Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

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How Does NaughtydateWork?

Naughtydate is a website that aims to connect horny singles around the world with local horny singles.

When signing up, you fill out detailed information about your preferences and what you are looking for. Then they use those preferences to match you with other members based on your preferences so it’s easier to hook up with members that you actually find attractive.

Whether it’s a one night stand or just another notch on your bedpost, Naughtydate can help you find that special someone to fulfill your needs.

A Look Into The Audience Analysis

Essential Features Of Naughtydate

Naughtydate Review belongs to online dating industry business sites. It has been developed and maintained to add value for individuals looking for singles and couples online.

They help their users to meet lovers for the ultimate dating experience.

Here are the key features that form the foundation for your experience over Naughtydate.

Legit or Scam?

Naughtydate is a legit online dating service business site. It is registered and regulated in Australia. It has been developed and maintained to add value for all users.

Extensive Range of Users…

There are many diverse categories of users on Naughtydate. It is an online dating business site with such a wide range of users. You can be part of this huge community, that is only online dating.

You can find people of various origins including Hispanic, Asian or Asians, American and many others.

The online dating users of Naughtydate, are based in various parts of the world including US, South Africa, Hong Kong etc.

Important Features including Statistics, Speed, Safety, etc.

Naughtydate is considered one of the most safest online dating networks. They have done so by implementing newer techniques of security for both users and exhibitors.

All Right, But How User Friendly Is Naughtydate?

Naughtydate’s interface is very easy to navigate around and understand even for the first timer.

There are four main sections that you can access in this dating site: user profile, casual dating, login, and search.

The user profile section is very important as it is the part where you can write a bit of about yourself and easily show off your pictures and videos.

It is also where you can describe yourself, add an ad, upload a profile picture, and write a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for.

The casual dating section features a search bar where you can narrow down the search and select whether you want to join casual dating or send a message.

Then there is the login section, where you have an account name and password. The account name is the one you’ll use when you want to chat, a username is nice if you are looking for a more sexually charged profile.

The login section also has an “Forgot your password?” button on it which is useful for those who don’t use their real e-mail address (you got one free risk-free day) which you can change on your profile.

Naughtydate Design and Usability: Key Points

The design and usability of any software product makes or breaks its success. This is no different with the Naughtydate Review. So, let’s look at some key points of Naughtydate.

Easy to get started, easy to use.

The most important aspect of any dating software is its ease of use. With Naughtydate, it’s easy to get started, because the sign up process is very short.

Also, it’s easy to use because everything is very intuitive, from entering your contact details to searching for dates. The system is also very easy to navigate.

Lots of Fun

One of the best things about Naughtydate is that it’s really fun. It’s great to see other people’s matches and messages, and even though you don’t always get a response, it’s really easy to browse through all the other matches.

This means you can easily see who’s interested in who, what people like in life, and what you have in common.

Does Naughtydate Have a Mobile Application?

The Naughtydate product does have a mobile application available for smartphones. It’s totally mobile-friendly and very user-friendly.

✓ Download for Android

You can lock you account for 30 minutes free online and then purchase the standard package or you can scroll across to upgrade to the full package.

It’s not for free users.

And without upgrading, you only have access to their verified members.

What About Naughtydate Customer Service?

Naughtydate’s customer service consists of US based customer service not its actual team in Hangzhou, China.

The first time I decided to contact the team, it was totally in Chinese, which was a concern to me that they might just be an online scam.

But after doing a google search on the company’s email. I saw that many reviews on these Naughtydate scam websites came from the woman whose profile was accidentally released.

Come to find out, they Do NOT offer any quick aid by email. You need to text them, and there is no phone number anywhere.

The sales page for their paid memberships, where I chose all my services still has the phone number, but they no longer do that.

They also add a personal face to the videos by adding in real footage. which is confusing to understand how they are the same people.

Naughtydate Registration Process and User Profile

Click on the Register now link below the Register tab to proceed to the registration process. From the website homepage, you can hover your cursor over the Register now link, and it will highlight on a blue background.

Enter the registration information and click on the "Register" button to proceed to the next step.

You will see a page prompting you to fill in your profile information.

Enter your personal information and your password. Then select your username from the available options.

Also enter in the information for your profile picture.

Hit submit button to proceed to the next step.

The next step is confirmation.

Accept all terms and conditions and click on Register to proceed. Otherwise return to the home page and click on the "I am not a robot" link.

Continue filling out the information required and clicking on Submit to proceed.

Next you will see a screen requesting the e-mail you use for registration. Enter your e-mail address and hit the submit button to proceed.

You will see a confirmation page.

Click on the verify e-mail for registration link to proceed if you are already on a desktop device.

If you are on your phone, then open a web browser and enter the link to check your e-mail for registration confirmation.

Log in to your account to proceed to next step.

The next step is completing the registration process.

Here’s How To Sign-Up On Naughtydate


When surfing the net, I stumbled upon –Naughtydate” and imagined that I would be looking at some kind of club for people who just like to have a little sex, and not some kind of scam.

At least that’s what I thought until I started reading some of the reviews. –Naughtydate” is making the news these days!

The way it works is that you’re placed on a list and can start searching for dates in your area. You will get a daily notification of new people you can meet for sexual activities.

I thought this to be a pretty legitimate program because of the large number of positive reviews. It seems like after all, it is pretty legit. But I would have to take a closer look to make the decision to join this site.

After following the instructions on the signup page, I was redirected to a website that had an email feature where you have to register.

Once you fill in your email information, you are ready to start your search. It says on the site that you should message the person your interested in rather than directly contact them.

How’s The Profile Quality and Verification Process On Naughtydate?

While wanting to check all the facts, I do expect quality from a site that comes with higher price tag. Naughtydate is offering a free trial. But recently the site informed me that the trial is valid for limited amount of time and my membership will expire in just 3 days.

NaughtyDate’s messages come with both images and real sounding videos that are short in length. The images are all the same so if someone took a good care for their image, I wouldn’t be able to tell if the image is real or not.

The photos that I received on the same account were different (that could have been just coincidence) but I didn’t check any of their videos to be sure.

There were no messages on the profiles asking for money or gifts but there were texting conversations asking for money right away or sometimes in one of the first few messages.

I am still searching for more details about the verified process for Naughtydate.

Searching for Dates on Naughtydate

Once you’re on a dating site, you hope to find someone who’s looking for the same. Rarely will you see somebody posting their profile along with the message – I’m looking for a friend on this site.

That’s okay though, because showing somebody you’re looking for a casual thing isn’t going to make them think you might be open to something more. It’s just the expected thing for a sites like this to ask.

The Chatting And Matching Process On Naughtydate

After creating my profile, I selected –NaughtyDate– to begin chatting.

After receiving the email verification, I got to chat with a girl who didn’t seem to match with me. I kept chatting with her for another two hours before she decided that we were too different and decided to just –stop chatting.”

Apparently, I have really bad –talks” and –walk away” skills. I thought it was a little odd since the chat window lasted an hour before I –walked away”.

I thought it was strange, to say the least, until I found this article.

Yes, it really is a scam. I’ve never lost that much money and felt so dumb.

NaughtyDate, according to their website, is the online dating platform where singles meet and chat online with the people who match with them best.

After I created the account, I immediately received notifications to chat with an Irish girl who had clear red flags like the only profile picture being a porn star’s. She also wanted to chat on Skype immediately, which seemed sketch. Somehow, I had a feeling that something was off.

Membership Option


A legit dating site and alleged scam website found within a few seconds of each other! Go figure.

The good news is that there is no scam to report. Every element of our site is legit.

FREE Sign up!… The only way to do the Naughtydate review.

Bonus Content available only to members!

Minor changes to the site content and the payment options may occur to ensure the highest possible quality of the service and build membership loyalty. This change does not affect the members’ user experience. Read more about our Naughtydate Review Secret.

Shipping of emails is currently limited to the US only. If you are not willing to participate in this experiment and/or don't accept our Terms & Conditions, then you can't claim your free membership.

Our consent is required to provide it to you. Get your 100% FREE E-Book on Online Dating Success! by signing up now. Every new member faces this risk: Now that you have been warned not to be scammed, here is the risk of trying to scam us back.

Paid Membership

Or Free Pay As You Go?

Instead of using Memberships, you can ensure your personal data is not put at risk by using Pay As You Go.

New Members only have 30 days to enjoy a full membership of the site but that time can be extended by purchasing more membership days. This is why it is important to keep a close eye on all your payslips to ensure you are not overpaying.

This is where the memberships flip over into a different market.

Free Membership

The first step to taking advantage of this program, is to download the Android app from the Google Play store.

Once you have set the app up and logged in to your account (you can request for your login details to be sent to you by clicking the link sent in your email), you will be able to browse through the available singles.

We will take a closer look at both of these apps side by side in this Naughtydate Review. The main difference is that Naughtydate requires you to join with a credit card.


Naughtydate's unique proposition for a legit dating site is to match you with potential dates in your area who have shared similar sexual interests as you.

As Naughtydate is a fairly new site, it doesn't boast as many members as some of the big names out there but the ones that are there appear to.

Recieve a great deal of attention.

Naughtydate provides both male and female members a choice of ‘naughty‘ or ‘petite‘ profiles to choose their matches from. In my quick play around the site, I found that this option created opportunity for some great

Comparisons. When selecting matches from either profiles… I found the differences in profile options quite interesting. Naughtydate is one of the cheapest sites of its kind I've come across and offers a free membership option.

However, it's not free to messages other members, but you can correct this by purchasing a paid account.

Naughtydate’s team is currently working on expanding the site and create a much more relevant environment for their members for the future.

How to Cancel Subscription On Naughtydate

If you are unable to follow the cancellation policy of Naughtydate Review, you can always ask for a refund. There is a question and answer section on the site where you can ask questions about subscribing if you have any problem cancelling.

Naughtydate Review operates a 30-day money back guarantee. So before you make the purchase, make sure that the subscription matches your needs.

Is Naughtygate Safe And Secure?

Naughtydate will help you find a partner that is casual, uncomplicated and honest.

It’s a great way to meet other like-minded individuals who share your passions and lifestyle.

Naughtydate lets you express your interests, and matches you with other singles with similar passions.

Naughtydate has a huge database with singles from all over the world.

It also hosts parties and other social events nationwide.

Naughtydate has a team of professional matchmakers that will help you find your soul mate, and the best money-back guarantee.

Naughtydate Competitors and Alternatives

Naughtydate is a scam or legit dating website? I’ll let you know if I really got to know the person in front of camera after chatting with them and what the experience was like with them.

I’m not going to knock Naughtydate or other dating sites as a whole. There is a lot of good in the industry, in fact I’ve been on a dating site and plan to try out more based on how this one went.

That being said, the Naughtydate website is not the best grindr for many reasons. For starters, the website and its functionality are dated. The website logged me down after endless searching and saying the database was full.

The mobile app is not as handy as it should be either. However, the web and mobile app is free to search, but with no credit card required that’s definitely the best part of the website.

I’ve seen dating websites that are more functional in every way. You’ll pay and expect a lot more for the money if you want to use a website like that.

That being said, there are other dating sites that are more legit dating website alternatives that are more functional in every way.


Pros and Cons

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Offers opportunities for dates with members of the opposite sex.

Which dating site is right for you?

The online dating industry has grown exponentially. It has come to be one of the most important ways to find a partner, and the internet makes it so easy to find everyone you’re looking for.

The problem is that there is a huge range of dating sites, and sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between various brands and services.

Finding a dating site that keeps your privacy sacred and gives you a high quality of service, and will help you meet the person you’re looking for is not an easy task. Keeping your personal information private and safe is one of the most essential features of any dating site.

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

Considering all of that, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of dating sites every year or two. But fortunately, we have Naughtydate, which is one of the oldest and most trusted dating sites of them all.

It’s also one of the most diverse: it allows you to choose your ethnicity, appearance, and even nationality while looking for someone.

To find the best dating websites for you:

Best dating websites is not only focused on female oriented dating sites!

Since the 90’s, we had marriages, friendships and long lasting happy relationships coming out of online dating sites.

But there are also certain pitfalls, that have to be carefully avoided, in order to have success in the online dating world.

One of the most important steps that you should not underestimate, is to pick a reputable dating site for singles over 50!

If you don’t want to waste your time and money on a marital ghost town, then you should definitely check out the following websites, to make sure that you can find the right partner for you.