Review of FirstMet: A Legit Dating Platform or A Product of A Scam?

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Main Information About Work of FirstMet

FirstMet is on of the most trusted and successful dating platforms today.

Considering that it is targeted towards people all over the world, it has successfully put up a website to provide a better user experience, meet new people, make friends, share your experiences, and find love.

Instead of spending a lot of money on international dating services, its members have the opportunity to use FirstMet to find a person who matches their lifestyle and values.

Word has it that the creation of this dating platform is the result of a discussion among the founders of some of the most reputable startups operating in different areas. They decided to invest on development and marketing of an innovative dating platform to make dating a better experience for its members.

Members Quality and Quantity

FirstMet has a massive membership base of 70,000 members. It boasts a list of luxury service and quality-conscious clients.

Guarantees Invitations and Conversations

Unlike websites that rely on its membership base to generate leads, FirstMet guarantees you to be personally invited to all available, real-life parties and get a conversation going at every one of them.

As mentioned earlier in the review, top-tier clients are invited straight to the parties.

The High-Quality Clients

FirstMet's qualification levels range from the first tier, which you can obtain after joining FirstMet and jumping through a few easy obstacles, you can also rise to the next level. However; you'll have to jump through the same amount of hurdles as you would on a dating website.

So basically, only high-end clients who can afford to shell out serious money to look for a special someone will be able to rise to the top of the member list.

The Members Volume

FirstMet regularly hosts parties in various locations as much as possible to allow their members to meet up on a regular basis. This helps facilitate timely conversations. If you are unable to attend a party because you're the only single one, you can still check up on the bios of the people who showed up.

If you find a potential match, you can send them a photo-based introduction to start a conversation.

What Is Unquie About the Features?

FirstMet offers a number of unique features that other dating platforms don’t.

For instance, FirstMet is a home-grown dating platform where you can actually access a lot of the admin team members.

This isn’t the case with most dating sites. Of course, there are exceptions, but FirstMet is one of the few trusted dating sites that has real staff members making it a lot more reliable and credible when looking at whether or not this dating platform is scam.

Also, the idea is really unique. How much do you take the look of a person for when you’re dating anyway?

Who can say what really makes you attracted to one person more than another? Speaking of age, FirstMet knows that age is just a number and features easily-accessible user profiles that are up-to-date with the actual age of the user.

This allows you to actually judge the age of your potential love match and not find out you’re talking to someone who isn’t even an adult yet. Yes, that does happen.

Can FirstMet Be Called User-Friendly?

Yes to both questions, but not if you are serious about meeting women online and desiring to spend a good amount of your time to make it happen.

When it comes to FirstMet, it’s a platform that’s created for the average male who is clueless about how to meet women on the internet.

It’s not a dating site. It’s a place to meet women, and it does it well. But is it the best place for you to meet women?

If you are looking for a date or want to meet the damsel with whom you will start a relationship and have your children, you shouldn’t look anywhere else than here. FirstMet has a very good reputation with women, and that’s what matters most.

But if you are looking for sex or minimalistic commitment to a emotionally-unavailable woman or just want to shorten your time on the internet, then your search shouldn’t end here.

One last tip, don’t use any kind of FirstMet scam review site when trying to decide where to go for a FirstMet review.

When Usability Dominates Design

FirstMet is an online dating platform that connects users from around the world through a user-friendly interface and a high-quality mobile application. Aside from the ease of use, what makes FirstMet an awesome platform is its rating system called the Technorati Rating.

Those who are part of the FirstMet are rated by others through a set of four criteria. You have to sustain a high score if you want to avail FirstMet’ features. Aside from that, FirstMet only introduces people you are compatible with based on your ratings.

A majority of FirstMet’s users are looking for an online dating experience that is not only user-friendly, but simple and straightforward. For that reason, they prefer to add technology to their online dating experience.

The features that make FirstMet stand out are both simple yet powerful at the same time. Because of that, a lot of singles trust FirstMet as a good and legit online dating platform. Right now, they have more than 45,000 active singles worldwide.

With their security measures and a vast member base, FirstMet is one of the most trusted and reliable online dating platforms out there. This really makes it easy for people to find their dream partner. However, as some may say, "Not all good things come with a price."

FirstMet: Mobile Application to Use on the Go

Or Legit Dating App for Smartphone?

FirstMet has been on the market for about six months now. It has been under heavy scrutiny during this time to prove it is a viable app and not a scam.

Via the app’s mobile application, members are able to instantly connect with extremely hard to get single men to meet on a dating platform.

Since it has launched a few months ago, it has been able to attract well over 100,000 members to date on the app and gain over 1.6 million email addresses.

The marketing has been so successful and this has propelled the interests of investors and media outlets who decided to take a closer look at this app.

However, the media and investors were not satisfied with the way the marketing was laid out or the methods being used by the FirstMet’s team to reach a large number of members.

The main issue is that investors and entrepreneurs need to use the app to see how members are able to make legitimate matches.

Another big concern is regarding the lack of transparency being used on the app and the fact that engagement rates are 50% which is almost unheard of in an industry such as online dating.

The problem is that the marketing talks about an engagement rate of 50% whereas the actual engagement rate that is being delivered is much lower.

Customer Support: Meaningless or Not?

FirstMet has received a lot of positive reviews regarding their customer support, and it is also one of the few sights on which you can find genuine chat rooms full of helpful people who will answer your questions and help you with your problems 24/7.

To call their customer support both friendly and competent is no exaggeration. They are fully competent and knowledgeable in their field.

Their staff is well educated about the site and well trained to be able to give you a considerable amount of information regarding any issue you might be facing. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with them!

However, let’s first address the harsh criticisms that you may have read about the FirstMet customer support:

The Cons:

  • The quality of customer support over the phone
  • The quality of the FirstMet chat rooms
  • The price of the FirstMet Gold Membership

Now, before reading the rest of the review, keep in mind that you do NOT have to have FirstMet Gold in order to use their great chat room service. You can use their chat room service, chat with their customer representatives through the phone and message system, and get all the help you need.

But, if you do have a Gold membership, here’s how it works:

What You Should Know to Register on Firstet

First met is a platform for the first time dating. This Dating site is the platform where you get the opportunity to make a high quality and personal first impression in the dating journey.

You can make a first impression that will help you in getting closer to a real and genuine relationship not only for the person you meet on Firstmet but also it will help you increases your opportunities to find real friendship, network, fellows, friends and more for your overall dating life.

The Registration Process

After you have registered on firstmet, you will get an opportunity to complete your profile in detail. Make sure that you write the best details regarding yourself that will attract the people to come and chat with you and meet you.

After you have filled your profile, be sure that you continue to fill out your chat with other members. If you are waiting for your Match’s verification to be complete, be sure that you create an email id’s for your profile for a guaranteed chat with anyone who wishes to interact with you.

Remember, it is your decision that you will make. Also you must remember that some individuals want to meet you and chat with you straight away while some people will wait for virtual friendship before the real friendship and then also want to get an opportunity to make real relationship with you.

The Contact Process

One of the prime reasons why I have used this platform is to expose myself to different people and make new friends.

Is It Difficult to Sign Up?

Creation of a Profile: Is It that Necessary?

According to my personal experiences, it is important to create a profile on a dating platform like FirstMet.

Creating a profile on FirstMet is mandatory for a legitimate dating platform and even if you are planning to join the free membership club, you should still have the decency to create a profile.

You can even create both your profile and a profile for your desired loved one (READ FirstMet Alternatives Review). FirstMet allows you to create a profile with just a few details such as your location, your stories, your dislikes, your likes, a photo and your email address.

Do not assume that a FirstMet is a good dating platform because it is free.

Create a subscription only account and be sure that your loved one has a subscription too.

FirstMet: Search Options Are Quite Ordinary

The search options in FirstMet’s online dating system are quite ordinary.

Not only do you have the options of ‘Local’ ‘Friends’ ‘Email’ ‘Photo’ and ‘Profile’ to search people according to their location, profile information, interest and etc. you also have an option for when you want to search people based on age and gender. All of them are good options but in the end, none of the search options makes you feel like it’s an actual dating site.

In addition to these, you can also swipe right or left on people as you like them to indicate if you would like to be friend-zoned or the exit door. The end of the day, all of these features can be found in many other dating platforms.

The next Level in the User Interface

NO: To find new matches, you need to enter the FirstMet app for full registration.

Matching and Chatting Are Simple and Convenient

First Met is essentially a site where you set up a profile and then browse through personals looking for a match. And with that comes the joy of meeting others both online and offline.

You get to chat and keep all those connections active to help you find a potential partner. And that connection can easily be made using the video chat and voice chat features.

That is only one way of finding a match of course, but it’s definitely a fun one!

The Matching Could Be a Little Better

While the matching is mostly good, there are a couple of areas that could do with some improvement. But as the website is still new, we can expect things to get better over time.

You are able to filter by age, location and interests, which is pretty good. And the fact that you can see people’s pictures is a great boost to meeting people.

And that’s a feature all singles should really appreciate!

What Are the Subscription Options?

The FirstMet subscription options available are as follows:

First Met Our Basic Dating Service, you get our basic, no frills service. It’s pretty much a text messenger to text only. Our Best deal!

  • No frills, no bells, no whistles
  • Absolutely free (no charges, no membership fees),
  • Features our proprietary radar matching engine,
  • Makes dating easy & fun!

FirstMet Advanced Dating + Video Dating & Personal Relationships Course Bundle

Bundle that Gives You Our Highest Quality Dating

Service, and an Industry Leading 8-hour Video Course.

On how to easily become a First Met Matchmaker!

FirstMet Complete Dating + Video Course Bundle Get the most out of the FirstMet Dating 100% FULL

Product Center!

  • FirstMet Dating Center,
  • FirstMet Dating and Personal Relationships eCourse,
  • And an Introduction to FirstMet Video Dating Series.

What You Can Do with a Free Subscription

What You Can Do with a Paid Subscription

Is it Worth It?

Firstmet is a dating App for meeting people. It is an app for connecting with singles based only on GPS location. After installing the firstmet app, you are required to enter your location to view nearby opportunities to meet, chat and date.

The main purpose of the app is to connect people with similar and compatible interests.

It also allows the users to display their own photos, videos, say something about themselves and their goals to aid the users in deciding which other users are compatible with their interests and the match making is possible.

It also has a feature which can spy on suspicious users by compelling them to install the app secretly and report on the contact details of suspicious users.

This feature is supposed to be performed in the case of any threats of violence or sexual abuse, it is like a reporting system to protect the users. The app has over 50 million users. It was founded in 2012.

Technically, this app can work like Tinder where the users can choose to like other peoples profile and view based on the GPS location.

But here, on firstmet, the users can sort the profiles based on the distance and see which profiles are most interesting based on the distance.

These profiles can be sorted into categories like Most Active, Most recently active, Most popular among the friends circle.

Cancelling Subscription May Be Difficult

I have been subscribed to this dating program for 8 months and have paid SGD 45 every month. I have been contacting customer services and the live chat every single day for the past 5 weeks trying to stop the subscription but the response has been very unsatisfactory. Even though I have been paying and have cancelled the subscription many times, FirstMet keeps on billing me. FirstMet customer service told me to send a cancellation request but there's no form on the website to send. When I asked the live chat representative, he kept on telling me that I have to wait 3 months before I can receive zero billing (when the subscription expires). This is simply not true. I have talked to many other people who can provide me with first hand information on how to properly cancel my subscription but none of them can actually get that working. You can try to submit a cancellation request but it takes 4-5 weeks at least to get a reply and they will reimburse you (if they even do). They can't provide you with any form or instructions on how to cancel your subscription because no one can.

Safety Is Controversial

The FirstMet dating platform, provided by Matchmaker Media Inc., has been successfully serving millions of singles and potential matches for five years.

It is stated that it is helpful for many to meet and connect with new friends and partners.

Most people have no complaints about the platform from the reviews, but there are some areas where there is a little bit of controversy.

Regarding safety, there are a few issues some users are unhappy with, and here is why. First, on the security side, the privacy of the site’s clients is questioned.

While there is no way of knowing for sure, without a hacker getting a hold of the user’s contact email, it is possible. The user is responsible for maintaining their information and should not link the email to any other login information.

Another issue is regarding the personal information of FirstMet members.

The site has strong security measures against spam, but some have had their profile information shared with spammers and possible stalkers of their partners.

The staff of FirstMet goes to great lengths to ensure that innocent users’ personal information is never shared, but users are responsible for keeping their information private. If you have signed up with a fake email, for instance, then you should report this immediately. The investigation into your information may influence the outcome of the investigation.

Is FirstMet Unique or Has Alternatives?

FirstMet is an innovative solution to the problems of online dating. Fortunately, there are dating websites that have an audience very similar to FirstMet’s, and it remains to be seen how well-received it will be.

It’s worth mentioning that the problems of online dating are not new. Plenty of solutions have been tried and failed so far in the industry, so FirstMet can certainly learn from the mistakes of others.

For example, take a look at eHarmony. A massive success in the dating industry, but the product was adopted by a narrow demographic and the metrics were very specific to that audience.

In the end, targeted marketing may have worked for eHarmony and FirstMet. Fortunately, as a user, I was not charged any membership fee to use the site.

Another example is Tinder. It had to be turned into a paid dating site, because early users of Tinder were basically using the app to find as many sexual partners as possible. Actually, it was designed for young adults and college students. It became viral only after it was reformulated into a dating service.


The FirstMet dating platform has allegedly asked its users to sign up for premium services using a convincing technique to hook them in. At first, the user is invited to sign up for a stylish profile feature for free, along with a few options to try.

If the user is fascinated by the idea that they can interact with other members, they are served with nagging popups, which propose the use of 'premium versions'. If they agree, their profiles will be promoted and their matches will be prioritized.

Furthermore, they will also be offered an advanced feature, for 18 dollars a month, which enables them to match up with new potential partners anytime and anywhere and from a social platform as well.

According to the FirstMet's website, this service will be delivered to you as a Master Subscription, and we will get to see more details by paying a one year subscription.

Can these services really, actually be delivered? Well, there are a few things that need our consideration.

First, why would the company give free membership before asking for money?

Well, it has a simply answer!

It all works because the customer is moving first. They end up signing up for a subscription because it's a feature that they will be using and they are a good customer. No doubt, there are questions.

Are you allowed to click an unsubscribe link and get a full refund?

Pros and Cons

As with any other dating platform, it did take some time for me to contact a close friend (current girl friend on the picture) to get a feel of the platform and its feature before writing out a detailed review on it. After some reflection, I am going to provide my overall experience and highlighting the pros and cons.

Pros of FirstMet which I have seen so far:

  • Attractive girls who seem to be genuinely interested in me
  • Communication is relatively easy; it’s easy to write out your message and you can see when the girl responds
  • There are a lot of girls who are on the platform; it occupies less than half the time compared to other platforms
  • There are women of all ages/nationalities on FirstMet; you can find your date quite easily by clicking on the age/nationality of the girls you want to contact
  • The girls on FirstMet tend to be much more responsive compared to girls I contacted on other dating platforms; at times, I have had to wait almost 48 hours until I receive responses to my messages and it was quite a surprise to know that they have already read it by then
  • FirstMet allows me to message girls whenever I want; I don’t have to wait for a date or set a time
  • The interface is quite good and is easy to browse the list of girls which are registered on the site

Which dating site is right for you?

The choice of which dating site to use can be overwhelming, especially if you’re first-time dating and don’t really know where to start.

While online dating is far from being a new concept, the modern day method for meeting people is evolving rapidly. With so many options available today, it is harder than ever to find the dating platform that best suits your purposes.

The dating website, FirstMet, hopes to be a safe, simple and convenient dating platform for everyone who wants to find love or just hook-up. FirstMet is a free dating site and mobile search engine that matches you with potential matches for you to chat and go on dates.

With an enormous amount of members, FirstMet has quite a wide variety of profiles from casual encounters to very serious relationships.

FirstMet shines in its ease of use and their app features access to your matches via a smartphone app. This is an excellent advantage, but also adds a certain degree of complexity to the site.

FirstMet has tried to think of everything and leave no doubt on their website and app that ones’ personal information is protected.

They advertise themselves as a secure, quality site that has an impressive and varied pool of members to choose from.

Is FirstMet a legitimate dating website?