LoveRoulette Review – Legit or Scam?

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How Does LoveRoulette Work?

The LoveRoulette System is available as both a Web-based gaming platform or a browser mobile app. It has been widely known as a reliable and completely legitimate online dating site that has gained a lot of popularity as a safer alternative to the more standard adult dating sites.

Audience Analysis

This short review is an attempt to help skeptical mind to learn or trust the LoveRoulette. From my research, I found out that the site has been blocked or banned by two different websites (such as TrustBadReviews and RipoffReport). Doing further research, I found out that the site has other negative reviews. So, the site clearly is not popular and has negative reputation.

Key Features

Love Roulette is a love-finding social networking site with a novel twist: you can’t know who you will meet. It’s sort of an online dating site and a social network in one.

LoveRoulette User-Friendliness

This site has four and a half stars with over 40,000 reviews. It is more popular in some countries than others, like Canada with a nearly 90% rating. There are a lot of good and wonderful reviews on this site, with many claiming first dates and marriages as a result of user-submitted experiences.

There are many discounts and deals that can be availed on this website, although the website is most popular among people looking for a casual relationship, and not for anyone wanting to find their life partner. The registration process with this site is very simple and you can login with your email address, although the registration is only set to a single-use account, which can be purchased for one fee.

This site has a lot of member profiles from around the world, with an international selection of members. You can post a profile which is free for free access, but the paid subscription giving you unlimited access to more advanced options. These features include the ability to subscribe to local and regional magazines, as well as the option to post and answer questions in "The Relationship Forum".

It seems the site is very easy to use and extremely user-friendly, which is what caught the attention of one Loveroulette reviewer. Another LoveRoulette review notes that it is easy to track the member profiles you are interested in and the site does not come with any complicated navigation and navigation is generally quite easy.

LoveRoulette Website Design & Usability

LoveRoulette is more than just an ordinary dating website. It sets itself apart from the other sites in its industry by offering a free to use platform that its users will find highly valuable and convenient.

Where else can you find this kind of dating website that offers you a free platform and provides you with a fun and easy way to get to know multiple users?

A lot of people like to keep their profiles up to date, and that means posting frequently and writing interesting and relevant information.

However, people seem to forget that you need some inspiration to write good messages and keep your profile updated. And this is where LoveRoulette comes in.

The idea of this website is to offer its members a place where they can enjoy the fun of chatting with people, and the opportunity to let off with the chatter. This is an idea that can help make your chat more interesting and entertaining.

One good thing about the other sites on the market is their user interface and design. This is where LoveRoulette stands out and actually looks good in the user’s eye.

It has a refreshing look that even casual users would find easy to navigate and take advantage of the website’s features.

Before trying out this website, make sure you go through what is being offered and the features used the most by the website’s users.

LoveRoulette Mobile Application

Review: Is LoveRoulette a scam app?

LoveRoulette is an app which gives users the power of guaranteeing a date with the person who posted their profile picture at the time of reading. LoveRoulette mdates you of the latest pictures of frequenters from the city of your choice.

There is no cost for the application and you can download it directly to your mobile phone. LoveRoulette also has the option of emailing you if there is a match.

However by signing up to the website you can get a free account by filling out a questionnaire. You can then sign up for the app to get the maximum benefit by filling out the profile. The questionnaire asks personal questions about yourself as well as the kind of person you are seeking for.

The LoveRoulette app has a system whereby the profile picture of the person who posted it is highlighted. This allows everyone to see that the person whom you are posting is actively looking for a match and that the profile was not made as a joke.

If you see the front picture of a person who is interested in you and you like the look of the person then go ahead and try to contact them. Again, your profile picture goes along with this one which lets the person know whether this is really the person you are looking for.

Customer Support

If you are looking for a good love finder to find your love, boyfriend, or girlfriend, then LoveRoulette is for you.

Sign-Up Process & User Profile

After sign up and a few welcome emails, I had a chance to use LoveRoulette.

It was a simple enough process. I could log in and private message anyone who added me as a friend.

Checking the site out, the friend request list is fairly small. But as I went up the list, more and more people I knew showed up.

When you go into your profile, you can flag people as liked, people you’ve had a chat with, mutual people and just friends. I think by asking for unique passwords via email, they are preventing spam accounts from having a chance at spinning a tale.

After your profile is created and you’ve started chatting, a daily email comes through with a selection from the friend list that you can send messages to. I’m not sure what the selection criteria is but I got quite a few messages!

Once you have messaged someone, you can see when they have received and read your messages here.

To see their profile, you will need to send them a message to see their profile, but they can still view yours as well. You can even see when they have read your messages here.

How to Sign-Up

And Start Playing Love Roulette?

Once you made your choice to play Love Roulette, all that’s left is to choose your partner’s gender. Start now by creating a free account and downloading the –Love Roulette” application on your personal mobile device.

Love Roulette is an online matchmaking platform. So the first step you need to take in order to join the game is to create a free account. There is a brief privacy policy –click here” once you proceed to join.

The next steps are to go ahead and give your profile some details and that is about it. Finally, you need to sign-in on your mobile device.

At the time of writing, the mobile application is a free download. The developers of Love Roulette are now rolling out a premium subscription on the app in phases.

For now, you can still join without paying anything.

The premium version will provide more features and make the process even faster.

Profile Quality and Verification

In order for Lover’s concept to work, people need to trust that when they place an ad to meet a new person that they won’t be judged by their looks or found lacking. Hence, the job of verifying profile quality and verifiability is vital to the concept of the service.

LoveRoulette works differently from other dating services because it involves two people meeting and having a conversation with each other without the intervention of moderators or any other member of the site. This is because the two people have chosen to meet directly without the protection that moderators provide.

Luckily for modern internet users, it is often easy to determine if a profile is genuine or not. If you’re not sure, then take the steps below to verify the quality of the user’s profile and tips as recommended.

LoveRoulette is a matchmaking service for singles with many different search options. It is one of the most popular and easy to use services available.

There are many online dating sites in the market, but few like LoveRoulette give members the opportunity to set their own price.

In that sense, it is a bit different than other sites and allows the members to select the volume of online communication they are comfortable with.

It’s a common question put to LoveRoulette: Is it legit, or will you get scammed if you sign up for LoveRoulette.

When it comes to LoveRoulette review, there are a good number of satisfied members in the board.

Some LoveRoulette members claim that their dates are seriously interested in them after they started dating with LoveRoulette.

When it comes to scam, LoveRoulette reviews claim that it is unlikely for LoveRoulette members to get scammed when they pay for the service.

They claim that LoveRoulette has experienced admins to monitor and monitor the cases to prevent them.

A few times, since the launch of LoveRoulette, the site was moved temporarily to make it more secure and also to patch security holes in the site.

Matching & Chatting

If you are looking for a one eyed fish in a five gallon bucket then loveroulette is definitely for you! LoveRoulette is a website that has many members who are looking for their soulmate. Since it is a random matching website, you do not have to do any searching or typing to find what you are looking for. All you need to do is answer the questions and LoveRoulette only matches you to other members who also answer the same questions you answer.

When I first signed up for LoveRoulette I was very skeptical that there was any 'magic' matchmaking going on. Of course, it could be a scam and each and every member could be lying about their true intentions.

However when I began out chat session with one of the other members I realized that I was in fact wrong. LoveRoulette has a very unique and fun approach to finding someone to chat with online. As the chat session continued each member showed he/she was a real person and not just one of those people you find on a website.

There are many different chat rooms on LoveRoulette, but I recommend you start your conversation in one of the social chat rooms. There you will get to meet other people; Then you can see if you both have mutual interests.

In my experience, chatting with members on LoveRoulette, most of the time resulted in a date or at least a good friendship.

Subscription Options

LoveRoulette Review – Legit or Scam?

Love Roulette is one of the most popular and longest running dating sites on the Internet, with over 7 million users dating back to 2009.

The site offers members a variety of premium services that would be difficult to find on other dating sites.

With all dating sites, like any service, there are positives and negative sides.

Love Roulette is no different. Some are positive, some are negative.

If you are looking for a Free dating site and you are very new in the field, this is a perfect one for you.On the other hand, if you are looking for a service to meet women, this one is not for you.

If you are still not convinced and would like some more information or some advice from someone who has at least tried Love Roulette before you sign up, try asking for a love roulette review first.

Free Version

Or Paid Version?

LoveRoulette is a dating site for people from various countries around the world. It is operated by a team of people in the US. However, it depends on which part of the US you are located in.

The free version of the site is a social version of the site, which works by connecting with your existing network or someone else that has what you are looking for in a partner. The paid version of the site has a search engine where you can look for partners by selecting a certain profile you are looking for. This gives you more options to choose from.

I've tried the free version and have not found any real potential partners. You get a few scam contacts but the real potential ones are rare. I found the paid version of the site too expensive when I compared the price to a competitor but the paid version does give you more options to find a potential partner.

You have the option of creating a profile in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian or Chinese.

To further help you find a potential partner, the site has a video chat feature added to the free version. You can use the site to communicate with potential partners for a fee.

Paid Subscription

Cancelling Subscription

Safety & Security

LoveRoulette is a dating site for people that want to have affairs and affairs with random strangers. It is a risky endeavour and they need to take extra safety measures before they use this online dating service.

LoveRoulette Competitors

LoveRoulette Review – Legit or Scam?

Do you know what scams and traps are in online dating industry? In order to make sure Robert doesn’t get ripped off by LoveRoulette, I have prepared a LoveRoulette Review – a must have if you are serious about online dating.

LoveRoulette Review – Legit or Scam?

Do you know what scams and traps are in online dating industry? In order to make sure Robert doesn’t get ripped off by LoveRoulette, I have prepared a LoveRoulette Review – a must have if you are serious about online dating.

First and foremost, I would like to mention that Robert has done an excellent job in understanding the love, money-making and scam aspects of online dating.

Evidently, Robert has one of the best understandings of how this industry works, and these are some very useful information he can share with us.

Are they Scam?

If you have been using the internet for a longer time, have you ever come across any characters that say they are the Russians, or the Germans, the Dutch, the Chinese or any other nationality and make you believe they are being very overkeen to start a relationship with you?


Camfrog is the software developed by a company called "Cam4" for their customers. Camfrog allows you to create chatrooms with lots of members and you can also send and receive pictures.

Camfrog is also completely free to use and download for both PC and Mac. Camfrog is very easy to use and you do not need any special skills to use it because it is very user friendly and it is very easy to get started with it.

Camfrog is very easy to use and to open and to join a chatroom. Camfrog is an easy platform for chatting and sharing photos and videos. Camfrog is a great chatting platform and you can easily create your own chatroom there.

Camfrog is a great chatting and sharing platform and can easily create your chatroom there. Camfrog is a great chatting and share bar. Camfrog is the best communicating and sharing platform and it enables you to be in the company of your friends and family.

Camfrog is very user-friendly and can easily communicate and chat with your loved ones. You can easily communicate with your family by using Camfrog.

Camfrog provides you a unique, safe and secure environment for conversation and chatting. Camfrog is a great chatting platform which enables you to meet your chatting partners without any problems and complications.


LoveRoulette Review – Legit or Scam?

The system seems to be legit, but to really guarantee that you can get the results you expect, I would advise you to join their 3-day free trial.

This is the exact same concept as the LoveRoulette application. However, the 3-day trial is a whole lot cheaper and you’ll get access to the entire service with it…


Since the 1970’s there have been a handful of sites that have hit the headlines, claiming that online dating can be just as easy as going to a bar.

Free Dating Sites has been around since the dawn of the internet, and LoveRoulette has been said to be one of the first.

Just like its predecessors, LoveRoulette is a free dating website. This means that it doesn’t cost you anything, accept for a short text filled with your profile pictures.

The homepage of the site is, and often looks like, this:

It is lighthearted and easy to read, requiring very little thought.

If you are reading this, I hope you spent a short time carefully reading the introduction above. In a nutshell, it offers you a quick overview on what to look for in your potential date.

The site is designed to be just about as easy as it gets in finding your match. It offers you the option to fill in your video information, which is also the only other form of self promotion that is allowed. The top things to look for on your date are simply their age, type of relationship you are looking for, color of hair and last of all their height.

It does not get much simpler than this.


LoveRoulette recommends you need to register an account on the main site first before you can join in their "roulette" style functions.

You can register instantly. But if you don’t want to pay, you have to wait for the site to approve your request.
After being approved, you will have to rent the platform for very nominal sums of money. The more "likes" you have, the more you can get from the platform.

You can easily join in the ¡Lkeshop’ function. Or you can go to the ¡Roulette’ part where you can pick members of your choice to give you attention and presents.

The platform does have their own pricing, but as long as you’re a member, you can change the value of the coins where you want to take, and earn them at a faster rate.

If you click on any linked link on our About Us page, we will give you an access at no cost for the whole week to LoveRoulette.



LoveRoulette is a dating site that reaches out to one million unique members every day, in an effort to bring their clients together.

Could it be a legit online dating site? Or is it just a scam that aims to steal your money?

This site was in development for about two years before it finally launched to the general public. Since its launch, the team at LoveRoulette has been hard at work bringing in members and spending their time on building a better dating site, because, after all, every site such as this depends on their customers.

The site currently allows its members to search through other members on the site, and there are currently nearly one million members on the site. So you can imagine that it takes time and, in this case, probably a lot of money, to bring in hundreds of members.

The site is a free one, containing a number of paid subscription options for higher chances of success.

The site supports members in a number of ways. They offer a mobile-optimized site, giving users the ability to use the site from just about anywhere.

They have immediate responses to members’ messages, and they have many techniques and methods in place to ensure the safety of all their members.

They offer a well-known a VIP program that helps people discover new relationships, and they offer exclusive deals and discounts to members of the site.


Pros and Cons

In LoveRoulette the girl chooses the boy to meet them for a physical game of roulette. And they choose how many spins is going to take place. The game has a lot of privacy options whether they want 2 people or 10. You can also choose if you would like 1 person in the game or if it is 2 man 1 woman. Which works great for couples.


The game is to meet for a game of roulette, and you can have 1 or 10 people in the game. That way if you want to play with your wife or boyfriend. Its also great for couples.

What I liked about the game is that its really fun for every one. It really allows people to be their own fun. Which is good, because you don’t need a lot of rules or regulations.

Its a lot of fun that its brought to you live, and its all of your choice. Its also very private which is really important especially if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Which is a lot of fun.

You can choose 1 person or 10 people, which is perfect for people who are in a relationship.

You can choose if you want the people to be 2 couples or if it is 1 couple. The game’s great.

Its a great service and I enjoyed it a lot.

Which dating site is right for you?

Loveroulette is a worldwide free online dating community of singles.

In order to find his true love, a man must learn the art of the seduction.

The start up of LoveRoulette is a creation of Denis Tyurin, a Ukrainian lawyer.

In 2007, Denis, a successful businessman, was frustrated with the fact that he could not meet beautiful women in ordinary bars. Denis felt that the only romantic place for him to meet the one was in a movie theater. However, after a long time, he realized that he encountered the same kind of women that he encountered in normal life and regular online dating sites. So, he sought to find something else.

The idea of LoveRoulette came to him when he was in the car and saw his young daughter playing with her toy. In the toy, she met a boy and a girl and then she blew a kiss to the boy. Denis then thought of people meeting people by pressing a button on a toy and felt astonished. However, he decided that this would require a lot of work.

But, he did not stop trying and in 2009, he launched the idea of LoveRoulette within the USCinema Spectacularity forum. Within a month, he had received a lot of positive feedback.

After a lot of research, i find that clicking the following link is where the real website is ! Totally safe !