TGPersonals Review – What Do You Need To Know?

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The Way TGPersonals Works

TGPersonals uses a unique line-up approach to find you a partner. Styled with a help ticket system with a quality customer support, the service operates in your inbox.

You will receive an email once per month and the system will send you suggestions based on your profile details. Ultimately, you choose who you want to contact and you do so by using the help sheet.

The service consists of two components – TGPersonals and a paid version called TGPersonals PRO.

The TGPersonals PRO is a desktop app that helps you discover potential dating partners and organise dates.

It allows you to view your reports on opportunities from the last month, the last year and the last five years. You can also export that information to an Excel spreadsheet.

The TGPersonals PRO is neither free nor is it a subscription service, so the user can discover dates using the ability to browse other users’ profiles.

All profiles are carefully checked to ensure that they have at least one photo uploaded, are over 18 years of age and are searching for dating.

You will also have access to chat rooms and what’s more, the PRO allows you to upload your own profile.

By uploading your profile, you are one step ahead of the game to making sure that there is no duplicates. Your profile will be immediately removed from the search results and the elimination process will begin.

A Glance At The Audience

TGPersonals is an online dating site for transsexuals, transgenders and crossdressers. TGPersonals is the most popular and highest revenue earning site in the niche of transsexual dating and transvestites dating.

The site has attracted many members in a short time and currently has over 100,000 members. The site has been in the market since 2003 and has served thousands of members. The site also provides a variety of mobile options and is a member of many different social networks for its members.

What Are Some Essential Features Of TGPersonals?

TGPersonals is basically a dating website where people can meet people for casual hookups. They have a rather diverse variety of members, with people all around the world. Their website is available in different languages such as English, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian. They also have different categories where you will be able to find people interested in different sorts of interests. For instance, there is the general category, a mature category, a telugu category, and even a pets category.

As you can imagine, there’s a huge variety of people on the site. Their impressive database would make sure that you will meet all kinds of people for professional relationships as well as casual flings.

The bad thing about this dating website is that there is an extensive sign up process that you need to go through first. At least, this was true about a couple of years ago. But now the registration process is much shorter, and it certainly is much easier to access all the services.

Once you have signed up, they will ask you to verify your email address. From there, you will receive a verification Code for your profile. They will ask you to link your Facebook account to this account. Once your profile is verified, you can start using the site and extra features.

How User-Friendly Is TGPersonals, Really?

TGPersonals will initially appear user-friendly because it is. Once logged in, users are able to access common tools such as search, profiles, and search by distance and zip code.

However, when the dust settles, there is still a lot more to do than a beginner might initially expect.

Recently, TGPersonals has become extremely popular thanks to its network of adds. However, this wide and varied network also means that there is a lot of competition for attention on the site. Likewise, their target market is not one we normally care to see use either.

As a result, TGPersonals appears to be an expert at attracting ads and yet disinterested in genuinely building good user experience.

Perhaps, this is why there are so many user complaints about TGPersonals. Somewhere along the way, they forgot that people using the site deserve the same attention as they give to those paying for ads. In terms of TGPersonals business strategy, they have clearly focused on the revenue potential of their consumer base, not the target market.

However, TGPersonals will be slapped with a warning for this kind of move. We advise users to stay away from TGPersonals as they will face disappointment when they move beyond the entry phase.

Thoughts On TGPersonals’ Website Usability and Design

TGPersonals ranks 28th out of all the other European dating sites according to our TestMaker result. TGPersonals’ overall sitespeed score was 64.2 / 100 and this score was calculated based on how fast TFPersonals loads and how responsive the site is here is what our TestMaker results tell us… TGPersonals expected us to wait for 3 minutes and 14 seconds on average for the first page to load. In this regard, TGPersonals performed quite poorly compared to other sites. TGPersonals is a very popular European dating site with a total of 1000 user reviews posted. Additionally, there are 0 verified user reviews. TGPersonals isn’t recommended because of its relatively bad user experience.

What Does The TGPersonals Mobile App Look Like?

The app is easy to use and looks very much like a social networking site.

First time users of this app will be pleasantly surprised to find that before you can take your relationship with another person to the next level, you are required to confirm that they are indeed who they say they are, discovering all the required information like Facebook profile, and even reviewing their photos against their gallery.

In order to take that relationship ahead, you need to start a chat, and even then you are unable to contact these people.

Pop-ups and in-app notifications notify you of new messages and other such things, but you cannot start a chat directly from these notifications. You would have to leave the app and go to your opened messages to get the conversation over with.

The app is very smooth and fast, responsive even.

The following features are available when you select your profile, to make it easy for users to get started.

· At a glance view of all your uploaded images, which may include profile photos and selfies.

· Profile details like gender, age, location, and relationship status.

· Personal info like favorite music and moods, or hobbies and dreams.

§ Location: you can add a place to your profile for your local location ?. This of course does not apply to all users.

· Topics and interests like reading books, movies, and music.

How Reliable Is The Customer Support?

Customer support over TG-Personals is extremely good, and is a big plus when you consider the price.

You’ll get a response within 24 hours, usually in the same day or at most within 48 hours. The website has a very responsive chat system that lets you interact with the customer support staff on any of the key topics you can think of.

The chat interface is very intuitive and gives you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to customise it to your liking with questions of your own.

There is no sense in following every step of the online chat if you just want help with a few specific things and can’t wait for a reply. But all important aspects of the support staff are covered in the direct chat

This is a big plus as it really reduces the need to go to a live support system.

Registration and User Profile Creation at TGPersonals

As mentioned earlier, TGPersonals is a leading free dating website to meet transsexuals, crossdressers and people with other similar traits. And as with all things in life, there is a cost associated with the good things.

How Do You Sign-Up At TGPersonals

Sign up for TGPersonals is easy and straightforward! Simply, sign-up for the site and create a free account. It’s worth mentioning that the process for signing up for the site is completely automated and requires absolutely no personal information.

This is a big plus since it’s not the type that ‑won’t ever propose my e-mail address to a spammer.’ Hence the legitimacy of the site is decidedly well inclined.

Create Personal Profile

After signing-up, you need to immediately generate a coveted verification code from TGPersonals. If you don’t have a code, that means that you have signed-up for free and certainly won’t get any splash of messages from their members.

If you choose TGPersonals as your dating site, you also need to complete the profile creation process.

Personal Profile Creation

Personal profile creation is the most important step you need to do at TGPersonals.

It’s the place where your primary and true intentions should be communicated. And you should take liberty to be as honest as you can be.

Profile Quality and Verification Information

The first thing that you will see is its wide variety of services.

It offers the VIP matchmaking for clients that are slightly more serious about online dating.

So if that is your case, then you will not need to go through the profiles and simply opt for the VIP service right away.

All the default options are available as well including unlimited view, advanced search and A-list.

What is the benefit of the matchmaking service?

The main benefit of the VIP matchmaking service is to qualify people. They have a rigorous process to ensure that they are getting the best.

The company matches its clients to others that are also serious about finding a serious relationship.

When you sign up for the VIP matchmaking, you will be paired based on your personal profile information. If at any point your match fails to keep the relationship level, then you can easily be moved to a more suitable match based on the information they get from your set of preferences.

A better match will definitely make your experience better.

There is also a gift waiting for you should your relationship continue. This is a great incentive to keep the relationship alive.

The company understands that not everyone is serious about online dating, but wants to give it a try.

Search Feature At TGPersonals

The search feature will allow you to search potential matches in multiple ways, some of them are: User's location, Profession, Age, Interests, Relationship status, Education level, Body Type, Ethnicity.

It is updated in real time and allows you to see who is online, who is searching for you, and who likes you, etc.

You can also initiate a chat with your match soon as you click on their profile.

Once you have fully completed your profile (including uploading a photo) which should take no more than 10 minutes, you will be ready to start meeting singles.

Since you were able to take care of all of your profile, you will be able to start making matches much faster.

The Chatting And Matching Process At TGPersonals

TGPersonals offers you a unique and exotic dating experience. You can browse through the site’s many available members and find single or married guys/girls – people from all around the world.

The site members are separated into three groups – civilians, military and military spouses. You can start chatting with each and every one of them. While you are at it, you will be bombarded by completely free dating experiences.

TGPersonals is considered to be a safe place to chat, date and, in some cases, fulfill your sexual desires. Users can make their profiles public or hidden.

After joining the chat, you will immediately get started by completing your free profile. You will then need to fill in your personal details. You should choose a username, age and select your preferences based on preferences and interests.

Your profile will be private for the time being. After you have completed the profile, you will then be given a chance to test the free online chat.

Couples, singles, and even groups are invited to exchange personal information while making new friends to get to know. You can also choose to give your email address in case you want to contact the other users anytime.

What Are The Membership Options At TGPersonals?

TGP makes it easy for you to choose a membership plan that best fits your needs. They offer a Basic Membership, which offers access to Worldwide Personals, Basic Webcams and many other features. If you want more advanced options, such as the ability to Purchase Gifts for Members and earn a Member Points, you may consider upgrading to a Premium Membership. If you don’t want to spend any money, then the Basic Membership is just right for you.

Free Membership

TGPersonals is a great place to start your online dating adventure. Signing up is quick to do and only takes 30 seconds or so. There are a few simple rules that need to be followed when you are trying to make an online dating profile but TGPersonals makes it easier by allowing members to answer the most common questions.

To make a perfect profile, you will be required to pay for a premium membership. There is a free one as well, but you will still need to set up a profile. A premium membership has other perks like the ability to receive messages from other members.

TGPersonals doesn’t force you to opt for the premium membership as you can opt out of it. This is great if you are looking for a free place to start. And speaking of free, TGPersonals provides excellent freebies. Nothing quite like free to get you going.

When you sign up, you’ll receive 50 nice quality shows. After browsing the impressive site for a few weeks, you’ll receive 25 credits that are used to view premium shows.

You can also win upgrades by liking and commenting on other members. So, join TGPersonals today as more members join every day.

Paid Membership

IS Kissing the Old Man’s Feet Right Now?

Anyone who is serious about having an effective adult dating site will have to contend with paying their members.

Should I Pay For a TG Personals Membership? [ENGLISH]

Would you pay to meet someone? [ENGLISH]

I wonder what would make you pay; I wonder if you’d pay!

A free dating site is not a sustainable way to offer a quality dating site. Who in the world will pay for a dating site? So if you are going to give a free dating site away, then your others will pay for it.

I think the most reasonable thing to do is to have a generic free dating site and make all your members memberships pay. Now that’s very fair.

How Do You Cancel Your TGPersonals Subscription?

What Are The Safety and Security Features Offered By TGPersonals?

With TGPersonals, you can create your own secure and individual account and manage your personal settings, photos and much more in complete privacy.

No Password Required for Signing Up

We take the worry and hassle out of sign-up, as there is no password required to sign up with us. Just tell us a new email address you would like to use for the website, write down a password of your choice, and you are ready to go!

An automatic signup confirmation email will be sent to your inbox afterwards.

What's more, give your friends a free shoutout, because the website has a real, looking shoutout button!

That means all you have to do is send an email to any member of your friend list, and they will post your shoutout on their site.

√√√ Encryption

When you sign up with our website, all data you input is encrypted and secure by using the strongest SSL encryption protocol in the industry.

All this happens on your browser to ensure that you are signed in and secured via a 128 bit SSL certificate, SSL security, when you browse our website.

Securely and Privately Send Messages

You can also send and receive messages to and from other members with encrypting chatrooms, so being with us means you can stay in touch with all your existing and new friends and love interests.

What Are Some TGPersonals Competitors and Alternatives?

Subscription-based dating site TGPersonals has one of the best user ratings and is one of the most trusted dating sites for many singles. They offer free accounts, so you can develop a profile and get more matches before upgrading.

Contrary to some other site reviews, they have a very large user database. They offer an array of features including video chat, detailed questionnaires, and the ability to find someone new close to you to date.

Sign up is quick and easy. After paying for your first membership, your account will be created for you and you can start searching instantly.

One thing we definitely recommend is choosing one of the TGPersonals packages so that you won’t just be an average number of members.

The more members you have, the more likely the chance for you to find something genuine and productive. If you think a huge number of members is an immediate roadblock to this find a true love, you can upgrade to a PRO membership.

If you –might be a professional,” you can upgrade to a professional membership if your profile is related to your job.

We are all about helping everyone with a dating profile get the attention they deserve and live up to their full potential. We even believe that EVERYONE deserves to try a paid subscription site.

TGPersonals: Final Thoughts

TGPersonals is a long-time webcam site dedicated to men looking for love. There are many different features that help them get to know each other, but it is still webcam-based. This means that you can see yourself in the same screen as any of the ladies you are chatting with.

It takes time and effort to figure out the best features of this site, but once you get a feel for it and the ladies give you the thumbs-up, this can be a great place to meet a potential partner.

So, how to start a chat on TGPersonals?

As you see from the guidelines, you need to be someone who gives a thumbs-up to the ladies. Apart from that, you need to be able to speak or write at least three languages, be funny, and be able to spend time with the ladies.

There is one more thing you must do to ensure that you get in the running for the ladies. That is to register and create a profile with a good headshot.

As you can see from the results from the above TGPersonals coupons, this site works well for the purpose it is supposed to. It’s a bit of a time commitment, but it’s totally worth it for the ladies to hang out with you.

Pros and Cons

Which dating site is right for you?

TGPeople Search is one of TGAds largest memberships, so the traffic is certainly there and the number of members to choose from is as well.

If you are OK with all things being up front and waiting to sorted out afterward, this is the right match to search for.

This is not the best option once you’ve crossed the borders of the top few flags and want to see a different, more authentic and technically impressive site.

With a better search functionality, including stricter filters, this is the top site to compare.

With only the very best already being a part of the site, you are going to see amazing looking and even better acting ladies.

The level of eloquence and experience these ads bring to the table is extraordinary.

If you are willing to spend a little more time than you would like to in front of the computer attempting to get whatever it is you’re searching for, this is the site for you.

If you are looking to find someone you can have a very good time with and who will allow you to do the same, this is the site for you.

If you are a lot more selective and have great expectations, please consider TGPeople Search.

You can compare all of the different dating sites at:

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