TenderMeets Insights that Reveal How Legit this Matchmaking Site Is

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Do You Know How TenderMeets Serves its Customers?

TenderMeets is one of the fastest growing dating web site in the niche.

Because of the company’s fast growth, it is hard to say where they are exactly.

But going by the information that is available at the moment, I have found that they have been growing fast.

Their success has been rapid and the growth has brought in new customers.

And like any other dating site, you can find people from all over the world on the site.

And I have found that you can start your relationship with new people quite quickly.

They let you use their site and start searching for people. If you find a person to talk to, then they will introduce you to people who are similar to you. And I have seen that you can get matches within a very short space of time.

This is precisely what has helped the business grow by leaps and bounds they have reached several milestones and won prestigious awards.

There are several matches to choose from on the site and people who have used the site have suggested that every one is different.

According to the people I have met through the site, they are really good at helping people get acquainted with new people and are quite flexible.

Are there any Special features

And inclusions that I should know about before considering TenderMeets?

TenderMeets is a leading online dating site for those who want to meet local single parent singles in their area. Clear communication and understanding are paramount in understanding a person’s desires, values and needs.

The following is a list of the membership benefits of the site that allow a person to not only find that someone special, but to have that special someone be more than just a profile photo.

Dedicated Support Team – We have a dedicated support team who is waiting to answer your questions and help you out on every step of the way.

Live Support – This is a great opportunity to get a live person to talk to rather than going through email back and forth.

Free and Easy Checkout – Your credit card details are not required to join; however if you do choose to upgrade to a paid membership, you are able to do so with a free trial option.

Security – All personal information is secure and encrypted so that nothing leaves your computer.

TenderMeets is a reliable website that is definitely worth a try to see what it can offer you in terms of meeting single parents in your area.

TenderMeets is fully devoted to providing you with the best singles’ dating experience.

TenderMeets ease of use for users

TenderMeets is a free-to-use online dating website. This is effectively a dating website for anyone who wants to find love without the hassle.

TenderMeets has been about for more than 6 years now since 2006. According to its directors, it has more than 1 million active members.

You must be wondering what TenderMeets actually is and how it works. In this article, we will explain about TenderMeets in detail.

TenderMeets Ease of Use for Users

TenderMeets has a great search feature that helps you to narrow down your search by selecting the age range, religion, height etc. of men whose messages you are interested in.

You can also restrict the search results to users from your country and distance that you want to meet. If you are short on time and still want to have a date or two, you can make yourself a list of your preferred age and height range. TenderMeets has a great search feature that helps you to narrow down your search by selecting the age range, religion, height etc. of men whose messages you are interested in.

If you are short on time and still want to have a date or two, you can make yourself a list of your preferred age and height range.

Tendermeets is also free forever, so you don’t have to spend anything.

The design and Simplicity of the website


The overall design of the website is straightforward in nature. It offers a simple platform to help single parents and widows find single men and women for friendship and matrimony. Unlike other typical dating websites which are full of design and advertisements and large pictures, tendermeets is very simplistically designed.

The website is a a plain centered white background with Navigation at the top and bottom of the page. It has a very basic colour scheme of any other site, be it Corporate, White and Grey or so.

The menus are just on the left hand of the screen. Tendermeets has a very simple design with a dark colour scheme which consists of black, blue and white. The main navigational menu consists of three links to meet people for Love, Dating and Friendship.

Tendermeets have a very simple tool bar. It has a search bar in the top left corner which is blue coloured and is used when the user searches any of the words applied in the search. The menu bar consists of a sign button, link button, forward button and close button.

Is there any Mobile App for TenderMeets?

Yes, you’re in luck. We have a fantastic app for you, called TenderMeets.

It is available on both Android and iOS and has a great user interface.

The app walk you through a variety of questions. The questions can be tailored to the various types of guys and girls who want to join TenderMeets.

This allows you to have control over the type of environment you want on TenderMeets.

We believe that if we develop additional mobile apps for our users beyond the basic and the app itself, they will be outstanding in quality and functionality.

We are now developing an app for our users who use Facebook as their sign-in site. This will enable you to meet the person you like the most, through your social media.

How to Create Your TenderMeets Profile

Creating your profile is extremely easy. First and foremost, you need to agree with our terms and conditions.

Over here, you will see the text boxes that you need to fill:

So you want to find your ideal match on the dating app TenderMeets ? Here are 12 steps.

Create your account for free and search for someone to make you fall in love.

Account tools:

Explain yourself in 5 custom profiles.

Let your photos enlarge and/or rearrange them.

They have a dedicated Customer support

The model of TenderMeets is totally different from other dating sites. They have a dedicated Customer support who helps you with each and every doubt and query. This helps you get after the glitches you face with our current membership packages.

They have complaint resolution vendor who resolves each and every complaint you have in a jiffy.

TenderMeets have kept their money back policy simple and that too in return of high quality of Dates.

There are several matches coming from TenderMeets and you can meet them anytime you want. You can find adult sex dating, friendship, friendship with benefits, relationship and many more.

Tendermeets provide services to the free users with good deals. The other payment plans have different benefits and discounts.

You can also register under Facebook profile or using your Google or Facebook contacts.

TenderMeets give you the option to join in B2B internet dating and look for business partners.

The Simple process of joining and user profiles

The process of using the website is substantially different from other websites such as this. The process of identity verification is a seamless one and happens when you apply for a membership though an invitation by a member.

Each profile has the option of being published for the world to see or private which is ideal if you only wish to search for online dating.

A huge decision to decide on is to use the website as a couple or on your own. Each profile is recorded with an option to let the website know that you’re active or single.

The website also makes it clear that photos of any of your profiles can be seen though a paid membership which is disappointing.

Everything is entirely clear and easy to navigate which is great for everyone.

A Big plus is that the website allows you to be in control of your settings including language, status and keywords. You can set a list of keywords which you really want to be retrieved which is a massive plus.

There are also other other settings available too which you can control including the ability to ensure that the photos you want seen and only the ones you want seen are available. This makes finding people that a better experience.

Registration Process

The TenderMeets registration process is pretty simple. You just need to head over to this link and fill in the requested information on the form.

However, this is just the beginning. While the registration process is completely free, once you become premium, you will need to sign up using a credit card.

What about the quality of the profiles?

They are too good!

This is what many of our users have said. On top of the many attractive photos that are submitted, we are looking at the social networks that our applicants use.

This can be a telling sign about the quality of the user. If you compare two applicants from the same country, but their social networks are different, it is usually a good sign.

For example, if one has several thousand followers but the other has only 30 or so, it is usually safe to say that the one with more followers is the more socially active of the two.

It is like drinking a Martini or a Manhattan and then drinking a Coke. The former is a dry, aromatic, non-alcoholic drink and the latter is a sweet, fizzy soft drink.

This is a comparison of the two social networks and you can easily tell which profile is more active by the number of followers or friends.

The reason why this can be helpful is because on TenderMeets we use these direct indicators to quickly eliminate applicants based on a single criterion and let them know if they have been selected for our screening process.

Moreover, it improves the quality of profiles, is fair to applicants, and makes the process a great deal quicker.

TenderMeets search tactics

Matching and striking a chat with another member

Isn’t straightforward to do in Tinder. It’s a bit frustrating instead of simple because instead of being able to chat with exactly the person you want, you have to swipe left or right first.

But just when it’s almost impossible to get matches, a proven site steps in.

TenderMeets Inc is one of the oldest and most trusted dating sites (Tinder style) in the world. It’s been around for several years now with millions of members, and thousands of live chats every single day.

In fact, you can easily see the number of active chats in the TenderMeets app on your phone while you are on Tinder, and trust me, it’s a lot!

Have You Tried TenderMeets Yet?

If you’re new to the site, you can get your free TenderMeets account now and join the millions of members already online looking for their dream match.

Make New Friends in Your Area

Try one of the Premium Packages if you want to:

  • Chat via text
  • Check out a lot of people for free
  • Check out more than 100 local singles
  • Check out a ton of free profiles

Does it have Subscription options?

Tendermeets has no subscription options nor charges for premium memberships.

This is important because many other dating sites will force subscriptions that completely restrict the use of features.

Tendermeets is not like that, so you can definitely feel free to use the service for free. Bonus: you get to see actual profiles of real women from living in your area.

So there are no hidden costs to you.

In short- it is completely free.

The free yet Handy version

For those who would like to get better critiques on their portfolio. Although this app is free it is no match for Critique Me, as it is preloaded with a set of images, and if I wanted to unlock the app for more random samples I'd have to pay the fee. Impression – The app is to for those who are over the the free 50shots and don't have the money to pay for Critique Me, plus the features and credibility are perfect for those with portfolios that already performed for prestigious companies.

How About Fee-based Offers?

Tender Meets places a value on your profile by suggesting you set a fee to receive a response from a match. Don’t be offended by this, though. Fee-based offers are how Tender Meets gauges the quality of each match – it’s a unique way to match with quality people who are serious about dating.

It’s really no different from paying for the best tickets at a concert. You can choose how much to spend on your tickets, and that money is going directly to the artist’s pocket.

One way of looking at the fees is to think of them like an optional premium subscription. If you’re a Tinder user, you’re probably paying for extra services like the Super Like.

But think of Tender Meets as a service just as valuable as the Tinder premium subscription.

Are you confident in your ability to pick the best quality people on this site? Are you willing to pay for your chance to find a match?

But I don’t want to pay?

That’s okay! If you have any concerns or questions with the fee setup at Tender Meets, you can contact a Tender Meets customer service rep.

Is it possible Cancel the Subscription?

Yes, if you do decide to cancel the subscription. It is easy to cancel a subscription and you can do so by logging into your account, selecting “subscribes” or “subscriptions” and selecting “cancel subscription” there.

Some people may have decided to have “TenderMeets” as a one-time deal to try to meet someone.

These are the times when they can get frustrated when they realize that they have been duped.

If this is the case for you; just press the cancel button and you will no longer be charged!

Is Safety and security assured?

When you first sign up for the site, they will ask you if you have any safety or security concerns or issues. If there are unwanted people contacting you or you are just not comfortable with people being able to contact you, then let them know.

They also check potential dates against the national sex offenders database to make sure that they are not a person of concern that you want to date.

Yet, even with all of the checks and balances, a single match is never 100% guarantees.

Are there Alternatives and Competitors of TenderMeets?

There are some traditional ways that you could meet a matchmaker. You can go to an event to find a potential partner or ask your relatives or friends to help you find a match.

However, online options seem to be the best alternative. This is because you don’t have to go wherever the events you are invited to are held, like finding dates or engagement.

Online options are more convenient because you are able to access them from your bedroom, without having to commute to a certain place in the city.

You can find a reliable matchmaker site, like TenderMeets, with a lot more ease.


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Pros and Cons


TenderMeets is a good legit dating site to meet girls. It's a free dating app where you can meet all kinds of girls like singles, married women, housewives, and of course, gay women.

You have a better chance of meeting pretty women with an account.

With a free membership profile set for women only, you will only see a small portion of the women that are on this site. Join for Girls is two dollars per month and they even give you bonus tokens just for signing up. With this type of membership you get even more views of women.

When you sign up for users, you need location access. With cell phone access you can take photos of women, text them and ask their questions such as:

  • Chat with TenderMeets cam girls
  • A free phone dating site for relationship and friendship

TenderMeets was actually founded by one of their customers. It's not as bad as some things that some of our readers say. There are some questionable profiles on there but all in all, a very legit dating site!

Free Online Dating for Everyone

TenderMeets is a very legit site that is used by people in the real world to meet their women. They have attractive women on their site and register you immediately.

User Reviews

Women wantmore, age 23.

Which dating site is right for you?

The line between the dating and the matchmaking websites is becoming increasingly thinner every day. Besides this similarity, the two sites also encourage and gain popularity in a similar manner. Probably the most noticeable trend is the matching algorithm used by these websites.

The algorithm behind the matching process used by the dating websites consists of various factors that work towards creating perfect matches for everyone. The dating sites' algorithm uses the data uploaded by each individual to analyze and work towards identifying the perfect match for that user.

Whereas dating sites work towards identifying matches they think will work together well, matchmaking websites work towards finding matches that have never met until the time of the matchmaking.

While the dating sites are rather similar, the matchmaking websites offer a number of key differences that make them more relevant.

Features that Make This Website Unique

The main factor that defines a matchmaking website is the fact that all the members that found themselves eligible for The Matchmaking service typically matched up with other eligible members. Besides the similarity, this feature is another major difference which works in favor of this site.

While dating sites do not usually match up those who actually match, the matchmaking websites use their right to throw out the matches that do not really work out for the user. This prevents the user from giving up on the website after two or three unsuccessful matches.

Many of the dating sites ask for a credit card information before they are allowed to use the site.