Okcupid: Should You Try It?

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Okcupid: How It Operates?

Okcupid is a dating site for singles. It operates on the premise that everyone is unique and that, based upon information that they provide on their profile, a special algorithm will match them to others in a way that maximizes their chances of finding someone who is compatible with them.

Role reversal is a popular idea in the manosphere and in game, and I was suspicious of the idea that a computer algorithm can match perfectly compatible people.

I had an okcupid account, so I decided to see for myself how the service worked. I also wanted to see if it could match compatible people.

I knew that I could not get any data on a purely feminine ideology and tried to get female answers. Once I had the female user base, I was able to create a profile from a female lens.

My primary response was curiosity, as I wanted to see if the site would be useful for women. If it works well for women, it will also work well for men.

For beginners, keep in mind that all people have their unique traits and priorities that count.

Here are my findings.

Okcupid Audience

Its web demographics, its types of members and its many relationship options

It must also be said that the web site’s design is its own sort of beauty…it has rolled out its online dating function via Facebook and Twitter, and has also now added compatibility-assisting compatibility machines.

The statistics throughout the site tell us that the company itself believes that OkCupid is the best dating site on the web right now.

It is also worth noting that the site’s themes and its categories of members as well as its many different relationship options are certainly some very impressive choices.

A quick choice of the categories, for example, shows us that there is a great range of options within each of the categories.

Each category informs us of the prevalence of different categories throughout the site and shows us that there is a great range of choice throughout each of these categories as well.

However, one thing can be said for certain is that when it comes to the site’s many different relationship options, it really should be said that this website is much more than just a dating site.

It can be used for journaling, although the journaling is actually presented in the form of a user’s inner thoughts instead of just the text, which certainly makes the whole thing more interesting, nonetheless.

Okcupid Major Features

Okcupid is the best mature dating app for people big on romance. The Okcupid signup is free and takes less than a minute to complete.

Okcupid provides an algorithm-based matching system that looks for the perfect match for you. There are three matches per day that are picked at random for you and then ranked on their attractiveness relative to how compatible you are.

Your partner is selected using your interests, past dates, recent messages, and Okcupid profiles that are similar to yours.

You can check your dating history, receive daily text messages, and get private PMs. There are plenty of conversation starters, including "Will you marry me?" Yes, Okcupid allows you to propose to your perfect match!

There are many other features as well, but the biggest one is how easy it is to sign up. No real email required, just fill up your profile, swipe right on everyone, and stop searching forever.

Okcupid is great for privacy. You do not have to give out your phone number, name, or any other personal information.

Okcupid: Is It User-friendly Enough?

If you want to date or hookup online, Okcupid is probably the first dating site you’ll try.

It has a dedicated user base, no-nonsense approach, and relatively good balance between users and real life people.

However, unlike some other sites in that niche, Okcupid is slightly difficult to navigate.

It’s not a major hassle, but a few issues can make it difficult to get around for beginners.

The app itself works well and lets you sort through the large amount of people using it.

When you initially sign up, you have to provide a lot of information. If you’re used to dating sites, this can add an extra layer of anxiety by massively lowering your chances of finding someone.

They want to make sure you are a good fit for them as well as the community at large. This is to avoid having to match everyone on the site and actually go out of their way to avoid finding people.

This means your profile will be reviewed manually to make sure it doesn’t fit with their community. You still have opportunities to edit your profile and even, if shown as a problem by some of their algorithm, they will actually tell you what they think is wrong with it.

Okcupid Usability and Design


  • Different features
  • Orange color
  • A nice layout
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Well laid out drop-down menus
  • Comprehensive help-function
  • Stylish
  • Community-based
  • Goal oriented

Reaching Hot Babes on the Go

OkCupid:The Website Hot Babes Use – Full ARTICLE

This website is THE website for hot people. Without it, you have to trade your soul to the devil/Al Gore to get any. Literally, Al Gore knows that this website is the most important thing in the world and has done many things to make sure that everyone has the opportunity for dating hot people, probably the only thing Al Gore's caring.

The basic premise is that you put up some of your info and it finds another anonymous user who you may like. It gets people dates all over the world and literally saves lives.

Should you sign up for this? – FULL ARTICLE on OkCupid used by GIRLS

Customer Support: Is It Responsive Enough?

Customer support is kind of the finishing touch on your online shopping experience. It is the trust that you place upon the company that let you know that if anything goes wrong, they will come to the rescue and you will not have to worry.

Now things can go wrong for many reasons; not only will your order not arrive in time because of unexpected weather, you might get a wrong product, or simply be unhappy with your order.

But whatever the reason is why you are unhappy, a company that offers great customer support is more likely to come to your rescue than one who won’t.

In this post, we will be talking about Okcupid, a free online dating site.

Are they responsive enough? Is the customer support helpful enough to handle the hardships that come up?

Do They Provide Help?

At the start, it was a little hard to find help.

They have a live chat available if you are in urgency and is provided by a team of customer care representatives who are available at all times.

Although I could not locate an email support option.

Customer support failed to provide immediate help so I recommend using Live Chat at all times.

Is it Available?

You can use the Okcupid live chat for two hours from the moment you sign up for the site.

Then you can also try the chat by phone for the next four hours.

Let’s Create an Account

OkCupid is a free dating website. Initially, OkCupid is primarily aimed at heterosexuals, but interestingly, in response to the legalization of same sex marriage in the U.S., the website introduced features like ‘gaydar’, which allows singles to indicate whether they are interested in members of the same sex or not.

Let’s introduce a new feature, sex dating! In this feature, we will allow men to specify their best sexual attribute of women, and women to specify their top sexual attributes preferred by men.

So if you are a man, type your favorite sexual attribute….

If you are a woman, type your favorite sexual attribute of men.

Hi there. I’m just starting to use okcupid. Yesterday I was messaged by M27bl. Then I went on his profile and it turns out he’s my best friend! What did I do to find him?

Let’s head to the stats page.

What are the chances of this friend being a match on OkCupid?

We will get these out of one possible friend out of all friends here:

  • P(this match) = 50%
  • How much money did you use to pay for OkCupid?

Signup Procedure

Take your time to fill in the profile form, and make sure to answer all the questions truthfully.

Make sure the pictures are of you. OkCupid emphasizes appearance, so this is important.

A description of yourself is just as important as your photo. Be sure to tell OkCupid about your interests and activities.

Invite your friends to give some of their OkCupid friends a try. This will give you more chances to connect with someone.

Don’t give up if all your first 30-40 matches are men. It is not unusual for OkCupid to default to men.

If you want to be more concentrated on women, you may want to check out AFF or The League.

Talking About Verification and Profile Quality

The vast majority of OkCupid’s users have recently come from eHookups’s service, but OkCupid has maintained its own reputation since 2008. In fact, the website has grown from 450,000 members to 2.7 million members in the last two years alone.

When signing up with OkCupid, you get to fill out questions that will determine how interested you are in people, including your age range. For example, you may prefer someone in the same age range as you or you may not mind someone older or younger than you. Once you have filled out these questions, you can begin to choose which qualities you aren’t interested in for your potential matches.

Older women usually have the most success with OkCupid since most men prefer younger women and they have more options to choose from. Men, however, do tend to prefer younger women with the exception that they usually don’t discriminate on race.

For both men and women, it is very important that you verify your profile with OkCupid especially if you want to increase your odds of finding true love. Verification allows you to link your profile and photos to your email address and allows OkCupid to help beef up your profile with real information like your email address.

Search: a Bunch of Crucial Details

There are certain information you might not be thinking about introducing into your online profile. It is always a good idea to have an honest approach as to what your intentions are and what you are looking for.

Have You Considered How OkCupid Will Perceive Your


This is actually a very important question. As you register with OkCupid you will automatically be presented with a screen asking your age (!1 o_o). The odds of you being accepted into the site is dependent on your actual age.

Do not forget to answer honestly. Being accepted or denied into the site will most likely measure you as a person through this question.

I do not intend to judge anyone, but I have seen a wide age range not being accepted into Okcupid, so make sure you peruse the website and form your own opinion on this issue.

What are your interests?

OkCupid’s algorithm will determine the extent to which you can interact with other members based on your shared interests.

There are now numerous websites that use your interests to determine your personality type. Whilst it is a very interesting idea in theory, I tend to think this is something that would increase your risk of being in a bad relationship in reality.

How to Chat and Spot Matches

Okcupid: About the Website, About the People

Okcupid or online dating is a huge success. It has a large user base of 100 million people with more than a million people adding new profiles each day.

So if you are looking to find a person to meet for a dating/relationship on the internet, then okcupid is a must.

How does Okcupid Work?

You sign up on the website, create a profile, answer questions about yourself, and start matching with other members. You can also search through existing members to find matches.

When you start matching with another member, you get a surprise match that you can look through and see how compatible you are.

More on How to Apply your Profile to Create Better Matches: [Link]

Okcupid: FAQ on everything you need to know about it and how to use it: [Link]

Okcupid: App Reviews and Latest News: [Link]

Okcupid: Products and Money-Saving Coupons For New Members If You Are Looking To Start One: [Link]

Okcupid: How to Chat and Match:

There are different methods of chatting on okcupid, but you can expect to chat through messaging.

Major Subscription Types

There are three main categories of Okcupid account options. A free account can be used by anyone and is the most rated for low paid subscriptions. Free accounts will still give you a good taste of what Ok Cupid offers and are enough for most people.

There are two paid services. First, is an account that gives you reduced ads, SMS texting, and can also give you extra inbox features. The second is an account that gives you even more features and the ability to have a second profile.

Okcupid is set up in such a way that you can use it as a free tool, which can be great for meeting new people, but also to find interest based on things like education, interests, and music.

Things such as this are all we have for today thanks for reading and like always, please let me know how we can make this blog better if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Free Subscription: You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised

Okcupid is one of the most popular dating websites out there. It’s more than just an older person’s dating site as it attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

The site is successful because it’s totally free to make profile and send a possible match in the hopes of having a long-distance love story.

So what are the pros and cons of the site for you?


Free – in case you’re looking for a new relationship, this site is free and aimed at giving people a chance to meet even if the odds are not in their favor.

Large Community – if you’re shy about contacting people, the large community on this site will give you confidence. Everyone on Okcupid is looking for their best shot at love, and you don’t know who’s going to be happy to meet someone new.

Quick Results – Okctupid is not based on your looks, but on your compatibility. Compared to other sites, you could get senior or single results much faster.

Good test – Okcupid has a compatibility test that will tell you if the two of you are squaring off or not.


Paid Membership: What to Expect

OkCupid is a popular free online dating site, but if you want to have even more control in your dating life, you can pay for a membership. There are quite a few different membership levels you can choose from.

How Much Do You Need to Pay?

How to Cancel Your Subscription

OkCupid is one of the most popular online dating sites that people use to find members of the opposite sex. If you simply like to use OkCupid for flirting, you can be done with it in a few days.

However, if you would like to use it as a serious way to find love, you will have to pay a monthly subscription for the benefits of a massive network of active members and the opportunity to message other users.

To cancel your subscription, look in your profile settings and find the option to cancel your subscription. Once you have confirmed the cancellation, your OkCupid profile will be erased and any future messages will be sent for you automatically.

Users are anonymous on this dating site and you will never be contacted if you have not set your profile to be visible. After you have made your decision, now you can focus on becoming the best dating profile you can be.

Security and Safety

In today's dangerous world, we cannot say that dating is a safe activity. Internet dating sites like OkCupid can introduce dangers to your security and safety.

Your responses should be considered carefully before submitting them. And if you are feeling unsafe, you should not hesitate to tell the site's moderators. And remember you are not alone! The site has a helpful reporting system allowing you to report people who may be unsafe or provoke your fears.

There is a lot of evidence that being on OkCupid can pose potential risks. One woman wrote

"As many others have said, I too have been contacted by child pornographers. On a personal note I would like to add another horror story. My brother, a registered sex offender, used adult websites to treat himself to pictures and videos. He also used adult websites as a means for a two year old boy to connect with other men interested in a sexual act with the boy."

The Most Notable Rivals


OkCupid is one of the most recommended dating sites for perfectly decent dating since they are free and have paid features. They have great open minded community and some of the best community chat/forum for you to judge its compatibility and compatibility.

All dating sites have the ultimate goal of matching up their users to make both users happy. In most cases, most dating sites evaluate the compatibility between dating site users based on the users’ behavior during the first interaction with each other.

You might have noticed that most of the time, the dating site users seek low commitment dates but some of them seek serious relationships.

On Okcupid, you have to wait 1-5 seconds to send your first message on the online dating website, the length of the messages is limited.

When in the first message, you might not be able to define if you are online dating a man or a woman.

If spoken online, and then they will open your profile and go back and forth for a while.

But the true way to know if a dating site is perfect for you is by signing up and using it for a couple weeks to months to judge if it’s perfect for you or not.

Warning: Do not pay any dating site just for simplicity. The dating site are not like online dating services like Tinder, which send you to dates immediately.

Pros and Cons

I personally think OkCupid is a fantastic place for meeting people online. But it’s no good without a strong, well-written profile. And your profile is the reflection of who you are.

Are you a good match for the OkCupid users? Will you end up in a lot of messages and replies? What if you happen to get a lot of messages? Do you have the time, energy, and motivation to keep your profile updated regularly?

You might think you don’t want one, but OkCupid is a free site that lets you create accounts without providing any personal information. That’s a significant advantage compared to most free dating sites. This makes OkCupid relatively easy to join without getting distracted by the time and effort it requires.

But once you’ve joined and are in the conversation stage, you will be bombarded with messages from the OkCupid members, so you will need to decide which dating site suits your lifestyle best. Not all dating sites are made equally.

Which dating site is right for you?

Now that people are more open about their sexuality than ever, the concept of dating apps has been around for a while. While apps like Tinder offer a complete, and sometimes flirty, experience, the legendary dating app Okcupid has a more user-centric philosophy.

This approach leads to some of the best (and worst) dating experiences.

Here’s the one thing you need to know about OkCupid – it offers the best chance to meet poly people.

Here’s why …

If you’re such a good looking person that you have a hard time finding a partner, then a traditional dating app is not the best place to get started. However, OkCupid is the perfect app for people who want to date more than one individual.

You can sign up with multiple accounts and have a certain number of people in your interests section.

Secondly, it lets you have multiple interests, which means that you can meet someone from a completely different social group.

Okcupid is a website where people can connect with other people based on age, location and factors like careers, interests and stats.

The good part: You do get to see people and chat to them, to see if your taste in people and relationships coincide. The bad part: You might get a lot of spam or fake profiles.

Even with okcupid’s bots, I find it the best option to meet new people.

If you want to talk to strangers just to chat or meet someone new, okcupid is a great way to go. It is also among the best online dating sites, so I always tell my friends who want to go out there and meet someone to try okcupid.

For starters, It has a lot of bots, and you do get spam. But, unless you are allergic to antidepressants, spam is not necessarily a deal breaker.

If you love ads, that’s something you can choose to look for, but I prefer to assume everyone is interested in meeting someone.

If you are looking for someone to date or have a relationship with, then you have a good number of options, as long as your preferences are not extreme.