SPDate Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Who Does SPDate Work


SPDate is a dating shortcut for people with little time or little luck when it comes to meeting women and men. Its unique marketing strategy is often compared to the old phone dating services.

SPDate became one of the top-ranked services among paid dating sites. So we decided to write this article to discuss if the product is worth the money and if it actually lives up to its promises.

The Audience Analyse

In the April of 2017, SPDate is launched with the aim of helping people to be more organised people and to help them to have more time in their life to spend with their family.

The problem of time is re-emerging as the time we live with is constantly filled with life…our social life, our work life, our family life adds up to the thousands of hours a year and we struggle to make space for the things we love to do.

After experimenting on the platform for a month I discovered so many ideas about how I could use the product. Fortunately, amongst other things, this included finding time for socialising and for my health.

SPDate is an online platform that brings together an incredible community that will help you to make a real change to your life and your life style.

Key Features Of SPDate

SportDude is an illegal weight-loss supplement, but How About Program is legit.

It claims that it only has natural and herbal ingredients.

It contains several herbs that can help you lose weight without much effort. There are several of these ingredients.

The herbs contained in SportDude are all whole plants that can help suppress your appetite and melt away fat.

Some of the herbs are anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory and, together, they help you to lose weight naturally.

The majority of the list of ingredients is comprised of herbs, but the pills do contain some patented, or patented herbal, compounds.

The herbs in SportDude work differently to encourage weight loss.

One ingredient in SportDude, Ephedra or Ma Huang, is illegal in the United States due to its link to cardiac arrest. It has been banned from weight-loss supplements in the US since 2004.

SPDate is a combination of herbs that have been clinically proven to help you lose weight more quickly than by dieting alone.

Does SportDude work for weight loss?

In fact, you’ll probably see little, if any, weight loss in the first weeks of use.

User-Friendliness Of SPDate?

The user-friendliness of the SPDate, for me, is that it has practical information that can help you. I am amazed how it is written using fairly simple language and is always very precise.

The information of SPDate are very suggested to you can know more about it just like the video and the fact sheet, it is very helpful for you.

There are some courses which one-sided information which could help your learning. This course just like the fact sheet and the video provides all of the information that you need to know with all the details.

The video and the fact sheet are helpful for presenting information. I bought a two-month subscription to this course. If the information would not be the one that I have seen in this course, it would be the best of your decision.

First, I should like to talk about my experience with the course. As a beginner to this course, I did not know anything at all. But when I started using it, I understood the curriculum that SPDate uses. It is comprehensible to me.

Second, I bought the course of 12 months. It would have been great if I should have bought a course that will last for one year. But now, I am very happy and I am 100% sure about the information that it provides.

SPDate Usability and Design

When it comes on dating software and services, you can choose from many dating software and services. This dating software is one of various services related to dating. It was established by various members from different parts of the world.

The base product is the online platform for your visitors, members, and prospective applicants. It allows members to create their profiles, such as their pictures, message, and videos.

This platform has many features that attract users at the beginning of their membership. Some of the features include the ability to upload images, post video, and listen to other members` wish list.

The SDate platform is designed to reveal all the profiles, among different people. This platform also covers the functionality of other platforms which will make it unique and give you value.

The platform can be composed of different profiles of different people which can be very useful when you are browsing through the profiles. It can save you the time that you will spend to go to different pages from the members and then look for other people you are interested to know. One of the profiles of the platform is the virtual world which is very interesting for the people to pick their favorite place to visit.

What Does The SPDate Mobile App Look Like?

SPDate is an online dating site, similar to other popular online dating websites like eHarmony, Tinder, OkCupid and Matching Socks.

The app is an attractive mobile platform that is easy to download and is manipulated through the app store.

The app contains a social media aspect, which lets you like, share, Instagram, and post to Facebook.

It’s optimized to have a fashionable flair like Facebook, allowing you to post beautiful selfies and quality profile pictures.

How Reliable Is The Customer Support?

The overall experience I had with SPDate support was really nice and good. After I had created my account there, they emailed me within an hour to ensure all my details were correctly taken.


I didn’t consider this a scam, because they were always helpful and answered all my queries.

That was one of the reasons I decided to go with them, and the other reason was the customer support. Most of the complaints in the past in forums is due to horrible customer support.

There were only a handful of complaints from the past, and to me, they were legitimate because of the customer support.

If you sign up for the trial, they will give you 14 days of training. This is an amazing offer that not many companies would give you.

Once you’ve completed the training, they will let you trade at the real prices. It is not like other similar forex robot systems that will just allow you to trade at an in-house speculate price.

You can simply ask them about this and there is no minimum deposits for trading at low leverages of 3% with tested news notification. That is amazing. It can really simplify things for you.

They have a lot of resources at their disposal, and a lot of experienced professionals and they will follow up with you if you ask them to.

Signing Up For An Account And User Profile

You have to visit their website to Sign Up for an account and create your own Profile in order to access anything there, but all of this is very simple.

For newbies to several sign-ups, it was quite simple to take care of the process once you have logged in your email.

The next step would be to add the required information on your profile to make things a little more distinguishable from other scammers.

Regarding Affiliate Program, you can also connect with the company with your profile to see the potential to make some profits.

Complaint Handling:

SPDate was quick to react to my questions and concerns. A very responsive customer support team is one of the main strengths of this site. They always replied back to my messages with a simple yes or no answers.

I could also opt to contact them by Live Chat, which theoretically should be the fastest way to get help.

I had a little problem with my affiliate program and they responded back within a few hours. Also, they were very keen to check everything up and was very considerate about my reservations about the security of my earnings.

I must say that their complaints department as a whole customer service was a sort of big surprise for me.

How To Sign Up SPDate?


  • Go to the page
  • Click “Get Started ”

{1}. Create your “member”, press “GET STARTED” and it will auto redirect to “Log In Page”.
{2}. Then you will get a SMS.
{3}. Then you need to call them and they will tell you which phone number to text and answer to.
{4}. Then you will receive your first SMS. Give your unique Captcha
{5}. Then give your input to your member number
{6}. Make sure to type the same number.
{7}. Next you can login with your 18 yearsPass
{8}. Then the system will ask you…
{9}. Select your language
{10}. Then complete your profile.
{11}. Complete your profile with picture (don’t forget to check the white box)
{12}. After that you will get a code.
{13}. Then you will receive another SMS with the promo code
{14}. Enter your second code (as gift they give you the code).
{15}. Then you will give your email to log in.

What Is The Profile Quality? What About Verification?

The Profile Quality is good as the owner of the website only spreads good reviews and reputation about the product. I really liked this website as it really shows the cons and pros on a product based on the user’s experience.

Verification is also good as the website does not use any high-quality images of products. As the site is a blog and it is more focused on success stories, I prefer to go with the Profile Quality.

The product is also affordable and available as we can see from the SiteBar results. The sales page is also done correctly as it contains product reviews, a detailed description of the product, different options to consider, a pros and cons section, payment options, and the return policy.

Search At SPDate

Is SPDate A Legitimate Paid to Click Affiliate Site?

If you have been using the SPDate affiliate program as per the direction of the program when you first started, or are currently in the free trial of the program, there are no issues with that.

However, if you did some research and figure out how to become a member on your own, then you will have to cancel your membership to avoid any penalties.

Here is a quick step by step AIDA Process that you should follow when it comes to buying traffic or clicks to your site:

ADVANTAGES: This program offers a highly legit way for you to get traffic to your blog or website, but at the same time, it can be tricky to buy qualified traffic. This program allows you to buy traffic from the US & Canada while leaving you with full control of how you would like to choose your traffic from their network of providers.

DISADVANTAGES: The downside of this program is that you will need to look for traffic to your website at all time of the day, and you have to make sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to advertising your website. You have to keep an eye on your stats, and make sure you are selling traffic within the range that is given to you. Also, if you are a newbie to advertising, you may want to think about going for a more popular program.

Matching And Chating At SPDate

Just like the name suggests, SPDate is a mobile dating platform created specifically for college students. This is one of those dating sites that claims to be the best method to meet the college student of your dreams.

As with anything these days, there seems to be a few downfalls. But if the pros outweigh the cons, you might be a happy camper.

Subscription Options At SPDate?

So, There’s a Subscription Option Called Easy Trial (Exclusive for the first 30 days).

This Easy Trial Option Will Be Exactly What?

Free Version

You can get SPDate for free without any credit cardss, things you will Get:

  • 1- Free Trial Version
  • 2- Free emails support
  • 3- Free live guides
  • 4- Free copy of the ebook
  • 5- Free chapter PDF
  • 6- Free Bonus
  • 7- Free access to the product

8- Get lifetime and regular updates, with an update policy of more releases in 2015.

Paid Subscription

I know what you’re thinking. Will I be able to get done the same amount of work as if I did the courses at school? I can guarantee you that the work that I am able to do is more than enough to get me a solid Grade in the modules.

You can easily achieve the same amount of work by going to school in my opinion.

No, you won…t be able to attend in person, which you can if you take the courses in school!

However, you can use a number of different ways to get the same results that you would get in school.

The courses are split into modules depending on the type of exams we will have to take. I have included spoken and written exams.

To pass the module, we are expected to have passed those two exams.

As for the grades, I don’t mind mentioning to people who sign up that they will definitely get a good Grade. I got a 3.8 on my last module that I took, Dean’s, and I hope to do really well in the other modules we have.

I am already in the fourth Module and I am hoping to do well, but that is all up to the professor and the work I put into it.

Cancelling SPDate Subscription

Compensation and Refund.

If you have a subscription in the past (before 15 Jan 2018), you are not eligible to get your money back.


This was just a little public knowledge they made up on their own.

You can always request an envelope and they will send the cash in it.

Otherwise, they will have to send it by more practical payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoins, Western Union, etc.

Which are of course, looked down upon.

But at least being direct about it regarding the payments and cancellations is more civilized.


SPDate is legit and WAS legit.

Until they cancelled everything and started scamming people and completely disappeared, leaving only doom and gloom in our lives.

This was the end- all hope was lost, and we were left in despair.

But, can you really trust something that only happened for a few months (about 12 in my case) and then faded away without any warning?

They said once it became too much for their current system, they were going to just shut everything down and reset.

But nope, not really.

They just went and cancelled everything without a hint of warning.

I don’t care if this review is more of a rant at them for being a bunch of jerks but the point still comes across.

Safety & Security Of SPDate?

SPDate is designed to help ensure that the safety and security of the person you are trading with.

You are given contact information of the person for whom you’re making the payment. And when the time comes, you’ll be given a confirmation code to enter on the page of the person you are trading with.

The website will keep track of the trades you make using the service, and you’ll be able to review the trades made by other users after the transaction is complete.

By making purchases with SPDate, you’re putting yourself as the buyer in a position of power. This is a very important point in which SPDate beats Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Note that the site features a cool looking design that is easy to use, but the security of the payment system used is not perfect.

It is only as secure as the site from where you are buying your Bitcoin. If you are using the exchange from a site which is safe and secure, then the security at SPDate truly is great.

Safety is also provided for the seller when you are making an online transaction.

The sender’s contact details are verified before you make the payment. And the sender’s mobile number and email address are required during the transaction. This ensures that the details provided by the sender are safe and secure.

What Are Some SPDate Competitors And Alternatives?

A number of strength, power, and endurance supplement companies market their products under the brand name SPDATE. The purpose of this review is to disclose the facts about these products and alternative options as well as to help you decide on whether to use them.

It is very common for reputable brands to put their names to multiple products, but it can be tempting to select from the range of choices. Some companies use similar names and sell similar products to sell more targeted to a specific audience.

With a number of health products being sold, it is impossible to test all products. So we rely on third party testing to independently test their product quality.

These results often come back with negative results. Remember this is not a scientific study, and you are the only one that can make a testing decision for yourself.


Smart Date – is safe?

While we consider AdultFriendFinder safe enough for use, nothing is 100% secure these days and you should know the risks.

Above all, an important point to bear in mind is that surfing the internet will expose you to risks and dangers. You need to be smart in the way you use the internet.

Many risks can be minimized by not disclosing too much personal information on the site in the first place and choosing only a few fields for your profile. Personal information includes your address, phone number, email, and birth date.

Ashley Madison

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When I was a bit younger, I had a bit of a –thing” for women who were a bit older. I didn’t even realize it at the time. I just thought that older women were more likely to have careers, and my mum was the perfect example of that. I always admired her for working her butt off to support my family and to provide for us.

My preference for older women has been around for as long as I can remember. One of the first people who helped me realize my –thing” was an older woman I met online. When we met a couple times in-person, we were pretty much instantly attracted to each other.

Of course, the age difference made a lot of people around me uncomfortable, especially my parents. But I didn’t take too much notice of that and in fact did my best to convince them that I was super happy with my new relationship.


Is one of the best dating sites for singles who are not only looking for a companion but is something serious.

SPDate is a cool new dating site that combines dating websites like OkCupid and Tinder.

Here are some of the things that make it different from other dating sites that have already been out in the market:

Easily find and choose date matches with instant sex to degrees.

A simple and clear compare of each member and their ability to find sex.

Feedback has been given by members to create a unique database placement and improvement.

Cares about your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

SPDate is a paid dating site for a serious and adult relationship.

This is the only dating site of its kind that represents an additional level of protection of your privacy and safety.

Users of the app will have to register for free and can get started right away.

After registering, users will be redirected to their dashboard. Here, they will have the opportunity to join either the free dating membership for dating login or the paid membership for a better dating experience.

Users can immediately check the online dating members for free or paid membership.

The dating system also has further advantages for users. Users will be able to meet and interact with others who are also active members.

SPDate Conclusion

SPDate is a weight loss pill developed by a patented group of scientific researchers. The product contains scientifically proven ingredients that assist in fat burning.

SPDate is one of the latest diet pills to hit the market, but is it the answer people are looking for, or a scam? Read on to learn whether this product is for you or not.

If you are considering taking SPDate for a solution to your weight problem, or just to help you burn fat, then you should keep reading.

Our SPDate review is based on customer reviews, regulatory information, ingredients, and the manufacturing process.

Let’s take a look at the manufacturing process while we are at it.


The ingredients contained in SPDate are said to help your body burn fat more effectively while at the same time increasing your energy levels and stamina.

The formula includes several natural ingredients like green coffee, Yerba Energica, and other cutting-edge ingredients. There were also some animal and plant derivatives.

SPDate claims to feature trademarked extract made by Atrium Innovations. The unique and patented ingredient in this supplement is said to be SP9005 which is currently under Phase 2 of clinical studies according to the official website.

Pros and Cons

The SPDate Pro System would appear to be a much better than the regular SPDate System.

Not only does it include features such as the LED light and the stand, but also a much wider range of products for the price that is offered.

It would be difficult to think of any reason for a beginner to choose the regular SPDate System.

Whether it is the light function automatically waking up the product or the low power consumption on standby, regardless of what you’re looking for with this product, the deluxe version is worth to buy.

Which dating site is right for you?

For Reviews:

SPDate is without a doubt the best and most trusted dating site online right now. It is a paid one, but it’s totally worth it. You can sign up, make matches and then start a conversation. It’s very easy to use. It’s a classy way of meeting people.

You get access to a match’s complete profile in the –match” section of the website. If anyone is going out with you, you can see more info about them. If you like, you can send them a message right away.

Your matches are already highly active on the site. This is where you make your first match. It’s easy to use. You just need to sign up and then start looking for people online.

It’s a classy way of meeting people. SPDate is a legit dating site. It’s the best site for getting yourself dates. There are absolutely zero scams involved.

The only problem with this site is that you have to pay.

The website is extremely well-organized and easy to use which is great because you don’t really need to worry much.