Twoo Review: Legit Or Scam?

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How Does Twoo Work?

Twoo is a dating app that allows users to connect on an individual basis instead of on an anonymous level.

You can think of it as a sort of Tinder for people who want to make a conscious effort to meet in person. While Tinder allows you to swipe through people, Twoo allows you to message someone through two-way messaging.

How Does Twoo Work?

While you scroll through the profiles on the app looking for a good match, you can send Twoo a message about three pictures you’ve taken yourself.

These photos must look halfway presentable and can take any form you like.

A match is made if both parties agree to meet in person, and they both indicate this with a swipe. The person you swipe must also swipe right back, but after that, you have no idea if your match is interested in meeting.

You can thus only contact them if you feel the same way yourself.

This is a clever shortcut that allows you to make an individual connection more quickly than when trying to swipe a large number of profiles.

Before you contact a potential match, they will get a couple of profile photos and will also get an automatic email about your interest in them that they can read.

All in all, Twoo is a fast efficient way to find someone nearby who you could meet up with in the future.

Audience Analysis

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Key Features

Tweo is a new way to find new friends. They are completely free where they search the web for similar people and connect you.

TWo breaks the ice about getting to know new friends.

TWo has premium numbers listed to call or create a free profile to search for even more friends.

TWo also has groups where members can be in one area to find and meet up with people.

TWo Gives You Access to a large group of available people to choose from.

The most unique thing about Twoo is that you can setup a profile with a photo and a short description of yourself. When you do that, Twoo will show you a list of other people from all over the world that match your profile and upload photo. This list is only for that person to see. You can also see who likes you. This is not to be publicly shared.

Note: Twoo does not own the photos they use to choose you. It is up to Twoo if they show them to you or not, not the other way around. This is a great benefit that they have that allows you to search for new people to get to know.


Website Design & Usability

We have found the website to be clean and simple to navigate. There is no clutter and even if there are a lot of options, they are well organized.

We love the live chat feature for customer support, as it is great for times when you want to discuss something with a real person, rather than having to fill out a form or wait for an email answer.

The website design is great by creating a sense of ease upon using. We are happy to find the search engine is mobile responsive and the site can be viewed in all popular screen sizes.

The website and mobile versions are well organized with large buttons, so it is easy to find the information you need.

We would have liked to see a bit more of a social media presence on their website, such as sharing links. We also feel that the website could stand to be a bit more updated or expanded.


The website details how to contact them, via live chat and email. There is also a phone number on the contact page, but you will have to call it from a land line.

Our email answer to us showed up within a half hour of sending a question, which was much faster than expected.

The email was very helpful and answered most of our questions. We had to have a follow up email as we had our emails returned, which is a good thing.

Twoo Mobile Application

Developing a mobile app is tough. According to a survey conducted by Twoo, 21% of men have created an app while 22% of women have created an app.

Other statistics revealed by the survey:

  • 52% men said they are embarrassed to talk about their app to their friends because it doesn't work
  • 47% men said their main motivation to create an app was to make money
  • 69% of women said their main motivation to create an app was to create a cool product
  • 24% of men said they enjoy building apps as a hobby
  • 56% of women said they enjoy building apps as a hobby
  • 59% of women said they create apps with the company they are working for
  • 20% of women said they have had gotten funding for an idea
  • 30% of women said they make 3x as much money as their male colleagues for building an app
  • 40% of women said they have succeeded in their field after developing an app
  • 28% of men said they want to be motivated, not to learn from startups, but to be inspired

The survey contains even more data and statistics that you can access here.

Customer Support

Customer Support Twoo has been around for quite some time and people have differing views on their competence in resolving user issues related to Twoo.

One thing that many people love about Twoo without any doubt is that customer support Twoo is very specific and detailed towards resolving all queries related to Twoo.

Suppressing the doubt essential to the user is the mind of this service which is provided by customer support Twoo.

It is through their website where you can, as well as, fill your errors, as these are very helpful throughout the issue of cancellation.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

How to Sign Up

Twoo is free to join and a member of a dating website. Users can search for people by their gender, age, location, hobbies and interests as well as race and ethnicity. The platform also enables users to easily chat via the chatbot named Cleopatra.

Members can signup for the premium version of Twoo for free. Twoo also gives users the opportunity to upgrade to premium via the mobile app or the website for a small fee.

Users can search for other members on the website as well as in the app. When a user clicks on the chat icon, the app will search for matching members. If a user has her profile set to 'private', she can still choose to connect with other members with her profile set to 'private'.

Users can also search for other premium members as well. The platform also enables members to easily filter other users with the options of '24hr', 'Paid' and 'Ask me'. '24hr' users are non-paying members usually male, while 'Paid' means that the user is a member of the paid version of the website. 'Ask me' indicates that the user wants to be contacted by the member.

Profile Quality and Verification

A free membership page is shown first. You cannot skip the free membership page and only check the service later. You need to join to get a particular service and this subscription lasts as long you continue to pay the monthly subscription fee.

It is also marked as a scam with a very high rating of 1.6 from 596 Trustpilot reports.

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The little dispute among lovers can be solved by the methods of dithering to relax tension anytime or anywhere.

Some people might think that online chatting with somebody by chatting is the best option. There are different apps in third parties and lot of controversy has started over those.

The amount of people are using it is also increasing and they find it very useful and helpful for the people who want to find good friends or someone who is loving them from a distance.

The problems are still there like the people have to provide the social security number or any other details which might be used for spamming.

So, Twoo app is a trendy and growing app in the field of online chatting.

The variety of chat rooms or rooms in Twoo app is very enormous like Gay, ebony, Latin or whatever is your desire. The app also has an ability to block users if they are not the desirable members.

The other amazing thing about Twoo app is that it is free from any cost and highly secure in many ways without using the login credentials which are the many concern by many people around the world.

Matching & Chatting

This review is on Twoo a dating app and matching site with over 50 million users.

The good : Twoo has good features but the luring calls to get you to upgrade are too bad, I just received a trick called 'IDIDI' from them.

The bad : Twoo is a scam site with some good features but you MUST contact a real person before upgrading.

Scam site : will only match if you pay them $$$

The lure : While the program is free, you get better features if you upgrade.

Subscription Options

The Twoo review is probably one of the most anticipated and debated topics these past few months. People search Twoo review and Twoo scam. More and more people have been joining the Twoo subscription services.

This is because the Twoo Review is probably one of the most well known services for those wanting to have fun and to meet flirty girls.

I have been a member since 2012 and actually enjoyed the service as well as the now defunct CMB.

I have been in a steady relationship for more than a year and still keep open communication with a few of them.

The premise of the Twoo Review seems to get a few people confused.

To get a Twoo user review we will have to first understand what the service is all about.

What exactly is Twoo?

Twoo is a dating platform. It is an online community and social network for those who are looking for a social affair and a potential relationship.

Instead of trying to find an outlet via a non-related social gathering or gay bar, your hookups are filtered and all your flirts are sorted by people who are genuinely interested in getting in touch with you and one-off visits rather than the monthly pay to party scam.

Free Version

Are You Better Off with Twoo Than Paying For It?

If you’re looking at Twoo/Twoo, then you’ve probably heard about the success stories and decided to give it a shot. But is this legit or is it just a scam?

Most of the Twoo/Twoo viral marketing go about simply telling you how great and excellent this product is. When it comes to the free version, there are actually some differences.

The free version will see you getting a couple of extra features, and they are actually pretty cool. But they aren’t groundbreaking and definitely won’t make you want to buy it all the same.

If you want to buy the full version, the best thing you can do is just grab the 2 for 1 offer. The second one will be in the form of a gift card, so you’re still getting something out of it.

In any case, the number of features available with the full version will still be limited to only the bare minimum. It will be great at removing FaceTime video calls and blocking certain numbers. But that’s really all you get out of it.

Paid Subscription

Twoo is another new dating app that has recently entered the dating app scene. It has a roster of about 5 million users so it’s inevitable that people would want to find out more about it.

In this review, I’m going to sound out Twoo on a few levels. Some will probably find this dating app very legit and some people may find it very scam.

Here’s My Twoo Review…

What Is Twoo?

Twoo is a completely free online dating site without hidden charges. By joining the service and creating your profile, you’ll have the chance to discuss with other singles from all over the world, go on dates, join virtual flirts, send messages and play games!

Twoo has a long term vision and goal in mind. They intend on eventually making this site the number one free dating platform in the world.

With enough subscribers and members actively sharing their personal information, Twoo is sure to become a preferred online dating site for singles! It’s time to try and see why it has already accumulated over 5 million subscribers in 192 countries!

Who Can Join Twoo?

Cancelling Subscription

The Twoo Review is a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends.

You can choose a subscription plan that suits your budget and gives you an incentive every time you renew your subscription.

There are also some yearly subscription plans that allow you to get an additional subscription every year.

You can choose a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

Deleting Your Subscription: Twoo

Once you have cancelled your subscription, you can continue to receive chat messages via the website.

To stop receiving chat messages you will need to delete your account.

How To Delete Your Account?

Log in to your Twoo account.

Click on your name in the top right corner.

Click on Settings

Click on Delete Account.

You can also delete your account by following these steps:

First, go to the profile of the person you wish to block from the app.

Click on their name and click on Settings.

Click on Warn me if they block me.

Now you will go to the message box where the list of users will be displayed.

To remove the list from here click on Actions.

Click on Block user.

Once you enter the back, you can now block the user.

Safety & Security

Using Twoo is a completely safe and secure experience. It’s free, has no hidden banner ads or trackers, and doesn’t get the users private information.

It’s also very easy to delete your account.

Twoo Alternatives and Competitors

Like it or not, there are a lot of online dating platforms out there.

There are some sites which are mostly filled with scammers. It’s a two way tradeoff here.

You’re not going to find the kind of honest and legitimate writers that are on Twoo because some people will scam just about anything.

As for Twoo being a scam, here’s the way they want you to see it.

So what does this lead to?

The people who are writing on here are usually looking for something. Maybe they just want the exposure, maybe they just want the money.

Are they willing to entertain you? Give you a little information? Or are they just a bunch of scammers?

That’s the hard part here. There’s no guaranteed content and no ultimate solution.

Twoo is constantly evolving and changing.

There is nothing to tell you that you’ll get something more than a browsing experience.

But if you’re looking for real people and are just looking for a way to connect with them, then maybe Twoo can help you out.


Is Twoo A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Does Twoo Network Legit?

Despite the sheer amount of scam reviews about Twoo, it stands true to the claims that it runs on a cashback system.

Besides, with over 100,000 active affiliates, Twoo is a very profitable business.

Users who are truly looking to make money through the internet and seek out Earnings Through Internet will discover Twoo right at their home.

Yes, the business opportunity itself is not that great, but it’s honest enough to let those who are eager to make money through the internet know where to start.

The business opportunity is still within its pre-launch stage, so expect things to change as time passes.

Does Twoo Work?

Yes, it does. Twoo works.

But it’s up to you to make the most of it.

It can be a challenge to make money through Twoo if you don’t know where to start. But once you figure out what you like, you are probably earning money within a week.

If you’re a good copywriter, you can start making money right away.

If you’re still struggling, start making money by becoming financially literate through your affiliate marketing interests.

Pros and Cons

One of the best apps for meeting new people or even just connecting with your existing friends. Twoo lets you broadcast a video with the goal of making friends. A lot of girls actually prefer not to meet guys IRL because they don’t want to risk their heart to some stranger. Twoo can help you find that perfect girl or guy you’re looking for.

But first, let’s talk about the cons of this app.

As mentioned above, you can only find people who also have the app, which isn’t that big of a deal if you don’t mind getting out there and going for some face-to-face, real-life fun.

Also, there are already a lot of similar apps already out there that’ve been around for more than a year—WPdate and HUSSY are two of the best ones.

Even though Twoo is not the most popular app out there, it still enjoys an 8.9 rating. But something that is working against them here is the fact that it is so new, and has not been around for too long.

Which dating site is right for you?

Niche dating sites are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are looking for more specifically designed connections. This data shows that niche sites are among some of the most popular dating sites and have an increasing user base.

Online dating has grown in popularity over the years, with specialized sites having cropped up. These are sites designed around certain profiles or interests, beyond the basic generalization of what one tends to look for in a match.

They’re a great way to make contact with those who share similar interests as you, from their hobbies to personal details. And it’s not necessary to join a dating site just for one of these benefits, as you can often find people who are compatible in one way or another on general dating sites, too.

Along with these general sites, though, there’s always an increased number of niche sites. Finding the right one for you can be difficult, though, and often you’ll read conflicting reports. We’ll be taking a look at one of the biggest niche sites available, Twoo.

And books to refer to:

Learning the Basics of Twoo Review: Legit or Scam

Have you ever heard of the company Twoo? If you haven’t, you are probably a member of their legion of fans.

Twoo is the single largest social network in the world with over 5 million active users. They first came to the world’s attention when Facebook had the infamous IPO.

Due to the rise and popularity of Facebook, a whole subculture of people who don’t feel like they fit in on Facebook started Twoo, a few of which even began to cut ties with Facebook altogether.

However, this is not the entire story. In the world of technology, you have a lot of companies who are completely unknown to the public. Even though they may have a great product, they are often misunderstood.

After the explosive rise of Facebook, Twoo quickly grew to be one of the largest networks, however, they were seldomly mentioned in the press or media.

Even though the public isn’t familiar with Twoo, they can’t deny its impact. As a result, it is occasionally mentioned in the press.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at Twoo and explain to you what this community is all about.