Qeep Review – What is This Dating App About?

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How Qeep Works and What’s Different in This App

Finding love doesn’t always happen when you seek it out. Sometimes you need a little help from a supportive friend.

Qeep wants to ensure your happiness by becoming your supportive friend and helping you find love without actually interacting with people whatsoever. The founders of Qeep believe that the best way to find love isn’t to actually be out there looking for it, but rather through a supportive community.

Finding love online goes against the idea of meeting someone who makes you feel something unique, and that’s a notion we all want to believe in.

The key to getting that unique feeling is through mutual respect and chemistry. The people who will truly make you feel that chemistry first, by being kind and making you feel seen, are your best friends.

For those who want to try and find someone on their own, Qeep helps you do all of the talking with your friends – so you can just go on having fun and meeting new people.

Qeep is an app. where you can find love. There isn’t a lot of formal interaction within the app so that you can focus on meeting someone attractive. The interface is mostly a feed of people who have liked you and you can then message, or block, anyone.

What’s the Audience Like?

Singles ages 18-60
Dating app users ages 18-60
Qeep is a casual and fun dating app, as we know, who’s looking for a hook up or dating relationship. It’s a great app if you’re looking for something casual.

Qeep is useful for any young singles that are in their late teen or early 20s. Females need to be 21 and males need to be 18 to sign up.

They’re looking for users that have similar interests, play music, like hanging with friends, as well as dating or going out for the heck of it. They want people that can be themselves and have fun.

They find it equally important to have someone that enjoys having fun as well as enjoys being with you.

You can join the dating app if you’re looking for a hook up or for dating. There’s no specific type of user.

Singles are careful about their friends and family finding out they are using a dating app and don’t want to appear desperate. The more you talk about yourself, the better, but keep in mind that you don’t need to talk excessively.

Main Features We Must Mention

Qeep User Friendliness

Qeep is very easy to use whether you are a first-timer or a veteran in the online dating world.

Though Qeep might not have the most endearing name, the app is packed with great features and has achieved a cult-like status among its users.

With a swipe and a tap, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Qeep has multiple matching options such as relationship, dating and pair.

Pair is the Qeep dating option which is the best for a serious relationship.

The app gives the user the power to show their side of a story. This makes it very easy to find an ideal match. It avoids shallow conversation and helps keep the genuine interest in the relationship.

The app works on the concept of being a collaboration. Imagine you are about to enter a fascinating discussion with someone on this app and that person is offline. You will not be able to carry on the discussion until they log in.

This is where collaboration comes in.

It sounds like an interesting feature, especially when you consider how some conversations just won’t work unless both parties are present.

Anticipating that it might be difficult to carry a conversation with someone, Qeep also provides a gesture feature.

This feature simply requires you to draw a line in the air to encourage the user to keep talking.

Qeep Design: Main Points

Qeep Mobile App

Review – Is Qeep A Good Dating App?

These days, one can find thousands of dating apps at their fingertips, ranging from the basic –meet singles” to more advanced ones that include background checks or even allow the user to scan strangers’ faces to find their perfect match.

So of course, Qeep stands a chance. This dating app, formerly known as Let’s Meet, is among those few dating apps that provide options for girls as well as guys to break the ice or actually find someone. They even claim that their app is free and works with mobile phones, tablet and computer!

Today, we break down the app and try to answer the questions that most people ask about the app:

  • How does the Qeep app work?
  • Getting Started with Qeep – How to Use Qeep Dating App
  • Qeep Dating App highlights – Does Qeep Work?

Where Can I Find Customer Support?

Qeep Registration & User Profile Editing

Qeep is an online dating app that matches you with a suitable match based on the criteria you have set. Where it differs from Tinder is that you don’t just use it for dating. You can get a match for any purpose you want, from learning a language, learning how to cook, learning how to garden or even find a volunteer to help with your project.

There are over four million users registered on the dating site, and the numbers are growing every single day. It is easily one of the fastest growing dating apps because of its unique and simple design.

The whole design of the application is light to use, minimalistic, and easy to navigate. This makes it perfect for someone that has never used online dating apps before.

Qeep opens with a page of your sign in options and you sign in with your Facebook or Google account. This is really easy and once you have connected it to your account, you are ready to use it.

From here, you have a variety of ways to get a match and start chatting or meeting up with them.. You are able to sign up as an individual, find a friend, or make a group.

The group of people you add in this application can create a group chat. These chats are ideal for the purpose of putting your name out there, getting interest from couples, and meeting people in general.

How to Sign-Up

For Qeep and What is This App All About?

Qeep is a new dating app that is similar to Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and a lot of other online dating services. It’s a simple app that allows you to swipe right or left and connect with people. It’s one of the top three most downloaded dating apps on both iOS and Android. And it’s free to use.

After you sign up, you can start swiping people to the right and setting your own preferences so that you match with people who are most compatible to you.

For example, on the general settings page, you can set that you don’t want to swipe on men who have a picture with another woman or on women with a profile picture of someone else.

Verification and Profile Editing

The first one requires existing Facebook verification, which makes Qeep an excellent solution for those who have already created an official profile on Facebook. This in turn minimizes the chances of being banned or rejected.

However, if you like your love life and your current happiness problem too much, you can always opt to use email verification (more or less like a dating site). Using this method, you will commit yourself to a profile based on your own photographs and personal information.

After you have created your profile, you can now take a look at some of the available features, sections, and options.

The profile editing section is beautified with a great set of options. You can now use Qeep as a truly online dating platform.

The About Me section is where you can share more about you, including your hobbies, likes, dislikes, education, interests, and more.

Qeep Search Functionality

In order to find people living nearby, Qeep uses your near by enabled devices’ GPS in order to update your position.

In the process of the location finder, Qeep shows you people who are also nearby and can share their interests with you. In order to do it, its algorithm takes into account information such as likes, interests, and gender.

As soon as you like someone’s profile, you will both be shown each other at the search results page. And if you see someone you like, you can send them a private message.

Now, Qeep also offers a non-search feature, called ‘match with friends.’ In this case you can send someone Gifts by buying them presents. The Gifts range from virtual flowers to virtual fruits. Sending them a Gift will result in you being put to a list of spam.
Sending a Gift can be done on either device or by email, but also directly from the web.

If you wish to find someone, you can use the Qeep Nearby feature, the QRQ feature, which you can tag on photos or your name, or the messaging facility.

How to Chat and Make a Match

On Qeep?

Qeep app is uniquely different from other dating apps as it doesn’t ask for your age, name, marital status, age, city, educational, workplace, income, and all bunch of details that bedazzled standard matchmaking apps.

Instead, you can be more real and sincere in your approach to dating. The app uses the extensive information it has about its users to match them with like-minded people or friends based on their relationships, interests, and demographics.

Unlike other dating apps, which usually narrow down the search to around a user’s age or gender, Qeep instead uses proximity as a fundamental principle of matching.

So users don’t have to be within a particular distance to each other, Qeep narrows down the results for users based on the percentage of others that they have interacted with in the past.

After building a profile on the app, you can easily locate people in your area and add them as friends on the app’s website.

People can also be added as friends on the app’s website from other platforms as well. Once you have added the contact on the website, you can chat and exchange contact, photos, connect via phone, and important other profile details.

Membership Options

Qeep is a social dating app that allows user to create a free and customizable profile and start interacting with like-minded singles the moment they join.

Users can connect with other members through chat, which is a live chat on the user’s and other members’ mobile device. Members can also like or dislike potential dates, create a playlist of songs, and top up their credits with Qeep Credits (an in-app in-game currency they earn automatically).

The app also lets you make a quick video introduction in order to boost your chances of finding a date.

Users can also create a Qeep Dating profile on the website to test out their customized profile features and accomplishments.

Free Account

Benefits :

  • Get First Message
  • Reply with 1x Like & 1x Reply
  • Visit your id profile
  • Profile upload …add new photo
  • Automatic log in and check your account status
  • 14 Days FREE trial period
  • 5 Connections
  • Acceptable Contacts from Any Activity
  • 100s of People in Your Area
  • 1000s of People in Your City
  • Read Profiles
  • Play Games
  • Create a Profile

Paid Plus Account

Qeep requires PayPal to purchase additional accounts. So if you're an adult, then you also have to go through PayPal's verification procedure.

Here’s How to Terminate a Qeep Subscription

Qeep is a dating app that is completely free and allows you to communicate with other Singles with ease!

Once you get into the app, you will be presented with a profile screen. Below this is a life-log that is taken private conversations or public. You can rank each article with up to four stars based on how interested you are in them as well as your expectations/hopes for future conversations or meet-ups.

You can also put a Qeep widget on your browser, which will show a list of all the dating profiles with their locations as well as information on how long they have been online and their recent activity.

The chat screen gives you the ability to chat with new individuals who are in the neighborhood as well as with complete strangers. When engaging in a conversation, you can choose either to talk one-on-one or to join a group conversation. You can also choose to anonymously answer questions presented to you through the app. Your profile is also searchable and can also be found on the Qeep website as well as Facebook.

Qeep is a stellar dating app! The easy-to-use interface is user-friendly so you can get straight to message writing. And the convenience of having your profile live on the world wide web allows you to reach a broad range of individuals, rather than just those within the same town.

Qeep Website Safety & Security

Qeep dating app was founded by British expat Alejandro Farias in 2016 and currently has users from 107 countries. Qeep is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. It’s free to download and free to create a profile. This app is currently available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and German.

The password function does appear to be secure, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your password or any other sensitive information with your date. This is a good security measure and welcome practice.

There are several security settings available that will allow you to control and access the apps features, and these can be accessed under the –Settings” tab.

The app offers the option to report an unsafe profile, a fake profile, or unwanted messages with the option to block the user.

The Qeep website itself is fully protected.

Qeep Alternatives

If you don’t have any luck with the popular Tinder, then a free alternative for you to try out could be Qeep.

If you find that Tinder is too complicated to use and too time consuming, you may find this app useful.

If you find that you have deleted Tinder from your phone, then you could also try Qeep to get that feeling back of receiving new messages and likes from other members.

Qeep is a dating app for people in a similar age range to enjoy better matches.

Creating an account is free and you can take pictures of your profile, post the contact details of someone you want to contact, and later on send them a message if you come across an attractive person.

It is easy and fast to use, and you can find your matches relatively quickly as you get regular phone calls from other members (if they like your profile).

Because one member will often take a photo of their home’s exterior or interior if they want you to find it, the pictures they take can look a little scary.

There are also hidden charges on some other sites that require you to give out your personal details or booking a free number.

Review Conclusion

Can This Dating App Work for You?

The Qeep dating app has been developed to allow you to find a potential match quickly and easily.

If you want to find a date, a partner or even a lover this is a great app that you should consider using.

With over 500,000 active users in more than 200 countries you can be sure that Qeep has found a way to make a difference.

It is so popular that it had a brief moment in the sun when it was featured in the pages of the New York Times.

And many of the folks who are on the Qeep dating site are currently looking for love online.

There is a dedicated customer support team or live chat with everyday from 8 am to midnight EST. Go straight to the live chat for the best service.

And should you need to speak to a member of the programming team, all you need to do is use the “Contact” link on their website.

The website is very modern and it offers all of the features that you might expect to see on a top dating site.

And you can start chatting right now for free! No other signup or registration necessary.

You can register as a member of Qeep dating site join now, get all the help and advice you need to find the right love mate for you right now.

Pros and Cons

Qeep is not just another “date” network. It has a higher purpose in mind for its users:

● The purpose of this app is to help people meet in real life. As such, a strict policy of “No Photos” is in place. The purpose of all the dating apps is to show each person’s photo. However, this app is designed to help people meet in real life. There is no snapshot in this app; the photo of one person is a sticker of your information. So if you select your headshot on the app, then your profile photo will be that.

● After that, your profile is shared on your social media platforms, so you can decide to share it or not. The apps basically look for your public profile information.

● Their main aim is to keep users from chatting endlessly with just one user and help them to meet more people.

● Qeep will help users to easily connect with everyone who is online in seconds. Requirements are incredibly low too. You don’t need to register on the site or download an app.

● The platform is well secured. So you don’t need to be alone on your journey out there, you can easily accompany the person of of your choice.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are many dating sites to choose from, some more popular than others.

Each site caters to a particular niche, and there are lots of singles looking for relationships online. You can find people looking for just about anything, from casual dating to relationships.

Qeep focuses on younger people, ages 18 to 35, and you will get more responses from younger people online. If you’re looking for something serious, this is the better option for you than sites that cater to older people.

The online dating experience can be tough, especially if you are new. You don’t want to waste your time by looking for people who don’t have the same interests as you.

Meanwhile, the older group of people is known to be more experienced and already have their requirements in online dating.

And while this is for younger singles, not everyone is looking for a quick hook-up. That’s why compatibility is still important, and Qeep takes it into account. This is a great option for people just looking for some good conversation, match where you just want to find someone interesting to talk to without any intention to have a relationship or meet her partner.that will take proper care of you and your next date.