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How Does Zozo Function?

Zozo is a choose-your-own chatting experience. It’s like an anonymous version of Chatroulette, minus all the creep factor.

You just select up to 5 options (options are a selection between a male or a female, and a choice of age) from a list of people who have signed up and are currently online.

There is also a chat room you can join as a single-sex room.

And you can auto accept the first 4 options offered to you when you log in.

To advance ahead, you need to be the 2nd person to have a member from each other category. You get points for finding someone from each list. The first person to advance wins.

The points system is:

Community Points: For each community member that spoke to you (either online or via email), you get points. A list of categories is shown when you log in.

Bonus Points: New members can be added to your list by inviting them. These can be people you know on Facebook or any other social network you connect with.

Member Points: For each person you advance to, you get points.

Points from both community and members go into the total results.

What’s the Average User Like?

Zozo is a phone app that helps you stay in touch with friends and family. It’s designed to be simple and clean, letting you get through the day with ease while offering the kind of chat you’ve come to expect.

The difference is that with Zozo, the process for creating a chat, starting a chat, and finishing a chat are all done in real-time.

Zozo is a free app and works on WiFi or in 3G/4G networks.

If you want to have a single chat with multiple people, you have the option to have everyone sign up by themselves.

The app uses the SMS texting system for different services, such as sending messages, specifi c images, and even the ability to short for a bit of fun. This particular feature is very similar to Snapchat as you can select from different snaps.

The user interface is very clean, easy to use, and has a great user experience.

It’s important that you’re in the same time zone as your chat friends when using this app. A lot of the functions are affected by this. You don’t want to be showing friends in different time zones every day because you can’t make plans.

Also, when people join around the world, a delay is observed.

Main Features

Some applications and communication methods only allow you to carry out the most basic kinds of conversations.

To exchange messages with others, they need to be stored on their device, which can get very cumbersome with time.

Alternatively, some applications and platforms only allow you to create single chats that only have one line, with only one person.

If you are looking for a solution that supports more freedom of expression, also offers you the ability to have more conversations with others, then Zozo Chat + is the ideal solution for you.

The platform supports group chats and group conversations that integrate multiple people.

It also allows you to have private conversations, so you can have a one-on-one conversation or share private video and voice messages with someone.

Aside from all of this, you can watch and discuss tutorials, live broadcasts, and even check out performers’ content without even leaving your computer.


The only downside is the high cost of the product. But if you have dedicated resources, then this is an ideal product for you.

With its high functionality, some users might be disappointed that the platform is inaccessible for limited free. But if you are built for this, then this is a great solution for your communication needs.

User Friendliness – Key Points

The most important aspect of a chat interface is its ease of use.

If the interface is frustrating, hard to use, and difficult to learn then few would stick to using it for very long. I am impressed by the ease with which users can learn to start using Zozo.

Zozo offers a great initial interface to use and follow which paved the way for the introduction of other services provided by the app.

With a simple and efficient calling mechanism offered by Zozo, it is not difficult to connect with a friend.

Zozo provides a long list of users to choose from in your area. All popular and widely liked users are listed in a drop-down menu with the number of their respective followers.

From here, you can easily see who is online and with whom you would like to talk. You can even scroll down to see if there are any users with whom you wish to chat.

When you send the request to connect to another user, the app automatically creates a call between the two users. The interface provides a means to select a video participant on the call so you can enjoy the video while talking.

Zozo even provides a video chat feature that works even when your internet might be spotty. Any wireless connection can connect you to one another and make your video call come to life.

Chat Zozo Design and Usability

Zozo is one of the most unique chatting platforms available on the internet today. Chatting platforms offer a way to instantly connect with other people, and Zozo is one of the best online chatting platforms available.

Chatting on Zozo is fun and simple. With Flash-animated profiles, you will instantly transform your messages into an exciting chat experience.

Chatting on Zozo has never been more enjoyable.

Whenever you open a new account at Zozo, you will be able to find a complete tutorial that will help you through each and every step.

There is also a tutorial for popular operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and Mac; so you will always be able to find solutions to any problem.

As a developer, the most interesting fact about Zozo is that they own the entire codebase. This means that you will always be able to make changes or customize the platform as you see fit.

As you chat on Zozo, you can customize several aspects of the experience.

You can modify the font, style, as well as the colors of your chat window, as well as those of the profiles that you interact with.

You will also be able to change the avatar and skin of your avatar. Skin customization for avatar is available on the website and will not require a third party program.

The Chat Zozo Mobile App

Zozo chat review cannot be described in a single sentence, instead needed whole articles to get it.

Precisely. Zozo chat has the potential to be one of the favorite social networking apps.

It is a freemium social messenger software that allows you to engage your friends and family. You can use it to chat and also play games.

Moreover, it is an instant messenger that allows you to text chat with your friends. It enables you to upgrade to Zozo premium so that you get Zozo premium features.

The Zozo mobile software app has many interesting features. These include sharing of pictures, videos, music and also audio messages. This software allows you to use the software from the PC and the android devices.

Most importantly the functions of Zozo software app are rising. It is a must have for the people who love to chat and also to play games.

The Zozo mobile software app and the Zozo web app both work in the same way. The only difference is the mobile app is for your android devices while the web app is for your PCs.

The main features of this app are:

Zozo messenger app has more than a thousand contacts.

File sharing, text sharing and voice recording features are available in this app. This app also offers you a voice call facility.

Movies as well as funny sounds and also vibrations can be made in this app.

Chat Zozo Customer Support

Zozo is one of the finest place where you can get the answers of your queries and more. You can talk with the customer advocate of Zozo Chat and get any help related to your chats with them. A consumer has the privilege to get the best chat with the customer representative. You can enjoy the service till the time you are satisfied with it. The Zozo customer support is available throughout the day and you can get the answer from them whenever you need.

So, you can also shop when chatting with the Zozo representatives -.

Chatting with a customer representative of Zozo, you can get good and reliable advice. Also, you can get the guidelines with respect to an outfit that suits you. You can also receive the help regarding the service in the wardrobe. A customer can also ask about the help related to the products that they are using.

Through the guidelines of customer service representatives, you can also get the answers related to trouble shooting and also can get the assistance regarding the purchase.

Once you are connected with the customer service representative, you will be provided with with a lot of tutorials about the topic that is being discussed.

So, you will be able to get the right guidance and also you will be guided regarding the appropriate steps that you can take while using the product.

How to Register and Create a User Profile

The registration process requires you to provide your email address and the mobile number from which you want to access the service.

You will have to set up a profile that contains your name and other important details.

If you use the Zozo chat app for the first time, you will need to undergo a security check based on the phone you use to register.

Once you have created the account, you will be able to start chatting with your friends.

How to Sign-Up onn Chat Zozo

The ID Verification Badges and the Special Profiles

Each user can make up to 2,500+ responses. Each message is tracked by recipient in a way. The response of the recipient is automatically pushed to the user. The responses from the user are updated by the user’s author dashboard.

This is an advanced chat system that allows vaules and alerts based on Alerts sent through the system.

It also allows users to build mobile apps for the purpose of downloading and sending messages to the other users.

A New Approach to the Chat Is the Digital Books (Detailed Summary)

These books are meant to be used as Reminder & Issue Tracking. The system is very user friendly and easy to use

Any number of users can interact freely on direct messages they have sent to friends, your work team or your owners or any other person you so desire to chat with.

They can come and go as they please, without you even realizing it for the fact that the system is integrated to the user dashboard.

The first feature that comes in mind is the relevance. As soon as you have established a connection with someone on the profile you are connected with, you can send messages to the user directly.

By doing so, you will be able to see the value of their place on the list.

The Search Option: Chat Roulette Style

Chat roulette is the original style of chat which makes you randomly connect to people for chatting.

Zozo is an innovative chat search option which provides you an alternative way to chat.

Some typical chat features include:

  • Random Messaging
  • Zozo Search Engine
  • Pop-Up Chat
  • Blocker
  • The Zozo Browser

Let’s begin to learn more about how to use Zozo to chat online.

The Chat Room in Chat Zozo

Chat zozo is really exciting and seems very technological. That is because the website was designed with technology in mind. The chat room is set up by the use of a chat bot (also known as a "robot" on the internet). Chat Zozo uses a chat bot that has a humanoid appearance and appearance so much that one would not think that it was a machine -especially the casual observer.

According to the chat room, the chat bot uses an appropriate database of keywords to respond to users in the chat room. On the chat room website, it is portrayed to the user that there is an actual person rather than a software programmed artificial intelligence who can chat back and forth with you. To throw off suspicion, sometimes the chatbot comes up with a reasonable question you might have been asking and asks that question. It is hard to tell the difference between the artificial intelligence that runs the chatbot and a real person.

Encoding and Encoding

Chat bots are not just one pole, but usually have a simulated personality outcome. Chat bots are currently programmed to respond with a combination of words and symbols (often called clickable text or picture messages).

To most people, regular text messages from the chat bot can appear as if normal language that the person is speaking. The chat bot responds to the user in a human-like manner.

Chat Zozo’s Different Types of Users

Chat Zozo is an amazing new chat application that was launched recently.The application combines the best of all messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat to create a new way to chat.

With it, all you need for instant messaging is a simple phone or tablet. Zozo chat offers a variety of chatting features, including a very interesting layout of emojis, animated gifs and stickers.

Have you ever felt you need more features? This application is definitely a wonderful tool to add to your phone to enjoy the versatility you can have with your chatting experience.

VIP and PRO Users

This is unlike regular instant messenger. You can have a lot of fun conversations with your friends and also spark interesting discussions which you wouldn't get in your regular instant messenger. You also can send pictures, links, make memes, drawings and even videos and sound bites that can be included in the chat box seamlessly.

And all this is possible only if you are a VIP user and a PRO user.

As a PRO user, you can remove the limitations for the amount of images and videos you can send as well as sounding the restrictions on times you can be offline, with the special account of being online. You can also have a limit of your own image size which is a problem for all the regular users.

Furthermore you will be getting priority to chat on the first place and your status will be fixed as VIP which is always better for VIP users.

Registered User

What makes Zozo Chat better?

Zozo Chat is the latest craze in online chatting, and this is the review.

Unlike every other chat app, Zozo Chat is built on the idea of AI and machine learning. With their latest algorithm, Zozo Chat can understand and narrate what exactly is going on in a chat.

You can even use it to improve your messaging skills by practicing while chatting.

Here is what users say about it:

”Zozo Chat is the much needed chat client for people who desperately want to improve their skill as a writer. It guides the user through the manner of writing in a unique manner, that you may already know but never thought to be part of your toolbox.”

”I have been using zozo chat for a bit over a month now and I am pretty happy with the result. The first two weeks of usage were very challenging for me but the system keeps updating every other day and what I am finding out more and more, zozo chat is not just another text-to-speech utility, but rather an intelligent communication service that helps users to express themselves more creatively than ever before. An intelligent tour guide on how to write and what actually goes in the background while doing so.”

Pro User

‡ Phenomenal, absolutely beautiful interface. So smooth, it’s a delight to use. ALL FEATURES work and work well. Think about it: one product, one company for ALL of your chat needs.

Add chat rooms easily. Start with the easiest and move onto chat rooms that are ever more complex.

‡ Has an API. Integrating with you app? Zozo has already handled most of the heavy lifting for you.

‡ Works anywhere the internet works. In case you don’t have a service provider that supports UDP or websockets, Zozo still works with Adobe Flash Speed.

‡ Developers, developers developers. If you’re building one of …. Oh wait, this is MEANT for you.

‡ Large community. It’s hard to say what they’re adding when it’s so fast. They’re easy to get in touch with and very helpful for making what you’re building even better.

Admin or Moderator

====There are definitely many benefits of becoming a Zozo chat moderator. In addition to being able to earn gift cards for being helpful, you can earn even more gift cards when you motivate other people to join the Zozo chat community, become a chat moderator, and sign up for Zozo Platinum membership.

Canceling Your Chat Zozo Profile

Zozo Chat is a FREE video chat app where you can have real-time relationships with other people.

Zozo allows you to have a conversation with your admirers in a similar way as with real-life friends and strangers.

You can start conversations, quickly display your attention, interest, or disinterest, and easily become friends or even lovers.

There are a variety of fun features and behaviors that allow you to have a totally different experience with others.

Your profile is your space. You can choose your name, age, gender, and interests to create your unique identity.

Your profile also contains information about yourself, such as your Zozo user ID, Zozo profile picture, and your Zozo nickname.

Even if you are a little shy, Zozo Chat will be your best friend. 🙂 You can find new people, make new friends, discover new people, and even find love with other Zozo users!

Website Safety & Security

Some recent hacks have become so common that many people have begun to take security measures to protect themselves.

When you visit a website every day, you probably set up cookies and start to use the site as a routine.

When you suddenly find that a website is not as secure as you had assumed, it can make you feel a little nervous about the site’s future.

In fact, though good website safety is no substitute for being aware of your every activity, it can sometimes save your accounts.

Zozo Chat Review is one of the many websites that have recently been hacked. Though they promise that they will protect their customers’ privacy, they have been compromised not too long ago.

Several users have reported that the review of the site has been removed from Google, and that the site has not been updated recently.

A quick check of the site verifies that the website is basically empty and has about 2500 MB database. This makes you think that something is wrong.

Here are some added tips to ensure that the site you are on now and in the future is secure:

Make sure you are at the main page of the Zozo site that you are on now. It is not the same website that you would usually experience.

Chat Zozo Competitors and Alternatives

In chat, you can also use metconverse with random strangers or even pay a fee to have a private chat with someone.

However, none of these work quite like Zozo and some may actually be illegal.

Zozo is the only chat that is completely free and also offers a way for people to make money online.

It is operated by a company called Chat Zozo and has about 5 million monthly active users.

It divides into 4 categories, People, Products, Programs and Services.

People are all of the users you meet through Zozo.

In a sense, the People category can also be considered a category by itself.

With about 3 million monthly active users, Products, is the number two category.

Then the number three and four categories are Programs and Services with half a million and half a million and a half, daily active users, respectively.

These two categories are a bit of a blend of both the People and Products categories.

The Programs category is for products like adult webcams, casinos, dating sites, message finders and others.

The Services category is for services like virtual concierge, finders, escorts, and even fax, postal and mail services.

These two categories are also where you will be making the most money.

Below is an infographic that shows the different ways Zozo users can make money online.


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Pros and Cons

As far as social media and chatting goes, we really like the Facebook Messenger chatting feature.

It’s very convenient to chat with friends on your phone. But if you’re chatting with more than on person at a time, it becomes a little inconvenient.

With Zozo, you can use Zozo for free, and Zozo is essentially a mobile app version of Facebook Messenger. Any time you have a group chat when chatting on Facebook, the app installs a server on your phone and you can join the group chat through your Zozo app.

You get to see a feed of all the group chat conversations in Zozo.

So why are we even reviewing it you might ask?

Zozo has a few downsides.

The biggest caveat is that you will have to install the kit on your phone to use the Zozo feature. You can install the software on a desktop computer, but you might not want do all the setup just to join a group chat.

Generally, you will be able to save a little on data costs because you don’t have to install any extra software. But it may not be worth it if you don’t plan on 2-way chatting frequently.

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There are a lot of dating and chat rooms out there, but each one is unique in some way. Most dating sites use a traditional chat room approach and might be a good place to try out online dating before taking it full time or as part of your relationship.

Some have different, more engaging features like personal profile creation and photo uploading. Some have special chat rooms based on music, genre, or food preferences.

The chat rooms need to be a place where both people feel at ease.

What is Zozo?

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