LDSPlanet – A Legit Place to Meet People or a Scam?

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An Overview – How LDSPlanet Works

What Should I Be Aware Of?

LDSPlanet isn’t your average online dating service. It’s a website that aims to connect prospective LDS singles together. That’s why it’s so popular with the Church and that’s also what makes it so interesting.

We have visited LDSPlanet just recently and we have discovered an incredible site that brings to life the vision of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Usually, when you think of an online dating site, you imagine something that looks a little like this. But LDSPlanet is no ordinary dating site.

It’s a totally different approach. Although it does offer a traditional dating site, it does so with a purpose.

This is a crazy website that sees you and thousands of other people and makes sure you meet someone.


Who Is the Audience on This Service

Most LDSplanet members hail from the United States or western Europe. They are young (most are in their 20s and early 30s), and many have never been to a Mormon Church meeting or know anyone who is a member of the Church.

These are mostly young men and women from backgrounds where they don’t know any other Mormons, and want to meet other Mormons nearby in their area.

They want to meet other members who have similar interests or values, without having to leave their home.

When you sign up for LDSplanet, you will be able to search by state, city, ZIP code or even your home address and see if there are any Meetup groups available in your area.

This is why the LDSplanet audience is usually young people who have recently come out of the closet and are curious what more there is to the Mormon faith.

Won’t LDSplanet Turn into a Dating Site?

At first, LDSPlanet was predominantly a dating site, and was then later modified to include people searching for a church activity buddy in their area.

LDSplanet also partner with LDS Church leaders so that they can bring non-members to a local bishop to get them involved in the church.

Interesting Key Features They Offer

There are several reasons a person could go to LDSPlanet, which is a free dating website dedicated to LDS singles. But is it better than regular dating sites like POF? Let’s check.

Micro Blog

As you sign up for LDSPlanet, you will gain a micro blog. Most online dating websites have them and it’s basically a mini-blog where you can share things with your matches.

It’s a quick way to get to know someone better and a good way to show that you have an interest in the person you are talking to.

Ranking and Matching System

Your profile is of course important, but so is the way you match with people. The ranking and matching system at LDSPlanet allows you to know when people think you match, how well you match, and how good of a fit you are.

Unlike Tinder, where you just search and swipe, ranking and matching lets you know what you are looking for, or at the very least, what you aren’t looking for.

How User Friendly LDSPlanet’s Service Is

The LDSPlanet review shows that user-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of LDSPlanet. To them, a friendly platform adds value to the whole LDSPlanet experience.

With LDSPlanet, it is made easy to find single Mormons who fit your criteria and you can also set up an account to become an LDSMatch’ member and to add friends and prospects. LDSPlanet focuses on a quality service and that is one of things that sets them apart from other LDS dating sites.

The system works very well once you know how it works. One of the best things about LDSPlanet is the ability to add friends and prospects to be able to invite them to events.

The LDSPlanet platform is very organized and the administrators are always thinking on how they can improve the platform.

One of the best things about LDSPlanet is the ability to add friends and prospects to be able to invite them to events. With LDSPlanet, it is made easy to find single Mormons who fit your criteria and you can also set up an account to become an LDSMatch’ member and to add friends and prospects.

Another great thing about them is their ability to set up a date in a variety of ways.

To them, the LDSPlanet system is very user friendly. Nevertheless, the platform could be a little more user-friendly in places but that’s just a small nitpick.

An Overview of Website Design & Usability

If you just landed on this page, your almost definitely looking for a dating website. Dont worry there are thousands upon thousands of websites looking to connect singles around the world. Dating can be frustrating and challenging at times. LDSplanet is one of those sites that makes the process as easy as possible.

However is the site legit or is it a scam?

It probably helps to understand both the website’s backgrounds and their fundamental principles to decide for yourself.

Does LDSPlanet Have a Mobile Application?

Yes. Step up your LDSplanet experience the new way. With LDSplanet mobile app, you can share and chat more conveniently on the go. Download the app now and start exploring the website with a new and different user experience.

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How Responsive Is the Customer Support?

Our support team always aims for the 99% satisfaction rate, and we work hard to give our customers the best customer support we can. We offer live chat and email support with no waiting periods that makes it easier for you to understand the issues. If you can’t get a response within an hour, we are happy to help. Our 24/7 email support team is available to provide you a timely response to all your questions and concerns. If you have any problems with our site or with your downloads, we promise that our support team will respond in a timely and useful manner.

Overview of the User Profile

The user profile might seem very interesting at first. But once you start exploring it, you realize that this website is a joke. Most of the profiles are obviously complete lies. Moreover, you have to search like a madman to find a single unique one.

Each profile states a completely different name and profession than the next. The message is obvious though. LDSPlanet is a place for people who are truly desperate for finding a partner. The users will use whatever trick they can to convince you to fall for their lies.

The profiles mostly consist of pictures of young women who have been photographed on the beach or on the street.

They have also been taken to hospitals and even factories, as if their boyfriends want to show you the strength of their love.

As you dig deeper into the pictures, you realize that the women look half dead. The healing process of their disease is clearly visible in their gaunt faces.

Also, the descriptions on the profile are complete lies. They give you no useful information at all. You won’t be able to figure out whether these people are telling the truth or are just looking for someone to take care of them.

The only way to get to the real profiles is to scroll through all of the pictures. You will eventually find a real one and will have a real chance to converse with a real person.

Ways of Signing up

  • Getting Approved
  • Finding Friends

How Good the Profile Quality and Verification Process Is

LDSPlanet Search Options

The LDSPlanet website is the largest online social network that caters to Mormons in almost every country. If you are wondering whether you should join in, consider the following:

When you join, you can either search for people in your area, or you can search for people in specific countries.

Think of the latter option as a premium dating website. There are people in your country who sign up with the searched-for country but are not locals of the country.

You can set a fitness threshold that people in your area must have before they can view your profile. This is a great setting to use if you are looking for someone long-term or are worried about people viewing your profile who only pretend to be interested.

Although there are not a lot of options, the site is very straightforward, easy to navigate and has lots of useful features for Mormons and people in countries where the church does not exist.

The goal of LDSPlanet is to help you meet Mormon singles in the area where you currently live, and similar to most Mormon dating websites, you can use the website to get to know people through their online profiles. Some of the most frequent points of discussion are about missionaries and dating.

The key to success for LDSPlanet is not focusing on these topics, because they will just not work. Instead, focus on the other areas where people will be interested in your profile.

How Good Is Matching & Chatting on This Site?

If you look at Single Friend Finder, the number one dating site for LDS singles, you can see that this site has one of the highest success rates.

But Match does have a large user base and dating site to compete with, so how do you decide which site to use? The right chat app can make a big difference when you are trying to meet people.

If you are looking for more advanced, match-based dating, you can use a site like LDSPlanet.

Plenty of people like a casual, manageable approach to dating at first. A site like this one is ideal for them. Many of these sites are designed to help you make friends or even find a spouse before you move on to an online dating site.

What Subscription Options Do They Offer?

There are three subscription options: LDS Planet, LDS Siblings, and LDS Living.

LDS Planet is the free membership option. It costs nothing and gives you full access to all their resources. You will still need to share your own profile in order to add friends, but otherwise, it’s free.

You can upgrade to LDS Siblings at any time for a small monthly fee. This membership gives you everything from LDS Planet, as well as private messages to other members.

The last option in the subscription lineup is LDS Living. It costs a bit more than the other two, but has an even richer set of features. You get the same as LDS Siblings, but you can also have a support group and blog discussions.

If you’re an active member of the Church of Latter-day Saints, this is a no-brainer.

If not, then you’re probably wondering if this is just a scam.

Here’s my take on it:

If you’re an active member of the church who is active with your ward, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to join. It has great features, access to an active community of engaged Mormons, and a place to explore your faith.

What Does the Free Version Offer?

There are a few options and pricing plans available.

The free version has a few limitations:

  • They do not allow users to upload photos
  • They do not allow users to add e-mails to the database
  • You can contact members only if you start a conversation with them first
  • You can only add a limited amount of members to your personal list
  • You cannot make your members list public
  • You can only have 5 photos visible to members
  • You can only add a maximum of 100 members to your personal list
  • There is no option to log out of the site without deleting your account

What a Paid Subscription Include?

If you have an LDSPlanet account, it should come with the following membership benefits:

A member has to give out his cell phone number, address, and email on the public page.

The operator reviews every post the members put on the site.

The site moderating staff usually delete all the inappropriate ads on the platform.

The paid membership is ideal for people involved in online dating.

To start talking to other people online, the member must join the site and must fill out the profile.

On the profile, a member can submit a group photo.

A member can leave a message on the site.

The site provides a monthly limit of 20 group messages.

A member can send out one personal profile photo.

The site does not charge members on an hourly or weekly basis.

It is for members who don’t want to save all their photos on their phone.

The site does not charge members for messages longer than 150 characters.

The site has a chat rooms attached to it.

The site does not charge members on an hourly or weekly basis.

The site provides a monthly limit of on the site of 2000 impressions.

What Is the Process for Cancelling a Subscription?

The cancellation for an online subscription of a service with LDSPlanet is different than stick to the rules and regulations of your subscription. You should always leave them with more money than when you first subscribed to the service.

How do I cancel my credit card from LDSPlanet?

If you want to cancel your credit card from LDSPlanet, go to LDSPlanet, click on your name and then on Account at the bottom align left of the screen. Click on Cancel Credit Card.

I denied the cancellation and I am no longer able to use LDSPlanet. What can I do?

Yes, this is your only warning. These guys are con artists. If you like them, you can leave your information with them for other services that they offer.

But, if you want to play it safe, be wary of any request from LDSPlanet. Use a different e-mail and other details for such requests.

Is there a way to get a refund of money I’ve lost?

I will contact the hacker and see if I can get your money. I will need a way to contact you.

How long will it take to get my money back?

Usually, it will take up to 1 week for a hacker to sort this out.

All is there is a way to cut the head from the snake.

Safety & Security of the Site – How Good It Is

Good Alternatives Other Than LDSPlanet

I have written an entire book describing what LDSplanet can do for you and why you should give it a shot.

Click here to read it.


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Pros and Cons

The best thing about LDSPlanet is the fact that it gives you access to a large community of nearly half a million active users.

However, not everyone has a positive experience. Often they give you the information they earned themselves and helped other members to achieve.

When you give them the credit for the information they earned, they also give it to you and help you with similar tips, video content, and much more knowledge.

Users have different experiences with them but some say it’s a waste of time. Others say that it is a useful resource.

The Question Is: Are They A Legit Place to Meet People or A Scam to be Avoided?

If you have a question, they will answer it.

If you are looking for a job, they will get you one.

If you just want to hear their personal advice, they will give it.

However, the responses are often unclear, unclear, or not replies to the messages.

If you’re in a relationship, they can help you out, if you are looking for free money, they won’t help you.

They will give you tips, help you find your next best match, and access to real free advice from real people.

Which dating site is right for you?

Isn`t it confusing to choose which site is better? Here are some tips to help you decide.

You`ve heard all the hype. You`ve read all the articles. You`ve heard all the things it says are wrong with the traditional ways in the search for a mate. And you`ve found it for you! A site that just happens to be LDS-affinitied as well.

But wait. Before you go and give out your credit card info, you need to be aware that you have found a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

LDSPlanet is really a website that is profiting off of the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has blessed them with a website, promoting the Traditions and Values of the church. The site then uses the fact that the church is naturally an honors-based religion. Since the church already has the "safe" and "respected" label in the minds of many, this site capitalizes on that fact.

In doing so, the Church is in no way involved with the website. Instead, the site claims the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not hold its members to the scriptural standards found in the Bible, The Book of Mormon, and the Pearl of Great Price.

Want to find dates that are out of the ordinary and maybe a little bit of a challenge to date?

Look no further!

LDSPlanet is a website for LDS singles looking for something different in a potential spouse. With so many different groups and perspectives, it’s easy to feel lonely and out of place without having a chance to meet people in your area.

So what does this site offer you that other dating sites don’t?

Easy to Use

Most LDS dating sites are complicated and don’t make it easy to meet someone. You know what you are doing when you use LDSPlanet, and they make it very easy to message and find matches.

Quality Matches

The people you meet who join LDSPlanet are paying a fee of some sort. So they are generally looking for something different than others might want.

That means the people who have stuck around are likely to be quality, intelligent people who are a good match for you. So you will be more likely to get some good results from your use of LDSplanet.

A Fun yet Educational Social Community

As you might expect, LDSPlanet supports some values not typical of other dating sites. However, that doesn’t mean they are exclusionary.