MuzMatch Review – Is the Platform Trustworthy or Not?

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How does MuzMatch Operate?

MuzMatch is a website that aims to create a large community of international singles that not only look to date, but also to meet and create meaningful relationships.

Both singles that are abroad and those that are at home can get connected on the platform through a variety of methods, including but not limited to:

  • Posting pictures and pictures of interests
  • Getting to know one’s interests through the use of percentages on the profile
  • Creating a profile (a vast array of different types of profiles are available)
  • using a mobile app for fast and simple meeting between members
  • following other profiles and members
  • using other tools such as the MuzMatch chat room

The simplicity of MuzMatch makes it a platform for both novices and professionals. It’s even possible to use the system in French, German or Italian if you are of those nationality.

Member Structure of a Dating App

Are you looking for an app that let you meet the best matches and connect with your best half? Well, Muzmatch is the perfect dating app for you. Muzmatch is the one of the best dating apps in the market right now. And we have done a deep dive into the app to see how trustworthy it is.

So let’s see what we found out about the app.

One of the best things about Muzmatch is that you don’t need to do much to sign up. Even if you are simply browsing the app, you can easily sign up and start using the app.

When you sign up for the app, your profile is evaluated for quality and after review by the app, you can start using the app. Though you have limited features on the app to start with and need to upgrade to get access to the full version.

The app has a flat subscription model, which makes the cost of the subscription affordable. Once you join the app, you can browse through its database and sign up to matches. Without any payment, you can make matches with singles from the all over the world.

What Key Features Does an App Have?

MuzMatch can be described as an app that lets you match with people across the world but it is different than the Facebook and the other conventional social networks. MuzMatch helps you not to find friendship or connect with like-minded people but will instead help you find your perfect matches.

Besides, the app can be described as a platform that lets you collect your friends and contacts and organize them according to your need. It will be helpful for you to find a partner who suits your needs and desires.

App Features

MuzMillions: This is the app’s unique feature. It will help you to find your preferred partner by ranking everyone according to the number of people they have in their MuzMillions.

Matchmaking: The app helps to find your ideal match. You can use it to connect you with more than 30+ countries for the sake of dating.

Connecting: This is a unique feature of every user. You can connect the platform with your Facebook account and use MuzMatch to network with more than 1,00,000+ other MuzMatch users.

Adding Contacts: You can add some of your friends on the app. The app will help you to connect those people with your potential date or partner. The app will suggest possible matches for a better and speedy connect.

Is MuzMatch User-friendly?

Muzmatch makes it very easy to find new dates. The huge number of users who are registered on MuzMatch must be accurate. The service is very fast and responsive.

If you are looking for something that is fast and easy, then this is definitely the place. You can meet your date in a matter of minutes using this platform.

What are Users saying about Muzmatch?

According to the reviews posted by users, the agents there are helpful, the apps easy to use, and the site itself very easy to navigate.

The website is also very user-friendly. If you want to get the best experience, you can sign up with Facebook, weChat, WhatsApp, or via SMS.

If you want to get the best experience, you can sign up with Facebook, weChat, WhatsApp, or via SMS.

How does the Matchmaking System work?

Muzmatch has a network of some 20,000 connecting points right around the country. Many users who are registered are available and ready to meet you.

The app is very easy to use, and you can find your potential partner within seconds by click on any of the available options.

Muzmatch provides a platform for you to go on dates. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a date. Meeting your date can be inexpensive.

The Design and App Navigation

The design of the MuzMatch platform and the overall navigation of the design is very stylish and easy to use. It’s quite intuitive once you get the hang of things. The look of the MuzMatch platform has generally been described as sleek and classy.

There are plenty of other coverages and reviews for the console that I will leave for you to explore.

The live chat facility goes a step further and offers a live, dynamic chat facility between your date and you, that is both well-moderated and safe.

It is one of the best ways to chat to singles online without any awkwardness getting in the way.

Best of all, it’s possible with the unique user profile feature, to create a separate profile for each date and ensure a truly private online dating experience.

Muzmatch has an instant messenger system to chat with members you’ve matched with, and it is possible to use the system to alert you to a copy of the messages you have sent.

If you choose to delete a message, you can use the system to set a time after which it will be removed from the current member’s list of messages.

The search function is very easy to use, as well as the function that will recommend particular dates according to your interests.

Features of MuzMatch Mobile Application

The MuzMatch app is an ongoing project of the app developers.

The app is a supply chain management platform for small and medium enterprises to bring transparency to the supply chain.

It has been designed using the latest technologies that fail to meet that expectation.

The company behind this is called MuzMatch.

MuzMatch is a platform that offers a wide range of features that include traceability, certifications, report generation and a detailed customer dashboard.

It has been beta tested for a year now. But still a lot is not known about the system.

When compared to the competition, MuzMatch seems almost to be a one-man-show, with hardly any connections.

The company has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and is designed by a software engineer, Dave Betts.

Coming to the reason why it is less popular, it is the supply chain setup that offers little value to the manufacturer, and what is gain is apparently, more work for the person using the system.

If the product is in demand, the employee will either create his own workflow or simply be driven mad by the plethora of work altogether.

Since it provides no scope of finding manufacturers through an exhaustive search, the system seems to be of limited use.

What other products can a user use to set up the supply chain?

The Quality of Customer Support

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  • MuzMatch is a home school curriculum that is big on fun. It is designed to help your children to learn and enjoy. It is the home school program that focuses on education with fun curriculum. The teachers are inspirational and deliver wonderful lessons designed to make learning fun and engaging. Children are motivated to study, and they have enough opportunities to play with other children in the school.

Details of Registration and User Profile Creation

The first step in the registration is to create your user profile. After the registration is complete, you will receive email with login details. After the user accepts, the user can log into the website. After the registration process is complete, you will receive user ID and password on email.

User can put some details about them self in his user profile such as location, address and surname etc.

The goal was also to make user name as personal as possible and surely to use the name with which the user was born.

Then, a trained salesperson, who received training for one and a half day from the founder, will contact user with such email address.

After that, MUZmatch will get the approval from mutual consultant about solving a match and the user gets the contact number.

The purpose of the platform is to make people to have good relationship.

The main website of MUZmatch is a free dating website for professionals and non-professionals.

How to Register an Account?

First of all, when it comes to anything related to online dating, you can never be sure about the platform’s reliability. It is always better to take someone’s word than to doubt their efforts and give up halfway.

Muzmatch has a pretty simple set-up procedure for creating an account. You can start registering by going to the main page of the platform which can be accessed at.

Click on the Sign Up button to begin. You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire. Once you have inputted all the required details, you will be sent an email to verify your email address.

Once everything is verified, you will get an account. Just so you know, making an account on Muzmatch takes about 15 minutes and you will need to provide your first name, email, sex, location, date of birth and more.

You will also have to agree to the terms and conditions before clicking on the link provided in your email. This is just so you know what Muzmatch stands for before signing up for the app.

How to Start Dating on Muzmatch?

You can start by sending a wink to a match using this nifty feature. An initial wink banishes your profile from view and gives it an opportunity to be rated by other Muzmatch users.

How to Create an Attractive Profile?

No matter how great your chances of finding true love are, let’s face it: no one would rather look at a photo that makes them cringe, no matter how beautiful the woman in it is. So it’s important to take a few extra minutes to carefully curate your profile on the MuzMatch dating app. It takes only minutes to add an eye-catching photo, so do yourself a favor and make your profile as attractive as possible before you sign in for a first date.

This way, you’ll have a greater chance of meeting the right person for you and avoiding a disaster date on MuzMatch.

A Note on Photo Props

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a thousand dollars on professional photography services. All you need to do is include a new profile photo and a profile photo with props.

A profile photo with props is your generic profile snapshot. Instead of grabbing a pic in your profile photo, you simply use some unique props or an interesting background to create a more memorable profile photo.

A good example is a profile photo with a book. For this pose, you can grab a copy of a classic novel and place it on the table in front of you (assuming your profile photo is taken indoors and you have a table surface in front of you).

How is MuzMatch Search Arranged?

MuzMatch is a skill based keyword research platform providing precise information on how to maximize your search engine prospects and increase your search engine marketing ROI.

With search engines delivering more and more precise data on the keywords that users are searching for and why, Google AdWords has also become a complex and competitive industry.

When it comes to keyword research, you need to have the right information, and identifying the right keywords is essential to your success. This is where MuzMatch can help.

MuzMatch is a comprehensive and reliable keyword research platform bringing together a wealth of information and tools to help users find all the keyword search volume data in one place, including long tail keywords.

Some of the features and tools found on this platform include:

Keyword Planner – This is an interactive keyword tool providing all the in-depth data to help you discover your most relevant keywords. As with other keyword research tools, you can analyze your keyword ideas with various data points, competitor data and industry-specific data.

This is an interactive keyword tool providing all the in-depth data to help you discover your most relevant keywords. As with other keyword research tools, you can analyze your keyword ideas with various data points, competitor data and industry-specific data. Wordstream's Keyword Tool

Matching and Chatting Options

MuzMatch is a website which offers chatting and matching options for singles and couples that are looking for second and third relationships.

The website is rather simple and free. It allows people to create a profile and look at other people’s profiles for free, however they cannot contact each other without paying to do so.

The pay for approval feature allows you to see if that person is serious or not before an agreement is made about payment. If it is not a serious profile, the user is able to set their profile to private.

So as I’m sure you can imagine, the pay for approval feature does not always work.

Here are the options that are offered:

  • Live chat packages
  • Phone calls
  • Video calling
  • Email
  • Texting


I had a very difficult time doing a thorough opinion of the website. By the time I did the service had been shut down, which was rather annoying.

However, I do believe that this company is trustworthy and would recommend them as a very helpful resource for online dating.

The Score

I could not give this site a rating. It was not checked out well enough for me to evaluate, therefore there is no amount that I can give it.

Subscription Options on the Dating App

There are a lot of services which encourage you to use a dating app to find love. However, there are few which give you ways to meet your soulmate. And thankfully, there’s MuzMatch.

MuzMatch is a dating app that is designed to help you find a soulmate or even just a date.

It uses a completely different dating system where you don’t have to think about the first impression, mystery numbers and much more.

How does your subscription work with MuzMatch? Well, let’s have a look at how it’s working.

You start by signing up for a free trial period. It is completely free to sign up on the app for 14 days. After this, you want to subscribe. Without signing up for a subscription, there are no dates for you to meet.

One of the best things about MuzMatch is that you don’t have any jokers on the site, all potential dates are thoroughly screened and approved.

You can browse through a wide variety of people, from all countries and all over the world. If you don’t find any suitable matches on the website for you, the app will suggest you people based on your preferences and some of the attributes you have given during your signup.

A Free Version of a Dating App

Muzmatch, a worldwide dating app, targets a wide range of people with different personalities and views. Created by people from the Arab world, it has gathered a lot of popularity since it is dealing with the “dating” aspect from a fresh perspective.

You can simply describe it as a way to meet people whether you are looking for love or friendship or simply want to socialize. All you need is a smartphone and some friends and relatives.

Muzmatch is a mobile dating community exclusively designed for Arabic speaking users. It is also a free dating app which currently has more than 3 million members across the region with more than 120 countries.

Did you know?

● Muzmatch now Has More than 3 Million Members across 120 Countries

● The app has a very low threshold on age, looking for the right matches.

● It Is Built around Mutual Likes

● More than 1,000 new users join everyday.

● It Has a Large Percentage of Female-to-Male Ratio Compared to Other Dating Apps

What is the Muzmatch platform?

● The platform is a mobile dating community, an exclusive dating app with an Arabic background.

● There is no need to pay for dating on the app, only conversations.

Is Paid Subscription Worth Investment?

It is never easy to find the best smarthome and smart device to address all your needs. Generally, it is advisable to look for a king of all platforms that includes Smarthome devices, smart devices and how to control them all.

You can use the Apps and tools that are available on Google play store or the App Store to help you. But any platform which enables custom made Apps will allow you to personalize your own experience on your own terms.

One such platform is MuzMatch, which is a paid subscription based platform. It is absolutely worth the investment since you cannot always depend on free offerings!

You will not have to rely on the App provided by Google, Apple, Samsung, HTC or any other one, (depending on the choices they make), because you can confirm your custom Apps and designs.

The ease with which you can say that this mobile App is the closest to the ideal experience you are looking for is what makes MuzMatch stand apart from the rest.

Why You Should Stay Away from Free Specialized Apps

Free platforms have their own drawbacks.

Just because you are not charged does not mean that you get everything at no cost. For example, you might still end up facing Ads and in-app purchases. Sometimes, that can bother the user, which will lead to frustration.

How to Finish Subscription?

If you accidentally sign-up for a subscription to the MuzMatch Email Club, it’s simple to get out of this.

Go to your email inbox and click on that subscription. For a new subscription, it will be located in the “Promotions” folder under “Muzmatch Sausage Sizzlin’ — If you’ve been sent a welcome email, it will be under “Muzmatch Sausage Sizzlin’ You now have the option to unsubscribe and will no longer be receiving any emails related to the MuzMatch platform

For an existing subscription, you’ll need to login into your MuzMatch account > My Account > Change Subscription.

See more information here:

Is a Mobile App Safe or Not?

What are Alternatives to MuzMatch?

If you’re planning to use a quantity-based dating site, then you will have to assess it’s relative merits.

When you look for a site that provides reliable dating services, then you need to consider the following points to ensure the reliability of the dating platform you are using:

  • The site’s safety in case of fraud
  • The site’s reliability in providing relevant results for the search terms entered
  • The site’s quality and safety ratings
  • The site’s ability to provide customers with relevant and useful information about their potential matches
  • The site’s quality in matching partners
  • The site’s ability to provide direct contact with potential matches
  • Any other unusual requirements that you may have for your dating service, such as some specific safety-related concerns about your use of the site
  • The website’s accessibility and quality of website design and customer service
  • The cost of membership of the dating website or platform
  • How well does it work to find your perfect match?

Muzmatch web-based customer service is prone to high-pressure sales tactics. They will nearly always sell you a dating membership package. Every kind of dating membership, every type of payment option.


Is MeScale Get it Right?

Muzmatch, similar to its competitors, also offers two types of plans, namely a free one and the paid one.

The free plan is a 60-day subscription and the paid plan is two months. You can cancel any time unless you have made a payment.

Muzmatch justifies the difference in prices of its paid plan and competitor’s offered plans, saying that the free plan is just for testing MuzMatch and that you will have to pay to use MuzMatch to its full potential.

The platform offers unlimited feedback to pair you with free subscriptions to music services.

For example, to use Songkick’s free plan, you are only allowed to test the program for a month. After the month, you have to pay to use it again.

The free plan limit is cheaper than other leading platforms’ free limits.

Muzmatch says that its service allows you to find the best music services for your requirements. You may use any of the four services: Youtube, SoundCloud, streaming and Deezer.

The problem with this is that the free plan limits you to just two connections. i.e. youtube & soundcloud for yourself and only one connection at a time between you and the other user.

Pros and Cons

It can be really hard to find the right partner while you are searching for it. Alas! It’s the worst thing to happen to a person after getting divorced.

MuzMatch is a dating app like Tinder, Hinge, Okcupid or Plenty of fish. In the MuzMatch dating app, you can either use the friendship feature or get a paid membership.

We here at Bikeunderground highly advise you to go for the paid membership so you can get more matches. Trust me, we have been through it!

Review of the Muzmatch Dating App

Over the months, we’ve mainly used the basic free version of the MuzMatch app with the friendship feature. We’ve had 1 paid membership and several casual friends.

The app is really easy to use, has a fun and clean design, and is very popular. Unfortunately, you’ll find the same thing everywhere. Unfortunately, the same is usually true for the real people once you get to meet them.

The free version of the dating app only lets you see who is nearby and gives you a rough location and whether they are online or offline.

Which dating site is right for you?

  • MuzMatch Review
  • helps you navigate your way through the maze that is online dating. There's a lot of different options out there, many of them trusted and working quite well for a lot of people. We'd like to help you find the perfect dating site for you (and we're pretty damn good at it!). Put a little note on the top of the page, and we'll get back to you soon.

As you can see, the user reviews on MuzMatch have been overall quite positive. 92% of people who voted found the service to be "good or excellent", which may seem a bit low, but in this day and age it is still about average. One thing that is always nice to see is user satisfaction, and users here seem to be generally satisfied with MuzMatch. I personally like how you can sign up for free for a week before agreeing to a paid subscription. That seems like a great way to see if a site is right for you and discover if it's really worth signing up for.