness. So if you are looking for a Latino man who is smart and is successful in life, you should consider going for the best Latino dating sites and apps to meet him.

You also need to know your intentions. If you are only going to date them for the night, you might not want to pay the subscription fee. You need to protect your time and your money.

The best advice to have is to ask an honest and sincere Latina if the Latino dating site is legit or not.

Latinopeoplemeet is legit and a better choice.

How to Date Your Road Buddy

Have you been looking for a bike buddy? If you haven't, then you should plan a trip to visit your local bike shop and check out their bike selection.

Once you figure out what you want, just go to your local bike shop and start asking around. You will eventually find a couple of nice guy who would love to share the road with you.

Pros and Cons

One of the best dating sites out there is LatinAmericaMeetup! As a person who finds it harder to attract dates now that I am a proud gay man, this site has been a real godsend! The site’s ads are positioned in several gay and straight lifestyle niches, but most of the users of the site seem to be heterosexual Latinos. Every single day we are reminded about the importance of being honest and genuine with everyone we come into contact with, and the same applies when it comes to dating apps. How on earth can you expect to attract a potential partner if you create a fake name then send them the usual crap about yourself that you would like to see them in a relationship? Both of these are the first signs of a scam site, and LatinoMeetup is right up there with Adult Friend Finder. It is clear that tricksters have found a way to make money out of our desperation, and it is time that dating sites start to take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their users, as well as their right to have a proper date. The only way that people will be able to escape the web of lies and cheats is for a fair and level playing field to be established online, and the sooner people admit this the better the chances are of getting things back under control.

Which dating site is right for you?

You can find tons of Latino Meetup Meetup Groups here in Houston and a lot of them are scams.

The idea of the review is to work on your instincts and pick the right one.

Contacted the group maximum (12) but some of them lacked the meetings and did not respond.

Minespot (3) Responsive Group of Good People

We didn’t cancel our reservations the place was excellent. I enjoyed it!.

Latinos Spring Branch (3) Went there to try it out but left the place immediately after.

Kendall – Oakland (3) The people were nice. They just needed to print the pictures.

Latinos Spring Branch (5) This is a great place for to to try new things and make new friends.

Latinos Spring Branch (5) I interviewed someone for a project and he already knew what I was going to say. I was comfortable and I for sure will go back.

Latinos Spring Branch (5) Very nice place in a nice of apartment. Study, Restaurant and a hair salon.

Latinos Spring Branch – (3) The place is amazing – far overpriced though. It is more like a cheap motel than a hostel.