TSdates Review – Let’s See If This One Is Legit?

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Let’s Walk through Tsdates Main Functions

TSdates functions as an international date converter. It is available in multiple languages and supports thousands of currencies.

The site that you enter the date in is always written in the default language currently set. A small strip at the top of the screen will also tell you the default language.

This tool is a great way to finally make your title date and age calculations simpler.

You can store your favorite dates and have the ability to quickly calculate the date of any future events when you are given a specific date.

If you’re familiar with the format of a date, you can simply type in the year, month, and day to get the date. Followed by the colon, followed by the day, month, year.

If you’re not sure about the format of the date, you can simply copy it, paste it into the search box, type the month or day, click the right arrow, and chose the right format.

If you’re converting, you will want to paste the conversion you got from the direct conversion into the search box and simply click the right arrow.

TSdates is a fast and easy way to convert many dates all in one place. You can also book travel directly from the site by just simply typing in your address and the route you are taking to compare ticket prices.

Members’ Diversity

The membership is diverse enough to serve a wide variety of desires. You have a traditional website, where people can go to make dates, or you also have the highly lucrative TSdates review site, which will make all your retro sex dreams come true.

They are constantly adding new features and updates so that it is always easy for you to find what you want.

They also have a mobile app available for both Android and Apple users to facilitate all your needs, especially when you are on the go.

Very Special Features

As Most people will know, tsdates is the beginning of meeting interests ,making new amount of friends with this experience sharing ( dating ) website ,and most of all build trust and relationship on this site.

That’s true ,the website offers over 14000 users to join in our all the time, and we do not want to make a payment, of course you can click one of the ad that you want you search , just to support you .

And the only thing you have to remember is to pay to know the experience on the website .

Our best TSdates review to date and as we know it is all about finding dating partners .

Tsdates offers exclusively your search which is totally free, no registration required simple logging in , and you are good to go.

Tsdates similar to the other websites which especially is focused on member must be over 18 years of age, so rest assured as you are safe and meet ladies with that ages and your interests.

And like most other dating sites, this site offers a safe environment to personalize your contact and add your photo to your profile.

So , what are you waiting for ? Start dating to meet your perfect mate with this site and make a better relationship with lady singles interest.

Tsdates User-friendliness

This is a very simple and intuitive site. If you see something that you like you just click on it to make the eye bigger and then you can click on the date you want to meet. If you are not sure, the site lays it out kind of like a menu which is nice.

There is a large amount of girls on this site if you are into exotic or Latina beauties. If you are not that particular, don’t worry, there are lots of other girls on this site. One of the upside of this site is that you can allow to try before you buy. Some sites will charge you to chat. With the site, you can get in for a completely free trial. There is a cheaper package you can buy after this with a 5 minute chat a week. You can set how far you want to go.

There are huge amounts of girls on this website. Some of the women have been onsite for a while and are pretty active.

This site kind of ends the chat part after one hour, and the live show is pretty basic.

The site tries to work with you, and you are not forced into anything or anything forced on you. If you book 3 or more guys in a night, then you get better times that the regular chat times. This is nice.

You really don’t have to pay much for a whole month with this site.

Website’s Pretty Little Face and Its Usability Criteria

When it comes to attractiveness of a website’s user interface, there are a few different criterias that you can use to judge.

One of the critical ones are the page’s loading speed and how well every bit in the webpage gets fulfilled.

Everything on a website has a purpose. Just like a person’s daily visit to the grocery store requires a lot of different things to happen.

From a basket to choosing which products to buy, and from paying the cashier to transporting all items home, everything requires a purpose.

During the same way, every part of a webpage also does something for a reason.

And hence, when it comes to judging website’s usability, we need to look at all the aspects that constitute the page and why they are there. All the elements of the webpage that take up space, and whether they nicely fulfill their purpose or poses a hurdle for the webpage’s overall functionality.

How well it performs in terms of loading time and page’s performance can be called quite an important criteria when it comes to judging a website’s appearance and usability.

Tsdates Mobile Application

To get started with TSdates, simply sign up for a free account, verify your email address, and set up your first profile. Now that you’re logged into your account, click on the Create your Account link on the homepage.

Choose your sexual preferences from the dropdown menu:

Or you can type in any other preferences that you have, such as preferring only women or no men at all.

Next is the photo verification. Because being masked during sex isn't always possible, TSdates requires a photo to verify that you own the profile you’re using.

Once you click on Verify, you will be emailed on how to confirm your account. This should be sent to your email address that is currently listed on your profile.

You will then be taken to your new profile. You can login to your profile at any time by clicking on your name at the top of TSdates.

Here you can see your profile as it will appear on the site and read the terms of service.

I have had some great experiences with TSdates over the past few months, and I aim to keep you updated on anything and everything related to this app in the future.

In this article, I will first give you a brief overview of what the platform is all about. I will then go on to provide you with my personal assessment of TSdate.

Customer Support for Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s a Thing

If I ask you to name one place where the customer support is a vital and indispensable part of the business, you will probably mention an online shop.

Online stores are quite different in this regard. If you have purchased something on the Internet, it’s almost always a safe bet that you will be dealing with people, rather than computers. In most cases, you will even have a live and human answering service once you have a question or a problem.

And in case you haven’t guessed yet, the hotline and support department can be quite important for your online purchases.

That’s why it is important that you consider how its customer support program can help you with your purchase decision.

A good customer support program entails helpful customer support staff and a fast response time for questions and problems.

It also should involve a good selection of phone numbers, refund policies, and of course, a good quality and effectiveness of support chat.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

TSdates is a free dating site which is available for both desktop and mobile devices. It’s pretty quick to get set running and there’s not many hoops to jump through.

Once you sign up, you will be prompted with the sign up process, which is very simple, just a couple of fields to fill in and a logo for you to click to confirm your age.

You also can sign in with Facebook or Twitter.

For the purpose of this review, I used my first and last name, nothing is required about my background to sign up.

In the user profile, you’ll have to select a profile image, which will appear within your first email and also at the top of your profile. You will also have to enter the Gender for which you want to date.

With that, you’re ready to go.

This site has two forms of dating, the Quick Match feature and the Matchmaking Feature.

The Quick Match feature is 1), find a random person and 2), exchange dating preferences.

I went for the Matchmaking feature which is 1), find a partner who matches your preferences and 2), build a shared interest. To do this, you need to review your preferences.

How to Sign-Up

Before we get to our full unbiased TSdates review, we need to begin by explaining the main dating websites. With so many software applications on the market these days, it can be a little confusing trying to find the best one suited to your needs. TSdates is one of the largest bang for your buck adult dating software applications.

TSdates offers users a free account as well as a premium package. The premium package offers more features, which many users may be interested in, so it would be wise to choose that option.

The extra features worth mentioning include TSdates –Meet and Chat” and TSdates –Meet and Share”. The features in –Meet and Chat” allow users to join chatrooms with local members and broadcast their own interests in life.

This would be a great solution for those who are purposely seeking sex online. The –Meet and Share” feature allows users to create a safe-and-secure profile page for friends and family members to view. This would be perfect for those people using the application for dating and playing matchmaker.

Feel-free Profile and Verifying Your Identity

TSdates has a far more comfortable user interface than other dating sites. The overall feel-free profile features are designed to bring you the ability to browse profile pics and bios in a casual way.

It removes some of the personal info that you can include on your page so that it is a lot easier to add new profiles to your list of matches and it makes it easier for you to browse not only to find new matches but also to find new friends.

If you are interested in their free and premium membership services, you can access them directly from their website.

As much as it would be great for you to use a free dating site, it can feel a little risky in the beginning. However, you can take advantage of the feel-free verification process that they offer to monitor your personal details before you begin your dating pursuit.

You can also email them with your concerns and get an answer from them quickly if you encounter any issues on your website.

And if you are interested in TSdates and want to learn as much as you can about the details of the website, you can take advantage of their user manuals to read up on their services.

And of course, as always, you can access their TSdates website here.

How Do You Meet and Contact Members Here?

First of all, what are TSdates? TSdates is an online dating site, where you can meet people of the same sex and date them.

You meet someone and after some time you can contact the other person by email and/or phone and can decide on the date and where you meet up.

== Who are TSdates Suitable For?

Anybody who wants to meet men, women and same-sex people online for dating and chat. It’s the perfect place for gay, lesbian, Bisexual and the transsexual people.

== Is There a Guarantee for Women? What Type of Person Does TSdates Encourage?

Absolutely! TSdates is the best place to meet and date a man, woman or a same-sex person, because we have thousands of members and people of all types.

What Subscription Options Does It Offer?

Limits of a Free Version

The fact is that you won’t get a full-fledged version of the software until you buy the product.

This is as you might well expect to be the case with any paid computer application.

The reason why the free software is so limited is to stop it from being abused by scammers.

In order for any program to work as advertised, the developers have to be able to back it up.

The fact that a user has to pay for the full-features is a safeguard against scammers using it for whatever they want to.

The TSdates Service

This service is no different from any other dating site. You create an account, post messages, and set up a profile.

If you want to post an image with your profile, TSdates will let you do that.

The only difference is that you can choose your match preference. In fact, the biggest difference between TSdate and other dating sites is that they have the ability to select your match preference down to very fine scales.

The profiles will also include age ranges and match preference ranges to make it easier for you to find the person you want.

Love Scoring

The reason that TSdate is unique is the way that they use a very unique and innovative feature called Love Scoring to match you to a potential mate.

Benefits of a Paid Subscription

Cancelling Your Gold Membership

If you are using your credit card for payment, then you have to cancel the subscription at least 24 hrs before your billing date in order to have the charge removed.

If you pay with Master , VISA or American Express credit cards, then you can use MasterCard service to cancel your subscription on the website’s end.

For those that use PayPal to subscribe to a website’s subscription program, you will not be able to stop the charge due to the terms of use.

If you are using a debit card through your bank, you should contact your bank to stop the payment from going through. This can be done though your online banking account.

If you are using a prepaid debit card, then you will need to contact the prepaid card company to stop the charge.

Using a prepaid credit card is a bit different as you can’t just stop the payment from going through to your card. You will need to cancel the card first, then contact your credit card to stop the subscription through their services.

Now that you have cancelled your membership, your regular subscription fee will start getting cancelled with in 24 hrs. This is down to the way the system is setup for Gold Memberships.

If you want to receive all the benefits, then you will need to sign up to a paid membership again.


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Tsdates Alternatives and Competitors

Looking for the best TSdates alternatives and competitors can really be a challenging process. This website is real and I have published real reviews and it is really fun and easy to use.

The website has a map feature which allows you to find other users in your area. The site also provides reviews of users based on personal preferences such as body type, height, ethnicity and sexual preferences.

What is TSdates and Is It Reliable?

TSdates claims to be the world’s largest free dating site. It is more like an extended version of Craigslist. You can post ads to be sold or in the event you need to find a date.

TSdates is the first of its kind and it is going to be beneficial to many people. The main concept is that you can post ads to sell stuff, cars, services or you can post an ad to find a date or a hookup.

This site is going to be good for people who have pets to sell. Many people are looking for pets.

This website is going to be good for people who live in a small town and have a niche to sell.

The site is completely free for posting ads.

To Make It Clear

Oh Yes, It’s Legit

If your personal lifestyle doesn’t allow you to enjoy a house party dating scene, TSdates is a great alternative.

The dating site is different since you don’t have to worry about looking for a soul mate who is dressed to kill. And that’s because they use the term –trans friends” to describe their male/female –transition” community.

This means that the site is focused on people who want to learn more about their lives and discover their more acceptance of themselves.

And while there are those who freak out about TSdates, this is a purely preference thing. Just as you prefer not to know if your roommate is a guy or a femme.

Registering a profile with TSdates is a free and painless process as this site takes no payments for its use. And when you sign in, you are greeted with an array of sites and people that you can interact with and create new friends with.

But while it is free to sign up and create an account, the site does have a feature that allows you to pay a small monthly fee for you to have more access to.

The site also allows you to chat and message other profiles for your own convenience.

Pros and Cons

This site is a fairly popular online site, and as a result, boasts a ton of content.

So there’s no reason to assume that it might not be a legit site.

If you do some research and take the time to sign up, you’ll find that they’ve got some really good, sexy features. Hopefully, this review workshop will help you decide if this dating site is right for you!

If you take the time to sign up, you’ll receive a profile recommendation, which will make your sign-up much easier.

There’s an abundance of options to choose from, and the search function is a bit easier than usual.

Which dating site is right for you?

Every year, we are flooded by all kinds of dating sites. What’s different about TSdates? And how did they make their way into our Living an Awesome Lifestyle

This review will reveal what TSdates is all about and if it’s worth your time or not.

First off, 1.7 million people are registered on TSdates and have plenty of male members or members … mostly because it’s 420 members just waiting to date you.

Their diversity and appeal to international market is why it’s among the latest crowdsourced membership websites that has really caught the attention of customers.

It’s as easy to use as it gets and even says in the website’s description that you are actually signed up for dating sites as soon as you join.

On the other hand, it does come with some minor technical issues, like constant crashes and slow page loading even with a fast internet suspension.

You can meet new friends or even find a boyfriend or girlfriend at TSdates easily and can start having fun in matter of seconds.

After the payment, you will available for dating within minutes. There are no long waiting periods at all. Also, you get instant messages, videos, mobile application, and lots of other features as well.