Older Women Dating Review – Is this a Legit Dating Website?

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How Does Older Women Dating Work?

Let’s Discuss Its Audience

Older Women Dating is one of the most famous online dating sites for seniors.

It is very easy to use and there are different options to choose from. You can save all your searches, so you don’t need to enter the searches part again if you want to narrow down the searches.

You can also create a profile on their website and you can post it on their website to increase your chances of finding that right person for you.

Older Women Dating has pictures of all the members and you can contact them immediately after their profile is approved.

Furthermore, there is a –matching system” which is a great feature when you are looking for that very special someone. You have an extensive list of categories so you can look through the members and narrow down your search even more.

However, it must be noted that Older Women Dating is one of the most successful turn-based dating website.

It is not active and there are only a select group of members that are part of it.

They hope that the website will be one of the best dating websites ever, if it does become active.

What Are Some Of Its Essential Features?

A lot of women are tired of the usual online dating sites that you find in any search engine. It is true that the majority of men who go on these sites are looking for casual sex or open relationship. If you look carefully, you will also find a lot of unpleasant and not too honest men as well.

That is why this online dating site is really unique and safe for the women who want to find older men for relationship. One of its essential features is age checker. This unique tool will help you find the real older men which are looking for real relationship with you.

This little tool will make sure your search results are always filled with real older men who are serious about finding you. There are also thousands of beautiful, attractive women who are looking for mature guys. This online site will bring them together into a safe place where they can get to know each other without any worrying about scams or being lied to.

Another important feature of this online dating site is that it is based on trust. You will be able to know the real story of the people you talked to. All profiles and their pictures will be real and accompanied with the real stories. The women who are looking for mature guys will be able to get to know them more. The men will also be able to get to know the nice women for their real life dating. This platform will bring them together without any obstacles. This can be a nice open relationship creation.

Is The Platform User Friendly?

Tight connections, an overlap of community members, it is difficult to put a finger on what it is about this dating website that keeps one coming back. This is probably the best question to ask about this dating website and as the attractive profile and what it offers are the reason why people have signed up for this dating site.

The simplicity is what sets up or perfects the platform and it’s very obvious as to why people would sign up. They just need to be certain that they are making the best decision. But again, that is also a struggle since the website is so simple.

With that being said, it is one of the largest dating sites in terms of membership and for the most part, does a pretty decent job of matching people together. For those who want a good online dating experience, it is one of the best websites out there.

But, is it just that?

The reason we ask this question is because of the lack of features for users. It doesn’t even offer the opportunity to upload videos, pictures, or put your own creative spin on making profile.

So, you can see how a lot of users will want more. This is a site, however, where minimalism can actually work out. Hate it or love it, this is one of the most successful dating sites out there and probably the best for those who like to keep it simple.

Older Women Dating Website Use & Design

Using a dating website for older women isn’t as popular as the more traditional approaches (sitting in the local bar and waiting for the opportunity to poke your eye).

You might be better off investing that time in other areas that are immediately more rewarding, be it hooking up with a real, live younger woman.

Or you could be surprised at how many of your inner desires are fulfilled on a site that specializes in ladies that are far away and far away.

Curvy Older Women

Curvy older women love older men.

They enjoy older men who fit in with their age, rather than trying to stretch time.

And generally, they have a significantly better life than they would have had in their youth.

It’s simple psychological fact, they do indeed feel more attractive and generally more at peace with the world.

Old fashioned and a bit counter-culture? Sure, but there’s also a valid reason, based on fact, as well.


Perhaps the easiest reason for wanting to find love in a place that is not only new, but other and far away.

The ideal man is one who is robust and rugged, has taken care of his health and done little to hide his age.

Check out these pictures.

Older Women Dating Mobile App

Older Women Dating Review: Is the Website Scam? Is the App a Scam?? Is the Platform a Scam??

Will you get a potential date after 2 minutes? Will you get a dating date after 2 minutes?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before using any dating platform, here are ours:

  • Has more members than the other dating platform?
  • Is this platform legit?
  • Is this website safe?

Is this website scam? This platform is one of the oldest dating platform, and it is here since the early days. It was and still is widely used and trusted by many genuine people. Not because they would form fake profiles as stated by Others..

To make sure you get your money worth out of the membership, we have created a detailed review to help you choose a legitimate website.

Older Women Dating Review

This website is legit and has a very large membership base. Older women are usually between 35 to 65 years of age and younger guys are between 18 to 45 years.

The site has a large membership base from all around the world. It’s free to join and save your data, pictures, and messages in a secure cloud.

They have a simplified layout and a responsive mobile app. You can avoid scams that a lot of other dating websites trap you in with.

Does It Have Reliable Customer Support?

People order their copy of the Older Women Dating Pro guide online. Apart from speaking to their real people, they do have a customer support team that will help you if you would have any problems.

In the version of the guide you bought, you will get access to their customer support hotline and live chat feature. Just drop a message to them as they promise a swift response.

Apart from the customer support contact details, they also have a web copy of the guide that allows you to contact support from your device. You can ask any questions and will get good responses.

There is also a direct email support you can drop questions to. Their response time varies, but it is quick.

People who have ordered this course before can flipkart review all the materials. To do so, they will need to register and login. Order the course through their mobile app, or the landing pages on their website.

This page will give you access to download the guide and its bonus materials that will help you see results right away.

As soon as you have registered, you will get an email that will allow you to complete the transaction. All they need is your name and email. You can choose to download the bonus chapters in the form of an ebook instead.

Older Women Dating Review – Does it work?

How To Register & Create Profile

Here’s How To Register on Older Women Dating

Similarly, dating is one of the main reasons why older women join the site.

Therefore the frequency of membership maintained by our dating site in order to ensure quality and regular updates is quite high, which means that you should feel less frustrated if you, also as our older women dating user, push for new updates.

We don’t require you to join for the same period of time for every membership set in place to your profile. You can choose to join us for shorter periods, just like what some other sites do.

The minimum age of joining us is 18, just like USA dating sites, and New York matchmaking services …… and also the maximum age you can join as an older women dating member is 70.

You can also update your profile by filling out new profiles.

You will also be able to make use of our members’ message system, as well as our quick reply system in order to help you communicate your needs to like-minded people, as it will allow you to quickly send them a message with your questions and needs and also ask them questions.

Profile Details and Verification

How Do You Know If She Will Call you Back?

Real Women…

It allows you to rate and review matches on a scale of 1-5 stars. It’s easy to indicate whether you want to chat with her or just chat, then she can contact you directly through email.

It has an Android and iOS app that shows you the best matches in your area.

It’s a free to use dating mobile app as well.

It also has a translation feature that translates texts into languages that you can’t pick up on first go.

This app has attracted a lot of attention from men and women all over the world, with an average daily use of approximately 30,000. The age of ladies that upload their profile on the leading app is between 18 and 28. The site has been successfully running for more than two and a half years and has a whopping 91,000+ online users, making it one of the most popular online dating apps in the world today.

Coffee Meets Bagel․

It is more like a website than just an app. It helps women to find out what other women want.

It first asks women to answer questions regarding their personality. This way, online dating women can figure out what they want to look for.

Older Women Dating Search Options

It’s good to be careful when it comes to online dating.

Especially when you are not only looking for romance, but are also not looking to give or receive too much attention.

Cases of sexual exploitation of older women have grown in recent years, and this has lead to perceived and real dangers online especially with dating sites.

Those who agree with the theory of live sex cams and online dating have gone to great lengths to distinguish themselves from the many scams that are also around.

One such case is Older Women Dating.

This is one of the few legit dating sites around.

They take these concerns very seriously.

They diligently employ staff on various different levels to ensure that the safety of their users is well taken care of.

They also give full disclosure about their site and what they are about, so that their users can also make an informed decision.

You can sign up for their free membership and even use a free credit card to help them target their marketing to suit your interests.

With a few clicks of a button, you can sign up and join the site.

Or you can use the free trial offers to see how the site really works for you.

The Matching & Chatting Process on Older Women Dating

Before you can connect with mature women on Older Women Dating, you have to first create a profile. Rest assured, this is a fairly straightforward process.

Your profile will feature your likes, dislikes, and any photos you wish to add. Many mature women will also include their contact details on their profiles.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you can search for other members who`re age-specific to you. You can use the Advanced Search feature to look for women looking for similar interests and seek out those that sound appealing.

Pairing and chatting is a fairly straightforward process. Meet mature women and connect in a couple of clicks.

Types Of Older Women Dating Memberships

Even though the Older Women Dating review may not instantly tell you whether or not the website is legit or not, it will help you learn more about the clientele before you join.

Older women is an umbrella term, referring to women who have reached the age of 40+.

Someone selling for an OWD site or someone who pays for an OWD site will not be a professional in the dating industry.

Many women who may pay for such sites are simply looking to try something new and exciting, not necessarily hoping to find a quality mate.

Those women tend to be of a certain age range and live in certain parts of the world.

The fact that they are paying for the site is usually enough for many dating sites to know where to place someone in hierarchy.

However, in the case of Older Women Dating, the site is much more lenient in the fact that anyone could sign up and they do not have any way of checking someone’s background.

Despite this, the site is relatively safe and offers long term memberships.

They do, however, kind of let you in on the secret that only paying members will be shown.

Paying members must have a college degree or at least two years of experience per the company’s requirements.

Basic Accounts

When you create a free account at Older Women Dating, you will be asked to enter your username as well as your email address and after this is set up, it is very simple to access all the features of the site.

Every user has his/her own personal profile page that contains a short description of themselves as well as a member gallery that can either be private or public, as the users choose.

The user gallery will allow you to choose from six different options for your public appearance including pictures of yourself, a picture of a friend or a picture of a pet.

The site allows users to add up to three images which can also be purchased for an extra fee that varies depending upon the image type (High-Resolution Option, Medium-Resolution Option, Low-Resolution Option).

Premium Accounts

Older Women Dating is a popular online dating website for older women and men seeking younger partners.

The site design promotes an attractive looking website with good image quality. It also has a Mixi integration which allow you to post your profile and profile pictures on Mixi.

There is a large community of singles on this website from around the world. It’s a good thing that most of the members are older than 18 years and the rest is either majority are in their 30s and 40s.

Members can visit a members’ photo and learn more about their favorites for some personal conversations.

If you like to highlight your photos or post your favorite photo, you can also do that on the profile page as well.

The profile information allows members to post their ideal height and weight, preferred length and cup size for women.

It’s encouraging to know that members are asked what their ideal body type is before registering and members are encouraged to have a clear vision on their image before posting their profile picture.

For the most part, site speed is fast and the site load is fast for mobile devices as well.

Start with the registration process and login using your email and password. This account can be used to look up profiles and other features of older women dating site. Members can also securely purchase paid membership to Older Women Dating site easily.

Terminating Your Older Women Dating Subscription

Safety & Security Features on Older Women Dating

So you’ve read all the reviews and think that Older Women Dating is for you. One of the first questions we’re often asked is whether Older Women Dating is safe.

This One’s Our Favorite…

The answer is a resounding YES!

Since Younger Women Dating is a dating website, all of our safety and security features are the same. This includes strong 256 bit encryption on all of your data and a strict no pressure approach to chatting online.

The support team is also always on its toes at all times and looking for any signs of fraud or spam.

Full credit card security in case you don’t trust the bank anymore and a 12 month no questions asked money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with Older Women Dating.

You also get the extra protection of a VeriSign SSL security certificate which means you’re browsing with confidence.

Still unsure? Feel free to start chatting to women online today using our free Older Women Dating chat sessions.

We’re always here to help.

Older Women Dating Competitors

Plenty of dating sites are going after the senior dating segment. Our own older women dating site, for example, has many competitors, such as Find Local Partners Now and Meet White Singles. Men on these sites often complain about the quality of the dating pool being far too shallow but alas, the market is large and growing.

Although there are a number of sites that operate within the niche, they are all vastly different. The most notable difference is the age range, which you can specify. Some sites are geared towards men who want to date women over 40, 80, or even 90.

The relationships site is a scam looking for people over 60, women who are fat and ugly looking for younger men.

Want to meet hot, single, sexy singles over 60? Mature dating real people over 60? Looking for senior dating, dating over 60? Free mature personals.


The Older Women Dating website is a great way for older women to meet younger men. While this website is still in its infancy when it comes to official numbers of its user base, I have to say that being a user of the Older Women Dating dating site was a great eye opener for me and an excellent opportunity for me to meet some amazing women. One of the things that most users love about the site is the fact that these women are not a lot younger than you and hopefully some of them are not even a lot older than you. So the idea of dating an older woman it not only not disgusting, but it's actually really very sexy.

But I am not sure how I feel about the money I paid for using the sites. Is it worth it? Maybe if you use the site a lot, you should think about looking for a cheaper solution.

But frankly speaking, I didn't like the fact that you have to pay to talk to the ladies.

Nevertheless, if you are serious about your love life, you need to look beyond the money and just go for it. Invest your energy in making one of the most important things in your life happen. Because if you keep playing around, you might be wasting away your life with a lot of opportunities missed.

Pros and Cons

One of the most popular and well-known websites today for older men dating younger women is Older Women Dating. This Dating website is well crafted, designed and serves its purpose perfectly. It’s most attractive feature as you may imagine is its range of beautiful, young women who are looking to meet with older men to get to know them in a more intimate way.

This website has been around since the year 2006 and has quickly established itself as one of the most popular places for older women and younger men meet, arrange dates, arrange social events and get to know each other. It has something to offer to almost anyone who signs up for the site.

If you are a man of 45 years and over and you are looking for women of 20 years and under to date, then this could be a perfect site for you to meet the right woman that is your age. Whatever your purpose of joining the site, it is very clear that all the members enjoy the dating experience and find it very satisfying in their lives. The women are consistently asking their members to come together and have fun, meet with them, and date them.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are a lot of different dating websites out there but here’re a few which I use to find and date my long-term partners:

Our dating site is made by women for women who are looking for love with older women. We offer single men, single women & couples a way of meeting other singles that is safe, discreet and fun.

Our professional dating site was recently launched in 2011 and is made with members in mind. We all know its not easy to meet people in real life but on our dating site we have pioneered a new way of meeting people quickly and easily. We have thousands of single members and they are looking for love, friendship and romance.

Our dating site is FREE to join. When you become a member, you gain access to a large database of singles to choose from. We have many members without a profile photo who are also looking for love. Lots of single men and single women. If you use our dating site your perfect match will be looking the other way.

Our singles dating website is FREE to join.

We have thousands of members looking for a date, pen pal or maybe more so if you want to become friends with men and women just like you do go ahead and register using our Free Register button which you can find on our homepage.