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How Does LoveAndSeek Dating Site Function?

It is a dating site where Christians can find people of faiths that are members of the site. This site is designated for the Christian community and does not charge a membership fee.

LoveAndSeek has been the leader in creating a platform where people all over the globe can meet Christian singles and find their match!

A database of members is created on the server, where the server notifies them every time a new person signs up or if someone updates their profile.

With the use of an API platform, it is possible for the program to generate profiles by the names and information of each new person that sign up.

Once a person creates their profile, they are redirected to the LoveAndSeek homepage. This homepage allows them to choose what kind of Christian dating they are looking for, based on the location of where they live.

The filters at the bottom of the page will narrow down their search by country, state, city, and even city limits. For those that are looking for more specific a match, LoveAndSeek allows them to create a “filter” based on their dreams and mindset, so that they can find the person that they are looking for.

Every day in the Loveandseek database, tens of thousands of profiles are generated and sent to the server, and thousands of members are introduced.

Some of the great features of LoveAndSeek include:

Christian Dating

What About Audience Structure?

This is the better part of a holistic Christian network and you will get access to a community of single Christians interested in finding love online. That means that you can choose from a large number of fresh, young, and awesome Christians who are in their 20s, 30s and over and also singles who attend church regularly.

There is a lot of value here with a very little cost so it’s a great product to take a look at.

The site does send a lot of emails ” to the point of inundating you with messages. So you will have to take the time to unsubscribe.

But if you can get through that, it’s a great service that will help you find a long term relationship on your terms.

There are also resources that help you get back out there, after a breakup, and learn to find healthy and committed relationships. An orientation towards your own fatherly journey is also covered in this great site.

What Makes LoveAndSeek Different From the Others?

The look and feel of a website can make all the difference in a conversion! The same can be said for an application. They really are the window through which your products enter the market.

LoveandSeek has done successfully what a lot of Christian dating sites can’t. It has scaled up so fast and grown at such an astonishing rate without compromising quality at all. Having experienced 3-month and 6-month engagement with this app, I can tell you with utmost confidence that it is different than most online dating websites.

While most websites will bore you to death with tons of irrelevant irrelevant profiles, Loveandseek would have the entirety of the website dedicated to one topic … you. This is a turn off in most cases. Yet Loveandseek crunches the numbers and the data to get the perfect matches.

The profile of a man on Loveandseek is designed to attract the women, and while you don’t necessarily need to impersonate a celebrity, you should play to your strengths and make sure that women have reason to look at you.

Make your profile as simple as you can and give incredible value by sharing information about what you are passionate about.

Is LoveAndSeek a User-Friendly Website?

The website, in general, is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Surprisingly Responsive”

As you can see from the video above, the LoveAndSeek app is pretty quick, available on many platforms (smartphone, desktop, and tablet) and doesn’t crash (which is important).

Clean Looking”

The website is fast and responsive. The design does look clean and as a professional Christian, they try to both create a friendly user-experience and a respecting of their customers’ time.

Beautiful Content”

It’s always good when you get a website that’s dedicated to a specific topic, right? That’s exactly what LoveAndSeek is all about.

Available on Many Platforms”

As mentioned, the app is available on many platforms, so if you use a mobile device, you can find the LoveAndSeek app on most major mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets.

How Good Is LoveAndSeek Website Design and Usability?

Is There a Mobile Application for LoveAndSeek?

One of the best features, in my opinion, about LoveAndSeek is the fact that they actually have a mobile app. This enables you to connect with other Christians who are looking for a real, meaningful relationship.

This is great because connecting is actually the
meat” of the process. If you’re there to just hook up, then you’re wasting both of your time. However, if you want to take the relationship seriously, then definitely check out the app and start chatting!

The app is also real-time, so you can see who’s online and who’s logged in right now.

How to Contact LoveAndSeek Customer Support Service?

Christian singles of all ages are looking for single men and single women for a committed relationship in a like-minded relationship.

You can now find such loving partners in our fun and secure online dating environment.

LoveAndSeek is a fun and safe Christian dating website. Singles seeking a solid relationship are welcome.

LoveAndSeek is perfect for those new to online dating.

You can find single Christians in Canada, USA, United Kingdom or United Arab Emirates.

LoveAndSeek is 100% Free to use.

Build your love, confidence, warmth and happiness today.

You don’t need to be a Christian to join LoveAndSeek.

Find Love, share love, meet love, and love again.

How to Sign-Up and Create a User Profile?

How to Sign-Up for LoveAndSeek Website?

It’s easy to get started and connect with single Christians in your area for a long-term, committed relationship.

Just follow these three easy steps:

Sign-Up to LoveAndSeek.

Join a LoveAndSeek Club.

Join a LoveAndSeek Dating Online – Online Dating Site.

Step 1:

Create a personal online profile with LoveAndSeek and start searching for matches for a long term committed relationship which fits your life long goals.

Join a LoveAndSeek Club

Step 2:

Join a local LoveAndSeek Club in your area and find single Christian men and women for long-term, committed relationships.

Join an Online Dating Site

Step 3:

LoveAndSeek Dating Online is the easiest way to go for long-term, committed relationships. You can join a local LoveAndSeek Dating Online Club in your area. Match and message single Christians like you in your area for a long-term committed relationship.

Profile Quality and Verification Review

There are some great profiles of Christian singles to choose from. As a Christian person seeking a Christian partner, It is always helpful to get a feeling of the people you are connecting to through the site, and BeIt is no exception.

In this review, we will take a quick look at just a few of the profiles of Christians on the site and determine if the people carry a wholesome profile and are recommended or not.

Each profile that is reviewed will be given an overall score out of a possible five on the following scale:

  • First Impression
  • Profile Construction
  • Verification

First Impression

We will be assessing each profile from first impression (score out of five) and the overall impression of the profile looking at its uniqueness compared to the other profiles in the same section.

A good first impression shows your personality through your profile photo. They should show you in your best light, and be most flattering to a potential match.

The settings and lighting are usually the best places to look for this. All the photos in a profile should be the same resolution.

Profile Construction

This is where the profile review will be focused as it is the main part and usually the first part that will be shown to someone.

In this section we will give the profile a score out of five and talk about what we feel are the good and bad points of each profile.

How to Search Matches on LoveAndSeek?

Love And Seek charges users according to how much time they wish to spend on the site.

Click on the ‘search’ Option and type in your search criteria.

Pick whether you would like the site to only display Christian Matches or also show people for non-believers.

Now click on search and you are ready to go.

LoveAndSeek Website Matching and Chatting Features

You have the flexibility of contacting people from the website's match list and from contacting someone from the website's popular chat list.

You can also search on the network to access Christian singles that match what you are looking for.

Additionally, you can use your search criteria on 8 different criteria; interests, age, ethnic background and the phone number. You have the option to connect with Christians from 8 different traditional churches.

If you wish to verbalize your interests or enjoy going sightseeing and visit churches on weekend, you can do so by reading the transcript.

You can use this site for online dating, searching for partners, making an introduction and connecting to people of similar interest.

This site offers instant matching and allows you to search from the homes of Christian singles using the database.

There is a home where you need to input the information you have.

This site allows you to get to know the profile of people who share the same spiritual beliefs as you and find you love on the internet.

Subscription Options in Detail

LoveAndSeek Christian & Mixed Dating Site is a competing Christian Mixed Dating Site. You get the best of both worlds on our site. You can find Christians and Mixed-religion Singles as well as Single Christians and Mixed-religion Ladies to follow through on your Christian Dating & Relationship needs.

Christian Mingle

LoveAndSeek Christian Dating Site has the most compatible and balanced Christian Singles community to find Single Christians & Mixed-religion Singles. You also have the opportunity to find Multi-Religion Christian ladies and Multi-religion Christian men to share about your faith.

Join Christian Dating Service

LoveAndSeek Christian Dating Site offers a comprehensive Christian Dating Service to Single Christians & Mixed-religion Singles. You can join our Christian Dating Service of Single Christians & Mixed-religion Singles in the search of new Christian friends and new Christian relationships.

Standard Members Services on the Website

LoveandSeek offers a 7 days trial to show you the taste of their services.

If you wish to get free membership with LoveandSeek, you may visit the –Standard Membership”.

You will have access to all services which include Browse Christian personals, Match Christian singles, Social networking, Meet Christian Singles Events, Christian Dating Services, Match Christian Singles Events, Christian Singles Online, Love Christian Singles, HelpHwting Love Sports Connection.

Apart from this you can even hear the replay of our previous Live Christian Events.

Also you can use the Services to find a Christian like you, Register yourself for Free and create your account. LoveandSeek is an interesting place to find out several Christian Singles for marriage.

If you are still not satisfied, the team leads by the founder is ready to help you out.

They offer a range of Christian services and get you the finest Christian Singles.

In order to locate the perfect Christian mate, you can use their basic service which is the Browse Christian personals.

The premium membership which is the Match Christian singles, allows you to use the Match Christian singles Events feature, which allows you to have a Christian Mate at one-click.

Premium Members Services on the Website

Pricing Structure of LoveAndSeek Dating Website

LoveAndSeek is a relatively new website for Christian singles that are looking for a committed long-term relationship.

It is a newer platform with a difference and here is the pricing structure where a user will need to pay once for signing up for a lifetime subscription fee.

The cost of your first month as a paid member is free but going forward, it will be charged at a rate of ‬6 every month.

The higher the membership number, the lower the monthly subscription cost depends on which plan you are on.

There are a total of 5 memberships in different membership plans and they are either a free membership or a paid subscription.

Free Membership ․ No charge but no access to premium content.

How to Cancel Premium Subscription?

Go To –Home‡ > –Subscription‡ > –Cancel Premium Subscription‡ and click on –Yes‡ button.

Evaluation of Safety and Security Measures

Our website uses a 256-bit SSL secured connection to protect your information. You can read more about the security of your information by reading our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

User Security

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, you can check our help center for assistance. Additionally, your contact information is available to us upon your signup as well.


You can also post reviews of members. Most members are usually pretty nice and helpful.

Member Activity

With over 200 active members, there are plenty of people to meet if you want to. You can find a lot of potential friends and relationships by posting in the “All Members” section of the site.

We also have a “Blogs to Read” section to browse through and you can also explore some of the members blogs as well.

Feature and Listing

We also have sections in the website with features and listings for members of LoveAndSeek to use. These sections will be updated as more people join the site.

There are also features and listings that will help you find other like-minded Christians or potential Christians in the United States and world at large.

These listings will give you the basics on each Christian’s fundamental beliefs and hobbies. These features are very beneficial in helping people find each other.

LoveAndSeek Alternative and Competitor Websites and Apps

So let’s face it, human relationships can be hard to navigate. Whether you want to find a friend, or a girlfriend or boyfriend or even an amorous encounter, the process can be difficult.

LoveAndSeek is a useful tool that helps singles get in touch with other singles looking for the same thing that you are.

The website is focused on connecting Christians together in their pastor’s community, and also connecting you to what is going on in your church’s social scene.

As they say, the best things in life are free. The one featured on LoveAndSeek is Send My Email. It acts as your mailbox without all the e-mailing. So if someone interests you, send them a message without having to answer a string of questions first. It’s a simple alternative to common dating sites that support it.

On the LoveAndSeek app, you can search specific user’s profiles and view their photos. You can also link up to your Facebook profile to see theirs too. It’s the easiest way to meet new people.

Final Verdict: LoveAndSeek Dating Website Review

If you are looking to find a serious, loving, and committed relationship, then LoveAndSeek is the place for you. Connect with local Christians in your area, swipe right, and get chatting right away. From there, you can strengthen your relationship by diversifying your options, and starting to plan your future together or on a long-term vacation.

The great thing about LoveAndSeek is that you learn what dating is really about. It’s about building a relationship where you meet the right person. There is no time limit to getting to know someone or to break a relationship. Usually, that happens naturally as you get to know each other over time.

With LoveAndSeek, you get the best of both worlds. You can meet like-minded Christians and get your relationship on track. You can even meet non-Christians and stay committed to your faith, but date rationally. LoveAndSeek is the perfect way to plan your next vacation, and come back to a long-term healthy relationship. If you have any questions or need some advice on using LoveAndSeek, then make sure to check out our final LoveAndSeek review for everything you need to know.

Pros and Cons

Love and Seek is a radical idea. A platform that connects Christian singles (not just those looking for a spouse) and helps them make and access meaningful, lasting, and spiritually nourishing relationships. The site offers an incredible discount for new sign-ups.

Love and Seek is a community of over 100,000 Christian singles who are looking for spiritual and romantic connection. There’s spiritual singles, Christian singles, respectful singles and more, all looking for love.

JDate is the largest dating site with over 5 Million registered users. However, they are only catering to Jewish singles. Current of not, all JDate users are Jewish, so this is not a good dating site if you seek out dating outside your circle. Despite that, Love and Seek is 100% Christian, and not religious.

Love and Seek is the one of the leading Christian dating sites in the world. It focuses exclusively on providing Christian singles with quality experiences, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, country, or religion.

Which dating site is right for you?

LoveAndSeek app allows you to meet Christian singles and it’s very easy to use, just download the app and in the app you will find people from different Christian background, to facilitate you in your Christian connecting .