Real or Just a Fraud? All You Need to Know About AnastasiaDate

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This Is How AnastasiaDate Operates

When you're on the market for someone to help you last that much longer than you're normally used to being out on the short hookups scene, you need a platform that gives you a selection from users who are motivated to succeed.

Sure, you can find a few people that might be motivated to consistently want to have sex, but when you can find a group of people who have the same motivation to succeed in the short relationship scene, you will be able to confidently select a user that you feel you have a good chance of consistently working out with, just like you would at a bar or club.

With AnastasiaDate, unlike short term hookup sites, the users who are on the site aren't looking to run a long-term relationship with you. The users are looking to have a great time.

The dating pool is so rich because we want to work out with the users! We want to work out with the users for a much more reasonable amount of time than something like Tinder or OKCupid.

With AnastasiaDate, the user pool is full of people who are just as motivated to hook up, but much, much, much more motivated to succeed in this type of dating environment.

When you're on the market to find a good fit with a user, you want to be very aware of what you'll notice about how they operate.

A Deeper Look at the Site’s Users

The site’s return year wasn’t given out, but they claimed that it was over 11 times higher than the industry average. That’s quite an astonishing claim.

As per the research done by AVC Forum, the average return rate of the industry is 30-40% in the first month alone! And around 33% in the first year.

They mentioned on the site that 90% of users join again after 3 months.

They also mentioned that 90% of the users on the site have joined 5 times in the first year! And the average user has joined around 10+ times.

But what’s the exact reason for this? Is it because the site’s experience is real? Or is it just a scam?

“The Company Has Made Sure that Everything regarding Our Site Is 100% Based on Technology and It’s User-Friendly Interface’

From their site alone, we can tell a few things about them:

The site was established in 1999

What Are Some of the Key Features of the Platform?

AnastasiaDate is a niche dating site that caters to Members who are exactly where you are on your journey in finding love and companionship. We provide the platform and technology for persons of different backgrounds to find a partner with whom to share their life in a long term, meaningful relationship. AnastasiaDate is a site geared towards bridge-building, one where our members and their matches connect to find common ground and a place for understanding and understanding each other.

Our goal is to provide a platform and environment that stresses compatibility and understanding. Not only is it easy to talk to your matches on AnastasiaDate–you can also see they are Real People who you can track and communicate with on and off site.

The User-Friendliness of AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is one of the most transparent dating websites online. The home page on the main website is really self-explanatory and tells you exactly what AnastasiaDate is and how it works.

Apart from the main website, AnastasiaDate also has a colourful entry point on Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr. I have always considered this to be one of their best sales tactics which are open and transparent.

This allows you to see exactly how it works and how it is delivered. This is a good sign of a well-established company, and this is exactly what I look for.

AnastasiaDate Pricing

AnastasiaDate has a free sign-up with no credit card needed. You can sign up without even paying a cent. You can download the manual, look around and explore the site.

This actually takes two hours in my opinion, before starting to get a feel of the system and how it works. I spent multiple days exploring the site and comparing it to my other options.

This allows me to make a recommendation that AnastasiaDate is a great option to sign up for.

There are also a bunch of free features which make the system user-friendly. You can access all of AnastasiaDate without paying a cent.

Website Layout and Its Ease-Of-Use

Let’s start with a review of the website. The layout is quite simple and has a very honest look to it.

The home page has a registration link, a photo gallery, a contact form and the main navigation.

Aside from this, you’ll also find things like a blog, a few articles, and a few reviews. There is really not much on that page except for the top one.

The top navigation has a link to the homepage, a link to the review section, a link to the about section and a link to the blog.

The left menu has links to the Blog, Articles, Guides and Journeys.

Also, there are a few buttons that will open up various other links for you to check out.

The right menu has a link to the Get a date, a link to the Career Center and a link to the gift shop.

There are some other links that take you to the Members section, a link to your profile and the links to other sections like your online profile.

The footer has nothing more than a contact number, the copyright….

Is There Any AnastasiaDate Mobile App?

There is no official mobile app for AnastasiaDate. If you are wondering how to view an AnastasiaDate video chat in your mobile phone, then you will need to use a free third party call software such as ChatOn as we cannot recommend the AnastasiaDate app at this time.

What About The Customer Support?

Unfortunately, there are very few customer support agents responding to customer emails.

The best way to contact the company would be through the live chat on the website.

Customer complaints about the service on the phone are not ignored. It is best to email them if you would like their attention and avoid calling them directly.

What Makes AnastasiaDate One of The Best Free Dating Sites?

AnastasiaDate has a cool web interface with a live chat feature, which helps you get in touch with new members immediately. You can always chat with other members on the live chat, and he or she may reply.

Your friends can even put you in touch with new people who you may like.

Here is How You Can Start Dating AnastasiaDate for free, without spending any extra money:

Sign up for free and join the site.

Once you verify your profile, you will start receiving emails from new people.

The emails will give you lots of necessary tips about the site and can help you make the best use of the site.

You can easily send messages to girls you like.

A lot of members will join these email threads.

After you approve profiles, you will be asked to create a secure account.

Create your account or login.

You can use the search feature to find new members quickly.

You can find your favorite matches.

Signing up on This Platform Is Easy: Here Is How

It Works!

AnastasiaDate is a platform that promises to help people meet beautiful women. The website is only directed towards heterosexual men. "We have many men who spend their time here," promises Anastasia. "We started with a vision to help men who wanted to meet single women."

This platform also has a special program that allows you to meet Anastasia herself. It is called Elite service, which offers real-time communication with the woman who is your customer service of AnastasiaDate.

  • Anastasia is always available for a personal call or a personal meeting before you sign up for the Elite Program.
  • You can virtually chat with Anastasia during the Elite process. You can ask her questions about yourself and about dating and meeting women.
  • Anastasia will also answer personal questions that you may not ask in an online form.
  • You can ask her online for advice and tricks to learn how to be successful in dating.
  • You will learn how to meet and approach the best looking women on this dating website, and this will bring your chances of success very high.

So, as you can see, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to get laid and meet beautiful girls.

How is it Fake?

There are several signs that shows that this is a hoax.

The Real Quick Sign up Process

Luckily for everyone, the sign up method is very quick and easy.

Simply choose your country and reply to the welcome email that you get from AnastasiaDate.

As their website states:…there is no member verification needed, we consider that verification is enough after a date is set.…

They also ask that you feel free to be discreet when signing up in the event that you do not want your friends and family to know that you are on AnastasiaDate and meeting dates as you go along.

By not having the necessity of a confirmation code to verify your account, the sign up process is that much quicker and there is less of a chance you will end up on a wrong site which is often a problem in many other sign up forms.

This makes the sign up process very smooth and with little effort on your part.

Take Care of Your Profile

So you’re in the malleable dating industry. You’ve gone and joined AnastasiaDate in search of a potential mate, hoping to meet a decent counterpart.

AnastasiaDate is one your most popular social dating brands, mainly due to the fact that it has been around for some time now.

Before digging into the profile guidelines, let’s look at the company’s background.

AnastasiaDate was launched in 1999 as a part of Aana Software, which is considered to be a pioneer in social networking and dating websites.

In 2013, the company’s parent company Softbank acquired 74% of the company, making it part of the Softbank Group.

Since then, AnastasiaDate has multiplied quite significantly, both in terms of user base, culture and overall parent company’s infrastructure.

Today, the AnastasiaDate network has over 850K members in the United States and Canada alone, with a healthy social media following, too.

All of that has given AnastasiaDate a pretty strong footing in the market, making the company a valuable platform for potential seekers of romance.

The company’s free services allow people from a wide spectrum to enter the market and have a look around.

How to Search for Members on AnastasiaDate?

How much you pay when you want to find a date depends on the service you’re using and how much information you’re provided when you use it.

You can use both the full and basic membership packages:

The basic membership is a good way to get started with the site, but you will only be able to find members within the same country and to certain ranges.

The full membership removes these restrictions and offers more detail about your matches.

The following pages explain how to do both.

How to Find a Match and Chat?

What Are the Subscription Alternatives Available?

The most popular current alternative to Anastasiadate is OKCupid or any other more or less normal dating site. However, there are several more dating sites too to choose from. All of them are free, and they have thousands of dating profiles.

You can try to ignore Anastasiadate, which is very recommendable to anyone who wants to separate the wheat from the chaff, or just saw through to the real intent of the site.

Another alternative is to register on paid dating sites, but they mostly have a limited number of users and use spamming techniques to attract more customers.

Also, you are bound to get some ‘scammer’ type profiles if you sign in on these dating sites.

While there are various alternatives to Anastasiadate, you are not bound to waste your time and money trying them.

Is There a Free Version?

Due to the tough competition in the dating industry, most dating sites today have a free membership option, especially with the advent of the internet.

Even though AnastasiaDate is one of the most expensive dating sites, it does not have one. If the cost of the dating service was that sudden, you could very well exclude it from the competition.

AnastasiaDate is free only for the first 400 "cherries" on the site. To get the rest of these free, you will need to pay money or sign up for an expensive package that contains a bunch of "premium" features and is on a monthly payment plan.

The paid membership allows you to browse profiles without restrictions, message the members as many times as you want, access to "premium" features, unlimited video calls and unlimited chat privileges.

The paid membership has many more features than the free one, which makes it even more difficult to make a decision. But, here is what you need to know.

What Is Included in the Paid Membership?

If you were like me and looking for a site to help find a long-term relationship, you were sold by the site’s website.

The design and content of the site is quite good and it quickly promises a lot. The thing is, the site does not live up to its promises.

This is a serious issue that the site has to deal with in order to keep users coming back.

This review will uncover real facts about the site and highlight all the flaws, so you can make an educated decision on whether this site is a fraud or not.

The site claims to connect members with people from all over the world. They say that the site has an abundant supply of quality members and enough choices to suit all needs and tastes to find a life partner or even a quick fling to fulfill all your desires.

The site is free to join and the introductory offer includes:

  • One free profile upgrade
  • Free membership upgrade
  • A bonus date
  • A bonus gift
  • A bonus chat

AnastasiaDate has claimed to have 8 new members joining in a single day. This is quite impressive to say the least. However, they are not new to the industry and they have been around since 2009.

The site offers members a variety of membership types.

Is It Possible to Terminate Your Subscription?

If you are not satisfied with AnastasiaDate and feel you may want to not renew the subscription as per your original payment, then you can cancel the subscription with in 7 days of subscribing to the site.

Any and all fees issued will be credited to you. However if you don’t contact the Customer Support and request to have the payments credited, the amount will be forfeited and you will still be responsible for the AnastasiaDate membership expenses.

You Are Safe and Secure While Using It

AnastasiaDate dating website is 100% safe and secure you don’t need to be scared remember it’s a free dating site and you have to keep your privacy.

You can easily create your profile account and create a free profile photo and a clear description of your interests in this dating website.

You can easily apply same rules to both male and female to start a new relationship there will be no scams or offensive behavior enabled on the site.

It is a dating site for singles and you will be able to easily communicate with them using your profile.

The website gives you a chance to enjoy a list of dating services that can help you find your ideal mate.

The site is so safe and secure that it helps you to find the best match. AnastasiaDate dating site is the best dating website as you get the perfect match and enjoy the life with your partner.

So start your new life that is full of fun and excitement.

Other Online Matchmaking Services Like AnastasiaDate

Other Dating Sites like AnastasiaDate are improving in providing high-quality service as well.

One such dating site matching website is like AnastasiaDate is eHarmony. It is one of the very popular and well established sites.

It takes big chances at times. It publishes newspaper-style quizzes, like the Romeo and Juliet test, which reveal its users’ true characters.

Normally, most dating site have never just 1 site matching service, because the service is always online for those looking for a fast and easy way to meet another human being.

Why do you think there are thousands of paid dating sites, chatroom, and free dating sites. They are all here to provide a solution to a problem.

If you have a problem, there is normally a solution that will solve that problem, to the best of its ability to use technology.

Those sites and companies are here to provide a wide range for helping people to meet singles.

Other dating sites like AnastasiaDate, however, are not necessarily positive in every way and we might find instances where a user experiences specific services and products or is less than happy.


Pros and Cons

AnastasiaDate is a dating site for individuals looking to date other individuals.

No matter if you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced, sick or in jail, AnastasiaDate has a place for you.

With more than two million users, there is a good chance that everyone can find the perfect match.

This website stays updated with the latest fashion trends, so that everyone can dress the part at any social gathering. All members are encouraged to take part in the forums in order to have an easier time meeting other members.

For singles who live in a metropolitan location in the United States, there is a good chance that they can meet other singles at AnastasiaDate.

However, for singles with a larger dating pool and a smaller dating pool, there are also other options.

To find the best dating websites, it is a good idea to read reviews about top-rated dating sites online.

According to several professional and online reviews, AnastasiaDate is very similar to other dating websites on the market.

Furthermore, although it’s an attractive website, it offers little, in terms of value for money. When you pay a large sum for one month of membership, you don’t get nearly enough for your money.

Which dating site is right for you?

If you’re looking for a dating site to meet Russian women for serious relationships, then AnastasiaDate is well worth a look.

Unlike many other sites that promise to help you find Russian brides, this site is run by a group of women that became very successful in their previous lives.

AnastasiaDate is run by American Anastasia Kozizevsky, a successful Internet entrepreneur, and her cousin Elena Karmazina, a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Both women have extensive and varied experience with dating, dating, and meeting Russian women abroad.

They claim that they have a record of over 37 years of meeting Russian women online, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Their experience and branding status as dating industry professionals make AnastasiaDate an attractive option for the discerning online dater.

Why this dating site?

This site has very specific criteria for its members, and requires both a serious level of interest and the kind of approach typical of men that are serious about finding a real dating partner.

As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about your age, height, education level, profession, or income. They also don’t ask you to create a photo profile or to pay any money.

For data breach notification and social engineering scams!

The new craze that just hit the internet and is making everyone’s life a pain is the online dating service called AnastasiaDate.

It can be seen all over social media and is advertising being able to find someone who is just right for you and right now. The ads all promote how you can jump to the top in the dating app and just talk to other like minded people.

Online dating is not a new idea, nor is it necessarily a scam. But this website has the potential to make people suffer from the biggest online dating scam I’ve ever seen.

Never be the person that says they have been scammed and won’t go further and find out the hard way.

Your Data and Address whether You Will Want to Make an Email

Account or use your real name for email, etc.

In August 2012, the site became known as an online dating service that uses Facebook APIs to sign up new members and to give access to your Facebook account and connections.