Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

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The Lovoo Matchmaking Site Overview

Lovoo claims to be a 100% free dating site in which members can look for potential matches. The official website says that since 2004, the Lovoo dating site has been connecting people at no cost.

It is advertised as one of the top online dating sites to join. According to Lovoo, the average male age in the United States is 29.2 and the average female age in the United States is 28.5.

The site is also mainly available in the US, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands.

It can be accessed from the web as well as via the app. However, it only offers a mobile version for iOS and Android users.

The home page of the Lovoo website has a staggering 18 main sections. Although the list is rather lengthy, you can narrow it down to those you want to see.

You can choose to visit one of them by clicking on the main section and selecting the tab you wish to see.

If you wish to browse through the different sections first, you can do so by using the search option on the main page. You can enter a specific word or phrase, like handsome, to find the person you are looking for.

The Way Lovoo Functions

Lovoo is more than just a dating site. It's service is similar to Tinder but targeted toward a more specific group of people, and in the process developed an audience that didn't fit in with most dating sites.

Lovoo promises to give you an experience where you would otherwise have to seek out on your own. The dating app is focused on helping you to create a collection of unique matches, meaning that your match is going to match with you so long as you can create attraction for them.

They call this a more genuine experience, since the match-making process requires you to be the one to initiate conversation. Lovoo matches you based on mutual likes and then allows you to indicate if you'd like to chat further.

There is a pool of potential matches from where a connection is made. These can be friends of friends of friends, and suddenly you find yourself connected to someone you never would have known about otherwise.

The free service lets you set up a profile, includes a chat feature, feeds, and a friend finding function that allows you to filter based on criteria you set.

All messaging takes place within the app and you can add photos to your profile and view them on your profile.

You can casually match and chat with this growing pool of people, allowing you to meet many new people with whom to share your interests.

Who Use Lovoo?

Lovoo is a free dating site used by people all ages (parents, singles and couples) and in all countries (UK, USA,EUROPE,Malaysia & Brazil).

Lovoo has two apps in the IOS ( Iphone) and Android.

Among Lovoo users, the majority has been aged 20-30, but you can also find people aged between 30 and 50.

Lovoo is currently translated to English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Italian, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Finnish, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Estonian, Croatian and Bulgarian.

The Main Features on the Platform

Are you looking for love? Do you want to spend time on a dating platform that will breeze you to find the love of your life? Are you in serious need of a love life and actually want to make it work?

Lovoo is a dating website that lies somewhere in between a social networking site and a dating site.

It is well-known and loved by participants for its simplicity, transparency, audience/community and its overall friendly nature.

It was not created with the intention of becoming a serious dating site. Instead, the plan was to keep the site simple and to provide a platform for people to meet, to interact and to fall in love.

Its free to join and easy to create an account. Once you sign up, you can view users that are near your location by entering a few details.

Embedding pictures of yourself is also allowed on the platform.

Unique features found on Lovoo are the ability to message potential friends and matches without having to go through the hassle of paying to become a member. You can also set basic and advanced privacy settings as well.

If you set language to English, you can also receive and send messages in about a dozen more languages including French, German, Spanish as well as Dutch, Swedish and Italian.

Lovoo Matchmaking Platform Design

Lovoo is a dating platform that has been designed for people who like small groups or meetup events. It requires users to create a profile designating their gender, age, and interests.

It also requires users to choose the cities where they reside, in order to make matches with people who share the same area.

Lovoo is out of the Silicon Valley software development company – Lova, Inc., which is also the name of the dating platform.

Since in the past, users have been using it to find other members in their geographic location to make contact with, it was easier for them to find potential dates once they filtered through the whole platform.

The main feature that sets it apart from other dating sites is its highly secure and confidential matchmaking platform.

An open dating platform like Facebook or the adult dating sites can facilitate the publication of person’s private photographs to strangers. Only on Lovoo do you run the risk of a private photograph being public viewing.

This is a really great feature of the dating platform since it assures users that what they say and represent themselves well, will not be misconstrued.

This is a dating platform that has been created to serve the particular needs of its users.

It offers them the best chances to meet people, who are similar to them in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, and interests.

The Platform Structure and Functionality

Lovoo is one of the leading dating websites in Europe. The focus of Lovoo is to help people looking for serious partners meet each other and get serious.

All the members of Lovoo have already passed the strict verification tests. All single members can start talking to each other and build relationships through friendly coffee dates, candlelight dinners, or hiking trips. One can also send a quick email to the lady to know whether she’s online.

For single guys, Lovoo offers exclusive meet-ups with beautiful ladies, giving them a chance to make passionate love on the first date. The platform also has special features such as a ‘Lovoo Gift’ function that allows them to send their girlfriends small reminders of their love.

Now, what makes Lovoo different than other dating sites that have the same function and structure?

The key difference lies in the decision making process. Single men can either decide to pay the lady’s fee or they can decide to wait for them to be free. For ladies, the decision is entirely up to them as well.

Members can choose which days they are free and how they would like to meet their partners.

Lovoo Phone Application

Lovoo is an international dating application that I have seen grow significantly in a very short span of time. It’s hard to say if the application is just great ideas, or if it is really good.

Just like Tinder, Lovoo allows users to chat with individuals and to swipe right, or left to identify relationship likelike within the app.

Sounds good, right? But from my perspective and after taking some time to understand how this application works, I’d say it started off all good and then things went downhill.

The Pros

It’s a great idea to have an application that is all about finding your big love, or much more realistically, to just get some fun at all of the cost of a simple swipe.

The application has a really easy to use design, with fewer buttons and a smaller footprint on the screen, which can easily be read and operated.

What’s more, it has an official desktop application as well as for Android an iOS, which definitely is a big plus for user-friendliness.

Also, I must say that the community of the application is one of the most engaging I have seen. The members here are friendly, respond to messages and are also eager to help and support any questions.

Customer Support

Lovoo has multiple levels of customer support that can be accessed at any time. It starts with their website which provides all the necessary information for any concerns you might have. They even have a customer support section on their website, giving a phone number and email address for more information.

If you choose to call in for additional support, you will have access to more live phone representatives or a chat option.

When it comes to help, the company offers a large variety of ways to connect with their customer service representatives. These options include online chat and phone but also customer support via email and live agents.

If you’re having difficulties and need their assistance immediately, you have the option for live chat. There is also a customer center to answer any questions you may have on your account.

Customers can also choose to email the customer support team and will receive a response within 24 hours. If you did not receive the response when you wanted it, there is a live agent available on the weekends.

Lovoo also offers a support portal to access their FAQ and help information. Answers can be found in the form of articles or blogs. There are also links to external organizations that might be able to assist with your issues such as a certified fish breeder or vet.

Signing up and Profile Building Process

Registering at the Site

Creating a username and an email address on the website is the first step. Everything is done within the website and you should go through the four different steps to create your account.

The site seems to use Google’s account creation. It’s in your best interest to use your own email address.

After creating your account, you can also use bonus points to speed up the progress of your account. These points will be awarded for every next step you take. You can contact them by email to claim your bonus points.

The Website Profile Creation and Verification Process

At a Glance:

1-Choose the gender; male or female.

2-Choose the place of country; the list includes: Asia (Loveplanet), America (Loveplanet), Africa (Loveplanet), Europe (Loveplanet),Australia (Loveplanet),Canada (Loveplanet), Indian Continent (Loveplanet) and Oceania (Loveplanet);

3-Enter your username, email and other personal details, such as mobile number and age.

Lovoo Searching Option

Have you been looking for an app that allows you to increase your chances of meeting someone by showing who is single nearby? If so, Lovoo is the search engine that may help meet your needs.

Site Matches and Messaging

Lovoo is a strong player in the dating app scene. They have been around since 2013 and have secured millions of users.

This site differs from others in the fact that it is accessed through the app and not the web. Its matching algorithm is based on match percentages and number of mutual friends, which means that you are less likely to be set up with a complete stranger.

The site works on the long-term matching mode. This means that you can talk to other users and gradually build up a relationship.

Sending unlimited gifts to each other solves a lot of problems in this mode. The only downside is that you need to be absolutely sure about the person you are talking to.

Lovoo also has a feature called “Reach Me”. This means that when someone chooses you, you’ll be notified via SMS. This might come in really handy if you’re looking for a partner but don’t have the number to call or text them.

As far as making an easy connection goes, this site does pretty well. Users have been using “Out of town”, “Busy”, “Not interested”, “I am not single”, and ”Engaged” to avoid others.

Just remember that this doesn’t mean that they are uncomfortable, really busy, or are in a relationship.

Free and Premium Services

Lovoo is the first online matchmaking service based in Sweden, and the product comes from the developers of the popular Swedish dating app, Meetic.

Like Meetic, the Lovoo service is free to join and unlike other paid dating services, Lovoo does not ask you to pay anything to use or browse the profiles. The only extra services you can subscribe to are swipe-to-connect features that you can buy for a small fee.

As a free service, you can not only browse the profiles of other members, by adding them as a friend you can message them to try to start a conversation. A walkie-talkie feature lets you know when your contacts are online.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. You can log in using your Facebook or simply by entering your email address.

As a free service, you can look at profiles of male or female members instead of just selecting your gender, but if you wish to search for members of the opposite gender, you can do so.

Free accounts have limits on viewing the profiles of others and also limits on the number of friends that can be made. Premium accounts remove these limits and allow you to add friends with whom you share interests or that have mutual friends.

Free Membership

Yes, Lovoo is free to use.

Premium Membership

After you have created your profile, you can then start looking at different profiles that are available. You can search by what your looking for, keywords or looking for someone kind of thing.

Talking about meeting a date, you have the option of sending paid messages. In my opinion, this would be the best option. It like through the dating sites are less likely to spam you. In fact, most of the time when you contact people, they return a message without you even wishing to do so.

Even if they cannot respond or meet you, it is still nice to have a face to face meet up rather than be face to face with someone who you do not know or have never seen.

In terms of free messaging, you can still do this yourself. You can send a message to someone who appears interesting to you and see if they reply. If they do, you can then take it from there and to see if they will meet up with you or not.

Cancelling the Subscription


To cancel subscription, you should go to The Lovoo App in your phone and then select the Settings option. There you should find the option that says, "Enter your subscription cancellation settings". Choose this option and complete the cancellation process.

There are certain situations where you cannot cancel Subscription or get refund. These are:

A) If your phone or computer has stopped the active charging.

B) If the App has been deleted in the phone.

C) If you incorrectly send a request of cancellation and it reaches our service.

D) If there is any type of emergency.

✔!Moving Account to other Device

✔!Cancelling Modifications with subscription

✔!Refund For Different Problems

♥!When is cancellation subscription process available?

Lovoo App is available across all the devices. You can download the application from the play store and if you want to cancel the subscription, just go to the lovoo account settings.

♥!When is cancellation subscription process available?

We do not refund for any kind of modification or subscription of the Lovoo Application.

♥!When is cancellation subscription process available?

You can cancel the subscription only within the effective period of subscription. However, if you cancel subscription at any other time than this, your request is not eligible for refund.

Safety and Security

Lovoo Matchmaking Platform Alternatives

No love lost? Then you might just want to try Lovoo dating site (conventionally called Love Connections) as a possibility. Lovoo dating app is the mobile social networking app for Android and Apple device that offers a personal and modern dating experience that is easily accessible at any hour of the day. This app lets you find dates from anywhere around the world with minimal effort and effortless communication with the help of personalized suggestions and instant chat with others. Find out just how Lovoo dating app can help you in today’s comprehensive Lovoo review.


Is Lovoo Worth a Try or Is It Just a Scam?

Lovoo is a dating application that offers innovative ideas like swiping profile photos. It seems to be a nice and pretty dating site that aims to provide a better dating experience. But does Lovoo really work?

We used Lovoo for a long time in the past, and even up until now, we can say that Lovoo is a decent dating application.

A lot of lovoo users use it for dating, but we also saw that a lot of users are looking for friendship, or simply just someone to talk to. And also being that modern technology, many users use accounts from different device, e.g mobile phone, tablet, tablet, or computer.

You have the choice to meet people from all over the world. And what is really amazing is that you can talk to anyone, without the need of paying!

In fact, you can also test the service without having to pay anything. You can do this by signing up with a fake ID and email address, and you will be able to easily transfer your account to your credit card.

While the sign up process is pretty easy to understand, if you are a novice to using dating applications, you may get a little confused sometimes. But just try it out to see how easy it truly is. You may even get the picture of it.

Pros and Cons

Lovoo is a dating app that uses your real Instagram pictures as a little window into your personality.

To set up your profile, you’ll need to upload some photos of yourself and add a description of yourself.

Note that you will need a good Instagram account in order to set up your profile. If you don’t have a profile with any likes or “Lovoo” activity, that may diminish your chances with the site.

Once your profile is in place, you just wait to be matched. Someone you want to talk to will also be able to find you and be yours.

Flirtatious messages are common on the app – but not aggressive flirting.

You can also use it to look at profiles of the people you “like,” see what people are sharing, and make friends with them.

Many people have rated Lovoo five stars overall.

Note that one of the biggest complaints is that the site is hard to navigate. You can get some of the information you need from the profile overview screen, but a lot of it is hidden and you have to do a lot of clicking and navigating to find things.

It also has a lot of issues with not loading. The graphics on the homepage don’t always load the way you expect.

Which dating site is right for you?

There is a huge choice of dating sites on the internet.

These days, many brands are trying to get a foothold on the market and establish themselves as the number one site in the world.

There are a number of benefits to using a popular online dating site.

First, you get access to a larger database of users than you would get on a smaller local site.

Second, no matter where in the world you are, you have the same chance of meeting other users.

The third point is probably the most important thing to look for when you are considering signing up for a dating site; the price.

Online dating sites typically have a range of fees depending on the number of options and options within the site.

Generally speaking, the more opportunities you have in the site, when it comes down to paying membership fees, the better.

Lovoo is a dating platform that prides itself on being able to meet individuals from across the globe.

Lovoo is a dating site that lets users meet people who are based in a limited region.

In India, it is becoming more common to use online dating services. The problem is that it can be difficult to find reliable and reputable services to help you meet that special someone.

Lovoo is one of the most popular services in India offering both the online and mobile dating options (iOS, Android, Windows). They started as a mobile app and recently launched their first version for PC.

==> Lovoo Review: Is it a scam or legit? Read this comprehensive Lovoo review before you sign up.

The online version of Lovoo is a great place to discover potential dates. You can browse profiles in their different categories, or search for people with specific criteria.

The mobile version of Lovoo allows you to match and chat directly from your smartphone. They support both Android and iOS phones. They also recently released a PC version, making it even more convenient.

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One of the main concerns I had with online dating was safety. But when I went for the free 8-day trial, Lovoo was very professional and the customer service agents were friendly. They have a dedicated leadership team to keep problems from happening.